Monday, September 25, 2017

Gates regrets three-finger-salute

While it is dropping the share in the computing industry recently, Windows is still a great platform. It rose as Windows 3.1 and was established as Windows 95 as an operational system in the late 20th century. Since then, Windows has been the dominant OS and representative as the computer itself.

Bill Gates, the famous man as the founder of Windows and the world richest person, has one regretful decision regarding Windows.

International Business Times: Bill Gates reveals the one thing he regrets about Windows

It is "three finger salute," as you know. You can call task manager or reboot the Windows OS with pressing the Control+Alter+Delete keys. Gates said he would like to adopt a simpler command for restart the OS.

Actually, this command is a little complicated so that beginners hardly remember it. And when your left hand is occupied you would struggle to press the three keys at the same time.

On the other hand, a simpler command would be mistakenly run. You may have experienced to press an erroneous key to cause an unexpected movement. Gates' command was excellent, I believe.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Medical AI is near to come

Recently, I mentioned medical AI as nearly to be introduced.

My past entry: AI medicine realized

As well, I had a joke regarding AI psychiatrist on an April Fool. Which is true?

My past entry: Google Psychiatrist launched: loosing my job

Actually, medical AI has not been realized. But, the day when an AI doctor overwhelms human physicians is not so far distant from today. Within a few years, AI will begin to support doctors in diagnosing patients. And doctors will ask the best treatment strategy to an AI after a decade, I believe.

There are many regions in which AI is advantageous to perform. Pattern recognition is one of the typical scenes. Thus, diagnosing skin cancer through distinguishing malignant color or structure from normal tissues must be a topic. Indeed, Google has already equipped a system of censoring child porn in its cloud storage.

My past entry: Banning of Google account due to instant upload

It is in a sense misfortunate for dermatologists to be overwhelmed by AI. They have been eager to make a diagnosis at a glance in front of the skin of the patient. Their talent will be no more special soon. When I was trained by a dermatologist in the past, I could not distinguish malignant skins from normal at all. That experience ignited my inferiority complex. Ironically, I will not need to feel disgraced.

So, will physicians be replaced by robots? The issue is not so simple. There is someone to be responsible for the patient's treatment. Unless getting the complete human right and personality, AI cannot compensate for the failure of treatment. Thus, to be sued will be the only value of the human. It is also ironic.

Nonetheless, I am optimistic about the future. Physicians have made many efforts to improve the treatment. AI is one of the tools for doctors. If patients are cured without the risk of human error, it is simply better for all.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Toysarus bankrupted

Toys-R-Us, a popular retailer of toys in the US committed bankruptcy. Its debt has reached three billion USD.

International Business Times: Toys 'R' Us files for bankruptcy as it buckles under $5bn worth of debt

Toysarus developed as a gigantic dealer of toys mainly for children. The other days, Toysarus was representative of toys themselves. But recently, many competitors such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart, rose and Toysarus began to struggle to keep its sales.

Some people analyzed that Toysarus had failed to adapt the era of the internet ordering. At first, Toysarus made a contract with Amazon for exclusive selling. Later, however, Amazon began to deal with other retailers to broaden the range of toys. Toysarus could not develop its own system of online shopping.

On the other hand, if Toysarus had been successful to offer the unique experience to customers visiting the store, it would have survived this year. Many artists and creators are eager to gather their lovers to the stage instead of selling copiable media.

In another point of view, toys are no more tools for kids, especially in Japan. Nowadays, many adults are fond of collect traditional toys. As well, several items which are enjoyable not only children but also adults are developed. Toysarus has been a brand for kids. It could be disadvantageous, I think.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Omega-3 reduce your aggression?

Omega-3 fatty acid is recently paid attention for its various effects on human health. Researchers are attempting to utilize it for treatment of several diseases including mental disorders.

Recently, some fish oil was proven to have a preventive effect on depression. On the other hand, the effect of DHA and other fatty acids on schizophrenia is still controversial.

