Monday, June 30, 2014

Sequels in June 2014

June 23, 2014
Sexual abuse in Tokyo assembly

Tokyo assembly has ended its season of this year. However, the argument has not been calmed. Some researchers have attempted to identify the voices in the debate. It revealed that there were several jeering except Suzuki's one.

I am not concerned who made such jeering. The problem is the existence of such jeering to discriminate women in an official field.

June 20, 2014
Amazon rush into Smartphone

Not sure to compete Amazon, Google presented Ara, customizable smartphone recently.

Forbes: Google Powered Up A Semi-Functional Project Ara Prototype Device at I/O

Ara has a potential to destroy the previous market of smartphone as I mentioned. I have no idea about the winner of this war.

June 11, 2014
Driving with epilepsy

Besides of epileptic diseases, patients with dementia are going to be prohibited to drive a car in Japan.
By the way, a few days ago, I heard the news of critical case of a car accident caused by a hallucinatory herb user. I think such addictions are far more risky than epilepsy in terms of social behaviors.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Psychiatrist is the most valuable job?

Recently, a chart evaluating the degree of salary and satisfaction of each job was published.

Pay Scale: The Most and Least Meaningful Jobs

The vertical axis of this graph describes national median pay, and the horizontal axis shows the percentage of reported high meaning in a survey. Thus, the jobs plotted in the upper - right area is deemed to be highly preferred.

I was a little surprised to know that one of the best jobs was psychiatrists. Its salary reaches $200,000 and the rate of satisfaction is extremely high. In this graph, surgeons, followed by anesthesiologists, are ranked as the most meaningful jobs in the world.

To be honest, my salary has not matched this graph. By the way, of course I am proud of my own job. It is possible that some psychiatrists are highly self confident since they have learned about the importance of self efficacy.

Indeed, surgeons are more paid than psychiatrists also in Japan. The difference between physicians in satisfactory rate is small. Clergies and firefighters are also put on the seat of high meaningful jobs, however they are considerably less paid compared to physicians.

Interestingly, no jobs are identified as a well-paid but meaningless category, upper - left area. It is quite rational because we never pay money for meaningless work. Credit authorizes are relatively highly rewarded in spite of their low satisfaction. People working in the financial industry maybe have difficulty to feel themselves contributing to our society.

According to this chart, the worst job is cooks at a fast food shop. They are so called "Mc job", because McDonald's has made their job operation so simple that almost anyone can be engaged in it immediately. I never think that Mc job is valueless. However, we tend rarely to be motivated in the jobs opened to anybody.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Anti-Amazon Law rise in France

The French parliament has passed an amendment to "the Lang Law", to prohibit the free shipping of books in online stores.

The Register: French Senate passes anti-Amazon amendment

SBS: 'Anti-Amazon' bill adopted by French parliament

The Lang Law has been regulating the price of books so that bookstores are not allowed to discount them to less than 95%. It has a role to maintain the market of booksellers. As a result, there are lots of independent bookstores, in addition to franchise sellers, in France.

Aurélie Filippetti, the Minister for Culture and Communication in France told that this law is to protect French culture of small bookstores and approved the bill as national deep attachment of books.

This case provides some issues about our society.

I guess many people outside of France, especially Japanese and American are opposed to this decision. I myself am also doubtful of the benefit of it. Citizens will have to pay more money to get books due to the regulation. Legislation which is protective for conservative industries can drop down the national competitiveness in a long term view.

Of course, it is highly suspicious that lobbyists representing booksellers have contributed to the adoption of this law.

On the other hand, it is a curious question whether we call booksellers a culture. Indeed, there are many traditional industries having been contributing to sustain a local society. Marketplace, church, park, library, and other institutions are welcomed as a part of landscapes in many regions. In Japan, a newspaper delivery network is often argued for this matter. However, it is another issue whether they are worthy to be protected forever. Culture is both long lasting and changing. Accepting new customs and abandoning older ones are sometimes necessary to develop our society toward a preferable stage.

