Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sequels in June 2016

Thursday, June 23, 2016
Brexit determined, UK to leave EU

Brexit vote is assuredly the biggest issue in the world economy in this year. The UK government seems to hesitate to declare the leave to the EU quarter head. The situation is still fragile.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Frozen shoulder?

Unfortunately, my shoulder became painful soon again. In addition, I got some injuries afterwards. I have to take care of myself.

Saturday, June 11, 2016
IS is suffering from lack of money

Just recently, Istanbul Atatürk was subjected to a terror attack by suicidal bombers. It is also suspected that IS is responsible for this case. I hate this kind of merciless crimes regardless of the reasons.

The Guardian: Turkey airport attack: 41 killed in explosions at Istanbul Atatürk

Friday, June 10, 2016
Second impression on MacBook 2016 model

My MacBook is working well. Just a few days ago, however, it received 500 MB of data in a few minutes when I connected it to the internet using tethering with my smartphone. And it overwhelmed the limitation of the data transaction.  I have to investigate which application caused such a large amount of data transaction.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016
Cannabis use brings you few physical problems?

In Japan, using cannabis is prohibited even for medical use. Recently, a man who has been suffering from cancer was arrested for cultivating cannabis. He claims innocent because his act is based on the human right to live. It is uncertain how the judge considers his act, but I am sympathetic to him, considering that he was released from pain using cannabis. There is evidence suggesting the effect of cannabis for treating cancer.

Saturday, June 4, 2016
Schroedinger's cat and lovely world

I read another book about quantum theory. There are several interpretations of the quantum world, I have learned. One of the possible hypotheses is that the world we perceive is an illusion. It is interesting that such a fantastic idea is seriously treated. Quantum mechanism is so complicated that we have many things to solve.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

US border asks your social account

The US is going to check the information of immigrating passengers on the social media.

The Guardian: US border control could start asking for your social media accounts

The US border control will introduce an additional question about the applicants' social media account. It will be optional for a while, but will be expected to ensure the validity of border control.

Actually, some terrorists make use of social media to recruit their allies. Other crimes including illegal deals are also done on the internet. It is essential for the US and other countries to examine the activity on the internet of suspects for preventing their illegal acts.

This attempt looks quite experimental, because applicants can tell a lie, or refuse about disclosure of their social accounts.

On the other hand, it is possible to identify each applicant's social account in real time. I believe some information agencies have started the constant censoring of doubtful activists.

Anyway, this legislation is annoying for most normal travelers. Recently, American Airlines attempted to let persons with a high score of Klout, an indication of the influence on the social network, use a VIP lounge. Such a usage is cooler as a way of utilization of social media, I think.

MashableAsia: How Klout Can Score You the VIP Airport Treatment

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Commitment is backfired in Brexit vote

The historic vote of Brexit is still the core of political maelstrom in the UK.

Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, amended his statement partially. He said that it was not sure 350 million GBP of EU cash would be spent on NHS as he was deemed to have guaranteed. It led to citizens’ disappointment. I hardly believe he has a feasible plan to realize Brexit without troubles.

Independent: Nigel Farage backtracks on Leave campaign's '£350m for the NHS' pledge hours after result

Some British are saying that they hardly expected this result and are willing to retry the referendum, although they voted to Brexit.

Independent: Brexit reminds us some things are too important to be decided by the people

This article above also mentioned the disadvantage of direct democracy as I wrote before. The author assessed the referendum regarding the independence of Scotland as functional.

My past entry: Brexit and limitation of direct democracy

Also in Greece, a referendum was conducted a couple of years ago. The theme was whether they should adhere austerity suggested by the EU and IMF. Greece had been struck by depression due to continuous lacking of the national budget. Tsipras as a leader of a left-winged party resisted to the authority of the EU.

I wrote previously this referendum was meaningless. I predicted that the majority of citizens seemed to oppose austerity, and there will be no worth to gain a predictable result. However, Tsipras used the vote with effectiveness. Suggesting that many citizens are exhausted because of austerity, he made a negotiation with the EU. As a result, Greece successfully got more bailout from the EU with minimal stress. I underestimated his talent as a politician, to be honest.

My past entry: Greece to default by the silly referendum

My past entry: Greek people vote no to austerity

The reason Tsipras could handle the referendum is that he did not commit how to treat the result of the referendum. It is not sure he had made the scenario in advance. At least, he had the talent to manage the internal and external pressure for controlling expenditure.

By contrast, Cameron had declared that the government would accept the result of the referendum. He seemed not to have predicted the outcome of Brexit, but used the statement as a trump to sway temporally criticism against the government. After all, he had no choice but resign without any contingency plans now.

Making a commitment is crucial for politicians because persons who easily negate previous words must not be trusted. However, the modern world requires persons who are so swift to respond the changing situation. It is unrealistic, but also feasible for the UK to reconsider the decision of Brexit if they truly hope so, I think.

Monday, June 27, 2016

US presidential race and Brexit

The world is still shaken by the Brexit vote in last week. On the other hand, US presidential campaign is approaching a new stage.

In the latest poll by Washington Post and ABE News, Hillary Clinton overcame Donald Trump again. Clinton had been advantageous for several months, but was defeated by Trump in this May for the first time.

The Washington Post: Politics In new poll, support for Trump has plunged, giving Clinton a double-digit lead

This result may suggest unpopularity of Trump as a candidate for the US president even though he has won the nomination. According to this article above, approximately two-thirds of Americans think Trump is not qualified as a leader of a nation. Indeed, he lacks experiences of managing the government. Lots of his speech seems politically incorrect, even if they represent people’s idea of doubt against globalization.

On the other hand, it is unlikely Clinton is supported enough to get the victory. She is also so much unpopular compared to the previous candidates. It seems that this vote will be the most gloomy one ever before for Americans.

This survey was conducted on June 20-23. So the respondents did not know the result of Brexit vote. Rather it is likely they had believed the UK would choose to remain in the EU. It is uncertain that how the US citizens feel after the referendum. Following the collapse of the EU, a strong leader will be expected in the US, perhaps. In contrast, some Americans may identify Brexit as an example that populism has caused a desperate outcome.

