Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sequels in July 2014

July 29, 2014
Skymark abandon to get Airbus A380

The amount of penalty Airbus suggests seems $700 billion. The president of Skymark declared he would never surrender to larger carriers again and again. But the situation is quite tough.

July 19, 2014

Malaysian airplane destroyed

Several rumors are flying about the case. Pro-Russia separatists are suspected to shoot the jet with an antiaircraft missile from the ground. Some media have doubt that Ukraine army is to be blamed. More or less, the airline industry is confused.

Financial Times: Airline insurers face biggest bill since 9/11

July 6, 2014
Banned account case of Instagram for child porn

Her account in question is still alive. Any children in her photos are quite pretty. I believe the decision by Instagram not to delete her account is right.


July 4, 2014

GSK bribe and Honeytrap

In relation to this issue, Chinese prosecutors accused British investigator and his wife for a suspect of obtaining private information.

Financial Times: Date set for GSK China bribe trial

It is not certain whether the trial will be opened. Worrying about the secretiveness of Chinese court are described in this article.

July 2, 2014

Japan has right of collective self-defense

I feel that attention to this matter is decreasing in Japan, although it is a big issue. I do not like the tendency of Japanese citizens easy to boil and forget after that.


July 2, 2014

Murder case of Olympic athlete

The trial is still continuing. The judge seems to proceed carefully.

Sports World News: Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial: Judge Thokozile Masipa Has Considerable Testimony To Consider

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Presentation secrets in lecture

Also today, I can see beautiful sky.

By the way, I listened to a lecturer in today's workshop. The theme was how making a lecture interesting. The lecturer suggested some tips through his own presentation. I have learned a lot about this matter.

There are lots of books explaining how to perform an effective presentation. For example, Steve Jobs is well known as a genius presenter. "The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs" describes several methods Jobs loved to adopt in his presentation.

However, Jobs' presentation was established based on a presupposition. Listeners are expecting to see new amazing products. Thus, they are interested in the presentation in advance.

In contrast, listeners are often bored in many lectures, especially which are mandatory. In those cases, a presenter has to do some tricks to make the listeners curious to the lecture. Actually, he let us pay an attention to the lecturer using some quiz at the beginning.

At the same time, it is also important to identify the characteristics of the listeners in some settings. In general, there is a specific purpose in a lecture. However, we are sometimes requested to make a presentation without a concrete mission. Then, the lecturer is encouraged to comprehend the level of knowledge and interests of the listeners.

Nowadays, one-way lecture is deemed as an ineffective way to educate pupils. Group work and mutual education are more efficacious, because the pupils are forced to think during the session. Of course, they take much time and skills to prepare.

Finally, feedback is essential. Many lecturers gather a questionnaire form after a class, most of which seems not beneficial. When your mission is to change the behaviors of the listeners, you should observe the reactions continuously, instead of performing a questionnaire immediately after the class.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Skymark abandon to get Airbus A380

There is another topic in the Airline industry. Skymark is struggling to negotiate with Airbus, a European planemaker.

Skymark is a rising airline company in Japan. It provides several domestic routes with low cost. Recently it made a decision to offer free Wi-Fi service in flight using some vehicles.

Aviation Today: Skymark to Offer Free In-Flight Wi-Fi

I feel that Skymark has an aggressive attitude to the business. Some months ago, it created a sensation introducing a costume using miniskirt for cabin attendants. Some people are annoyed to watch an introduction sheet with unfriendly words set behind the seat.

My past entry: Sexual costumes of flight attendants 

However, it may be suffering from the competition with Low Cost Carriers. It has been forced to cancel the introduction of a new series of Airbus.

CH-aviatoin: Japan's Skymark reportedly drops its A380 order

Formerly, it made a contract to buy six vehicles which had not been used in other Japanese carriers from Airbus. It also intended to launch a new route to New York. However, the current situation, including the increasing cost of oil, made it difficult to fulfil the perspective.

The Japan Times: Skymark seen scrubbing order for six Airbus A380s

According to Skymark, Airbus suggested a large amount of penalty for cancelation. It recommended Skymark even to be merged with a larger company, I am not certain. Airbus made no comment on this deal.

Reuters: Airbus set to lose Japanese buyer for A380: sources

A380 powered by Airbus seems to be splendid. But its cost will be a burden for Skymark, or other carriers without adequate capital. No matter how it is painful, the decision of Skymark may be unavoidable.

To be honest, I do not like Skymark very much. Nonetheless, I hope Skymark will overcome this crisis. Diversity is essentially beneficial also in the airline industry.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Fukuoka again and airplane accidents

Today, I stay in Fukuoka to attend another conference.

I often see vapor trails in Fukuoka.

The upper photo is taken today. The lower one I shot during the previous visit. So great they are.

By the way, airplane accidents are sequential recently other than the Malaysian case. A plane of Air Algerie in which 116 passengers were boarding had been lost during the journey from Burkina Faso to Algiers. The wreckages of the plane were found in Mali. There is no hope of somebody survived. This jet was possible to be struck by a lightning.

BBC: Algeria passenger plane wreckage found in Mali

Mail Online: Doomed Algerian passenger plane 'may have been struck by lightning' as France sends in military to secure Sahara desert crash scene

In Taiwan, an airplane attempted to land at Magong Airport in heavy rain brought by a typhoon, to result in a fatal crash. More than 40 passengers were killed in the accident.