There is another background regarding this issue. Correction of Lang Law is so called Anti-Amazon Law. It represents hostility against Amazon and other international companies in French people. They are fearful that Amazon would be dominant in France. If Amazon monopolized the market of bookseller, it would take absolute control on price and offering of the whole industry. It will be a nightmare for France. At this point of view, this legislation is a form of anti-trust law.

Since I have never been in France, I do not know how beautiful French bookstores are. I heard there are some independent bookstores which are charming and comfortable. Afterall, whether protecting such stores with resisting a little inconvenience or not depend on the sense of French.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Discussion about eating dog meat in China

An argument has been risen regarding dog meat in China. Some activists are opposed to the Dog Meat Festival in China's southeast Guangxi province.

Eating dog meat is a traditional culture in China. Activists claim that it is uncivilized, whereas dealers say that dog meat was not different from beef.

CNN: Dog meat: 'It's our culture and we won't change'

I never eat dog. Nonetheless, I am on the side of dog eaters. What they are fond of eating should not be blamed.

The Japanese are criticized as eating whales. I hardly understand the thought of protesters. As far as whale is facing to extinction, they have to be protected. However, there is no reason that whale should be distinguished from any other animals. And dogs are the same, I think.

By the way it is interesting that the Chinese are debating this matter. In general, this kind of conflict occurs when different cultures meet each other. However, China is a too big country to be united by one cultural background. Eating dogs is no more common sense for many Chinese.

Chinese media are struggling to calm them down. I guess that the Chinese government intends to extinguish this discussion soon. Letting foreign countries know that there is an ideological dispute in China is disadvantageous for the Chinese government.

CNN: Chinese media call for calm amongst anti-dog meat activists

More or less there are taboos in each culture. Hindu does not eat beef, meanwhile Muslim does not eat pork. We have to accept the cultures and customs of others, otherwise intolerance easily results in a war, as the history has proved.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Four horsemen in maladaptive relationship

There are four predictors of divorce described in the New Testament. According to John Gottman, a famous therapist of couples, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse represents each attitude to destroy a mutual relationship: Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness, and Stonewalling.


The Gottman Institute Relationship Blog: The Four Horsemen: Recognizing Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness, and Stonewalling

In the original stories, four horsemen bring conquest, war, famine, and death. Compared to them, the four attitudes seem not be so desperate. Nonetheless, each of them is enough to make you drop into a vicious circle of blaming each other.

Gottman states that to identify these patterns is essential to make changes of your relationship. Then, you can avoid usual reactions when you are struck with complaints by your partner.

Interestingly, criticism should be distinguished from critique of complaint, as Gottman said. The difference is that criticism is attacking someone's personality, whereas the latter only point out one behavior which is harmful. As far as I know there are possible criticisms somehow beneficial. I think his definition of the words should be carefully interpreted.

By the way, we are easy to defend ourselves. We can fabricate hundreds of excuses to protect us. This fact must be recognized indeed, in terms of that it may injure our partner.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Virtue and vice of Tenure

There has been a lawsuit case in California. The judge decided that tenure system had been violating the right of children to be given better education.

The New York Times: Judge Rejects Teacher Tenure for California

Tenure system has been introduced broadly in posts of educational professionals. Once a teacher gets tenure, he or she is guaranteed a lifetime employment. Instead, most of the other teachers are hired for a limited term. Therefore, the seats of tenure are often a center of competition among teaching specialists. Researchers are also involved in a similar situation.

Tenure system has some advantages. First, tenure teachers are independent from their bosses, such as the chairperson of the school. They can proceed a way of education without being intervened by others. It lets them develop their own specialty about the region they are involved.

