Thursday, February 8, 2018

Nexus 5 to 5X

I had planned to change my smartphone because its battery seemed to be exhausted. I had to recharge twice or three times every day.

I considered buying a Galaxy S8 instead of the old Nexus 5. Galaxy series looked smart and cool. However, Y Mobile, the telecommunication company I was under contract, did not offer any smartphones provided by Samsung.

One day, I received a notification from Y Mobile in which it would offer Nexus 5X for a low cost. In addition, it was prepared to take my Nexus 5 as a trade-in.

It seemed a good deal to me, though Nexus 5X is not the latest product. Therefore, I decided to change my Nexus 5 to Nexus 5X.

The contract was carried out without stress. The new machine was sent to my home soon.

Nexus 5X is a little bigger than Nexus 5. There are no significant differences between them. But in several aspects, Nexus 5X was improved compared to the old model. It equips a fingerprint identification system on the back of its body. I can log in in a second without any tapping the screen.

Looks good. I will try the quality of my new partner for a while.

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