Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Considering buying a GalaxyS8

I am considering renewing my smartphone. The current one is Google Nexus 5, released some years ago. It is still well working. But its battery is expiring. And also, the connection range of the service provider I have a contract is not so good. Therefore, I am planning to change the provider as well as buying a new smartphone.

The first candidate is Samsung's Galaxy S8. It looks a splendid one. The spec and the figure are amazing.

I have been an Android user for several years. I have not considered possessing an iPhone but rare excepting moments.

My past entry: A case of failing to get an iPhone

In addition, some say Galaxy S8 is far better than iPhoneX.

International Business Times: Five reasons the iPhone X is already years behind the Samsung Galaxy

According to the article above, there are some advantages in Galaxy S8 compared to iPhoneX. I agree the author's claim to some extent. Samsung has excellent technique and rich experience in utilizing organic EL display. Limited in just recent years, Apple has released inferior products than Samsung, I think.

Samsung adopted "follower strategy" to catch up Apple. It seems successful. They are competing for each other, including legal battles. I hope creative competition will make more attractive products in the future.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The end of my PlayStation3

Tragic event repeats itself.

Very recently, I tried to play Legion, a TV series describing a son of Professor X from X-Men series, on PlayStation3. However, it did not work. The DVD never began to play.

Furthermore, the disc was not ejected when I touched the button. I tried it several times. But there was a noise which suggested that the disc is rotating in the machine.

As following the instruction of the trouble shooting page, I rebooted the PlayStation3. And I touched the eject button for several seconds. But it was in vain.

Finally, I got the disc ejected from the machine. I do not know how I could do. I decided never to insert any disc into my PlayStation3.

Recently, I had utilized my PlayStation3 only as a Blue Ray Disc player. I have some 3D movie discs. And I enjoyed watching the 3D movies on my TV. But, the last usage of my PlayStation3 was perished.

Just watching the Cyber Monday Sale on, I decided to purchase an XBOX One S for a Blue Ray Disc player. It will be also working to play 4K BDs.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Dignity death legalized in South Korea

South Korean government is planning to enforce the legislation of dignity death. And it will meet the need of critically ill patients there.

National Assembly passed the law for terminating treatment to prolong their lives against patient's will. It will come into force until the next February. According to the enactment of the law, hospitals received many requests for dignity death program from patients in a terminal stage. More than 3,000 people seem to have applied for the program.

Independent: More than 3,000 sign up to die in South Korean palliative care trial

Confucianism is traditional thoughts in South Korea. There is no dominant religious ideology to prohibit suicide. And as same as Japan, Korea is suffering from the high suicide rate. Therefore, dignity death will be relatively well accepted in the Korean society, in my opinion.

It should be avoided that physicians who had aided patient's will for dignity death are sued afterward. In Japan, premature legislation caused some legal troubles in this issue. It has led the delay of the establishment of dignity death scheme. I hope Korean people will make a choice based on their sincere thoughts regarding the end of the life and physicians will properly support them.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Justice League, poor visual and concept

I saw Justice League, the latest DC comics movie.

It is juxtaposed with Avengers in Marvel Comics. Thus, several heroes are together fighting with an arch-enemy in Justice League. The members are Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg, and Superman.

In the beginning, a mysterious flying creature attacks Batman. He notices that some great things are threatening the earth. Actually, Steppenwolf, an ancient doom-bringer, has awakened to gather three Motherboxes each of which is possessed by Amazon, Atlantis, and the human to ruin the world.

Batman considers forming a team composed of superheroes. He recruits Aquaman and Flash. Accepting his request, Wonder Woman encourages Cyborg to join the team. Cyborg is a form of a man resurrected with the power of Motherbox.

Firstly, many of them refused to cooperate. But after the trampling of
Steppenwolf, they begin to be collaborative. Finally, Batman proposes to resuscitate Superman using the power of Motherbox.

Revived Superman assaults the heroes with confusion. But Lois Lane, his lover, calms him down. At the same time, the last Motherbox is robbed by Steppenwolf. The final countdown to the world destruction is approaching.

