Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Potato may be not harmful to the human health

In the academic region of nutrition, yesterday's common sense is often today's nonsense. Just recently, the adverse influence of eating eggs on your blood cholesterol was proven to be false.

And, potato seems to have been disgraced by a superstition. Latest studies suggest potato has a beneficial effect on you through lowering the risk of dementia.

New Zealand Herald: Researchers backtrack: Potatoes are actually good for you

Professor Derek Stewart in the James Hutton Institute in Scotland claims that you would not become ill if you eat no other than potatoes.

Potato has been a great source of energy since the beginning of the human civilization. Jared Mason Diamond mentioned in his writing that potato-eating fork finally defeated others who ate sweet potatoes. According to his opinion, the potato is still a strong ally of the human.

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