Thursday, May 24, 2018

What is good parenting?

Nurture is one of the greatest activities of the human being. All we cannot grow up without any support of other people. Most of us have been grown up by the parents, while some need official or unofficial aid other than family for several reasons. Therefore, parenting is deemed as a simple and essential task for adult couples.

There are very scarce evidence regarding appropriate care for the children. Each parent has their own ideology. And many of us believe our idea is the absolute solution for guiding our children to good maturity. In reality, however, not a few parents fail to commit proper nurturing.

As a result, some children suffer from the traumatized experiences. Even if not physically abused, an inappropriate attitude of nurturing is suspected to be a risk for some mental disorders in later life. Not only PTSD and borderline personality disorder, but also bipolar disorder is relevant to the tough experiences in the youth, according to latest studies.

Therefore, we should know the right way to nurture which is evidence-based. A person's experience is limited because most parents can grow up
only some children.

On the other hand, it is no doubt that a clinical trial is difficult to be conducted in this region. Randomized nurturing is unrealistic. Results from animal experiments suggest very limited findings. And it takes many years to gain the outcome if a social experiment is started.

At present, there are some hypotheses regarding proper nurturing which are guessed with findings from other academic regions.

The Conversation: Evidence-based parenting: how to deal with aggression, tantrums and defiance

This article above introduces some techniques of appraisal and discipline to the children with problematic behaviors. I believe the author writes them with the principle of behavioral therapy. Behavioral therapy is rather a traditional technique, but even now widely used in several situations.

I think the behavioral therapeutic approach is beneficial for children since it is easy to understand and evidence-based. But the behavioral approach is not adequate for the perfect parenting, because children are not patients.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Rainbow mark toilet dismissed in Osaka

Rainbow mark suggesting sexual minorities had been introduced to public toilets in some facilities, in Osaka. But recently, the mark was removed.

The reason was that some people with LGBT characteristics claimed that the rainbow mark was rather disadvantageous. People are afraid to be identified as a sexual minority by using the toilet with rainbow mark.

Asian News Network: Local govts in Japan remove LGBT marks from public toilets

The rainbow mark was firstly introduced for people who hesitate to use a toilet for both genders. On the other hand, many people belonging to sexual minorities keep their sexual preference secret to the public, in some even to family members. Osaka prefectural government judged that introducing the rainbow mark against the will of the considerable amount of voice of the users would not be justified.

This episode gave me some points of issues. The rainbow mark is a symbol of diversity. It is sorry that this mark may harm people belonging to the minority. It is no doubt that the current situation that LGBT people believe to have to hide their true opinion to the public due to public discrimination is miserable. But, the social tide is not easy to be changed. Some people claim that setting rainbow marks is beneficial for the enlightenment. But it cannot be complimented under the agony of the users.

Therefore, I support the decision of Osaka prefectural government. On the other hand, each private sector should take action on their own idea. Diversity itself is a key to the maturity and the whole happiness of our society. I think the rainbow mark is cool, and I would like to use the "everyone's toilet" occasionally.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Eel price rises

Eel is an important food for Japanese. Many Japanese are fond of eat Una-ju, or Una-don (grilled eel on the rice) in summer. Eel is believed to protect your body from diseases during summer. Indeed, eel contains rich protein and fat.

However, the price of eel is continuously increasing in recent years. I guess the cost has been more than doubled in a decade.

One of the reasons is a shortage of catching juvenile eel school. Most eel is framed in a pond. But artificial hatching of an eel is not feasible so far. Therefore, young eels caught in the sea are necessary for harvesting ell.

The Japan News: Eel prices expected to surge again this year

The reduced amount of catching eel has been focused for a couple of decades. Then, the hike is not surprising. The other days, the eel was a luxury food in Japan.

I hear that total farming is under experiment in several facilities. The government expects hatching eel will be industrialized within a few years.

In the modern era, we have few opportunities of eating natural food. It is sorry, but not a disgrace, I think. It is of the importance that nobody will starve.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Martial arts therapy?

There is no way to improve your brain activity directly. But some behaviors are expected to maintain your mind healthy and energetic: high-qualified sleep, balanced meal, and physical exercise.

Then, what kind of exercise is the best for your brain? I have no idea. To begin with, evaluating the influence of exercise on your health itself is not an easy task. Comparing the effect of each exercise is almost impossible.

It is certain that aerobic exercises seem superior to non-aerobic ones for reducing your body weight. But each kind of activity has perhaps their own benefits. For example, the writer of this article above recommends you to take martial arts.

The Conversation: Five brain-boosting reasons to take up martial arts – at any age

Indeed, several studies have been conducted suggesting the benefits of martial arts. I admire the efforts of the researchers to evaluate the precise effect of playing martial arts. However, it does not suggest martial arts is the best exercise, but martial arts are widespread in the US, one of the nations many qualified studies are made. In China, Tai-kyoku-ken (Chinese shadow boxing) is commonly used for elder people to maintain their health. Some Japanese researchers might believe Judo Karate makes your body and mind fresh and enhanced.

As well, the effect on your body and mind of exercise depends on the quality level of each activity. Many people play basketball. But the amount of consumed energy for one game differ by three times between amateur and semi-professional player, I have heard from a researcher of industrial health.

After all, you may choose some exercise you would like to do. Continuous activity is essential for the health benefit regardless of the kind of practice.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Cuba aircraft accident, over 100 dead

A terrible incident occurred in Cuba. An aircraft immediately after launching from Havana crashed into the ground. This accident killed more than 100 people, almost all passengers, and crews.

The Washington Post: More than 100 people dead after airliner crashes in Cuba on domestic flight

The cause of the accident is still unclear. It is unlikely someone deliberately did this tragedy, I guess.

The crashed airplane, a Boeing 737-200, was leased by state airline Cubana de Aviación from a small Mexican carrier. This carrier was 38 years old but had passed the latest safety examination.

According to the media, there are some aircraft accident cases occurred in Cuba in recent years. But it is unsure there are structural issues in this case. I pray for the victims.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

The egg is healthy, the final answer

One of the victims mostly disgraced in the last century may be the egg. We had been told not to eat too many eggs for protecting our health. It was for an egg contains rich cholesterol.

However, recent studies suggest the safety of eating many eggs. A couple of years ago, authorities amended the statement about the risk of eggs. It was the most surprising change in the modern nutrition.

And also, there is an interventional study about the effect of eggs. In this study, participants with diabetes or the risk of it were encouraged to eat many eggs or fewer eggs according to the group assigned. As a result, members of both groups accomplished the reduced body weight with maintaining the metabolic status. No significance was observed between groups.

Hindustan Times: Eggs are good for you. Yes, even the yolk, says this study

This result itself is not surprising. But, it is splendid that an interventional study for a year was conducted to prove a hypothesis.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Spider guardian

There are species most people hate. Insects are good examples, as well as spiders.

But it is better not kill the spider found in your house. One of the reasons is that spiders eat other insects which are more harmful to you. In Japan, the gecko is known as a guardian of the house for the similar reason.

The Conversation: Should I kill spiders in my home? An entomologist explains why not to

I know the fact the article above describes. Therefore, I never kill the spiders at home.

However, I see mini-spiders almost every day in recent. I wonder where they live.

The other day, I saw a huge spider. Its shape was bigger than my hand!  Maybe it was a cellar spider.

By the way, it is said that spider tastes like chocolate. You can eat it after getting rid of the legs. I dare not to try, of course.