Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Kobe Steel scandal

Kobe Steel, a famous company providing metal materials in Japan, was revealed to have been fabricating the data regarding the strength of its products. Not only aluminum and cupper but also steel was subjected to the doubt of fabrication.

Kobe Steel is the third biggest company in the industry in Japan. Its products are used to many significant buildings and tools such as Shinkansen super-express.

SPH Website: Kobe Steel scandal hurts Japan's reputation

The reason why Kobe Steel has permitted such a trick for a decade remains uncertain. Some people believe there is a significant flaw in Japanese management style in the industry beneath the incident. I do not think so because there are similar cases in foreign countries such as Volkswagen.

It is fortunate that disgusted materials are hardly used as it is. For example, cars and train bodies passed several tests for strength and tolerance before utilization. Even if the standard strength is not guaranteed in some materials, the result of the final test can be trusted. I believe this case would not lead to any actual accidents.

The prevention of recidivism is necessary. At the same time, too much blaming at relevant employees would help others to conceal similar injustice. Japanese tend to criticize people confessed dishonesty too much. It is that rather I am afraid.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Life expectancy to 150 years

How long can we alive? The opinion of scientists is various.

There is a hypothesis life expectancy may be prolonged to 150 years old committed at Jinhai Lake World Anti-aging Summit.

CGTN: Human's life expectancy can reach 150, say experts

There are some points to determine the life expectancy. Medical treatment can save your life from several deadly diseases. Proper diet and exercise are also important to keep your body and mind healthy. However, They do not mean you can avoid from aging.

On the other hand, anti-aging technology is developing. Although few things are described in the article above, some researchers seriously believe that artificial gene mutation can rejuvenate your body.

Lynda Gratton, a leading theorist of work style, said in the article that you would continue working till 80-year-old if life expectancy is prolonged. I am opposed to this idea. You need not work because of the rise of robots then. Instead, you have to find joyful habits much more to kill time.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Father's diet influence infant' health?

A recent study claims that the content of father's diet influence on his child's health.

Daily Mail: You are what your DAD eats: Study shows father's diet before conception has huge impact on a child's health

According to the article above, researchers conducted a series of experiments with fruit flies. They fed the subjects with high protein and low carbs or the contrary. The result showed offspring from the father with high carbs were less like to survive.

Fruit flies share 60% of genes with humans. Therefore, the researchers seem to consider this outcome can apply to humans.

NZ Herald: Study shows father's diet before conception plays major role in a child's health

The whole component of the study seems not have been published in an academic journal. I guess there will be considerable controversies before this study is approved as valid.

In recent, the influence of father's health on the baby is often focused. To be honest, I am doubtful to this result itself. Anyway, this theme is interesting.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Amazon Prime Reading launched in Japan

Amazon.co.jp launched Prime Reading service for Amazon Prime users.

Amazon Prime Reading – most important things to know

It enables subscribers of Amazon Prime to read selected e-books unlimitedly. The subjects of free e-books are approximately 700 titles, according to Amazon Japan.

So far, Amazon has been offering Kindle Unlimited as an unlimited reading service of e-books. It covers more than a million titles (including foreign books). Thus, Prime Reading is a downward compatibility of Kindle Unlimited.

Different from Kindle Unlimited, however, Prime Reading is not an independent service. Subscribers of Amazon Prime can use this service without any additional cost. Amazon Prime has several benefits such as Prime Video, Prime Music, and free fast-delivery service. For subscribers of Amazon Prime, the launch of Prime Reading means pure expansion of service range.

On the other hand, how do subscribers of Kindle Unlimited feel? I am afraid that many subscribers will cancel Kindle Unlimited because most of them may have been users of Amazon Prime. And, limited people want to read e-books not covered by Prime Reading, I guess.

It seems that Amazon prioritizes increasing subscribers of Amazon Prime compared to those of Kindle Unlimited. This strategy may be right. Once depending on Amazon in your daily life, it will be difficult to quite Amazon Prime even if the subscription fee is hiked.