By the way, Boris Johnson, the ex-Mayor of London, who has been leading Brexit, is often compared to Trump, as his honest and frank attitude. He is considered as the next Prime Minister of the UK, replacing David Cameron. To be honest, I do not agree with the opinion that he is similar to Trump. Boris looks more deliberate and has many ideas to administer a nation than Trump. Nonetheless, Brexit and Trump’s deals are sharing a trend in which anti-globalization movement is overwhelming political correctness supposed by elite professionals.

I predicted the victory of Clinton at the beginning of this year. However, my expectations are very often wrong. It is sure that the situation to be addressed will be more complicated regardless of the winner.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

RPG event by Snakeholder

This weekend, I attended an event performed by Snakeholder.

Snakeholder is an organization composed of some college students. It is aiming to provide multiplayer gaming events. I knew this group via MENSA journal. And I participated in an event yesterday.

Snakeholder (in Japanese)

This time, participants enjoyed an RPG like session. Each player took a job of either knight, hunter, wizard, or sage, and developed a party of four players. They tried to defeat the demon lord after several quests. This session was totally collaborative, thus no one can deceive other players.

Each player can purchase strong weapons and learn powerful skills. To gain stronger abilities, you have to pay some materials such as a magic crystal and a dragon’s scale. And you can find them in some dungeons. To conquer a dungeon, you have to answer a riddle.

The place of the game was an office of Arara, an IT company. The office was rough and had a unique atmosphere. Several hints and flavor texts were displayed on the wall of the room. Some of the riddles cannot be solved without this description.

Arara (in Japanese)

In the battle, it is better for each player to take their own responsibility. Knight can protect other players with a shield when they recharge the skills. Wizard is good damage dealer as well as enhancing knight’s attack. Sage can revive a dead player, but he is likely to be killed due to his lesser hit point. To be honest, my party lacked hunter, so I am not sure what hunter’s advantage is. Perhaps, he can inflict an explosive damage with some ranged attack.

In this event, there was no interaction between teams. It was a little sorry because negotiation and collaboration with other teams are one of the true charms of the multiplayer game. It was for the first time for Snakeholder to perform an RPG like an event. A more exciting game will come in the next time.

My teammates were gentle and brilliant so that almost all riddles were solved by them. In spite of the lack of hunter, my team could defeat the final enemy.

I completely enjoyed this event for only 1,500 JPY. I hope to participate again.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brexit and limitation of direct democracy

The result of Brexit has been analyzed in several ways. Some people suggest the influence of silver democracy. Thus many elder citizens voted to Brexit to be adopted. Brexit vote was dominant in rural areas, whereas Londoners chose to remain. People in high society seems to regret this result. This referendum has revealed several chasms existing in British people.

From other countries, the determination of Brexit means that political correctness was overwhelmed by populism. Acceptance of immigration, free trade, and international collaboration seem quite good as a policy. But, British people prioritized their daily lives, in which the fear they would lose the job because of immigrants was dominant. In this context, Brexit is reflecting the popularity of Donald Trump in the US.

On the other hand, I think this case represents the risk to rely on direct democracy.

As far as my understanding, ruling conservative party did not support Brexit, although some politicians were arguing. UKIP has been on the side of Brexit, of course. But nobody believes that this referendum means that British people supported UKIP. Thus, representatives of citizens were unlikely to choose Brexit.

However, Cameron decided to conduct a referendum.

It was a bitter decision for him. To suppress the complaint of voters, he had to make an opportunity for direct democracy. His thought is understandable.

But, it is not always true that the sum of all citizens' thought is the wisest thought for a nation.

All humans are equal. However, our talents and abilities are various. Some people bake a good bread. Some are good at mathematics. And, most people are not so familiar with politics.

Politics is a theory to make a future, as I wrote. To make the best policy, we have to compromise the present life to some extent. This dilemma to what degree we can sacrifice the present for the future is a problem not to be easily solved.

If we adopt direct politics, we will be eager to gain profit immediately, rather than invest for the future. It is nature of human.

In the ancient Greece, direct democracy was adopted. I am not sure it was functional. At least, they had many slaves to work for them, so they had much time to think about policies.

Direct democracy seems desirable to overcome present problems in modern policy making such as deceiving politicians. The development of IT will realize it at least theoretically. Nonetheless, I believe we should be cautious to adopt it.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Brexit determined, UK to leave EU

The UK made a historic decision about Brexit.

International Business Times: Brexit live updates: UK has officially voted to leave the EU

The issue whether the UK should leave EU or remains had been a topic hard to determine. David Cameron, the Prime Minister in the UK was on the side of remain. But, there were several Members of Parliament opposing him even in his Conservative Party. Boris Johnson, the previous Mayor of London was supporting Brexit strongly.

In general, Brexit was deemed as advantageous for the UK regarding social security. Members of EU should accept immigrants from other countries. The UK is very popular for immigrants, so some British people feel threatened by the immigrants getting rid of their job opportunity. In addition, terrorists may enter the UK from the Middle East, contaminated in the immigrants. Cameron promised to limit the amount of the immigrants and negotiated with EU, but his attempt seems not successful so far.

On the other hand, Brexit would do serious damage to the UK economy. If the UK leave EU, several companies will lose the privileges they had kept in dealing with other EU countries. This influence is serious especially in financial industry. And finance is one of the dominant ways for the UK to get the profit.

Other countries in EU did not want the UK to leave EU, of course. Brexit would cause confusion, and it might lead to the collapse of EU. A couple of years ago, Greece was focused on leaving EU (Grexit). This argument weakened Euro to a certain extent. If Brexit had been realized, Euro, as well as GBP, would have rapidly fallen.

This referendum was promised to conduct by Cameron a couple of years ago. Nearly 50 millions of citizens took a vote. The parliament was to adhere to the result as a principle.

The result has suggested Brexit.

To be honest, I was very surprised to see this result. I had believed British people chose to remain. Some polls had supported it, and were bookmakers too.

