Sunday, July 23, 2017

Is the second referendum for Brexit real?

The decision of Brexit was one of the topics in the last year. The majority of the UK citizens supported the idea to withdraw from EU. The referendum made David Cameron, the concurrent Prime Minister, resign. And his successor, Theresa May, is preparing for the Brexit.

However, according to the figure after Brexit gradually clarified, not a few people began to regret the vote. There are a considerable amount of the UK citizens, including the voter for Brexit, who want to reset the decision of Brexit.

And latest poll shows that 41% of respondents wanted another vote on Brexit, according to the media.

International Business Times: Support grows for a second Brexit referendum in the UK as EU talks begin

In real, there is little possibility for the government to take another referendum for Brexit. It would damage the historic decision on Brexit. Even the majority of the citizens do not want Brexit, amending the policy determined by a democratic way should be avoided.

After all, opposing opinions to Brexit are a setback for May's administration. If citizens' opinion is split, she cannot take the initiative in the negotiation with the EU. May's conservative party was defeated in the latest general election. The administration is in peril now.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

CEO of security company hacked to bankrupcy

Online hacking is a rapidly growing type of crimes. And if happened it will do severe damage to you.

Nowadays, no one is secure from cyber crimes regardless of your position, lifestyle, or abilities. There is a person who had been a CEO of a security company forced to bankrupt because of a hacking.

Alf Göransson, chief of Swedish company Securitas, declared bankrupt. Subsequently, he was dismissed as the chairman. But, these events were results entirely from the online hacking of his identity. The culprit deliberately submitted the document to apply for the bankruptcy to the Stockholm District Court.

International Business Times: Security exec 'declared bankrupt' after his own identity stolen by hackers

The figure or purpose of the offender remains uncertain. It is was sorry for Göransson not to have notified for weeks since the hacking started.

Sweden is one of the leading nations which proceed digitization of the official application. While there are several benefits on IT utilization, the magnitude of the risk of cyber crimes is increased following digitization. In Japan, some people are opposed to the introduction of digitized management for this reason.

I think the global trend of digitization is unstoppable. Preventing unsafe use of digital tools is a serious issue. Education for users, fail-safe system, and eclecticism of analog and digital management are expected for a solution.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Renho under fire in the issue of dual citizenship

Renho, the leader of opposing Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), disclosed her descent.

She has been suspected of having dual-citizenship. Renho was born in Taiwan, but she claimed that she had been nationalized. However, her explanation seemed not true. Recently, she disclosed some documents to prove her citizenship as a Taiwanese had expired.

However, her act ignited broader criticism. Some people do not trust her explanation. And others criticize her behavior will deteriorate the discrimination against foreign people living in Japan through exampling that they must disclose their census registration. On the other hand, some people believe VIPs such as lawmakers should disclose their origin as a duty.

Japan NEWS by the Yomiuri Shimbun): Renho dragged her feet in responding to the ‘dual nationality’ scandal

To be honest, I am completely indifferent to her nationality. If she had violated some Japanese laws, she should be punished according to each legislation. That is all.

At least in my sense, it is not problematic that a foreigner becomes a politician. In the general election, the winner is right. It is the rule of democracy.

Also, even if her nationality belongs to Taiwan, I accept her as far as she is working for Japan. In many private companies, foreign persons seat an important position including the president. The top should be elected according to her or his talent, not nationality. Besides, foolish Japanese should never be the top of Japan.

Of course, absolute loyalty to Japan is required to lawmakers. If the leader of Japan is a spy of a foreign nation, the situation will be critical. But, the degree of the loyalty to Japan does not depend on her or his nationality. Indeed, some Japanese politicians do not respect the Emperor. The definition of loyalty is another issue, however.

The core members of DPJ seems to consider that the issue of dual citizenship of Renho was attributable to the defeat in the latest election of Tokyo Metropolitan embassy. It is a ridiculous idea, I think. Actually, since I do not agree with Renho's policy, I do not support Renho. That is all.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Vaginal plastic surgery in adolescents

In the UK, it is said that increasing girls want to take a plastic surgery on their external sex organ.

International Business Times: Porn and social media blamed as pre-teen girls seek 'vagina surgery' in UK

This article above suggests that this tendency is attributable to spreading information through porn and social media on the internet.

I am not sure if it is real or exaggerated. The internet is often blamed for amending traditional ideologies. I do not agree with this kind of opinion. There is no bad information, but bad people to utilize it.

However, there are specific points of discussion regarding sexual issues. We seldom have an opportunity to know others' private zone before the internet era. It had prevented us from feeling inferior to others ones. But recently, there are lots of people exposing their body. Patients with eating disorder increase where there are many slim models. In some countries, too slim models are banned following new legislation.