CNN: Taiwan plane crash kills 48 and injures 10

These tragedies have own differential causes. More or less, some incidents may carry a critical outcome. It is horrible that once an airplane loses its control in the sky, it is difficult for passengers to survive. Though many air routes are available today, we should not forget that there is some risk about it.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mass peeping by a gynecologist at Johns Hopkins

These are terrible cases occurred in a famous hospital in the US. A gynecologist belonged to Johns Hopkins Hospital took videos and photos of the sex organs of his patients secretly. He had stored the collected files for two decades. Finally, a colleague reported his suspicious behaviors to the authorities in the hospital. The doctor was soon fired and committed suicide on Feb 2013.

Three anonymous women filed a suit on Mar 2013. Then, Johns Hopkins is going to pay up to $190 million in compensation for the victims.  Furthermore, the investigators found thousands of digital files. A total of 8000 women was suspected being took videos without consent. If all victims identified, the amount of compensation will become astronomical. It is minimally fortunate for victims that there was no evidence that these sensitive files had been shared by the internet.

DAILY NEWS: Johns Hopkins to pay $190 million for OB-GYN who secretly recorded women in examining room: lawyers

International Business Times: Peeping OB-GYN To Cost Baltimore's Johns Hopkins Hospital $190M In Settlement

It is certain that the behaviors of the gynecologist are out of the question. In general, doctors have no specific emotion against the bodies of their own patients. I believe that there are no medical doctors who are willing to be a gynecologist for the reason of his own sexual desire. The criminal may have some pathological personality traits.

By the way, this case caused a critical damage to the reputation of Johns Hopkins. Many female patients will hesitate to make a consult with a gynecologist at this hospital.

I am a little relieved to know that these crimes was revealed by an internal whistleblower. If the hospital had attempted to conceal the series of crimes, the situation would have been more desperate. I expect Johns Hopkins to restore the trust from the patients again.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Failure of lethal injection in Arizona

A criminal sentenced to capital punishment was suffering from pain for 2 hours on Jul 23 2014.

In Arizona, Joseph Wood, shot his ex-girlfriend and her father, was sentenced to capital punishment. He was injected with chemicals to terminate his life. However, after the execution started, he could not lose consciousness for a while.

FOX NEWS: 'Botched' Arizona execution reignites death penalty debate

A similar case occurred in Oklahoma. The criminal survived for 43 minutes after he received the injection. Although lethal injection is deemed as the least cruel means of execution, it has a risk of failure.

The Washington Post: Botched Oklahoma execution reignites death penalty debate

The reason why they were forced to resist the pain of dying is unclear. There may be an inadequate protocol in the process of execution. In the US, many drug companies are refusing to provide lethal injections for execution. It leads to let officials adopt more experimental methods for execution.

Vox: Why it took Arizona nearly 2 hours to execute a prisoner

In the US, many states have abolished the death penalty. However, approximately 70% of the citizens in Arizona support capital punishment. There are many controversies around it.

Traditionally hanging has been a method of capital punishment in Japan. Hanging is also the most common method of suicide. Some cases of survival were reported in the other days. However, since the criminal is to be left handed for 30 minutes after the execution nowadays, nobody can be resuscitated.

Most Japanese support the death penalty, which I am opposed to. I do not believe that the existence of capital punishment can reduce serious crime cases. Furthermore, there are some criminal cases who have a desire to be executed recently. Penal system should be reconsidered in Japan.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Magneto and Optimism as a condition of a leader

Recently, I wrote about leadership, categorizing your boss into four types with the two axis of ideal and reliance.

My past entry: Four types of your boss

In this entry, I identified the person who is an idealist and rely on his or her subordinates as a preferable leader. It is true. However, there is one more factor which distinguishes a leader from followers.

Actually, I mentioned it in my entry. It is optimism. Every leader who has made a success in business is an optimist.

In general, idealists are all optimists, otherwise they are likely to despair. However, it is not true that all idealistic leaders are also optimistic.

For example, Magneto in the X-men series is a typical idealist. He has a desire to extinguish all human without mutant powers. He is blessed with several talents such as strong mutant power, strategic thought, and charisma. Unfortunately, he is a pessimist, however. He never believes in human, so he cannot imagine a day that human catch up mutants. This is the difference from Professor X.

For this reason Magneto cannot make a great success in his ambition. His followers, like Mystique, leave him because they cannot trust that his great ideal will be realized without optimism.

Absolute optimism, even without no evidence, is a necessity of a great leader.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Snowden reveal nude show in NSA

Edward Snowden, a whistleblower belonged to the National Security Agency (NSA), told that employees in NSA often watched private photos of citizens which were obtained during their spying activity. According to him, they sometimes investigated their own lovers or other persons with monitoring tools for official use only to meet their curiosity. The photos which they watched included private nude ones.

ARS TECHNICA: Snowden: NSA employees routinely pass around intercepted nude photos

It is a scandalous report, which is likely to bring a controversy. Everyone would feel distressed if they suspect to be peeped by someone else. Knowing that the person is an official, the feeling would change to anger.

Actually, it is impossible to expect the complete sincerity of all persons. Human like to look out a secret. For example, there are occasions that a VIP enter the hospital. In this case, not a few employees have a desire to see the medical records of the VIP, whether or not they intend to use the information for a criminal purpose. In the hospital that I belong to, the administrator locks the access to the medical records to prohibit anyone else than who are concerned for the treatment to watch the records in such cases. I was a little surprised to know that the NSA had no solution to avoid such an illegal use of interception.