My past entry: The UK referendum for Brexit

My past entry: Referendum for Brexit will come soon

My past entry: MP in anti-Brexit campaign was shot

I guess politicians are also astonished to this vote. Speakers in BBC broadcasting repeatedly announced that democratic vote should be respected. It does not seem the government is preparing for Brexit. Only two years remain for the UK to withdraw the right as a member of EU. Several newly legislation should be established soon to minimize the confusion around Brexit.

Now, I am not sure where the UK is going. Although the outcome is victorious for Brexit, it seems difficult to carry out the withdrawal from EU according to the decision because a half of citizens are opposing it. The situation will remain chaotic for a while.



Three golden rules in negotiation

Yesterday, I attended a dinner with my ex-colleagues and ex-bosses. They belonged to the government a decade ago, and we were together engaging in the enforcement of the Medical Treatment and Supervision Act, a new legislation of forensic mental health in Japan. It was a tough but exciting experience for me.

I have learned many things from the conversation with them. I recognized again about the essence of negotiation at that time. Negotiation is generally exhausting act, and it is not easy to make the opponent accept your request. There are some golden rules you must not miss, at least not to make efforts in vain. I summarize them into three tips:

1. Estimate the worst case scenario.
This rule is famous, as being emphasized in Harvard University. You imagine what will happen if any negotiation results in failure. At last, which will cry for the moon, you or the opponent? If the answer is the latter, you may stay here as you wish. The opponent must take the next move. Or, you can make a proposal not to realize the worst case. The opponent will have no choice but to surrender. If you are more suffering when all negotiations are unsuccessful, you have to find a point of compromise. This difference is crucial. In many cases, in reality, the both will lose profit when the negotiation fails. You can discuss the matter with the opponent sharing the stance to avoid this result.

Harvard Law School: Negotiation and Leadership

2. Be aware of who is the casting voter.
In many negotiations, only a few people have the right to make a decision. It is wasting time for you to talk with opponents who have no vote. When you call for a customer service, the telephone operator never accepts your request directly, with making an apology that he has no authority to make a decision. In a tough negotiation, you should not bring the boss easily to the field of negotiation. Your opponent also tends to hide who is the decision maker. By contrast, you can reveal the process of decision making to the opponent in particular cases. For example, when the deadline is approaching fast, and your opponent is disadvantageous in a negotiation, you can let your boss appear in front of your opponent. Your opponent will be eager to make a final contract as soon as possible because your boss represents the final chance of negotiation. In another case, some small contracts were accomplished previously each of which a certain person was involved. The opponent has recognized that that person has the casting vote regardless of his position. You can let him propose a plan on the table; then the opponent will consider that this plan is the final option.

3. Think about the remaining matter.
This point can be ignored in many theoretical setting. But it is quite important. In a table game, you can get the victory after deceiving your opponent. However, in the real situation, your opponent will survive after the negotiation in most cases. Prisoners’ dilemma, a popular concept for studying game theory, is a good example. Each prisoner gains profit if they betray the opponent, regardless of the opponent’s behavior. As a result, the both betray each other, leading to an undesirable result. However, in reality, betrayal is a very risky option. Even if you can avoid sanction for the reward of betraying the opponent, you will be fearful to the revenge of the opponent. Competitors in business are in many cases allies with a longitudinal point of view. The best strategy in theory is not always the best in real.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Frozen shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is an inflammatory disease of shoulder, also called as adhesive capsulitis of shoulder. It often occurs in a person who is in middle age, so it is named "Shiju kata [40s shoulder] " or "Goju kata [50s shoulder] " in Japanese.

Patient: Frozen shoulder

The patients of frozen shoulder feel painful when raising up their arm. This pain inhibits the patient's daily activity such as wearing clothes, washing teeth, and bringing baggage. The pain is consistent so that patients suffer from the pain for several months. There is no particular treatment for frozen shoulder. Pain killer and rehabilitation are often suggested to deal with this disease.

Just one month ago, I felt sharp pain in my shoulder when I raised my right arm. It happened on the morning immediate after I woke up. Therefore, I supposed that frozen shoulder began on me. I was aware of vulnerability of my body. So, it was not surprising for me. I decided to be patient until the pain would be alleviated.

The pain was so sharp as if my bone was going through a narrow hole made from iron. On the other hand, it was not so extremely painful. Unless I move my arm quickly, the pain did not occurred.

One month passed. One day, I was engaged in a clinical work at a psychiatric clinic. I took a short break as there were no patients waiting for my consultation. All at sudden, my right shoulder made a click sound. It was so very small sound that I hardly heard it but only sensed it. Then, I felt no more painful regardless of the movement of my arm.

Is the symptoms annoying me due to really frozen shoulder? Or I had subluxation of the shoulder joint? If so, it is a little odd that I suffered from the pain only occasionally. Anyway, I am now OK. I should be cautious to observe my physical status for a while. It is still possible I encounter the onset of frozen shoulder.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

MP in anti-Brexit campaign was shot

In the UK waiting for the referendum of Brexit, a terrible incident occurred. Jo Cox, a member of parliament (MP) who was claiming the UK should remain in the EU, was shot to death.

Reuters: British lawmaker shot dead, EU referendum campaigns suspended

It was June 14, 2016. Jo Cox belonged to opposing Labour Party and took a role of advocate for Britain remaining in the EU. She was shot and stabbed with a blade during preparing for a meeting with voters.

After she was dead, campaigns both for Brexit and anti-Brexit were suspended for a couple of days. MPs were recalled to Parliament to pay tribute to her.

The Telegraph: Jo Cox death: MPs recalled to Parliament to pay tribute to murdered colleague

It is unsure how this case will influence the referendum. The poll firstly conducted after the incident had suggested the Remain vote became a little advantageous. But the difference between the both positions was only three percent. Each stance in the media is various.

Bloomberg: First Brexit Poll Since Jo Cox Killing Has ‘Remain’ in Lead

Mail Online: Brexit vote hangs in the balance after Jo Cox murder: Polls divided after MP's killing leaves country undecided ahead of EU referendum

Mirror: Jo Cox's death sparks EU referendum poll surge for Remain as tragedy changes opinion

In my opinion, Jo’s death influenced against Brexit; even its effect was limited. It means not only voters became sympathetic to Jo, but also an exclusive attitude is no more constructive. If Jo is dead, her speech remains. The idea that an assassination will be a solution to a conflict is quite outdated. Of course, murder cannot be accepted for any reasons.

