Thursday, August 16, 2018

Summit between North and South Korea expected

The summit between South and North Korea is going to be realized.

In recent, it was reported that the leaders of these nations agreed with the implementation of the summit at Pyongyang. It will be held in this September, though the exact date is yet to be fixed. If realized, it will be for the first time for President Moon Jae-in to enter Pyongyang within this decade.

AFP: Koreas to hold Pyongyang summit in September: Yonhap

President Moon has been rather sympathetic to the North compared to previous leaders of South Korea. Therefore, this movement is not so surprising. Nonetheless, it is splendid that both nations are proceeding to understand each other.

I do not believe that, however, the Korean peninsula will be integrated. Both nations do not want to do it. For the South, North Korea's poor financial status will be too much burden to overcome. For the North, combined with the South means the North's extinction. Neither both nation will make an agreeable line. Broadening demilitarized area is a feasible goal for this expected summit. The situation is far different from Germany after the WWII.

Anyway, I expect the summit will be completed fruitfully for both nations.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Motorway bridge collapsed in Italy

In Italy, a motorway bridge collapsed, taking more than 30 people's lives.

According to the media, it happened at the center of the Morandi bridge in Genoa. Up to 200 meters of the bridge were fallen to the ground.

South China Morning Post: Motorway bridge collapses in Genoa, Italy, killing about 30

The Morandi viaduct was built in 1967. There were several factories under the bridge. Even fortunately, the factory next to the bridge was almost empty because it was a national holiday. If on a different day, the victims would have been far increased.

We are hardly aware of the aging of infrastructure which we usually rely on. Without regular and adequate maintenance, similar incidents will occur everywhere.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Summertime debate in Japan

Suddenly, at least for me, the introduction of summer time was suggested by Abe Shinzo, the Prime Minister of Japan.

Japan is located more southern than many European nations. Therefore, the effect of daytime saving is not expected for summer time. Instead, Abe
seems to intend to reduce the burden of athletes in Tokyo Olympic planed in 2020. It is extremely hot in the summer in recent years. If the time clock is shifted, we might avoid the hottest time. Indeed, some researchers hypothesize the introduction of summer time will save much cost for electricity.

The Japan News: Prospect of daylight saving time draws mixed reactions

On the other hand, starting summer time is very problematic. In my opinion, it is ridiculously infeasible.

First, shifting clock needs entire replace of electric systems. Its cost will be astronomical. European nations introduced summer time several years ago before many IT devices were spread.

Second, shifting time causes health risks. Abe intends to shift the clock by two hours. Thus, citizens have to wake up two hours early. It will be burdening a lot. Several reports suggest many people feel sick on the day of shifting.

Third, the economic effect is doubtful. Introducing summer time only for the Olympic is completely absurd. On the other hand, the annual introduction of summertime has little impact on our lives because sunshine is continuous for a long time in summer.

I expect the Prime Minister to abandon this silly idea.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Journey to Enoshima

Last weekend, I visited Enoshima. Enoshima is an island located in Kanagawa prefecture. It was for the second time for me to visit there.

I visited an aquarium near to Enoshima. I could see much fish there.

This is a ray. What a big creature! This ray swims gracefully, but its shape is a little odd.

The Enoshima shrine was so crowded that I did not stop by it.

Afterward, I enjoyed the dinner.

I enjoyed the day very much.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Postnatal depression in male

Among many kinds of depression, postnatal depression is the most serious one. Some mothers kill their baby because of calamitic delusion caused by the depression. Although more than a tenth of mothers are said to have a risk of postnatal depression, the caution and prevention for it are not adequately addressed.

In recent, some researchers day that postnatal mood disorder is not limited to women. According to them, 10% of new fathers will experience depression after being given a child.

The Guardian: Postnatal depression: fathers can suffer similar issues to women, say experts

Hormone imbalance during pregnancy or after birth is hypothesized as the cause of postnatal depression. Compared to it, male postnatal depression is unlikely to be a hormonal disease. Perhaps, environmental changes and psychological stresses are responsible for bringing the father depression.

Recently, some researchers suggested menopausal disorder is seen in the men. They are suffering from decreased secretion of androgen in middle age. Yet, the male menopausal disorder is not so focused in Japan. Only a few physicians address it. We should be more aware of the psychiatric risks in men's lives.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Italy's stupid decision to abandon vaccination

Italy decided to scrap the mandatory vaccination in children.

Italy's upper house voted to abandon the rule demanding children to take 10 kinds of vaccination before entering the school. It will come into force after the vote in the lower house.

Five Star Movement and the League, which consist of the ruling coalition led this argument. Matteo Salvini, the deputy prime minister, claims that vaccination is useless and dangerous.

Independent: Italian upper house votes to overturn mandatory vaccinations despite surge in measles cases

It is no doubt this Italy's decision is entirely absurd. This stupid policy will take a significant number of people's lives, I believe.

In addition, some Italian children will not be able to study in the UK and other nations. Most countries request foreign students to certify their vaccination history.

You will not be infected in the society most of its member take vaccination even if you do not take the vaccination, because nobody would bring the virus to you. Your safety is guaranteed by others who are vaccinated. Once an outbreak emerges, the outcome without no vaccination will be terrible.

It is a fundamental principle of epidemiology. People with anti-vaccination cannot understand this simple fact.

Also in Japan, some people hate vaccination. Recently, HPV vaccination was no more recommended by the government because of some reports of adverse reaction. Indeed, there are a few people suffering from allergic reactions. Nonetheless, I do not support the idea to decline the vaccination because its benefit is far greater than the risk.

As well, decision making by politicians without scientific literacy is far more dangerous than any strong drugs.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Argument continuing about banning niqabs

Denmark decided to ban niqabs and burqas in public, following France, Belgium, and Austria.

Borris Johnson, the former foreign secretary, was criticized for his impolite comments about Islamic clothes. As he is infamous for his rude behavior, I was not surprised to know this.

Independent: Which countries ban wearing niqabs and burqas in public?

The Denmark government claims this legislation is not for suffering Muslims. Indeed, full-faced helmets are inhibited in several public spaces for security reasons. But, I am doubtful this rule should be applied nationally.

Fortunately, the UK and Germany are opposing this regulation. Theresa May and Angela Merkel are correct at least politically, I believe.

On the other hand, I am afraid some evil persons mimic Muslim to commit a robbing with a veil. If happened, the movement for the banning of such clothes would be ignited.