Sunday, February 25, 2018

After Florida school shooting

Just recently, a school shooting occurred in Florida leading to the victimization of 17 people.

The suspect was an ex-student of the school. He was expelled from the school for violating the regulation.

ABC: Florida shooting: What we know about massacre suspect Nikolas Cruz

President Donald Trump's comments after this tragedy were dandling. Firstly, he suggested that the suspect had a mental illness based on the medical history of him, and mentioned the need for treatment. But he had canceled Obama's regulation which was to prohibit people with mental disorders from buying a gun.

Second, Trump said if school teachers had guns this kind of incidents would never continue. However, he tweeted before he did not disagree the regulation for banning guns at school.

And now, he seems to be willing to toughen the gun control. Florida has the loosest gun control laws in the US. Although it is not certainly related to that, many massacres occurred in Florida in recent years. Some citizens began a movement to exile guns from Florida.

ABC: Florida school shooting prompts US gun owner to destroy his rifle

On the other hand, rifle lovers turned to distrust Trump for the change of his stance. Traditionally, Republicans are enthusiastic to ensure the right of self-defense with guns. And Rifle Organizations have supported politicians belonging to Republican Party.

International Business Times: 'Betrayed:' After Florida shooting, a Trump backlash as he talks gun control

It is also said that the suspect had a biased ideology discriminating minorities. If so, spreading of Trump's "politically incorrect" thoughts can be a cause of such a severe crime. The defendant of Sagamihara massacre case occurred in Japan in 2016 is also said to have an ideology that disabled people do not deserve to live.

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