Second, tenure researchers can be engaged in a challenge which is hardly achieved. Non-tenure researchers have to earn grants for maintaining their own position. Thus, their content of research tends to be ephemeral, easy to be performed, likely to be understood by sponsors. It may result in stasis of development of research. On the other hand, tenure researchers can plan an ambitious procedure to accomplish a goal which costs lots of time and money.

However, there has been occurring that a few positions of tenure are occupied by limited persons, most of whom are old, associated with some powerful shareholders in some industries. It is considerably harmful.

The judge of this case deemed this situation as problematic. I think it is smart that the lawyers claimed that tenure system had deprived children of opportunity of learning. According to them, some immature teachers had monopolized the tenures so that talented teachers could not teach children. The US courts are very strict about children's right. If they simply insisted their own state, the result of this case would be uncertain.

I think that, although tenure has some benefits, it is not likely to be functional in many industries. First of all, the standard of adopting a teacher as a tenure is vague. Nowadays, lots of people can alter their talents and abilities quickly. It is risky for schools to make sure that a certain person is worthy to be a tenure.

After all, tenure is no more than an insurance for the person who won the seat. And most schools do not have much resource to deliver them it.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sexual abuse in Tokyo assembly

Very recently, a sexual abuse case occurred in the Tokyo city assembly. Ayaka Shiomura, a female member of Tokyo assembly, belonging to Everyone's Party, was struck with jeering by some male politicians when she was having a presentation about supporting mothers. The voices attacking her included "Get married as soon as possible" and "Can you bear a child?".

The Guardian: Tokyo assemblywoman subjected to sexist abuse from other members

It is common that there is some impolite jeering in parliament not only in Japan, but also in foreign countries, as far as I know. Indeed, I am wondering why such behaviors can be accepted. By the way, these kind of ironies are quite problematic in this incident. "Can you bear a child?" is far more abusive than "Asshole" or "Bullshit", since it refers directly to gender.

Some Japanese media reported this act as "sexual harassment", whereas foreign media dealt with this case as a sexual abuse.

Members of the Everyone's party got angered, to begin attempting to identify the speaker of these jeering. But the chairperson of the Tokyo city assembly declined their request for punishing the speakers.

Several participants of this debate told that the voices were heard from the seats of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). Since LDP has relatively traditional ideology about family relationship, it seemed to be true. Soon, thousands of criticisms hit LDP and Tokyo assembly.

LDP kept silence. But the criticism was burned more and more.

At last, today one assemblyman confessed that he made this jeering. He admitted that he said "Get married as soon as possible" and made an apology to Ms. Shiomura. He denied that he said "Can you bear a child?".

Wall Street Journal: Tokyo Assemblyman Apologizes For Heckling Female Councillor

Reuters: Japan lawmaker in hot water over sexist remark as government embarks on 'womenomics'

In a Japanese article, he explained that he hoped Shiomura to get married fast. He just intended to make a light joke.

His excuse seems meaningless at a glance. However, I guess it was his real idea. He could not imagine that this would be critical. Perhaps he does not think gender issues in Japan so seriously.

This is a problem in Japan. A large amount of Japanese believes women should keep them in their house. It is simply a certain ideology. However, women in Japan who choose to keep working have great difficulty. Discrimination against working mothers are strong even now. On the other hand, long-lasting recession has made it quite difficult for women to stay at home without earning money. As a result, not a few women are forced to abandon bearing a child due to financial crisis.

Many men, especially elders, are unconscious to this matter. I read that several politicians laughed at this jeering on this debate. I am afraid that lots of politicians other than the speakers cannot recognize the severity of this problem.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Home alone

Yesterday, I stayed at home alone all the day.

I spend time with cleaning, cooking, playing games, and doing a couple of work using a PC. There was almost nothing to do yesterday. Indeed, I had to prepare for emergency call, so I could not go out to anywhere far from my home, either watch movies at the cinema.

It was a little boring. I did not feel lonely, however. At night, I cured my tiredness with considerably long time sleep.