I pray for Jo. Brexit is a critical issue for not only British but also all over the world. I wish British people will think deeply about it, without any violent ways, and make a desirable conclusion.

Monday, June 20, 2016

12th Forensic Mental Health Conference was completed

Last weekend, the 12th Annual Conference of the Japanese Society of Forensic Mental Health was performed in Chiba University. I participated in this conference, and also be engaged as a staff.

The 12th Annual Conference of the Japanese Society of Forensic Mental Health

Japanese Society of Forensic Mental Health established just one decade ago. Forensic mental health itself has not been recognized as a specialty of psychiatry in Japan. The society has devoted to shedding the light on the importance of forensic mental health.

The main theme of this conference is “diversity and perspective of forensic mental health.” Based on this concept, we held three symposiums. They contained the evaluation of mental capacity, reintegration into the society for mentally disordered offenders, and forensic mental health in correctional settings in and community.

The other days, the center of discussion in forensic mental health in Japan was criminal responsibility and how to evaluate it in psychiatric evidence. However, we are aware of many other points we should address as a professional. I believe this conference could suggest the wideness of forensic mental health.

There were more than 300 people participated in the conference. I appreciated the contribution of all participants. It was very fortunate that there were no troubles in the management of the whole conference.

It is a little sorry that I felt discussion was not activated so much in some symposiums. In the session I took the role of chairman, only some questions were presented by the audience. In such a big conference, participants tend to hesitate to make a query, especially in Japanese. I hope to ignite constructive discussion in the next opportunity.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Security and mobility are issues of concern for IT workers

A result of an international survey in which more than 1,000 people regarding working with IT devices were subjected were reported. According to researchers, PC design is important to satisfy the employees in a work setting.

Decision makers in IT industry believed mobility of the devices were needed for productive work. Unattractive design and short battery life were pointed as main reasons for dissatisfaction in the job with a PC.

Nineteen percent of administrative staffs were concerned about device security. It is surprising that one-fourth of Europe’s businesses has experienced being breached in a year, according to the survey. The level of seriousness may be various, but being cracked brings a deep worry to employees and force them to be involved in unnecessary works. The importance of IT security is quite essential.

ITProPortal: PC design important for employee satisfaction, survey says

This survey was conducted by Redshift Research. This company offers several styles of surveys for customers. Unfortunately, I could not find the full text of this survey. Therefore, I have not examined the validity of these results above. But I believe the facts presented by the media are reasonable to some extent.

Many companies share some problems, especially in IT industry. Security and mobility have been dominant issues in recent years. It is noteworthy that these two elements are hard to be achieved at the same time. Mobile devices are more vulnerable than desktop PCs connected to LAN only. Innovation is needed to solve this dilemma.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

3D printed building rises in Dubai

Have you used a 3D printer, or ever touched a product?

3D printing is just newly developed technology. It has not been recognized publicly yet, but has big potential. Recently, several usages of 3D printer were proposed. They include some strange objects such as missing limbs of dead persons were presented. In Japan, a woman was arrested for duplicating her sex organ to exhibit it.

My past entry: 3D printer makes you beautiful after death

My past entry: Development by the war, spread by the eroticism

And now, a house can be built with a 3D printer. It was reported that a 3D printed building was completed in Dubai for the first time.


It looks like a modern-styled office composed of one floor. I could hardly identify that it was created by a 3D printer with watching the movie.

It is amazing to see a house which was 3d printed at a glance. But, considering some characteristics of buildings, it seems quite rational to create an accommodation using a 3D printer. First, the building is a solid and highly calculated object. 3D printing also requires a detailed design drawing. Second, cement and concrete are frequently used for building a house. These materials are well matching to a 3D printer. And third, duplicating several buildings with a simple form is often a solution to make many accommodations in a short period.

Considering these facts, 3D printed house will be accepted in some developing countries. It will be much cheaper than constructing a whole building. Customization will be enabled afterwards if you want a unique house. I think it will be popular within several years in some regions.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Microsoft get LinkedIn

Microsoft bought LinkedIn for 26.2 billion USD.

ITProPortal: Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

LinkedIn is a social network service platform. Different from another similar service like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is aiming to help professional users. It is structured for the purpose of business use, so that users are supported in connecting with business partners and get new jobs on the internet with ease.

LinkedIn is very popular in the US. However, the use of LinkedIn has not been spread so much in Japan. I think one of the reasons is the inflexibility of Japanese working environment.

The amount of purchase was the highest in recent deals in IT industry. Some people are afraid that Microsoft has paid excessive money. Even if the combination of Microsoft and LinkedIn will generate some synergistic power, it seems doubtful that this it will compensate the expenditure.

Bloomberg: What the LinkedIn Deal Reveals About Bubbles

Microsoft is sharing its ideology with LinkedIn to some extent. Thus, they want people to make more successes in business. Also, it is concentrating on cloud services, represented by Office 365. Enhancing the potential in social network field is essential for Microsoft. Nonetheless, it is unsure for Microsoft that gaining LinkedIn will make a profit in the future.

For the users’ side, it will be attractive if you can share documents made with MS Office with LinkedIn members without restriction. It is possible that someone on the internet will suggest better phrases when you are struggling in writing a concept paper. There are much more other functions to be realized by the combination of Microsoft and LinkedIn.

Personally, my concern is that the performance of Windows 10 is far from satisfactory. Before launching new services with LinkedIn, more stabilized OS must be offered.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Several perspectives in Orlando shooting

On June 12, 2016, a man with a gun intruded an LGBT nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and shot at attendees indiscriminately. At least 49 people were killed and over 50 were injured. The shooter was shot by police to be dead.

First of all, it was a horrible incident, and I pray for the victims. Lots of the victims looked young and promised for the future.

International Business Times: Orlando nightclub shooting: Victims of the attack are identified

The perpetrator is suspected to have pledged allegiance to Islamic State. He was interviewed by the FBI previously. But he was not deemed as so dangerous that he would cause such a massacre. His ex-wife said that he was mentally ill. There are lots yet to be revealed about the background of this case.