I expected a great experience to see the movie because this work is the masterpiece of DC comics. However, the performance was far from satisfaction, unfortunately. Firstly, the scenes were not so attracting. Compared to Avengers, no impressive expression was adopted. The last battle was conducted at a ruined village in Russia. The regions of enemy, para-demons, like an insect, were not cool at all.

The conflict of the heroes was not described successfully. It is because most of them appear on cinema for the first time. Flash is a fresh guy suffering from his father who is sentenced to imprisonment. But he always behaves cheerfully, and his shadow in mind is not adequately described.

The heroes save Superman's life with Motherbox. It is an irony considering the fact that the jointed three Motherbox will ruin the world. To begin with, the shape and concept of Motherbox are mimicking the Cosmic Cube and Infinity Stones in Avengers.

Among the members of Justice League, Superman has supreme power overwhelming other ones. He is mightier than Batman and even faster than Flash. He would be able to defeat Steppenwolf alone. Thus, other members are not necessary to save the world. It is a substantial fault of the concept of this work.

Finally, IMAX 3D was not attractive at all. I recommend you to see this film on usual 2D cinema, if you want.

Personal Rating: 2 (poor)

Saturday, December 9, 2017

New Star Wars is coming

The latest work of the Star Wars films, "The Last Jedi," will be broadcasted within a week.

This film is the second story in the new trilogy. Many fans are expecting this film will be successful.

However, the new heroes in the saga are not so loved by the audience, according to a new survey.

International Business Times: Star Wars survey reveals people hate main characters in The Last Jedi more than Jar Jar Binks

According to the article above, the new heroine Rey gained only 38% of positive votes whereas Princess Leia in the old saga attracted 73% of the voters.

This result is disappointing at a glance. But, it should be mentioned that many Star Wars lovers have worship to the original trilogy. Moreover, there were few competing entertainments in the era of the original trilogy. We have to discount the difference in impression for each character among the ages. I hope the coming film is also splendid.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Factors to be prioritized for your job

What do you want to your job? It is a deep and perpetual issue for everyone.

Recently, I wrote an experience of attending a conference whose theme is the life-work balance. In this stage, a Finlander speaker told that their priority at workplace was replaced from money to self-development just recently.

My past entry: Conference regarding Life-Work Balance

But it highly depends on your financial status. If you are struggling for money to live, you may have no room to choose the jobs.

In a recent research conducted by, passion, location, opportunities for development, and work-life balance were deemed as more important than salary. It seems applicable to many partially skilled workers in developed countries.

International Business Times: Better than money? The top ten things we look for in a new job

But, it should be mentioned that self-development in young workers is closely associated with the raised salary in the future. Elder workers may tend to pursue stability and respect from colleagues since they can calculate the amount of pension they will receive soon.

Location and workplace are quite concrete factors. It means that they can hardly be compensated for other factors. If you have to spend three hours on a business day for the commute, how do you feel? Usually spending time for transportation is useless in your life. Some Japanese writers recommend single poor workers to move to Tokyo even if it is costly. Thousands of workers go work every day from a suberb area to Tokyo.

In my opinion, the quality of your colleagues is a crucial factor in your life at work. If you cannot find any colleagues around you worthy of respect, I recommend you to quit soon. The outcome performed by people not respected will also be not respectful.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Bali volcano eruption

Mount Agung in Bali is erupting.

Since this September 22, some authorities had made a warning of seismic activity of Mount Agung. But the caution level was fluctuating.

On Nov 23, thousands of people living there had to evacuate. The exclusion zone was extended up to 7.5km round. On Nov 27, the alert level was raised to stage four again.

Express: Bali volcano ERUPTS: Latest eruption updates as Mount Agung SPEWS volcanic ash cloud

Not only local citizens but also tourists were seriously influenced due to the eruption. Airports on Bali island was completely closed for a while. It is said that 120,000 travelers were stranded. Now, almost all flights have become normally operating. But many tourists canceled the trip.

EveningStandard: Bali volcano live: Latest as Mount Agung eruption remains at highest alert level while tourist flights across the island resume

Now, many authorities are worrying about the stronger seismic activity. It is for the first time since 1963 when more than a thousand people were victimized to expect a disastrous volcanic event.

I visited Bali several years ago. People looked happy and joyful there. Bali economy depends on tourism. I am afraid this event will cause serious damage.