Nonetheless, I am wondering if it was a good choice to kill time. Perhaps I had been able to read some English books valuable such as a series of oath I made in the other day. Actually, I was not so much industrious.

Today is also hot and moist. I have something to do in my office. Being busy is not bad, needing not to think about the time and life.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

English is no more first language in the UK

According to Department for Education in the UK government, one-sixth of children in the UK speak another language than English as mother tongue. In Jan 2013, a total of 612,160 pupils (18.1%) is learning English as the second language in State-funded primary schools.

Gov.UK: Schools, pupils and their characteristics: January 2013

Their first languages are various, which include Pahari, Urdu, Bengali, Punjabi, Somali, Polish, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish and Pashto. Schools is hiring interpreters and teaching assistants. English no longer first language for 1,700 UK schools – report

It is a challenging situation so that I can hardly imagine the same in Japan. I guess there are lots of troubles among teaching the pupils at the school. The UK has been open to immigrants. Although English skills are required for foreign visitors, children should be given to learn English at the schools.

I think this is one of the symbols of fertility in the UK. Diversity is necessary for innovation. The UK has a long history of relationship with other counties. Its policies are valuable to learn from Japan, which is discussing immigration policy in the near future.


Friday, June 20, 2014

Amazon rush into Smartphone

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, presented that it would launch a new smartphone soon. It is named Fire Phone, will be released in coming July, equipping 3D like interface and reaching products easily with its camera.

Techradar: Amazon Fire Phone release date, news and features

The latter feature is innovative. Immediately after you catch an item with the camera attached to Fire Phone, a page at which displays the item as a product will appear.

This structure itself is not so revolutionary. Google glass can also provide some information about the items reflected in the view. However, the purpose of Amazon is to guide customers to its own store without any labor.

Therefore, Fire Phone resembles Amazon Kindle. Kindle can be deemed as a catalog of Amazon books rather than an e-book reader. Fire Phone is expanding the region of products extremely.

According to this article, Fire Phone is an insurance for both Amazon and customers to connect the real world with without troubles.

Vox: Amazon's first smartphone, explained

The other days, some analysts said that Amazon would deliver Kindle for free. Unfortunately, it has not been realized. How about Fire Phone? I think that it is more likely to realize free offering in Fire Phone. Indeed, you can get a certain smartphone for free even now, instead you are burdened with a strict contract with a network provider. To broaden Fire Phone is beneficial for both AT&T, the provider of Fire Phone, and Perhaps you get free Fire Phone in somewhere, sometime.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Your best country

There is a website which diagnoses where you should live.

PLAY BUZZ: What Country in the World Best Fits Your Personality?

It suggests a country where you may prefer to live, following to your answers of several multiple choice questions, such as "After work, which drink do you prefer?"

I tried it twice. The content of the questions was the same. According to the assessment, I should live in India. Wow!

However, indeed, I dislike tropical regions. I can hardly resist against heat. Although I like curry and Indian cuisine very much, I would not survive in India.

In the near future, the boundaries of each country will be blurred. I expect many people will be able to choose the place in which they live according to their own customs and ideologies, though it may be a little too optimistic.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Spam email from "IT Helpdesk service"

Recently, I received this email below:

Helpdesk Service Center requires your immediate re-activation of your Email account. This is to improve and to Upgrade your Email Account and to keep your Account Updated. Inability to complete this procedure will render your account inactivate (You cant send or receive mails). Activate your Account by completing the survey procedure. CLICK HERE : to activate your Account now.

IT-Helpdesk Service.

Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public-records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.

Obviously, it is a spam. No concrete information was included in this email, instead, it invites me to click a link whose purpose is known.

I searched the word "IT Helpdesk service", but I hit no exact case as this spam, perhaps because these words are much too common. Finally, I reached this site.

