Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Surface Pro has come

Since my Mac was broken, I bought a new PC.

I chose Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with LTE. Surface Pro is a series of tablet PC produced by Microsoft. Surface Family consists of Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, and Surface Book. I preferred to use a PC with a touch panel. Surface Book is too heavy to carry. Therefore, I decided to buy a Surface Pro 4.

Just recently, Microsoft Japan released the Surface Pro 4 with LTE. It attracted my attention. But this model was for business use only. I bought one from a company dealing with industrial PCs.

I ordered a PC with a touch keyboard and a touch pen together.

The surface of Surface is smooth.

In my first impression, it is heavy. Actually, it is lighter than MacBook. But Surface's solid atmosphere disguised me.

The AC adapter is a little troublesome. Its condensers are attached in the middle of the cable. It is also heavy.

Setup takes a while. I expect it will work well.

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