Sunday, July 22, 2018

Asahara's daughter wants scattering ashes

Just recently, Chizuo Matsumoto, or Shoko Asahara as the leader of a cult, Aum Shinrikyo, was executed for the massacre and several terror crimes as I wrote.

My past entry: Aum Shirikyo leader was executed

And not surprisingly, how to treat Asahara's remain is argued now.

There are still several pupils who believe Asahara is the incarnation of the God. They will promote Aum, or similar cults, using the episode of the execution. Then, the grave of Asahara will become the sanctuary, I am afraid.

For reducing the risk of rising of the successor of Aum, Asahara's fourth daughter asked the government to scatter the ashes of Asahara's remain to the Pacific Ocean. If realized, nobody will be able to get the remain. And there will be no risk of emerging of a particular sanctuary.

Asia One: Daughter of executed Japan cult leader to scatter his ashes at sea

Asahara's fourth daughter had been trusted by Asahara although she did not accept Asahara's destructive ideology, according to the media. I am not sure what happened in his family in these years.

She wants the aid of national power to execute the scatter. Indeed, there are no funeral companies to accept her offer because pupils will revenge the company for dropping Asahara's remain. Asahara's daughter's request seems rational. On the other hand, it seems difficult for the government to execute a particular person's funeral. The negotiation will be prolonged.

I am doubtful the government has not decided the aftercare of the execution. The current situation was expected by many people. Aum Shinrikyo crime cases were the most dread terror crimes in Japan ever before. I truly hope similar tragedies will never occur.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Blockchain will solve property issues

After the rise of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency has attracted significant public attention. Though it is frequently argued about the value of Bitcoin itself, there may be no objection about the innovativeness of blockchain technology. Therefore, many people are considering alternative use of blockchain other than cryptocurrency.

Blockchain is a series of record which is hardly deliberately modified afterward. Thus, official records which should be kept as the original form for a long time are suitable for products with blockchain.

In reality, an attempt to record the land properties with blockchain is ongoing. If realized, the risk of conflict due to incomplete or destroyed official records will be remarkably reduced. The intellectual property will also be applicable to a similar scheme.

The Conversation: Blockchain-based property registries may help lift poor people out of poverty

We expect newly developed technology to make a change of the world dramatically. But, minor improvement of our daily life thanks to innovation is also crucial for the better future.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Heatwave crashes electric devices

In recent days, it is extremely hot in Tokyo.

The temperature suggests 32 centigrades. But the moisture in Japan makes us more annoyed that the temperature.

Also, several electric devices around me got crippled one after another.

My main business PC was frozen. The BIOS did not appear. It suggests that there are some critical errors in the motherboard.

At the same time, my new private desktop PC showed the blue screen error. Fortunately, it recovered shortly.

And today, my smartwatch made thermometer error. It could not be charged anymore.

Electric devices are vulnerable to extreme conditions. Most of them are not made to work well at the extreme heat or coldness.

I am afraid something critical will happen, such as a failure of infrastructure soon.

I expect this summer will pass away as soon as possible.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Comedy competition at Asakusa Little Theater

Yesterday, I went to Asakusa to see a live comedy show.

Asakusa Little Theater is called as the smallest theater in Asakusa. Its capacity may be around 60 people. Every day, you can see a series of comedy show played by several comedians. Manzai (talk show by two comedians), Conte (short story), and Pin-gei (amusement show by one person) are popular.

(This picture was shot in another day. You are not allowed to take a picture in the showtime.)

Yesterday, a competition by regular members of this theater was conducted. A total of 21 teams performed the play. And audience and professional judges made a vote to the best comedians.

It was for the first time for me to participate in the judge. It was more difficult than imagined to rank the plays fairly. I had some comedian I like. But I did not vote them because a competitor made better performance. As a result, however, the team I like won the vote.