Phishing Scam - "IT SERVICE HELP DESK"

If you are not familiar with this kind of spams, I strongly recommend you not to click carelessly.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Administrative skills: make change for businessperson

Almost all businesspersons, especially technicians face a cliff after they are promoted. When they are young the only thing to do is to obey the command of their boss. They have lots of time to improve their own skills. Continuous learning is necessary to raise their carrier. However, there is a turning point when they reach the 30s.

Administration is far different from operation. They often struggle for adjusting to their new seat. It requires change of their work style. Obsessive and sincere attempt for one task should be avoided. Instead, they have to have a wide ranged view.

This article explains some necessary skills for administrative engineers.

Tech Republic: 10 administrative skills every IT manager should have

1: Fighting the good fight for the budget
2: Acting quickly when problem situations emerge
3: Praising employees
4: Building teamwork
5: Demanding accountability
6: Being accountable yourself
7: Deflecting politics away from the team
8: Building good working relationships with upper management
9: Looking for burnout
10: Clearly defining projects, work, and goals

I completely agree with these ideas. However, it is quite difficult for a person to accomplish these entire requirements. Some of them look like a standard for a chairperson.

Overall, administrative person should let subordinates work with high efficacy, rather than achieve high performance on his own. One good manager can double the power of a team.

However, administrative skills are sometimes underestimated. Some persons suffer from maladjustment as a manager. Others tend to act on the individual too much. Matching the balance is important for effective organization.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Autism decrease due to the criteria

There is controversy regarding criteria for autism. Some researchers say that standard of autism will be narrowed with the new criteria.

MDLinx: New autism definition may decrease diagnosis by one third

Indeed, DSM-5 defines autism more strictly than previous guidelines. It will make clinicians hesitate to diagnose patients as autism. It is understandable that some patients and families worry about it. Rather, I guess that narrowing the criteria of autism is intentionally introduced with DSM-5.

The amount of the patients with autism is rapidly increasing. The prevalence rate is rising at three times as much in this ten years.

Autism speaks: Prevalence of Autism Rises

In general, the prevalence rate is influenced by three factors. First, the personal environment affects the pathophysiology of some diseases. For example, pregnancy in older mothers is increasing in developed countries. Aged parents is a risk factor of autism. Second, social function is also decisive. Many developing countries cannot estimate the prevalence rate of autism. In these regions autistic behaviors may be not recognized as problematic. The third is an artificial definition, as this case.

It is certain that some patients with autism need for help. Autism is a spectrum disorder. Thus, there is no mechanical definition. The issue is the threshold of it. And it depends on the nature of society.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Innocent criminal was released by his own investigation

It is astonishing news. A man was sentenced 18 years imprisonment for a murder actually he did not commit. This kind of misjudgment sometimes occurs, unfortunately. What is marvelous is he finally found the real criminal of his own case.

Business Insider: Man Wrongfully Convicted For Murder Describes Being Released After 18 Years

He had claimed his innocence. However, a wrong witness was adopted in the trial, leading him to be incarcerated. He continued to fight for the truth and freedom. After years, he discovered that the true murderer was in prison. His appeal for reconsideration was finally accepted by a court, after several rejections.

He opened a thread for answering questions in a BBS.

Reddit: I spent 18 years in prison for a murder I didn’t commit. AMA.

His descriptions let us imagine long lasting and desperate battle. His release depended on three factors, except his will power. First, he could read and write English. Second, "Freedom of Information Act" enabled him to access lots of information. And the last is the existence of a judge with common sense and sincerity.

I believe that there are a lot of innocent persons in prison, even now in Japan. Most of them may abandon to prove these innocence. Justice is not so simple matter. His story sounds like a fantasy, which is not actually appropriate.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Feedly and Evernote down by DDoS

Feedly and Evernote, two popular IT companies were attacked by Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) successively. It caused temporal dysfunction of these services.

BBC News Technology: Feedly and Evernote struck by denial of service cyber-attacks

Feedly reported that it was blackmailed by a cracker to send money for cancellation of the interference. It refused the demand of the cracker.