CNN: Orlando shooting: 49 killed, shooter pledged ISIS allegiance

This case is recorded as the most dreadful gun shooting crime in the US. If it were identified as an organizational terrorism, there are several samples with more victims. But no allies are identified to have aided the perpetrator.

This case will be influential in the argument of gun control policy in the US. The perpetrator could buy a gun although the purchase of firearms was regulated in Florida. Current gun control policy seems not effective for preventing such crime, though here is only a case example occurred.

In Japan, people who want to purchase a rifle have to take an examination for mental health. This regulation was introduced some years ago. But I hardly believe this scheme is functional. It is too difficult for general psychiatrists to prove a certain person having no psychiatric diseases in a daily clinical setting, especially the client does not tell the truth.

The fact that an LGBT club was targeted is also a point. Sexual minorities are likely to be discriminated. Recently, in discriminating laws were established in some states.

My past entry: New Mississippi law may interfere minorities

In addition, many religious concepts, including Islam, do not accept homosexuality. If the perpetrator was a Muslim extremist, it is not surprising that he aimed at the club as he intended to execute homosexual people. Even now, homosexuality is subjected to punishment in some countries.

International Business Times: Orlando shooting: LGBT people are not free to be themselves without fear

After all, I understand that this case was committed by a fanatic. Considering that only one extraordinary person can cause such terrible crimes with ease, I believe it is rational to regulate firearms more strictly, regardless of its difficulty. Prevention of terrorism and gay right are other points of discussion.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tap water

Do you buy a bottle of water in a glossary store? The answer to this question will depend on your situation, including the nation.

In Japan, most people drink tap water without any concern. Some buy a bottle of water as leisure. Evian is often prepared in a conference hall.

In the UK, I also used tap water. I sometimes ordered tap water in a restaurant because still water was expensive. On the other hand, my request was rejected in Hungary for the reason that Hungarians did not drink tap water.

In some countries, you cannot drink tap water. Otherwise you get ill. In this case, getting pure water is essential for you to maintain your health. Fortunately, Japan is one of the countries in which tap water is safe. Japanese people traditionally had a great interest in the quality of water. I have heard that the essence of Japanese cuisine is water. It is oil for Chinese cuisine, and milk for French.

To be honest, I am rather indifferent to the taste of water. I cannot distinguish the bottle of water from tap water with tasting. It seems the same in the journalists of International Business Times.

International Business Times: Is expensive water really any different from tap water?

This survey was conducted with only seven participants. Therefore, it is unsure that ordinary people can identify taste water. And, the safety of water is another point of view. It is sometimes reported that arsenicum is contaminated in tap water. The content of water in daily use should regularly be examined, regardless of its price.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Universal basic income is rejected in Swiss

In Switzerland, a referendum to introduce universal basic income was held recently. The result was rejection, with 77 % opposing votes.

TechCrunch: Swiss reject universal basic income in public referendum

Swiss is a small nation, but has a crucial role in the international relationship in Europe. It keeps politically neutral position. The government is willing to consider some unique policies in several occasions. Basic income had been discussed as a newly developed topic.

My past entry: Basic income in Swiss: A challenge?

In Swiss, public referendum has to be conducted when a certain number of citizens request so. This was for the first time of the vote for universal basic income. In the past, euqual payment bill was under the vote.

My past entry: Universal basic income, a new challenge in Swiss

My past entry: Equal payment bill will come in Swiss?

Unfortunately, the idea of universal basic income seemed not feasible. The government had warned that the implementation of giving every citizens 2,00 Swiss franc a month was not realistic according to the fiscal situation. Many citizens had to approve this public statement.

It is a disadvantage of direct democracy. To make a meaningful change in public policy, there are enormous points to examine. If a certain policy is approved, the effect of it on citizens' daily life highly depends on the content of concrete process of performing the policy. Goverment officials are responsible for accomplishing the new legisration. If they cannot make successful negotiations among several counterparts in each policy, the ideology of the policy will never realized. Ordinary citizens are aware of this fact. Therefore, they hardly agree with innovative policy which is doubtful to be realized.

Nonetheless, Swiss is one of the candidates in which basic income is realized for the first time, I think. I hope discussion will proceed in the next time.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Nude restaurant in Japan seems different from the original

Very recently, The Bunyadi, a restaurant in which guests can enjoy a meal without wearing clothes, was opened. It is reported thousands of people have made a reservation.

International Business Times: The Bunyadi: Is the food any different if you're naked in the restaurant?

And the next month, a restaurant with the similar concept will be open also in Tokyo. Its name is The Amrita. In Sanskrit, its meaning is holy water to make the drinker immortal in Sanskrit.

The Amrita (in Japanese)

In the Amrita, however, you cannot be completely naked. You are ordered to wear a G-string shorts before entering the hall. A Roman style bathrobe is offered if requested.

Surprisingly, there is a regulation about body weight in this restaurant. Fatty guests can be prohibited from using the restaurant. Also, people with tattoos are not allowed.

Irorio: Naked restaurant will open in Tokyo (in Japanese)

In Amrita, some attractions of musclar men wearing only a G-string shorts are planned. Waiters also wear a G-string shorts.

Considering these characters, Amrita is far from sharing the ideology of Bunyadi. The founder Bunyadi intends to let guests enjoy dinner in the environment free from any inhibitors, including noise, electricity, and clothes. On the contrary, Amrita seems to want guests to enjoy watching beautiful bodies especially musclar men. When Bunyadi resembles a nudists' beach, Amrita is like a strip theater.

My past entry: Restaurant for nudists in London

It is unsure whether ladies are willing to enter Amrita. In my perspective, Amrita will be crowded with male bodybuilders and some gay men. It is considerable for Amrita to offer protain-rich cuisine for guests. Though the both are interesting as a new type facility, it is improper to understand Amrita and Bunyadi in the same context.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Large bottle of perfume is banned not to be drunk as alcohol in Russia

Komi Republic in the central Russia was revealed considering to ban large bottles of perfume. The reason is to prevent death related to alcohol misuse.

