Friday, February 23, 2018

Nobles oblige

The words of Bill Gates attracted public attention.

CNN: Billionaire Bill Gates says he should pay 'significantly higher' taxes

He seems to support higher taxation policy for rich people. Recently, the US diet approved a bill to reduce the corporation tax rate. It had been the main promise by Donald Trump. Gates' saying may be a counter to Trump's policy.

Determining the best corporation tax rate is a difficult issue. Higher rate makes companies escape to a foreign nation. The US decision will benefit domestic companies at least for a short term.

Bill Gates is enthusiastic about the solution of inequality issue in recent years. He established a foundation with his personal money to aid poor people.

Not limited to Gates, super-rich people tend to commit donation to poor people. Masayoshi Son, the founder of SoftBank donated ten billion JPY immediately after the earthquake and Tsunami disaster in 2011. Perhaps, He had an intention to promote the reputation of SoftBank. Nonetheless, the good behavior is good.

I guess they have the concept of "noble's oblige." Thus, they believe the idea that their talent and fortune are gifts given by God. Therefore, they have to contribute to the society.

I am also a blessed person, though my grade is far inferior to Bill Gates. So, I have to contribute to the society as far as I can. I will devote a part of my life to other's happiness in some ways.

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