By the way, I wonder why Snowden told this story now. This is an annoying fact, but not so much important, compared with other things which were discussed before. Snowden may struggle to create a sensation again.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Airbnb, an accomodation matching service

Nowadays, sharing is a trend for many people. The car sharing service was born in Europe, and now is available also in the US, and Japan. Sharing some luxuries are not only economical but also ecological.

Very recently, I found a social networking service which offers users matching accomodation. Its name is Airbnb. You can register on the site with Facebook or Google+ account. Many landlords provide the information of their house and you can book any accommodation with low cost.

House sharing is advantageous especially for travelers and students who want to save money for staying. In addition, it helps the users to communicate with each other. It would be an impressive experience.

On the other hand, I am concerned about security. I believe most users are sincere, but if a few people with menace registers on the site it would be dangerous. Since this kind of services is based on the mutual relationship of the user, I guess the service providers cannot intervene the negotiation to solve some troubles. Instead, they demand disclosure of personal information and equip some reputation systems. However, these schemes are not enough to avoid trouble completely.

I expect that this kind of services will be spread and our society will get more matured in the future.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Tobacco company punished with $23.6 billion

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., the second largest Tobacco company in the US was demanded to pay a total of $23.6 billion in punitive damage for the reason of causing a man to death by lung cancer.

CTV News: U.S. tobacco company hit with $23.6B in punitive damages after widow's lawsuit

The decision was made by a Florida jury. This kind of lawsuits is increasing there after the state supreme court ruled that the complainant need only to prove that the victim suffered from smoke addiction and that the smoke resulted in fatality.

Actually, addiction is a complicated problem. In general, addiction and dependence of substance are self-invited diseases. Patients are responsible for their addiction. It is impossible that a person who stole a bottle of wine is permitted for the reason of alcohol addiction. On the contrary, whoever sells addictive drugs may be strictly punished. So which is more effective to reduce the harm of addictive substances, to regulate sellers or buyers? The answer is simple, the former, because sellers are more easily to be grasped. It is one of the reason why sellers of alcohol and tobacco are required to get permission before starting the deal in many countries.

From this point of view, the court decision is a message for tobacco companies. They have to educate the consumers more and more to protect them from harmful use.

It may be ridiculous to some extent. Who dare to say the disadvantages of their own products? Tobacco companies will struggle to continue their deal, at least in Florida. Reynolds decided to buy Lorillard, the third biggest tobacco company in the US just before. The amount of money for a buyout is $25 billion, ironically almost same as the damage.

The Wall Street Journal: Reynolds American to Buy Lorillard for $25 Billion

Sunday, July 20, 2014

iPad mini has come

When I got home today, iPad mini had arrived.

I ordered it several days before.

Actually, I do not like iPad so much. Additionally, since my iPad2 was working very well, I was hesitating to buy another one.

However, I was recommended to make a subscription of Nikkei Business recently. Nikkei Business is a famous monthly magazine published by Nikkei-Shinbun. It began to sell a set of 2 year contract of subscription of Nikkei Business digital edition with offering iPad mini. It saves money by approximately 20,000 JPN (200 US$).

To be honest, this is not so attractive deal. Charge connector is not compatible with old ones. You can choose the white color model with 16GB storage only. Furthermore, I predict Apple will release a new version of iPad soon. Nonetheless, I decided to make a contract. Nikkei is my favorite and the only newspaper I like in Japanese publisher.

Fortunately, Siri is available with this iPad. I will enjoy this new gadget for a while.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Malaysian airplane destroyed

A Malaysian Airlines jet crashed from the sky in eastern Ukraine in July 17. No passengers survived. It suddenly disappeared when flying in the conflict zone between Ukraine and Russia.

BBC: Malaysia jet crashes in east, Ukraine conflict zone

At first, some rumors flew about the cause of this tragedy. Now the jet is suspected to be attacked by a missile fired by Russian separatists. Ukraine's security agency reported that a phone call suggesting the announcement of committing intercepted.

Fox News: Smoking gun? Intercepted calls point finger at Russian separatists in jet downing

Both Russia and Ukraine are blaming each other. President Vladimir Putin denied the involvement of Russia in this accident and claimed that Ukraine government was responsible for this case. Barack Obama and the United Nation are willing to participate in the investigation.

The Wasington Post: Obama Says Malaysian Jet Downed From Rebel-Held Area in Ukraine

Fortunately, the flight recorders in the collapsed airplane have been recalled by the rescuers. It will help to clarify the circumstances.

Financial Times: Malaysia Airlines crash: Rescuers recover second black box

To be honest, I hardly understand the intention of the attackers. If their purpose was to show the force or threatening, there might have been a criminal declaration. Some people hypothesize that the attackers shot the plane by an accident, misidentified as Putin was on the plane. But this is no more than a rumor.

It is the second disaster Malaysian Airline encountered, followed by the missing case unsolved. There are lots of anxiety around this.

My past entry: Missing case of Malaysian Flight MH370

I pray for the victims. We must terminate this kind of tragedy.


Friday, July 18, 2014

Training course of the MTS act in Fukuoka

I attended a training course for Judgment Physician (Seishin-hoken-hantei-I) license mental in Fukuoka today. You have to get a Judgment Physician license to be a mental health reviewer in a court panel in the Medical Treatment and Supervision Act the MTS act).