Here, there is a clinical trial regarding the effect of DHA and EPA on violent behaviors in schizophrenic patients. In this study, participants were randomly assigned to fish oil group or placebo group. Patients taking fish oil showed lessor score of Modified Overt Aggression Scale (MOAS) than the control with statistical significance. Interestingly, fish oil did not improve their psychotic symptoms.

Schizophrenia Research: Effects of Omega-3 in the Treatment of Violent Schizophrenia Patients

Unfortunately, I cannot read the full article now. Therefore, I cannot evaluate the validity of this study. If the result of this study is reliable, it is hypothesized that Omega-3 fatty acid can reduce aggressive ideas in schizophrenic patients, and this effect is not relevant to the symptoms itself of schizophrenia. I wonder if healthy people will become calm after taking fish oil, indirectly suggested by this study. Are fish eaters pleasant than beef eaters? Otherwise, it is possible that schizophrenic patients tend to fail to take omega-3 fatty acid as usual. Anyway, eating fish regularly is good for your mental health.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Gene criminology

Should genetic flaws be a reason for lessened sentence for a crime? It is a fundamental issue in forensic mental health.

Indeed, some types of genetic variations are known for a background of violent crimes. For example, MAO-A gene is proven to have a critical role in reactive aggression.

Actually, in some countries, lawyers seem successful to gain a shorter sentence for a criminal with genetic factors.

International Business Times: The crime gene: Should bad genetics mean a shorter sentence for criminals?

 It is surprising for me as it has never been discussed in Japan. Instead, in Japan, some criminal cases committed by a man who had Klinefelter syndrome were focused. The court sentence did account the influence of genetic factor of the defendant.

If some kinds of genes are responsible for crimes, as it is not a so fantastic hypothesis, criminals should not be responsible for their genes. On the other hand, there are many many factors which potentially bring us to a crime other than genes. Like poverty, low intelligence, and influence of parents, there are many factors we cannot control. Should they also accountable for factors to mitigate the sentence? It seems difficult.

Gene criminology is not established as an academic region. It was often argued, and sometimes discriminated. An open-minded discussion is required. But we should not jump to conclusion so rapidly.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Is magic mushroom a solution for depressive patients?

As I mentioned repeatedly, depression is one of the most serious diseases in the world. The magnitude of its adverse influence on the life of patients and society itself is astronomical.

Therefore, many kinds of therapeutic strategies have been attempted to treat depression. In spite of several hypotheses regarding the cause of depression, medication is still dominant way of treatment. However, each antidepressant is effective to only a third of patients. There are many patients suffering from treatment-resistant symptoms.

Recently, some experimental treatments for depression are focused. Magic mushroom is one of the potential drugs. Psilocybin, a dominant component of magic mushroom is considered to have an effect to make users euphoric. Some researchers believe this fact suggests a possibility of psilocybin as a useful antidepressant. There are a couple of clinical trials conducted.

International Business Times: Two parents' fight to set up the largest ever magic mushroom trial for depression is nearly over

In my opinion, whatever cure depression is welcomed. But I am very skeptical of the effect of magic mushroom. Psychedelic drugs never cure the depressive symptoms but only eliminate inhibiting functions in the brain. In the state of disinhibition, people feel euphoric and cheerful because they cannot see any barriers in the life. But, the reality is different.

Regarding continuous effect should also be examined with a strict protocol. Longitudinal adverse effect of substance with dependency should not be underestimated. Even if a clinical trial is successful, I hesitate to use such psychedelic drugs to patients with depression.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Price of London property falls

House price in London is falling this September.

According to Rightmove, a property website, the average price of property in London flee 2.9% in this month. The range of decrease varied in each location. On the other hand, Southwark met 9.4% increase.

International Business Times: London house prices record biggest slump in a decade in September

Housing demand in London seems still high. Then, the drop of the price may be due to the end of estate bubble. London’s property price was rising every year by up to 10%. This tendency could not survive for many years.

Brexit has caused fear of exile in foreigners living in London. It is unsure Brexit influenced the price of the property. But, the negative policy against immigration should take power to lower the value of properties in London.