But, this policy is disadvantageous to individual writers who publish e-books using Kindle Desktop Publishing. Their e-books will seldom be subjected to Prime Reading.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Autonomous vehicle for disabled people

The spread of self-driving cars will change the world, more or less. But there are some clusters of people who benefit the most from this innovative technology. Elder people will reduce the risk of being involved in traffic accidents. In the future, children will be able to control an autonomous vehicle like a bycycle. And, disabled people will take profit the most.

The Conversation: Are self-driving cars the future of mobility for disabled people?

In the movie of "X-Men: Days of future past," Professor X who cannot walk due to spinal injury appears on a wheelchair. The chair does not equip wheels but has jet engines. He can float on the machine with manipulating the console attached on the armrest.

Nowadays, not a few people use an electric wheelchair. It enables them to move autonomously without their own legs. If the power of this vehicle is stronger than a car, they can go to everywhere. And if the car can think by itself to get the best way to reach the destination, it will be available for not only patients with a spinal injury but also patients with blindness.

In the future, I guess the size of cars will become smaller. It is because people will no more carry objects by their own. The internet, sharing economy, and 3D printers reduce the necessity of bringing commodities. Then, vehicles for a single person will become more common.

It is preferable if disabled people can do anything as healthy people can do with support of new technology. It means that we should round the wheel of progress much more.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Torture goods trading was banned by the UN

Recently, approximately 60 nations belonging to the United Nations launched a bid to exiling the trade of goods used to torture and execution.

The Nation: At UN, countries launch push to end trade in torture goods

The EU has established a legislation for dismissing capital punishment as a sentence. Nations carrying out death penalty are not permitted to join the EU. On the other hand, China, some states in the US, and Japan maintain capital punishment as a legal penalty for serious crimes.

On the other hand, most developed nations have made a treaty for banning torture to incarcerated. In the era of WWII, many were tortured to be dead. Some were subjected to experiments which had been prohibited by contemporary regulations. Such acts are never justified. Some people like Donald Trump, however, still claim the necessity of tortures.

I welcome this movement led by the UN. To begin with, I was surprised to know there is an international market of torture goods. And, even if importing of those goods become impossible, there are various ways to make prisoners painful, unfortunately. Thus, this bid will be no more effective in reality. Rather, the attitude of the EU and relevant countries against the torture and capital punishment will be influential.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The independence of Catalonia

Catalonia, an autonomous community in Spain is shaken between the independence and remaining.

So far, the citizens in Catalonia were willing to become independent of Spain. Since its fiscal status was far better than those of other regions, Catalonians has felt to be exploited by the Spanish government. On the other hand, the independence of Catalonia was a risk not only for Spain but also for other nations in the EU. When Brexit was approved, some people worried that this issue would be ignited.

And recently, the Catalonian government conducted a local referendum to ask the affirmation of the idea of the independence, despite the Constitutional Court had not approved it. The result was over 90% of respondents agreed, while the voting rate was under 50%. Thus, many people opposing the independence seemed not to have voted.

And Today, Catalonia's President Carles Puigdemont has delayed a formal declaration of independence from Spain. He intends to enable persuasion with Spanish central government as much as possible.

CNN: Catalonia's independence standoff: How we got here and what comes next

I believe Puigdemont's attitude is rational. At present, none of other nations want Catalonia to become independent. Catalonia would be excluded from the members of EU. It will face a very difficult situation as many countries hesitate to make a good relationship with Catalonia. Referring the fact that there are many controversies around Brexit, the discussion about the influence of the independence of Catalonia will also be chaotic.

In general, it is no good for a local region to be independent of the mother nation because it seems to have gained much prosperity. But, recent situation imagines me a new shape of the future. The idea of nations itself will be amended shortly. Then, the identity of us will also be reconsidered.