The MTS act was a new scheme enforced 9 years ago in Japan, of which I was engaged in establishing. It is an innovative but controversial legislation as I wrote before.

My past entry: The MTS act and suicide (1)

I am so excited that I am going to participate in the operation of the MTS act. Actually, I did not have enough experience to become a Judgment Physician until now, although I am very familiar with this scheme.

By the way, I am in Hakata city. It is one of a popular cities in Fukuoka prefecture.

Hakata is famous for delicious cuisine. I ate Tonkotsu-Ramen (Noodles with soup from pork bone).

Fish is also good.

The training course will last for three days.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Being bullied in childhood makes you unhealthy?

This is a huge study. Dr. Takizawa and his colleagues had investigated a total of seven thousand persons for 50 years to evaluate the influence of being bullied upon the mental state in later life of the victims.

American Journal of Psychiatry: Adult Health Outcomes of Childhood Bullying Victimization: Evidence From a Five-Decade Longitudinal British Birth Cohort

The results are to be predicted. Participants who were bullied in their childhood are more likely to be mentally ill later. The victims have approximately twice of risk for depression, anxiety disorder, and even suicide. The authors emphasize the need to prevention of bullying.

I was astonished with the fact that this research has been completed. It is hard to imagine how much time and money were spent for this cohort. I admire the researchers and participants.

By the way, it is a little strange that only three authors are specified in this article. I guess at least one hundred researchers were more or less engaged in this survey. Many more persons should be honored as the authors, even not all of them.

Unfortunately, it cannot be said that this research has proven that bullying is one of the causes of mental disorders. There is a difference between causal relationship and mutual relationship. People who were frequently bullied might have some characteristics that is possible to lead a mental disorder by nature. It is not sure whether they have not been suffering from mental illnesses if the victims had been protected from bullying. Nothing to say, it is ethically difficult to make an experiment about this matter.

In this study, some potential factors likely to affect the result, such as intelligence, were statistically adjusted in advance. However, it is impossible to identify all the factors intentionally.

This study suggests an ordinary thing: Bully is a bad habit. And the reliability of this finding is not adequately high. Nonetheless, I strongly respect the researchers who performed this study for their courage and patience.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Is control over work uncontrollable?

Every employer hopes employees to work harder. But for this purpose it seems to be beneficial to let them work on their own control, according to new research.

Professor Alexandra Michel in University of Pennsylvania revealed that investment bankers who had control over their working style tended to overwork indiscriminately. He conducted a cohort study with repeated interviews to tens of bankers for twelve years. As a result, they were found to be involved deeply in their work. They voluntarily overworked mundanely. Even after they leave the work of investment banks, this tendency was maintained.

BloombergBusinessweek: Wall Street Discovers the Best Way to Drive Workers: Hand Them the Whip

Michel published his research on an academic journal. He concludes that thought of participation may disempower participants through indulgence into unintentional overwork.

PARTICIPATION AND SELF-ENTRAPMENT: A 12-Year Ethnography of Wall Street Participation Practices’ Diffusion and Evolving Consequences

One strength of this study is its long term of observation. No similar studies may be performed previously.

However, there are some limitations in this study. Sample size is not clarified to protect personal information of the participants. It is unfortunate that no controls were set. Quantative comparison is needed to verify the findings of this study. It is possible that persons engaged in such jobs exclusively have a characteristic to be enthusiastic in endless work.

I think that it is not appropriate to consider that control on the workstyle is harmful in every employee from this study. It may depends on their ability, personality, and the environment around them whether their performance will be improved, or they would be exhausted.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Development by the war, spread by the eroticism

Recently, a person who sold data adapted to 3D printer was arrested in Japan. She called herself as an artist. Which law did she violate? Actually, she sold 3D data of her own external genitals.

3D printer is an innovative tool. You can copy various things with it. You can create some tablewares which were created by a famous craftman on your own. You need not buy a replica of the David statue at a museum shop nearby Galleria dell'Accademia in Florence. In other words, many factories will be forced to be closed when 3D printers are available at most houses.

Of course, a 3D printer can duplicate sex organs. Someone will deliver a data of the penis of a popular porn star, as a joke tool or for more practical use. The woman I mentioned did it ahead.

This kind of matter often occurs at the dawn of a new technology.

Soon after the internet was spread, enormous websites dealing with sexual contents opened one after another. Not a few people learned the internet with the motivation to watch pornographic images.

In Japan, mobile phones were utilized to seek intimates. Lots of matching sites were developed. The police made great efforts to extinguish such illegal services.

The power of eroticism is vulgar, but should not be ignored. In most examples, the spread of a new technology or system depends on the amount of erotic contents using it.

In contrast, most technologies are born from the idea in military use. The internet is originated from the coded telecommunication in the army. The computer was originally used to calculate the track of missiles. Atomic power plants are obviously successors of the atomic bomb. Global Positioning System (GPS) is now broadly available, but its backbone was a military satellite.

Some people worry about the use of 3D printer to create firearms. I think this concern is quite natural.

After all, the war and the threat of the war usually helps our technology to develop further. And it is by the eroticism to spread it to publicity.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Yahoo start a service for dead users

Very recently, a new service was published by Yahoo Japan. It will delete all data on Yahoo Box belonging to the user who is proven to be dead.

NHK NEWS WEB: Delete the data on cloud of dead people (in Japanese)

You may have some information whom you do not want to be published after you die. This service looks to meet your need.

