Sunday, February 4, 2018

Event of Fastest Finger First

Yesterday, I attended an analog game event. I played
"Lost Legend," which is a semi-corporative fantasy game. It was fun.

Also, I participated in a Fastest Finger First event, "Hayaoshi (fast-push) Quiz."

In Japan, quiz events are popular. Some students organize a quiz team to win the national competition such as "Kokosei Quiz (High-school students' quiz)."

But, it was for the first time to attend such competition, though I have watched some matches on TV.

In reality, it was too difficult for me to push the button immediately after knowing the answer. For example, "The question: in a gamble, skilled players are defeated by a..." A player pushed the button then, to answer "beginner's luck!"

There is another pattern of questions. In "parallel type," the first half of the question is trickily described. For example, "In Super Mario Brothers, Princess Peach is..." The answer is not "Mushroom Kingdom." The question is: "In Super Mario Brothers, Princess Peach is the princess of Mushroom Kingdom, so what is the  country of Princess Daisy?" What a twisted question!

Unfortunately, I made little contribution to our team. Our team got the third in eight teams. But I was fascinated by the quiz competitors.

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