Blog Denial of service attack [Neutralized]

DDoS is a method to negate a server with sending numerous requests simultaneously via the internet. If the amount of cues overrides the capacity of the server, it is paralyzed because it cannot respond to all of them immediately. This kind of attacks is usually performed by controlling illegally a lot of PCs possessed by other people.

According to this article, the majority of companies have experience of being attacked by DDoS in the last year.

Forbes: Evernote Pounded By Aggressive Cyber Attack

I know that DDoS attack, but not it frequently occurs. Companies are always struggling to defend themselves from IT criminals. In these cases, Feedly and Evernote rejected the coercion of the criminals. However, other companies accept paying money to the crackers, I guess.

Cyber attacks were born with some computer viruses only a few decades ago. Nowadays, there are many contributions of cyber crimes. In Japan, the police was tricked by a criminal, disable to avoid arresting some innocent persons, as I referred. Innovative solutions are expected in this region.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Driving with epilepsy

Today, I saw news of an arrest case who injured another person with maladaptive driving. The suspect was attacked by an epileptic seizure during driving a car, resulting in a traffic accident. Arrest case of car accident with epilepsy, for the first time of new regulation (in Japanese)

In Japan, a new regulation was established about driving of patients with some diseases recently. In current penal code, patients with epilepsy or some other mental disorders which is uncontrolled is punished more severely when he or she cause an accident due to the diseases.

This kind of legislation is also seen in other countries. In many countries patients with epilepsy are prohibited to drive a car unless their disease is well controlled for a certain term. Also in Japan, there was a standard for permission of driving for patients with epilepsy. However, not a few patients were suspected to violate the law. In 2012, there occurred a tragic case in which a man lost his consciousness during driving minivan killing 8 people. As a result, the Japanese government decided to tighten the regulation. This included not only a strict duty to report about the patients, but also severe penalties for the patient.

Wikipedia: Epilepsy and driving

Indeed, it is dangerous for patients with uncontrolled epilepsy to drive a car. However, I do not believe that strengthening penalties will reduce the rate of such accidents. Most of the patients could not avoid from driving a car, either for daily life or earning money. Some of them are even struggling to make money to consult a doctor. They do not want really to drive a car. Severe punishment never solves this problem.

In addition, there is inequality between the patients. There are numerous factors which raise the risk of accidents: diabetes, hypertension, dementia, or simply elderly. However, epilepsy and some mental disorders are specifically included as the conditions to serve heavier punishment. I think that it is a form of discrimination.

To reduce such accidents, offering patients a right to free ride on a taxi may be effective. Actually, there is no sufficient budget in Japan. We should face to the concept of this matter.

By the way, the suspect in this case I mentioned above seems not to possess a driving license. It is another point of view. This is the first case in Japan adapting new legislation to drivers with epilepsy. I think that the police were considerably deliberative.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

France ban off time email

In France, a new deal about email was established between the union and employers.

Business Insider: French Union Recognizes 'Right To Disconnect' After 6 P.M.
Ars Technica: French unions order no work e-mail after hours, but only for managers

According to these articles, French employees were no more to check email after hours. This deal aims to protect employees from pressure to be involved in work in the off time. Emails sent to the workers at an off time would be rejected and an automatic reply would be returned. Similar efforts have already been performed in Germany.

Interestingly, this new regulation covers only managers, not underlings. In general, the higher the position of an employee is, the more wide his or her discretion is. Thus, this kind of regulation should adapt for unskilled labors who cannot control the amount of their tasks. Indeed, managers are busier at the off time than unskilled labors. Nonetheless, I am a little doubtful about this legislation.

Will this deal work effectively? To be honest, I do not think so.

Business industry has become boundless all over the world due to the internet and information technology. Nowadays, slow response might be fatal for an organization, especially in competitive sectors. I myself have some experience to be annoyed with delayed replies. On the contrary, a person with quick response can win the trust of the client. French companies are at risk to be behind because of longer recess.