However, this report by NHK is actually misleading. The service is called "Yahoo Ending", including some contents such as administration of funeral. If you register it in advance, Yahoo will send a message to some persons you choose when you are cemented. Thus, this service is not a kind of protection of privacy, but a type of business around ceremony.

CNET Japan: Yahoo start a service to delete data after death (in Japanese)

Yahoo Ending (In Japanese)

In terms of data deleting service, I am afraid that it will not be successful. There are some reasons for it.

First, Yahoo commits deleting data only on its cloud storage. Nobody would upload the data which are risky after the death of the user. You perhaps want to have hard disks or other physical storages destroyed after your death, don't you? Of course Yahoo never provides such services.

Second, it is uncertain how bereaved families would think about it. Currently, family members have difficulty to investigate could storage of dead persons. The new service will ease them in this aspect. On the other hand, what happen if family members want to see the data of the deceased person after Yahoo deleted the data? I think that this kind of conflict frequently occurs.

Third, most IT users are unconscious to the risk of mortality. I am doubtful that many users are willing to register this service. In contrast, elder people seldom use could storage service. Their secret treasures are usually physical items rather than logical data.

By the way, there have been several services to send the password of your accounts to your relatives after you die. Unfortunately, they have some big risks. The service provider would become bankrupt, or cracked. Or you would survive for many years, to pay the fee continuously. Indeed, I could not access

Tech Crunch: PassMyWill Is A Will For Your Online Assets And Passwords

After all, I believe that this kind of service should be bundled to a life insurance. People who consider to make a contract with a life insurance company are certainly concerned with the issues after he dies. And these companies are considerably invulnerable, at least compared to most internet companies.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

A case of failing to get an iPhone

I visited a mobile phone store to consult about my telephone circuit today.

I have used Galaxy S III for almost two years. Though it has some troubles, I dare not to change it immediately.

To be honest, however, I have a plan to go abroad for a while this year. So, I consider suspending my account of mobile phone. Simultaneously, I feel my monthly communication expense is a little high. Therefore, I wondered which option is the best way to optimize my Smartphone life.

In Japan, NTTdocomo, AU, and Softbank are the three providers of telecommunication. The other days I used E-mobile as a provider, but it was consolidated by Softbank.

NTTdocomo recently began a new system of the fee, with which you can call anyone, anytime at the fixed amount of cost. Soon after NTTdocomo introduced it, AU and Softbank mimicked it. Nowadays, many users of Smartphone can enjoy free domestic call. Of course, it is doubtful whether this new system will joy users, since most users may have already utilized Skype, Line, or other free call services.

On the other hand, I guess that this free call system will cause other trouble to each provider.
So far most providers offered free call to family members of their users as far as they use the same provider. It had made users difficult to change the provider individually. However, with free call system all users can choose his or her favorite provider without concern to family members. Indeed, I needed not to hesitate to reconsider the provider.

Then, I made a conversation with a shopkeeper of Softbank. He recommended contract with Softbank, of course. According to him, I could get iPhone5C with only 1 JPY (1 Cent!) if I made a contract. Furthermore, he would give me 15,000 JPY (150 US$) for compensation of quitting NTTdocomo. In Japan, cancelling a circuit contract cost approximately $100, in general.

His offer looked attractive. Although I did not like iPhone very much, I nearly decided to accept his suggestion.

However, I noticed that my Galaxy S III was bound to Sim Card by NTTdocomo. I could not use this phone with any other Sim card than NTTdocomo's. It is no good in the case someone else wants to use it in the future. Therefore, I rushed into Docomo shop first to let my Galaxy S III available with any Sim card.

Unfortunately, the Docomo shop I reached had been closed due to out of service.

Finally, I abandoned to proceed the changing my phone and provider today.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Kohmi Hirose's effort and talent

Today, I went to a live show of Kohmi Hirose, a famous J-pop singer-songwriter. Her voice sounded very attractive and she had very wide range of voice. She sang lots of numbers with great feeling. I believe that all audiences were fascinated.

(This photo is provided by Photo AC.)

In this session, she talked about her ambition. She wants to continue her activity as long as possible. Her desire is to sing her favorite songs at higher intervals when she reaches 80 years old.

Surprisingly, to realize her dream, she practices singing for 3 hours every morning.

As you know, it is extremely difficult to do something continuously. Spending 3 hours to an exercise is all the more tough task. For me it is even too hard to write this blog every day.

Why does such a talented person make efforts?

There are some studies to investigate the relationship between talent and effort. One research suggests that being able to make continuous efforts is a kind of talents. I think that this hypothesis meet our experiences.

Dopaminergic Mechanisms of Individual Differences in Human Effort-Based Decision-Making

Other research indicates that most successors made efforts, but the effect of their endeavor depends on the talent, as I remember. Unfortunately, I forgot the detailed content of the original paper. Considering the results of studies, the relationship between talent and effort is more complex than we imagine.

Finally, I believe this: it often occurs that an effort is not rewarded, but there is no effort not to be rewarded. Simply, it is a matter of the amount of effort, or by chance.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Amazon takes only EUR 0.01 for delivery

Recently, I introduced a new legislation developed in France regarding book delivery fee. Its purpose was to protect independent bookstores from competitors such as

My past entry: Anti-Amazon Law rise in France

However, Amazon did not surrender to this rule. It set just 1 euro cent as the fee for delivery.

