Monday, February 12, 2018

The reason Google's is the best among smart speakers

In recent years, smart speaker attracts attention in the IT industry. It equips an AI organizer to realize your requests orally ordered at home.

Currently, famous companies offer each device such as Google Home produced by Google, Amazon Echo by Amazon, and HomePod by Apple. Microsoft also released Harman Kardon Invoke last year in the US.

So, which should you choose? It depends on your living situation. But, as far as I know, I will choose Google Home if I decide it now.

Invoke is out of the question because it has not been released in Japan. Amazon Echo is available only for invited persons. Getting invitation letter is not so difficult for me, I guess. But, Amazon's Alexa is said not to be intelligent enough to understand any Japanese language.

Then, how is Apple's HomePod? According to the article, the quality is still underdeveloped.

The Conversation: Apple HomePod is already losing the smart speaker battle

So far, Apple has adopted vertical integration strategy. It means that every layer of services is provided by Apple. Instead, Apple is not willing to allow third parties to enter its ecosystem. For example, applications of iOS are not permitted to guide users to the payment managed by a third party. This restrictive policy inhibits a smart speaker from connecting several devices.

Actually, what I want the smart speaker to the most is to light the TV and air conditioner as soon as I get home. These works would not be realized unless the home electronic devices are smoothly connected to the smart speaker. I hardly believe Apple will address it. Among IT giants, Google is the best at being collaborative with external devices.

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