The adolescent is an unstable period of the life. We compare with each other. As well as desiring to be unique, we fear to be different from others.

Some physicians offering a plastic surgery maltreat clients with imprinting their figure is inferior to others. I believe such kind of tempting advertisement to adolescents should be legally prohibited to some extent.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Passengers, unreal event in real SciFi

I watched Passengers, a SciFi movie, in the airplane recently. It was fortunate for me to find it because I missed it on cinema.

IMDb: Passengers (2016)

In this story, the hero accidentally woke up in the starship where 5,000 passengers were in the hibernation. This starship was planned to reach a colony planet 90 years after. The hero could not fall into cold sleep again. It meant that he would be dead in the starship completely alone.

This kind of theme is relatively popular in the SciFi story. Space is substantially accompanied with solitude.

But, he made an unethical decision after a year of stay. He deliberately broke a hibernation capsule in which a woman whom he was fascinated was sleeping, to wake her up. He mimicked as if her awakening was accidental. She was astonished to know the desperate situation, but later she loved him.

One year after, the hero made a proposal to her. At the same time, she noticed that he woke her up. She refused his apology. However, soon after that, the starship encountered a critical failure. The two persons had to fix the trouble, not for themselves, but for all 5,000 passengers.

The graphic of this movie is extremely beautiful. I watched it only on the screen equipped on the airplane. I would like to see it in cinema.

In contrast, there are several errors in the plot. First of all, this starship has almost no fail-safe technologies. The accident occurred due to a crash with asteroids. Is it a common type of accident, isn't it? I hardly understand why this starship was easily crippled by this natural trouble.

As well, it is strange that the hero could not fall into hibernation again. If his machine is troubled, there must be several backups. In this movie, only one hibernation machine was spared in the starship. It is unrealistic.

Furthermore, no clues were awake in the starship for a couple of years. And AI supporters did not equip the program to fix the trouble at all. The designer of this starship seemed to completely trust the safety system of this ship. It is ridiculous.

These points lowered the quality of this movie.

On the other hand, the hero's behavior to wake her up is often discussed. I do not admire his act. And it is also strange that he hid the goods which he used to break the hibernation bot. It was a risky act. I could not understand how he would explain it if she saw the goods.

In addition to the beautiful description, the main actors' play was splendid. The music was also good.

Personal Rating: 3 (fair)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mental health day is effective for keeping work?

Mental health in work place is one of the topics today. Also at the conference I attended recently at Prague, several speakers referred to this issue.

In this article below, it is recommended to take a "mental-health day." The author considers it problematic that employees hesitate to talk about their mental health issues at most workplaces.

I agree with this point of view. Despite its magnitude, mental health is hardly concerned by both employees and employers.

International Business Times: Can you take a mental health day at work?

However, the issue is not so simple. First, the benefit of one day for maintaining your mental health is limited. If you feel depressed or too anxious because of excessive work stress, resting for at least a couple of weeks is required to recover. Instead, one day is enough to prevent a breakdown when you keep your body and mind functional. However, in this case, you need not tell your boss about it in advance. Apply for a paid holiday, simply.

Second, mental health problem will be a reason for dismissing. It is not only an issue of discrimination for disabled people. Every employer wants to hire employees with high performance for low cost. Mental health problems hinder the performance, even if it is not deemed as a medical disease. Pleasant, tender, and energetic persons are likely to get a job. In contrast, persons who dislike people and cannot deal with others have difficult to be hired. Talking about your mental health at a workplace always has a risk for notifying your employer about your disadvantageous elements. This imbalance cannot be solved by legislation for banning discrimination.

In my experience, patients who have some people knowing his or her mental disorders are likely to maintain their job than those who have to conceal their medical status. But it seems not because the boss takes care of the employee. Rather, employees who feel safe to open their medical status tend to talk about it.

Treatment of mental health issues at workplace level should be much more focused. But there is even a need for developing a standard care.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Extremity created with 3D printing

The NHS has started a clinical trial of the usage of bionic hands produced with a 3D printer.

Independent: NHS launches world's first trial of 3D printed bionic hands for children

The bionic hand will be available for children who took an amputation. Currently, creating an artificial hand costs 60,000 GBP. But the new technique will make a lighter hand for only 5,000.

Interestingly, some companies such as Disney are collaborative with this project. Child patients will choose an artificial hand featuring Iron Man.

So far, it is said that a 3D printing technology will be adaptable to medical use. Human parts are various among persons. 3D printing can copy your body parts with ease. But there are several challenges before its realization.

If this clinical trial is successful, we will check the longitudinal safety. Since limbs can be removable, they are easier to control compared to inner organs such as bone.

I hope the patients will benefit from this innovation.