Telecompaper: Amazon stays in the law with 1 cent to book delivery charge

The amount of delivery fee is referred in this page in It demands EUR 0.01 for delivery of a package including books exclusively.

The Lang Law was deemed as a regulation to interfere Amazon. Some writers prospected that Amazon would claim that it takes delivery fees as a form of membership fees. Actually, the response from Amazon is more cool and aggressive. If the solution is justified, the Lang Law will be taken the backbone.

There are many examples of meaningless regulation. In general, the law is powerless against trick. Nothing to say that cunning crimes to violate social rules are execrable, however great inventions are often born from unconventional ideas. Though I understand the intention of the Lang Law, Franch government has to create some other means to maintain its traditional culture of bookstores.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Official software of Buffalo cracking case

Today, a suspected file as a computer virus was found in my PC. It took a couple of hours to investigate and restore it. I was exhausted.

Malware has been a serious problem for not only providers, but also all users. Crackers have several methods to make devices of others dysfunctional, or even enslave them. Every user and provider are required to be aware of security risks.

Very recently, an incident occurred around Buffalo Inc, a famous computer company. It is the biggest supplier of memories, storages, and LAN routers in Japan. I owe my PC life to Buffalo to some extent for many years.

One day, a file of a certain utility software uploaded on a website administered by CDNetworks, being confided by Buffalo, was replaced to a malware by a cracker. If you installed the software, your PC would be infected by a computer virus. It possibly leads to a leak of some personal data to others.

Buffalo noticed about this manipulation with a report by some users. It immediately demanded suspension of offering the suspected software from CDNetworks. After investigation, it revealed the fact that the website was cracked. It identified a total of 593 IP addresses of downloading, to each of which it sent a caution and an apology.

Fortunately, there have been no reports that property were damaged.

PC Watch: File tampering case of Buffalo (in Japanese)

It is a so tiny case that no foreign media reported about it, as far as I know. But if the reaction by Buffalo had been delayed, several users would have been negatively affected. Furthermore, if this virus had targeted LAN router itself, the amount of damage would have been more widened. I think Buffalo did a good job.

I hope no one follows this kind of internet crimes. They can interrupt the availability of the internet with ease. And it will result to entire inconvenience of modern architecture.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What is professional?

The other day, I wrote the definition of Expert. This entry is a sequel to it.

My past entry: What is Expert?

Science and Art, or Knowledge and Experience are often compared with each other. They are poles apart, but are essential to perform a qualified work.

In mental health practice, evidenced based psychiatry is a strong tool of science. You should read a large amount of academic papers which refer to the state of the patient in front of you. On the other hand, some decision makings require an inspiration to recognize the real figure of the patient at a glance. Evidence can show various choices, but would not tell you which is the best answer.

Good practitioners have his sense of the artist to create a great work. They utilize it unconsciously. I will call them Specialists.

However, they sometimes depend on their vague feeling similar to the instinct. It often causes situations that a specialist is not a good tutor. They can do on their own, but cannot explain how to do. Therefore, pupils who want to acquire the skill of a specialist need observation and mimicking, not training, for a long time.

In contrast, there are great theorists. Most of the economists can predict the national fiscal situation in the future, at least according to them. They offer several recipes to avoid financial crisis. However, they have no experience to carry out their own planning. Only few fortunate economists are involved in the decision making in the government.

Some scholars are in the same situation. Teaching and coaching methods have been developed by some talented experts. Unfortunately, they seldom teach their own pupils. So, experts have great ability to construct and explain their region of their interest. In general, they lack real experience about their academic.

In terms of this context, Specialists and Experts are compared with each other, they represent Art and Science, knowledge and experience. Then, who possess the both factors?

I will call the person Professional.

Therefore, professionals have to be able not only to achieve a great performance, but also explain how to do so to others. They are the condition of professionals.

Monday, July 7, 2014

"Back to a beginner's spirit" is useless

It is difficult to start something new. It requires a lot of energy. And you may know that it is the same for continuing your work. But there is a difference between them.

What motivates you to begin a challenge is a strong emotion, or a belief. You may be fascinated in the words of your boss. You may fall in love after being struck by a passion. You may make a decision to do something because you have an ambition originating from deep inside.

These emotions are the source of startup. What makes you move is not logical thinking, but an emotion, even if it is sometimes irrational.

However, this kind of emotion will not be sustained. It is not easy to maintain a strong motivation for a single task for a long time. Your sweetheart will no longer attract you. Every emotion will be satiated, otherwise you would become sick.

So, what is important to keep your motivation long lasting?

Some people recommend you to go back to a beginner's spirit. They claim that remembering what state of mind you were in at first helps you to be enthusiastic recurrently. You would remind yourself that you have gotten some achievement with getting back in the spirit which you started, according to them.

Um, I am opposed to this opinion, although they make a point.

Most people who abandon something do not lose their motivation. It is not likely to quit working because of lack of dreams had in the past. Instead, they cannot keep working due to some barriers. Indeed, I had some conversations with colleagues who were going to leave. None of them said that their passion was extinguished.

They pointed out some tiny reasons why they could hardly continue working, such as relationship with their boss, infrastructure in working place, salary, and so on. It is the same in marriage. Some persons divorced suggested that they felt no more love with their spouse. But the reasons they told me are far from my understanding. Each factor is quite silly, however, accumulation of which is critical.

Maintaining a status is not equal to starting a new thing.

