Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Surface Pro has come

Since my Mac was broken, I bought a new PC.

I chose Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with LTE. Surface Pro is a series of tablet PC produced by Microsoft. Surface Family consists of Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, and Surface Book. I preferred to use a PC with a touch panel. Surface Book is too heavy to carry. Therefore, I decided to buy a Surface Pro 4.

Just recently, Microsoft Japan released the Surface Pro 4 with LTE. It attracted my attention. But this model was for business use only. I bought one from a company dealing with industrial PCs.

I ordered a PC with a touch keyboard and a touch pen together.

The surface of Surface is smooth.

In my first impression, it is heavy. Actually, it is lighter than MacBook. But Surface's solid atmosphere disguised me.

The AC adapter is a little troublesome. Its condensers are attached in the middle of the cable. It is also heavy.

Setup takes a while. I expect it will work well.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

An icon affects on human behavior

A web developer made an interesting experiment on her online service.

Kapwing blog: Why I don't use my real photo when messaging with customers on my website

She is a founder of Kapwing, a startup software company. She has been engaged in a customer service chat. But she was suffering from some sexual messages.

Therefore, she decided to change her icon from her real photo to a cofounder's. Then, the number of sexual messages rapidly decreased. It seemed obvious that a male photo did not attract the attention of rude customers. Then, she made a series of experiments. When she used a photo of a blond lady, sexual messages rocketed. In contrast, there were few customers attacking a cat icon. She concluded that humans could not be aggressive against cats.

An icon is an icon. We know that cats, dogs, and toys cannot speak or chat. At the same time, we should recognize the possibility that the counterpart of the chat is not a person the icon suggests.

In reality, however, the icon influences on customers' behavior. It suggests how we are easy to be disguised. In a situation you have to suppress sexual impulse, it is a good way to imagine the face of your mother.

Monday, February 19, 2018

People indifferent to investment

Everyone wants money. And there are several ways to earn money.

In general, money is a reward for work. Thus, the harder you work, the more you earn the salary.

However, working hard is not the best way to get rich. It has been a common sense at least since early in the 20th century.

Independent: Top financial adviser: 'If all you do in life is work really hard, you're never going to get wealthy'

The content of this article above is absolutely correct. Investment is a solution for you to increase your cash. To be honest, I was disappointed by this article because nothing new was mentioned in this issue.

In reality, there are three types of people who are not involved in the investment. The first category includes naive people. They are not willing to invest their money because they have no complaint about their income. Physicians, lawyers, and some officials are likely to be indifferent to investment. The second reason is lack of knowledge. Some people cannot distinguish investment from gambling. Traditionally, Japanese are deemed to not be good at investment. But in recent years, more Japanese are entering the activity of investment.

And, the third category is poor people. They do not have enough money to invest. They have no money for saving. And investment is not possible when you have no savings. As a result, they have no opportunity to learn about investing. And it leads to widened inequality.

My concern is the third point. Investment itself does not require much money. But poor people hardly get the start point. Also, some people lose money due to the lack of knowledge. Especially in Japan, early exposure to money literacy education is essential, I believe.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Dropbox is broken

So far, I have tried several kinds of cloud storage, as I mentioned before.

My past entry: Cloud storage services (1)

My past entry: Cloud storage services (2)

And I now use some storages together. In business, I use OneDrive. Dropbox is for private use. Hubic is a successor of GoogleDrive whose volume is going to be expired. Mega is also good, but it is no use in a certain network.

There are some reasons why I do not consolidate them to one service. First, any cloud storages are not perfect. I have experienced several troubles such as a failure of sync. Second, cloud storage services are often terminated, like Copy. I have to be accustomed to some services in such a case. And third, therefore, it is silly to pay money for incomplete services.

And just now, my Dropbox got broken. When I searched some files on my Android phone, it appeared different from themselves. For example, I opened a file named "picture.jpg." But the file "photo.jpg" was opened instead. When I opened "picture2.jpg," it was also "photo.jpg."

I was so annoyed that I deleted the file "photo.jpg" from Dropbox. Surprisingly, then "photo2.jpg" was opened when I chose "picture.jpg."

Enough is enough! I decided to uninstall Dropbox. And now I am trying Box, instead.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Four things you may be missing in long-lasting depression

I am involved in clinical trials of some newly developing drugs. For evaluating the effect of the substance (or placebo), I often interview with patients. In these cases, I assess the patient's status and daily life in the neutral position because I never intervene the treatment.

I found some common things that patients suffering from long-term depression have. Most of them are likely to be underestimated by the patients and even by the doctor in charge. Unfortunately, I cannot tell them directly to each patient because it will violate regulation of the clinical trial. Instead, I mention them on the web as a general description.

