Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Grape cures your depression? not sure

Depression is one of the diseases which do damage to your life a lot regardless of your age, gender, or occupation. In recent years, WHO has identified depression as the second worst disease in the world for health cost. It is rational considering that depressed people feel difficult to work efficiently. Of course, the most tragic outcome of depression is suicide. But even if you have no suicidal thought, your productivity would be considerably lowered by depression.

Also in this blog, I have mentioned many things which are potentially useful to overcome depression. Nowadays, medication, psychotherapy, and some other physical treatments have been proven to mitigate depressive symptoms. But there is still no final solution found.

Apart from special care given by doctors and psychiatrists, there are some ways expected to deal with depression effectively. Most of them are still under discussion. But, regular exercise and exposing daylight are certainly effective to cure depression, despite their power is limited.

On the other hand, there are no particular diets to be proven as effective. Eating fish including rich omega-3 fatty acid can potentially protect you from depression. But once in the depressive state, fish has little effect.

If the daily foods had strong effects on your health, they would be rather risky in other aspects. Thus, the effect of each particular food to promote your health status must be minimal.

Nonetheless, many people expect foods to help them. Researchers are seeking various possibilities. Among them, the polyphenol in grapes is focused recently.

Hindustan Times: Feeling depressed? A handful of grapes can help make you feel better

I do not believe the effect of grapes to cure depression, to be honest. Experiments using mice propose limited evidence, especially in the theme of the human mind. Of course, you can eat grapes expecting it will relieve you of the depressive mood. It may be bee beneficial more or less. In contrast, if you dislike grapes, you should not try them. Doing the things you do not like is generally no good in the depressive state.

On the other hand, the relationship between depression and inflammation described in this article above is interesting. Most psychiatrists do not believe the hypothesis that depression is a result of inflammation in brain cells. But, there were some patients I met who became seriously depressed soon after catching a common cold. Oxidative stress is also under discussion as a cause of many psychiatric illnesses. More research is needed to clarify the real figure of depression.

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