My recommendation is that you should resolve each issue which may bother you around the situation, no matter how it is little, if you truly want to keep the current position.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Banned account case of Instagram for child porn

This is also complex news. A mother was divested of her account of Instagram because she uploaded some photos of her own daughter suspected to be a child porn.

(This is just an image provided by Photo-AC.)

Courtney Adamo was fond of uploading her cute children's photo. One day, Instagram, a famous company, now affiliated under Facebook, which provides photo sharing service, banned her account all at sudden. The reason which is said to her is that she had violated the rule not to upload pornographic photos.

Actually, she frequently published the photos of her cute children. Bare abdomen and even nipples of the children were described in some photos she had uploaded. Administrator of Instagram identified them as child porn.

Mail Online: Why did Instagram delete this innocent photo? Mother's fury after she has her account shut down because the image broke the 'no nipple' rule

There are similar cases as I referred in the past entry. Google is also sensitive to this matter.

My past entry: Banning of Google account due to instant upload

Adamo protested to Instagram seriously against this treatment. She claimed that she had no intention to present a pornographic photo. According to her, it is ridiculous to deem her photos as works of sexual exhibition.

Response to her protest, Instagram revived her account. The photo erased by Instagram has not been restored. However, there are some other photos in which nipples are seen remained on her site. Instragram perhaps has loosened the policy.

Indeed, I felt happy to watch her photos because her children were so cute. I was not stimulated sexual desire never at all with her photos. In personal, it is a little odd to deem this kind of photos as porn. I support her opinion.

The issue is that there are quite a few people who are pedophilia. It is possible that a certain person who watched the photo would burn an inappropriate emotion. In this case it is afraid that her child faces to a risk to be kidnapped. Actually, some experts of social network service recommend you not to upload any photos of your children to avoid such troubles.

On the other hand, there are enormous sexual tastes in the world. Some persons are stimulated by the hair of a girl. Others are fond of seeing underwears of a girl. Should they also prohibited on the internet? Adamo referred to the fact that many advertisements focusing diapers of children. Is it also dangerous for some people?

Another point of view is that Adamo's daughter who is one year old has no recognition of being seen by many people on the internet. The mother has a responsibility to explain her intention of uploading to her children when she grows up. There are few adults who experienced their childhood in the era the internet was broadly available. Perhaps some people will want to delete their photos published in the childhood. This kind of matter will rise in the near future.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Germany set the minimum wage

German parliament decided to introduce the minimum wage. All of the employees are going to receive at least $11.61 per hour from 2015.

The Wall Street Journal: German Parliament Approves Minimum Wage From 2015

Chancellor Angela Merkel is the top of the Christian Democratic Union. Since its ideology includes social conservatism, she might not support this idea. However, she could not avoid the approval of the minimum wage because she formed a big coalition with the Social Democrats Party in 2013.

My past entry: Grand coalition in Germany

By the way, it is interesting that Germany has not established the minimum wage yet excepting for limited workers. Generally speaking, the minimum wage stabilizes the lives of untrained workers. On the other hand, it has a risk to reduce the mobility of the human capital market. I am not certain about the relationship between German economy and the lack of the minimum wage. It is possible that Germany will suffer from economic suppression caused by the new legislation in the future.

Each country in EU sets its own amount of the minimum wage. The difference of salary may be a reason for immigration. However, unskilled workers have difficulty to change their lifestyle. This new law will not accelerate immigration to Germany immediately.

In Japan, there is also controversy regarding the minimum wage. Some economists claim that the withdrawal of it will be beneficial through the improvement of metabolism in each company. I think that it is theoretically right. However, the abolition of the minimum wage will not vitalize most of the companies actually. The first reason is that the labor population is decreasing in Japan. It is impossible for companies to employ more persons with cheap cost.

Friday, July 4, 2014

GSK bribe and Honeytrap

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) China is blamed as it is suspected to have made use of bribes. After this suspicion was pointed out, GSK admitted a part of the allegation. Some executives in GSK were detained by the police.

BBC: Systematic bribery at GlaxoSmithKline China 'credible' - investigator

Mark Reilly, the chief executive of GSK China seemed to be threatened also by a sex-tape recorded secretly. Simultaneously, whistle blowing e-mails were sent to GSK executives. GSK hired a private investigator to identify the blackmailer. However, this investigator was arrested by Chinese police as an illegal gathering personal information.

The Wall Street Journal: Sex Video of GlaxoSmithKline China Executive Led to Hiring of Private Sleuths

The Chinese government is going to be opposed entirely to GSK. It considers that GSK has thrust up the cost of pharmaceutical products.

I think this case is quite complicated and misleading. GSK, blackmailer, and Chinese governments have each intention in this situation.

In general, pharmaceutical companies tend to maximize their profit with all methods available, because the cost to develop a new drug is astronomical. In Japan, an employee of Novartis Pharma was arrested for violating the Pharmaceutical Affair Law. He is deemed to manipulate some data in academic articles which prove the effectiveness of a drug established by the company he belongs. Not only the employees but also many independent researchers are concerned to this scandal.

For many businesspersons, this case suggests that doing a business in China is considerably risky. The Chinese government took a strong leadership to deal with this scandal. It is not certain that when its power will be against other foreign companies.

GSK is so big that there are many enemies against it in everywhere. On the other hand, it is unavoidable for doctors to form some conflict of interests with companies. It is true that both GSK and Novartis have created many valuable drugs. I am rather sympathetic to GSK, even if its act is breaching the clinical ethics.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Japan has right of collective self-defense

Very recently, Japanese cabinet approved a change of interpretation of the constitution, which made a broad controversy.