In Russia, not a few people drink alcohol-based products such as perfume and cleaning liquid. In general, these products are cheaper than alcohol for drink because their taxation rate is less. Taking such products can be often fatal.

International Business Times: Russian ban on large bottles of perfume to stop alcoholics drinking them

The government is planning to restrict their bottle size so that they will cost more. I think this solution is effective if realized. No one would buy more expensive and less-tasty alternative.

Also in Japan, methylalcohol for industrial use were consumed by some alcoholistic people the other days. They are so toxic to inflict damage on visual nerve system.

Generally speaking, regulating risky substances from improper use is a good solution to avoid undesired outcomes, especially when it can be easily administered. In Hong Kong, regulating the selling of charcoal, which is producing carbon monoxide, and attaching safe fences on the top of buildings were successful to reduce suicides.

My past entry: Suicide prevention and public

Russia is now one of the nations with very high suicide rate. Alcohol dependence is highly relevant to suicide. Therefore, it seems decisive for Russia to address the issue quickly. It was just a few years ago when beer was defined as alcohol beverage in Russia. Attempts for banning alcohol misuse is proceeding.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

IS is suffering from lack of money

The conflict in the Middle East is continuous. In several organizations composed of extremists, Islamic State (IS) has attracted attention in recent years.

The US and its allies are opposing IS, several European countries as well. However, Syria, in which quarterback of IS exists, is still in chaos. The policy against extremists differs from each country. It makes the situation more complicated.

In a recent report, IS is suffering from the shortage of budget. It cannot pay enough salary to its soldiers, leading to letting some of them leave IS.

MSN: Islamic State can't pay fighters, US Treasury says

Since IS is not acknowledged as a nation internationally, it cannot administer domestic currency. There is a few source of money for IS. Oil cash from compromised facilities is one of the main products.

The US performed bombing attacks on IS cash stores and oil shipments to restrict its productivity. In addition, major banking system prohibited the deal with IS and relevant organizations. These remedies seem effective to do damage on IS management.

However, there is another way for IS to gain money: ransom. It is predicted that IS will be eager to take more hostages to get the ransoms. We should be aware of increased risk of being kidnapped.

In general, a donation from pupils is one of a major budget source for a religious organization. It is unsure some rich people are in the back of IS. Even if there are, it is still true that no money, no life.


Friday, June 10, 2016

Second impression on MacBook 2016 model

Two weeks have passed since I got the new MacBook.

My past entry: MacBook early 2016 has come

It is not for the first time I tried a Mac. I bought the first model of MacBook Air. However, it was far from satisfactory, though its shape was attractive. I used it as an alternative Windows PC using Bootcamp for only one year. Battery and storage volume were disadvantageous.

This MacBook is different.

1. Lack of USB and other ports

Some people refer it as the most troublesome character of MacBook. It equips only one USB Type-C port. It means you cannot connect a USB memory stick without a converter.

I do not care it.

I seldom use a USB memory stick. If I am when I have to use it frequently, I will buy a memory stick with dual connectors (USB 3.0 and USB Type-C). It costs a little, but will solute every problem.

2. Typing sense

I have not been accustomed to its butterfly-type keyboard. But it is good. Amazingly, I feel strange when I touch the keyboard of another thin laptop PC. This keyboard will be the standard for the next generation laptops, perhaps.

3. Performance

I am not annoyed with the slow speed of processing of MacBook. Its CPU is not so excellent, but have enough power for daily use.

4. Battery life

It is a point. MacBook survives for a very long time when it is suspended. However, its battery lasts less than ten hours when I use it. The official announcement about the battery power is inflated, I think.

5. Appearance

Quite cool, not to mention. Fanless structure is also good. But, Macbook becomes too hot to place it on your knees.

Now I am learning about how to handle the Mac.


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Most peaceful countries

Many people believe that the world is more dangerous compared to the past. It is quite natural to seek for safer place to live. Recenly, the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) published the ranking of peacefulness in each nation.

According to IEP, there are only ten countries in the world which are not involved in internal or external conflict. They are: Botswana, Chile, Costa Rica, Japan, Mauritius, Panama, Qatar, Switzerland, Uruguay and Vietnam.

Independent: Global Peace Index 2016: There are now only 10 countries in the world that are actually free from conflict

Indeed, the US, Russia, and other major nations are participating in several conflicts. On the other hand, it is no doubt that Japan is free from international conflicts, even though North Korea and China are in tense relationship with Japan.

The situation of the Middle East is getting worse in recent years. The report suggests that this problem is influential on several relevant countries.

On the other hand, Global Peace Index (GPI), established by IEP, suggests that Iceland is considered as the most peaceful countries in the world. GPI is calculated from several factors such as murder levels, perceptions of criminality, terrorism and military expenditure.

Independent: Global Peace Index: Syria named world's most dangerous country in latest research on international levels of peace and violence

According to this method, some European countries are ranked as highly peaceful regions. However, the conflict in the Middle East can easily inflict damage on European countries, like suicidal attacks occurred in Paris last year.

My past entry: Carnage at the Bataclan etc. in Paris

Also in this topic, Japan seems relatively safe from terrorisms because it is difficult for terrorists to overcome the Japan border. But what will happen in the near future? Nobody knows. Also in this article, the way of preventing wars has not been clarified, although peaceful countries have become more peaceful in this year.

After all, it should be argued whether the world is getting better. Nowadays, it is difficult for a certain country to maintain its peace alone. In my opinion, today's world is far safer than in the past, at least in some areas. We should proceed, nonetheless.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Cllinton got the nomination of Democratic Party

At last, Hillrary Clinton won the nomination of Democratic Party as the candidate of President. She is the first Presidential candidate in a major party in the US, as she was defeated by Obama in the past.

CNN: Hillary Clinton clinches Democratic presidential nomination

Her victory was estimated in early stage of presidential campaign. However, opposing Bernard Sanders took a crucial role in a close competition. He named himself as a social-democrat. It means that considerable amount of the US people are attracted in the policy of socialists. It could not be imagined in the era of the cold war.

