Friday, February 2, 2018

Charging for birthday party

In the UK, a woman's act is under discussion. She charged 6 BGP for the fee to attend her sons' birthday party.

International Business Times: Is it OK to charge other parents to attend your kid's birthday party?

The children came to five y.o. And the mother planned to take them and their friends to an indoor play center in Leicester.

Some people criticized her for taking money from guests, while others admit the necessity of charging.

Indeed, I have no experience of paying money when attending a birthday party for someone. But, if it is the case of a wedding, nobody would refuse the payment. Considering this fact, it looks rational to collect money from attendees for the cost of conducting a birthday party.

In Japan, some people feel annoyed to decide the amount of money, or value of the present, for celebration. Giving too little money looks shameful. On the other hand, giving too much money may mean a lack of common sense in Japanese society. Therefore, fixed fee for attending the wedding is popular in recent years. Charging for a birthday party is perhaps accepted rather in Japan, I think.

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