Friday, January 19, 2018

Transgender sex robots?

What defines us as a human? To answer this question is not easy. We can move, consider, speak, and create various things. But, are not we humans if we cannot do them? Definitely, yes. We were born as a human and will die as a human.

There are some ways to clarify the abilities unique in human. One famous method is Turing test. It was developed by Alan Turning in 1950 for distinguishing intelligent machines from those without intelligence. The evaluator listens to a series of conversation between a human and an AI program. Then, when the evaluator cannot detect which is the human, the AI is deemed as intelligent.

In 2014, a Russian supercomputer passed the Turing test. Thus, over 30% of the human evaluators had failed to identify the machine as it is. It is an amazing result. The AI might mimic a human completely.

By the way, can robots acquire consciousness? It is more difficult question than Turing test. Intelligence is measurable, at least to some extent. There are many examination packages for evaluating the intelligence of the examinees. It is said that some kind of monkeys gets a score as well as a human toddler in these tests.

On the other hand, consciousness cannot be measurable. In an emergent situation, patients often lose their consciousness due to some physical trouble. But the disturbance of consciousness is not limited to the status of deep coma. Drowsiness, drunken state, and also dissociative state can be considered as crippled consciousness. Examining the level of consciousness precisely is often difficult for trained physicians.

Furthermore, an identity of each person is a more complex concept of mind. It is almost impossible for an AI to acquire an identity of itself.

Gender identity is one of the examples suggesting the difficulty of understanding the concept of identity. There are some people whose gender identity does not match their biological sex. Some of them are diagnosed with gender identity disorder. And others are proud of their own identity in spite of its inconsistency.

Recently, sex robots are sometimes focused, both on the light side and the dark side. There are some people loving robots. Also, some people need a robot partner.

However, is it possible to create a sex robot with transgender? The author says definitely not because gender is a concept of mentality.

International Business Times: Sex robots can't be transgender - this is why

Superficially, I agree with this idea. But, some researchers believe robots will acquire their own consciousness. If it is realized, there may be some robots with transgender identity. I cannot imagine how they look like, if possible. The future may be beyond our imagination.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Same-sex marriage is going to be accepted in the EU

European Court of Justice stated that all couples of the same sex should be accepted in every EU nation.

Independent: Definition of marriage has now ‘evolved’ to include same-sex couples, EU court says

In general, European countries are tolerated against same-sex couples. But whether the same-sex marriage is legalized differs from each other. The statement of the European Court mentions the necessity of freedom of forming a couple in EU countries according to the free movement basis.

The court decision seems cool and feasible. It is an advantage for the EU that each member should obey the human right standard strictly protected by the European court.

On the other hand, the scheme of marriage itself is going to die, I think. In the UK, divorce is very stressful because there are many conditions. This legislation was established by conservative politicians who are not willing to accept the liberty of divorce. However, this ruling led to a decreased rate of marriage instead of hesitated divorce.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Doomsday for Bitcoin

Just recently, Bitcoin met the hardest landslide ever before. The chart looks absurdly fluctuating.

There is news against Bitcoin in recent days. China is going to censor transaction of cryptocurrency more strictly than ever before.

CCN: China Looks to Ban & Censor Centralized Cryptocurrency Trading: Reports

Also, the director of Germany's central bank said that cryptocurrencies have to be regulated not in each nation but with a world standard.

Coindesk: German Central Banker: Cryptocurrencies Must Be Regulated On a Global Scale

Germany has won a great reputation in Eurozone with its good fiscal status. The stability of currency is the priority for Germany. In this sense, it is natural the bankers feel threatened by cryptocurrency.

However, it is quite doubtful that a global regulation against cryptocurrency will be made. It is the same as restricting entire P2P transaction.

The Korean government is also eager to regulate cryptocurrency. The authority mentioned the possibility to make a new legislation to regulate Bitcoin trading.

Quartz: South Korea is walking back threats to ban cryptocurrency trading

South Korea has a bitter memory of financial crisis a couple of decades ago. It is also not surprising that Korea is sensitive to the current situation.

I think these comments are not enough to explain recent depression of the cryptocurrency market. But, there may be many people having sold coins due to a panic attack. Also, some people say some funds managed with an algorithm decided together to sell Bitcoin followed by a recent sign of depression.

I believe that the flow of cryptocurrency is unstoppable. And the technology of Blockchain will be still a key to the new era. In this sense, nations focusing on restricting cryptocurrency will become outdated, I think.