BBC: Japan cabinet approves landmark military change

The article 9 restricts Japan from possessing any army or make use of military force to resolve international conflict. This regulation is famous as a symbol of pacifism. Several Japanese believe that article 9 has protected Japan from being involved in war for a long time.

On the other hand, there is an opinion that article 9 is interrupting Japan to establish a modern nation who has the power to protect the citizens on its own. According to them, the constitution is a symbol of enslavement against the GHQ and the US. They have a strong desire to rewrite the constitution, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is one of whom.

Actually, the constitution of Japan has never been revised since the enforcement, because its revision is extremely difficult in legal procedure. Instead, Japan government sometimes reinterpreted the constitution, historically. For example, Japan has had the Self Defense Force since 1954. It looks like nothing than an army. However, the existence of the Self Defense Force is not violating the article 9, according to the government.

Now, collective self defense is argued. The Self Defense Force has taken part in peacekeeping operation for many times. However, its field of performance is strictly limited. The Abe administration attempts to widen its availability. It has been demanded by the US, the most important ally of Japan.

It is not surprising that many people are opposed to Abe's decision. A certain man attempted suicide as a protest.

BBC: Japanese man sets self on fire over military rule change

I think his behavior is ridiculous. I never trust a person who underestimates his own life. But it is understandable that some people are concerned about the risk to be involved in foreign war due to this reinterpretation. In contrast, it is not guaranteed that a nation with pacifism would never be attacked by foreign countries.

The international relationships are much more complicated than the past. No matter how we want to be so, we are at risk of conflicts. It is possible that we are troubled as a result of damage in a foreign country which has a close relationship with us. To avoid the worst result, it is preferable to make strong alliances and prepare many choices as resolution. I support the statement of the cabinet.

By the way, Japan will never cause a war intentionally. In the modern era, it is no use for developed countries to begin a war . It will call serious criticism from other countries and sanctions. Japan has so little natural resource that it will not able to continue a war for a long time without being supported by foreign countries. The only risk about it is emotional misconduct of the leaders. We have to keep an eye to them as an ethical and rational citizen.


Murder case of Olympic athlete

A murder case is paid attention to in South Africa. The defendant is an ex - athlete with physical disabilities. He was under a trial with suspect that he killed his girlfriend. His lawyer claims that he shot her because he misidentified her as an intruder.

In addition, he was suspected to be suffering from mental illnesses. So, he took psychiatric examination. As a result, the examiners concluded he had no mental illness influencing his criminal responsibility.

BBC: Oscar Pistorius 'had no mental disorder', trial hears

Pistorius has Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), according to the defense witness. GAD is one of neuroses, characterized by various anxieties about daily life. In general, such diseases seldom affect the ability of recognizing or handling of patients. I guess no one expected that the defendant would be deemed as insane at the crime, even if the result of psychiatric examination supported the existence of GAD.

Nevertheless, it is important to assess the mental status of the defendant precisely. It is possible that his GAD was somewhat associated with his crime, even not so decisive.

Nowadays, this kind of reports is increasing also in Japan. I feel disappointed whenever watching news in which psychiatric examination is referred only in the context of criminal responsibility. Many people criticize the principle of "not guilty for the reason of insanity". According to them, persons who commit a crime are insane without exception. They seem not to imagine the thought of criminals as normal persons. I can understand their emotions. However, I think it is naive to consider that all criminals are crazy. Human behavior is not able to be simplified so much.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Psychological experiment by Facebook

It is revealed that Facebook have performed a huge social experiment. Its purpose was to examine the influence of news feeds upon the emotion of users.

Facebook controlled secretly the news feeds sent to the users. After that, it counted the words of emotions submitted by the users. As a result, more positive words were submitted by those in whose feeds the news with negative emotion had been gotten rid of. In contrast, after eliminating the news with positive emotion intentionally, negative comments were increased in those feeds.

Experimental evidence of massive-scale emotional contagion through social networks

This gigantic research was performed in 2012. According to this article, the existence of emotional contagion in social networks as well as real world was proven.

This is a great result. However, is it ethical to involve massive users in a psychological experiment?

In general, there are strict regulations to conduct a study dealing with human participants. An ethics committee investigates the whole procedure of the study before starting the experiment. Getting informed consent from each participant in advance is also necessary. Studies which do not adhere these conditions are to be rejected in almost all academic organizations. Famous academic journals do not accept any research which is deemed not to be ethical.

Adam Kremer, the first author of this paper explained the purpose of this study. As he wrote, the goal is to know how to provide better service. According to his statement, it was only a survey of customers and users had agreed with the policy that Facebook has right to perform such examinations.

However, I think that his claim is not so persuasive. If it is only an experimental modification in Facebook, they needed not to publish the results. It is not sure that a comprehensive consent can justify all research among the participants.

It is not surprising that argument rose around the morality of this research.

RT Facebook apologizes after secret psychological experiments caused outrage among users

The Atlantic: Even the Editor of Facebook's Mood Study Thought It Was Creepy

On the other hand, I was surprised that such a big study was performed quite easily. The other days, this kind of study was conducted manually with great efforts by researchers and students of psychology. I am afraid that they will lose their jobs in the near future.

It is simple to criticize them as unethical. But we have to consider about the standard and performance of social experiment in this coming era.