Saturday, February 3, 2018

Victim's father attacks the defender in the court

In the US, a father of victimized girls attacked the offender in the court.

International Business Times: Watch paedophile doctor Larry Nassar get rushed by traumatised father in US courtroom

Two daughters of the father were molested by the defending US gymnastics doctor, as the charge says. There may be hundreds of women who were also victimized other than his daughters.

In this day, his daughters gave victim impact statements to the Michigan court. And the father asked the judge to let him together with the defendant for minutes. Of course, the judge did not allow it.  Then, the father charged to the defendant, to be caught by the guards. The scene was broadcasted by the media.

Such an incident is easily predictable. The court is well prepared to avoid any harm to the defendant. It is not surprising that victims never accept it. Many think it is unfair offender's right is protected by the tax paid by victims.

On the other hand, revenge never heals anyone. If the defendant is killed by this father, he will inflict uncurable damage in his mind instead of the satisfaction. Nonetheless, he could not control himself from conducting the charge. If I had a daughter who was humiliated, I would do the same thing to the attacker because I would not care for my own life.

The most important thing for preventing another tragedy is the care of the victims and their families as well as correction of the offenders.

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