Also, the rise of cryptocurrency may pull the trigger of the end of nations themselves. They who are willing to regulate cryptocurrency may feel an instinctive fear.

On the other hand, as I mentioned repeatedly, Bitcoin and other alternatives have still not to be a currency. Nobody can trust such unstable values as money, I am sorry.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Coffee cup banning in the UK is no good

The British politicians are considering the entire banning of disposable coffee cups.

International Business Times: Latte levy: Coffee cups could be banned by 2023

According to the article below, approximately 50o,000 coffee cups are thrown away every day in the UK, and most of them cannot be recycled. The situation is similar in other countries, I guess.

The government is willing to ban the paper cup entirely by 2023 unless recycling process is dramatically improved.

The issue of waste is serious. Improving the process of recycling and reducing litters themselves are essential for maintaining the sustainability of our society.

However, I am doubtful of the effectiveness of the campaign of banning coffee cups.

First of all, the effect of recycling paper cups is very limited. The cost of making cups may be extremely low. Also, recycling requires additional cost such as salvaging the cups from garbage and delivering the materials to the factory. If customers use own cups instead of a paper cup, providers should be concerned about the issue of hygiene.

After all, there is no absolute justice, and the environmental issue is not an exception. The government should focus on more crucial matters instead of reducing a couple of paper cups.

Monday, January 15, 2018

World richest man and cryptocurrency

According to the latest report, the wealthiest person in the world is Jeff Bezos. He is the founder of Amazon, a global e-commerce company.

International Business Times: World's richest man Jeff Bezos earned more than the combined GDP of 28 countries last year

Amazon was developed in 1994 as It was originally a book delivering service. As it broadened the range of business gradually, we can purchase almost everything, from vegetable to furniture at In Japan, you can order even a funeral ceremony with a Buddhist priest through

Bezos is counted as a modern giant as well as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg. They won great success in addressing the internet era. They have changed the world to the better direction. I truly respect them.

On the other hand, there are some people who have earned much money with cryptocurrency recently. Chris Larsen, co-founder of Ripple, was named as the world eighth richest person. He is considered to possess approximately five billions of Ripple, equal to 15 billion USD. With stocks calculated, his property reaches 50 billion USD.

Cryptocurrency is one of the most innovations in these some decades. It is not surprising that those have committed it earn much money.

However, it seems a little strange that their property is calculated using the conventional money. In the future, the measure of income itself will become nonsense as a value-calculator, I prospect.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Dogs are wiser than cats, theoretically

Which are wiser, dogs or cats? This is an argument igniting issue among pet lovers.

There is an international research team to answer this challenging question. According to their newest report, dogs are superior.

While cats have only 250 million cortical neurons, dogs have 350 million. They concluded that dogs could do more complex and flexible behaviors compared to cats.

In general, meat-eating animals have more brain cells than glass-eating animals because hunting requires intelligent behaviors.

Independent: Dogs are much smarter than cats, international team of researchers conclude

The number of cortical neurons is deemed to be closely connected to the potential ability of rational thought. Chimpanzees have 800 million, and humans have 1.4 billion neurons in the brain.

However, the number of neurons is not associated with the level of intelligence directly, I believe.

Intelligence is determined according to each context they live. There are many measurements of intelligence, and how much do we feel the subject is wise is influenced by many factors.

Dogs may be better at hunting than cats. But, some cats are better at getting along with humans. The difference between the two species cannot easily be determined by the number of neurons, while dogs have more capacity indeed than cats.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Huawei beats Apple?

In recent years, Huawei attracts public attention as a mobile phone maker. Huawei is a Chinese company which has won the top share domestically in this industry. Its products are popular not only in China but also Japan. Many users admire Huawei's tablets for its cost-performance.

In the US, on the contrary, Apple and Samsung are monopolizing the market of smartphone even now. Huawei has to consider a strategy to match them, according to the article below.

Bloomberg: How to Break Apple and Samsung's Smartphone Grip

Only a decade ago, tablets produced by a Chinese company were subjects of mocking for its low quality and appearance mimicking iPad. Nowadays, they are alternatives to current flagship hardware.

I believe Huawei will be a strong competitor of Apple soon. However, it is not easy for it to defeat Apple. It has been adopting the "follower strategy." Producing new values, not copying an original one, is needed to be the summit of an industry.