1. Many treatment-resistant depression is not depressive disorder

A major depressive episode lasts a half years or more if appropriate treatment is not provided. On the other hand, it is very rare that it lasts three years or more. If you are suffering from depression for more than three years, you might be misdiagnosed. Indeed, a-third of diagnosis of depression is incorrect, according to latest statistics.

You may have bipolar disorder, especially you always sleepy, tired, and anxious. It is quite questionable that antidepressants are effective for bipolar disorder. Talk to your doctor in charge as soon as possible.

2. Depressive patients seldom experience happy events due to their behaviors, not by depression

If your mood is elevated after a joyful event, your depression may be rather mild. Therefore, I ask patients, "Does your feeling get better after a happy event?" But most patients do not answer yes or no. They say, "A happy event never occurs to me."

But does it true? Of course, depressive patients hardly feel happy even if luck visits them. However, a more common reason is that depressive people seldom do light activity.

In a severe depressive state, you cannot do anything, and it is good to stay on the bed. But, in many cases, you should do more valuable things even if you feel depressed.

3. Lay on the bed is the last solution for anxiety

Depressive patients frequently feel anxious. It often causes a panic attack. They are frightened by anxiety and irritability. And most of the patients go to bed to keep their body and mind safe.

However, it is not a good treatment for anxiety. Lowered activity will enhance your ability to sense abnormal signs in your body. As a result, you will be sensitive to tiny stimuli. Also, the sleep-wake cycle will be disrupted. When you feel anxious, the best thing is to continue concentrating on what you were doing before. If it is difficult, light exercise, deep breathing, and showering are also beneficial.

4. Going to bed too early is no good

Patients with depression have insomnia. I wrote the treatment of sleep disorder before on this blog. Trying to go to bed earlier according to the fear of total insomnia is a very bad behavior. If you are not sleepy, you need not sleep immediately. Sit on the sofa, to read a novel or a comic book to kill the annoying time.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Innovation Index revealed

The 2018 Bloomberg Innovation Index was published. The nation winning the top is South Korea. It keeps the triumph for years.

Bloomberg: The U.S. Drops Out of the Top 10 in Innovation Ranking

In this year, the US dropped the rank by two. Finland, Canada, and New Zealand were also declining. In contrast, France, China, Ireland, and Italy are climbing the ladder.

The Bloomberg Innovation Index is a compilation of several key elements. R&D intensity, manufacturing value-added, productivity, high-tech density, tertiary efficiency, researcher concentration, and patent activity are all important for development. But, how do each nation enhance the quality of these topics are various.

Bangkok Post: South Korea tops, Thailand drops in innovation index

For example, South Korea is the top-ranked at patent activity this year. Indeed, Korean companies gain a significant amount of new patents in recent years. However, the quality of each idea is questionable. Samsung, LG, and other companies had adopted the follower strategy. And finally, Samsung defeated Apple in some regions. But I am doubtful it has developed truly innovative products.

On the other hand, Japan has a problem with which innovation is hardly born. People are often too conservative and risk-avoidant. Although the development level of the technology is almost highest in the world, Japanese seldom create innovation such as Facebook, iPhone, or Bitcoin. Each nation has their own challenges.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Computer-free cafe

Nowadays, we receive maximum benefit from the IT and computers. Many people look almost always at the screen of the smartphone unless they are sleeping. At the same time, there is a backlash against excessive reliance on the modern technology. Some people are fond of abandoning PC and smartphones at least during a particular time such as at lunch or relaxation.

This dispute also occurs in the cafe. Recently, many cafe and restaurants offer Wi-Fi connecting service to the customers for free. In contrast, there are some places prohibiting the use of computers and electric devices.

The reason for inhibiting the use of computers is various. Since talking with a smartphone is annoying for other guests, most shops prohibit calling on the seat in general. Some cafes dislike customers who stay for many hours with ordering only one cup of coffee. In contrast, some owners seem to believe using an electronic device in their cafe looks not cool.

The Guardian: No laptops allowed – the cafes bringing back the art of conviviality

In my sense, laptop-free space is also cool. But, it is doubtful such places will be dominant in the future. Traditionally, a gentleman spent afternoon time with reading a book in a cafe. In recent, the book is replaced to iPad. That's it. Indeed, I read e-books on my iPad in Starbucks.

Talking with friends is another issue. I think face-to-face talk is different from chatting on the internet. Skype interview is similar to real talk, but also not the same. Regardless of the development of the modern technology, the happiness of talking with your lover will be unique forever.