Thursday, February 15, 2018

Computer-free cafe

Nowadays, we receive maximum benefit from the IT and computers. Many people look almost always at the screen of the smartphone unless they are sleeping. At the same time, there is a backlash against excessive reliance on the modern technology. Some people are fond of abandoning PC and smartphones at least during a particular time such as at lunch or relaxation.

This dispute also occurs in the cafe. Recently, many cafe and restaurants offer Wi-Fi connecting service to the customers for free. In contrast, there are some places prohibiting the use of computers and electric devices.

The reason for inhibiting the use of computers is various. Since talking with a smartphone is annoying for other guests, most shops prohibit calling on the seat in general. Some cafes dislike customers who stay for many hours with ordering only one cup of coffee. In contrast, some owners seem to believe using an electronic device in their cafe looks not cool.

The Guardian: No laptops allowed – the cafes bringing back the art of conviviality

In my sense, laptop-free space is also cool. But, it is doubtful such places will be dominant in the future. Traditionally, a gentleman spent afternoon time with reading a book in a cafe. In recent, the book is replaced to iPad. That's it. Indeed, I read e-books on my iPad in Starbucks.

Talking with friends is another issue. I think face-to-face talk is different from chatting on the internet. Skype interview is similar to real talk, but also not the same. Regardless of the development of the modern technology, the happiness of talking with your lover will be unique forever.

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