On the other hand, definitive boundary between work and leisure is important to maintain your mental balance, at least if you are not an employer. It is no good to gaze at the PC monitor thorough the off hours. However, this balance is necessary to be modified in individual or in each section of the company. United regulation across the organization is not effective to achieve high productivity.


Monday, June 9, 2014

Love is powerful, but not skillful

Do you believe in love?

It is one of the ultimate questions in the world. Numerous persons have challenged this issue, but there is no definite answer.

In biological research, emotions such as love are explained as biochemical reactions. When we fall in love, our heart rate is raised by catecholamines. Mirror neurons in our brains recognize a face of our lover to trace it in our own face. Loving someone is somehow rational in terms of sustainability of our genes.

Of course, these statements are so called wet-blankets. There are no reasons to love you. It is because the lovers are. Many people believe it at least once.

Love is more powerful than anything else.

However, we have to understand that love is not invincible. I do not mean that love is easy to perish. Instead, there are lots of obstacles hardly to overcome with love. Tight unity of lovers does not ensure them to be happy. Blessed and joyful life, especially long lasting, requires several factors other than love. Making effort, ingenuity, and luck are necessary for sustained happiness.

Therefore, I say, love is powerful, but not skillful.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Are 3D movies valuable?

James McAvoy seems to dislike 3D movies.

According to him, 3D movies were merely an excuse to collect extra money. He was relieved to know that "X-MEN: First Class" would not be provided as a 3D film.

TORONTO SUN: ‘X-Men’ star says 3D a ‘waste of money’

I think his idea is biased. Nonetheless, it is true that some 3D cinemas are not so exciting. I often watch 3D films, some of which are disappointing.

Here is the list of 3D movies I have watched:

The Green Hornet
It is the first time of mine to watch a 3D movie in cinema. It was an amazing experience.

Green Lantern
I do not remember this movie in detail, but the pictures were considerably better.

This is my best movie for 3D appreciation. I was extremely impressed at the scene of throwing many lanterns into the sky.

This excellent movie satisfied me. However, Tangled was better than it.

Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 2
The 3D did not work at all in this film. In spite of exciting story, I was disappointed.

Star Wars Episode 1: Phantom Menace
Perhaps due to technical issues, this film was not exciting at all, at least in terms of the 3D.

Captain America the First Avenger
The Avengers
They were all good. It makes an impressive scene whenever a hero throws his weapon.

In general, the action scenes fit the 3D visual technology. However, I am likely to be satiated to 3D surrounding easily. I wonder additional $2 is worthy to pay for 3D. Nonetheless, I am going to watch X-MEN: days of future past in 3D soon.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Positive ticket

Everyone is motivated by positive feedback. If your effort is approved by others, you will be happy and willing to make efforts. Unfortunately, there are larger amount of reversed examples. Negative and destructive behaviors are likely to be enhanced in cruel environment.

The Stanford Prison Experiment showed us that human is very easy to become merciless. In this trial, some students were demanded to act either as prisoners or as jailers. Some days after starting the experiment, jailers began to bully prisoners seriously. Prisoners became servile and some of them lost their control of the mind. At last, this experiment was withdrawn before the estimated destination.

Stanford Prison Experiment

This result suggests that we are vulnerable to the influence of surrounding. Poor and tough environment gets rid of humanity from us. The fact that poverty is strongly related to is also suggestive. In Japan, a proverb says "Ishoku tarite reisetsu wo shiru. (The poor can't afford manners.)"

Then, is it possible to reverse the conclusion of Stanford Prison? Will enriching people make them polite? This article provides a suggestive answer.

Harvard Business Review: Can We Reverse The Stanford Prison Experiment?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment in Richmond, Canada attempted to reinforce virtuous behaviors with Positive Ticket. It is given for a reward of an appropriate behavior and can be exchanged for a movie ticket or similar values. The police provided 40,000 tickets a year. After that, the crime rate was dramatically reduced.

