Sunday, February 18, 2018

Dropbox is broken

So far, I have tried several kinds of cloud storage, as I mentioned before.

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And I now use some storages together. In business, I use OneDrive. Dropbox is for private use. Hubic is a successor of GoogleDrive whose volume is going to be expired. Mega is also good, but it is no use in a certain network.

There are some reasons why I do not consolidate them to one service. First, any cloud storages are not perfect. I have experienced several troubles such as a failure of sync. Second, cloud storage services are often terminated, like Copy. I have to be accustomed to some services in such a case. And third, therefore, it is silly to pay money for incomplete services.

And just now, my Dropbox got broken. When I searched some files on my Android phone, it appeared different from themselves. For example, I opened a file named "picture.jpg." But the file "photo.jpg" was opened instead. When I opened "picture2.jpg," it was also "photo.jpg."

I was so annoyed that I deleted the file "photo.jpg" from Dropbox. Surprisingly, then "photo2.jpg" was opened when I chose "picture.jpg."

Enough is enough! I decided to uninstall Dropbox. And now I am trying Box, instead.

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