Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The best (and arrogant) way to mitigate stress from interpersonal relationship

You may often be frustrated by the interpersonal relationship.  You are scolded by your boss. Your comments are misunderstood by your subordinates. Your spouse is terrible at being supportive of you. You are suffering from relationship every day.

Indeed, the interpersonal relationship is the worst problem in labors, superior to low salary or excessive working time, as several studies suggest. The situation is similar in the family.

So, is it unrealistic for us to be relieved from such stresses? I have one solution. It is a very simple answer.

Believe that everyone other than you is a fool.

Fool people often become upset for silly reasons. Fool people are likely to fail to adhere the request. Their behaviors are troublesome. But, it is not to be blamed. A fool is a fool because of the lack of ability of understanding.

Rather, you should be shameful to have failed to make them work properly. You are always superior to other people. Thus, you have to do something for people around you. You must provide rational and easy to understand explanation to others. You have to accept their failures. They are "nobles oblige."

You may not be suffering from others against you. It belongs to your responsibility to make others cooperative. You have no time to blame others for being interrupted!

(I use the word "fool" for suggesting an abstract concept in this epigram. I have no intention to mock anyone.)

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