This is an interesting social experiment. It has been proven that positive reinforcement causes increase of a certain behavior with basic psychology. Many companies and organizations adopt some kind of this scheme. However, it is difficult to establish an effective and sustainable system in real settings. As the Ward Clapham mentioned in the article, the police is usually reactive. It never tried to find good behavior in citizens. We also hardly detect virtues of other people. Positive Ticket enabled us to approve citizens instead of punishing them.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

PERES, a gadget instead of your nose

Electric nose is approaching.

PERES is a new device to evaluate the freshness of some kind of meats. It equips several sensors to measure some molecules such as ammonia departed from meat and assess whether this ingredient is safe to eat.


ARS LABS will launch PERES in July 2014. Unfortunately, it will be adaptable for only beef, pork, chicken, and fish, so it cannot evaluate any vegetables. Nonetheless, this gadget is a brand new solution.

ARS LABS will work as if being a human nose. It is revolutionary because there has been almost no items to digitalize smell. To be honest, PERES is far from real nose. It can distinguish only a few molecules making smells. This kind of technique is still under developing.

It is difficult to utilize smells for business. There are two main reasons. First, a molecule which is the cause of the smell is volatile. They easily expire. Therefore, the essence of a particular smell, so called perfume, is expensive. The other reason originates in our nature. Sense of smell is rapidly satiated. We cannot perceive specific smells for a long time. These characters are quite different from goods soliciting other senses, such as pictures or music CDs.

Smell is a primary sense. It is interesting that research and utilization about the smell is developing.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Right to be forgotten

A Spanish man sued Google to make it delete the links to his personal information. He was annoyed that Google search engine directed an article describing his past behavior. The court of justice of the European Union determined that a person had right to be forgotten, to order Google to delete the particular links.

The Guardian: Right to be forgotten: have you ever wanted something deleted from the web?

Corresponding to this sentence, a total of 12,000 applicants asked Google to delete their personal information on the first day that Google accepted this kind of offer. Google has to meet these requests in turns.

Tech Times: Google launches link removal tool: 12,000 people demand right to be forgotten on Day 1 Google inundated with 'right to be forgotten' requests

I guess Google has created its own algorithm to delete a particular information in accordance with the requests. Nonetheless, it is a pressure for Google and other internet companies.

Also in Japan, I have seen a certain web service to clarify several persons who have a relationship with me. According to this, I was deemed to be related to a porn star. Of course it is nonsense. A lawyer sued the administrator of this website for defamation of character.

Most people have a desire to be famous. However, most become infamous actually when being well known. At last, they have to ask for being forgotten. It is a little ironic.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Red wine is no more healthy? Beyond French paradox

A study regarding polyphenol was published recently, suggesting no influence to human health.

According to the authors, they conducted a survey in which a total of 783 participants was included. They were over 65 years old and followed for nine years.

JAMA Internal Medicine: Resveratrol Levels and All-Cause Mortality in Older Community-Dwelling Adults

The result is that the amount of Resveratrol, a kind of polyphenol they took,  was not related to their mortality. They also measured some biological markers of the participants, none of which seemed to be influenced by Resveratrol. This indicates that Red wine of other polyphenol-rich foods are doubted to be beneficial to health.

The other days, "French Paradox" used to be focused. It means that French people take lots of fat and frequently smoke, but they seldom encounter acute heart failure. A hypothesis explaining it was the positive effect of Red wine on human health. Some wine companies made an advertisement about the benefit of polyphenol.

Nowadays, French Paradox is deemed as an illusion. Comparing statistical data in different countries is a little tough issue. Each country has its own health policy. In addition, there are enormous factors affecting mortality.

Even recently, there are many substances suspected to improve your health such as vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, and so on. In my opinion, no particular nutritious element is decisive. Balanced food is the best way to maintain your body.