There are several plays which were very fun. I enjoyed this time very much.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Amazon and Walmart

There are many retailers of products all over the world. Among them, most people will suggest Amazon or Walmart as the top of them. Amazon is the first company which utilized the online internet shopping. On the other hand, Walmart is a leading company providing the real fields of merchandise.

In recent years, Amazon and Walmart are seriously competing, according to the article below. It is not surprising at all. Every company has the mission: gaining the top of share. As customers can choose Amazon or Walmart for purchasing goods, they are always conflicting with each other.

Forbes: Amazon And Walmart: Digital Native Vs. Physical Presence

In Japan, Walmart is not so famous compared to Amazon's good reputation. Walmart bought Seiyu, a famous supermarket brand in Japan, in 2002. Walmart made a great restructured upon Seiyu management for growing the profit. But it seems Walmart's policy was not successful. Just recently, it is guessed that Walmart intends to sell Seiyu's stock, according to the media. In addition, Walmart is struggling to find the buyer despite the popularity of Seiyu. Thus, Walmart is likely to abandon Japan as a target.

Walmart and similar companies have grown with some great advantages such as many shops located in a significant place and continuous trust of citizens around the shop. However, these advantages are not perpetual. Amazon has taken destructive innovation. I hardly believe Walmart will defeat Amazon. And Amazon will be defeated by a new company come from out of our imagination.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Chrome will need more memory

Which is the web browser you usually use?

Window equips Microsoft Edge as the default browser, as the successor of Internet Explorer. Safari is the same position in Mac. But surprisingly, the majority uses Google Chrome on the computer.

Chrome is my favorite browser though I also use Edge, Firefox, and Safari. In recent months, the majority of the viewers of my blog uses Chrome as well.

One of the Chrome's advantages is high synchronicity with Google services. You can run Google Search, Gmail, Calendar, and many other programs on Chrome. Each of them is essential for many users.

However, there is a significant disadvantage in Chrome. Chrome consumes large memory of the PC. The magnitude is much bigger than that of other web browsers as several tests suggest.

Furthermore, Google announced that the latest update would require more memory for a security reason. It is a nightmare for users of an old PC.

Forbes: Google Chrome Has A Nasty Surprise

Android is often said to have a shorter life than iOS. On an aged Android tablet, programs run sluggishly. The main reason seems to be the high occupancy of memory. Perhaps programmers in Google are not good at an efficient use of memory.

Nonetheless, I will continue to use Chrome mainly. There are still many reasons to keep it in the center of PC activity.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Do not fear loneliness

Loneliness is a difficult emotion. In my early life, I seldom felt alone despite having few friends. Now, I feel alone whenever my wife is out.

The modern era is the age of loneliness. It is said that people feeling lonely is rapidly increasing in these decades. It is perhaps because of the decreased number of the family members and increased liquidity of the community.

Nowadays, the internet and social media are so familiar for many people that we feel always connected with others. But they never substitute the stable relationship with your friends and families. Instead, a study suggests that Facebook users feel lonely more frequently.

It is also said that loneliness is contagious. People feeling lonely are unlikely to get new relationships. And also they can hardly trust others. It makes them more isolated from neighbors.

The Conversation: Loneliness is contagious – and here’s how to beat it

To overcome the loneliness, being openminded to others, as well as to consider neutral to unwelcomed events, is essential, according to the article above. I agree with this opinion.

But, some people may feel challenging to give unconditional trust to others. In such a case, you can abandon the goal.

Loneliness is a sense of feeling, in reality. You can never be alone. You wear clothes which were made by someone. You eat some processed food. In the modern society, nobody can survive without other people's aid, regardless of the social status.

Thus, you are not alone. Rather, you merely feel alone. It means that you seek someone to listen to me. It is a natural emotion for a human.

When you recognize this fact, be sincere to your desire. You can tell about your self to anyone. Of course, almost all people are indifferent to your life. That is OK. Even if you feel disconnected from anyone, your words reach someone. Never expect a response. It is important for you to have some words you would like to talk.