On the other hand, Donald Trump has won in Republican Party earlier. His statements are too aggressive and fantastic to be adopted in the national political strategy. So, few people believed he would survive the presidential campaign. Now, no one can laugh at him as a foolish agitator. Many White Americans in the middle class support him.

However, Trump's ideology is different from the mainstream of conservatives. It is unsure that members of Republican Party will get along with his extreme thoughts in many regions. Some people will turn to vote Clinton in the final election.

Therefore, my expectation is the triumph of Clinton. However, it is no more an illusion that Trump will be the President. If it occurs, the world will face greater risks. Trump has declared that he would retreat the US armies from South Korea and Japan unless each country will compensate their expenditure for maintaining armies. If it is realized, Korean Peninsula will encounter a chaotic situation.

In terms of economy, Trump is going to dismiss the TPP. It will cause confusion on the world trade. By the way, Clinton is also making a complaint about the content of TPP. But she will establish the alliance at last if she is elected.

It is no doubt that Presidential election in the US is quite influential, although the US itself is losing the impact on the world's situation. In this month, the vote in the UK about Brexit will also be conducted. We have to keep an eye on the results of these decisive events.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cannabis use brings you few physical problems?

Cannabis is an arkanoid extracted from some particular plants. For its sedating effect on human brain, it is often used as a recreational drug.

In most countries, cannabis use is prohibited by the government because of its high level of dependency. However, there is controversy about its risk for human health. Some states in Canada and Europe have legalized cannabis use not only for a medical purpose but also for recreational use.

Recently, a cohort study with a large sample size about longitudinal influence of cannabis use was published. According to the authors, chronic cannabis exposure causes only periodontal diseases. In spite of previous ideas that cannabis is a dangerous substance, it was not proven that cannabis destroy your physical health so seriously.

The Guardian: Study says long-term pot use causes poor gum health – but not much else

In this study, several symptoms and lab data of the participants were examined multiple times for more than a decade. As a result, there was no difference detected between chronic cannabis users and people who were abstinent. The influence of major Potential confounders such as tobacco use were excluded in the process of statistical analysis.

JAMA Psychiatry: Associations Between Cannabis Use and Physical Health Problems in Early Midlife A Longitudinal Comparison of Persistent Cannabis vs Tobacco Users

This study did not evaluate the mental status of the participants. Therefore, it is not said that cannabis use is not harmful at all. It is noteworthy that cannabis was shown to have scarce effect on physical function adversively. Nonetheless, I believe cannabis use is regulated by the authority because some users get psychiatrically sick with a serious degree.

On the other hand, this result will encourage medical practitioners who are considering medical use of cannabis. Particularly for anesthetic region and palliative care, cannabis may deserve to be utilized because in such cases psychological adversities may not be problematic. I hope the protocol of cannabis use for proper purpose will be discussed.


Monday, June 6, 2016

What is lacked in Solarin, the most expensive smartphone

Sirin Labs, an Israeli startup launched Solarin, an Android-based smartphone as a product. As dubbed as Rolls Royce of smartphones, its price is 14,000 USD, over ten folds as costly as a modern luxury smartphone.

According to Sirin Labs, Solarin equips 2 GHz processor, 23.8-megapixel camera, 5.5-inch touch panel with 2K resolution, 4 GB of RAM, 128 GB storage, and 4,400mAh battery. These specs are superior to almost other smartphones currently available. In spite of excellent functions, its weight is only 250 g.

The Times of India: World's most expensive smartphone Solarin launched: 10 things to know

Solarin looks attractive. It adopts some leather parts which will contribute to the gorgeous feeling of the owners.

So what? To be honest, I dare not to want it. It is not due to its cost. If I could buy it for 1,400 USD, my opinion would not change.

Nowadays, the smartphone should be deemed as a commodity. Every gadget will be outdated within a few years. Solarin’s spec is actually cool, but only at present. Next year, we will be able to get more functional and fashionable smartphone with lower cost. After all, it will be only within a year when Solanin’s spec is attractive. It is ridiculous to throw much money to only a little better functions.

Then, what I want for a luxury smartphone? The service.

If I pay thousands of dollars for a smartphone, I expect better user experiences. They cannot be achieved with current function of Android. Instead, if a concierge always accepts my request, I will be satisfied. Although Siri, Cortana, and Google Now have much better performance compared to the past, the human concierge is much superior to match the needs of each consumer. The 14,000 USD is equal to the annual salary of a part-time telephone operator.

I think it is good for smartphone providers to establish a system of personal concierges, such as credit card companies. Some rich and elder people are not accustomed to handling a smartphone. They will choose to call for a concierge rather than learning the way to gain best results of an internet search.

As far as I read, Solarin users cannot utilize such a service, I am sorry.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Digital city is not friendly to minorities

Now, London is recognized as one of the excellent tech city, and the UK has been developed as a digital nation.

My past entry: London is the second best tech city

However, the tide of digitalization cannot be stopped. The current prosperity will be outdated in the near future. How does the UK need to keep its merit is discussed.

ITProPortal: How the government can make the UK a leading digital nation

It should be noted that digital technology has a power to aid poor people as well as to widen the inequality. Recently, Air BNB and Uber are often focused as an innovative service which represents sharing economy. People who have an empty room or a driving time get an opportunity to earn extra money with these digital architecture. Users are able to purchase cheaper services with a mobile phone. Despite some criticism have risen, these newly developed services is gradually changing the rule of the game.

On the other hand, digital divide has been maximized in the modern era regardless of the scale of society. In the UK, the majority of companies are adopting new technologies, while others are behind them by far distance. Most entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of digital age. But there is still barriers to introduce some digital solution, such as expenditure, technical issues, and psychological resistance.

ITProPortal: The UK economy faced with a ‘digital divide’

In my experience, I felt the function of London prefectural government was highly dependent on digital solution. I used many web registration as a citizen. However, many of these services were optimized for native Londoners. My position was so special that I had difficulties to fill the requirement in some application such as council tax exemption. In this case, I finally had to post a mail to the council office after visiting a local service several times.

Digital solution is generally not friendly for minorities, because scaling is crucial for its efficacy. Analogous treatment is still needed in many areas in which a standard process has not been established. Improving effectiveness is not equal to streamlining.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Schroedinger's cat and lovely world

Today, I read a book written by Toshihiko Miura, a Japanese logician. I like his books very much, as previously I wrote. He explains several concepts of logics with simple words and metapher so that I can easily understand them.

My past entry: Psychopath and a question of Micheal Sandel

In this book entitled "Thought experiment as a real game (in Japanese)," he described about quantum mechanism.

Quantum mechanism is a newly developed theory. It is an innovative concept which replaces some conventional theories such as Newton physics. It is interesting that quantum mechanism is described in a context of logics.

Schroedinger's cat is one of most popular anecdote of quantum mechanism. A cat is in a box. One day, the box is exposed to a radioactive substance. There is 50% of possibility that the cat will be killed due to this radioactive event. It is unable for us to certify whether the cat is dead or alive before opening the box. Then, is the cat dead or alive before being examined?

The answer quantum mechanism supports is that the cat is dead as well as alive. Thus the future is not fixed before we can observe it. Once we examine the fact, several possible futures will immediately converge into one certain reality.

This idea is hardly acceptable for many people, I guess. However, it is no more surprising that several worlds similar to ours exist in a certain place in the universe, according to the newest astronomy. Each of us shares several possible worlds, and every time we make a decision convergence occurs.

Considering it, what you see is merely one possibility of unlimited worlds. It is possible that you are not as you are. If you are jealous to another person, imagine this: you must be superior to the person in another parallel world. An extremely talented and excellent person in front of you is only lucky enough to exist in the current world.

It is the reason why you must be tolerant to the reality and you need not respect anyone.


Friday, June 3, 2016

SSD can be vulnerable than HDD

Nowadays, many PCs equip an SSD (Solid State Drive) instead of HDD (Hrad Disk Drive) as a data storage. SSD has severl advantages compared to HDD. It has no motive parts, meaning it causes no noise. SSD is tougher than HDD against tremor. It can be lighter and thinner. The access speed is superior, though it depends on some factors.

However, reports suggest that SSD is more likely to crash than HDD in some occasions.

ITProPortal: More SSDs means more data loss

This article does not describe the comparison between SSD and HDD concretely. But, it seems a myth that SSD is more reliable than HDD as a data storage.

SSD has some disadvantages so that it has not completely replaced HDD. First of all, SSD is much more expensive than HDD. Now, you can buy an HDD with some terra byte volume for less than 100 USD. On the other hand, you can get an SSD with only 250 GB volume for 100 USD. Most data servers are still composed of HDDs.

Recently, some next-generation data storages were released. Solid State Hybrid Disk is a mixture of  SSD and HDD. It has already been adopted in severl PCs and iMac. Also, newly developing solutions are coming, such as helium drives and heat-assisted magnetic recording hard drives.

By the way, it is said that the mortality of HDD is some years. You should replace your data storage at least every five years. Fortunately, I have not encountered a crach of an HDD yet. But I need to consider to renew my main desktop PC.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Why Captain Phasma obeyed Fin’s order to unlock the shield?

I rent Star Wars: The Force Awakens, to watch it again on my Nexus 7. My impression of this film has not changed since I wrote the review previously. It is a marvelous but not supreme.

My past entry: Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, too respecting E4

By the way, I had a question on this story line. In the latter part, Fin and Han Solo intruded into the Star Killer base developed by First Order. Their purpose was to rescue Rey, captured by Kylo Ren, as well as to weaken the protection of the base for supporting their allies to destroy the base. They found Captain Phasma, and caught her successively with a sneak attack. Then, Fin ordered her to unlock the electric shield guarding the base.

Phasma obeyed the order, being threatened by a laser gun. She disarmed the protecting shield. It enabled resistance troops to attack the base with a limited number of firearms. Finally, the Star Killer base was destroyed by the bombing of resistance air-force.

Thus, Phasma’s act brought a critical damage on First Order. Why did she easily accept the request of Fin?

Phasma is a brave and talented soldier, described in the film and other relevant works. It seems a little strange that she was compromised by the resistant without any resistance. She definitely knew that unlocking the barrier would lead to fatality for First Order. If she is coerced to do so, she must sacrifice herself instead of accepting the order, don’t she? I do not think she is coward to be afraid of being killed by traitors.

So, what did she think? There are some possibilities.

First, she might believe First Order would not be defeated even if the shield was crippled. Indeed, she said so to the intruders. However, in this case, Phasma would be accused of the betrayal after the battle. It is certain that she exposed the base in peril with her act. First Order seems to have very strict legislation. She would be executed.

Otherwise, in the First Order’s law, are coerced acts not punished? I hardly believe such a tolerant rule is adopted there.

Another possibility is that Phasma believed that the fact she disarmed the barrier would not be clarified after resistance was defeated. But, this perspective is too optimistic, I think. First Order is governed by tyranny. The supreme leader must have a complete system of supervision. Any traitors are easily detected and deleted.

On the contrary, did Phasma believe the victory of resistance? Did she want to betray First Order? In this case, she would be killed by the explosion of the base. She could prospect that the resistance would attack the base to destroy it. If she really attempted to betray First Order, she should request the safety of her own life to Fin and Han Solo.

After all, she did not believe the victory of First Order. She did not want to support the resistance, either. So, what? There is the last hypothesis.

Phasma was attracted, or at least curious about Fin’s behavior. She was aware of Fin’s unique character previously. When Fin appeared in front of Phasma as an enemy, she must be interested in what Fin was going to do. And she obeyed him, to watch the sequencing event.

It is not sure whether Phasma expected the defeat of First Order. But, it is sure she sensed something in Fin’s act. Phasma was thrown into a dust shoot in the base. However, she could escape from there on her own. Phasma is promised to appear the next episode of Star Wars. I expect she will become on the side of Fin.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Consumer Tax hike is postponed in Japan

Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, stated that consumer tax hike will be postponed till Oct 2019.

Japan’s retail sales stall as Abe mulls delay to tax hike

According to Abe, he shared the current fragile economic situation in the G7 summit. However, leaders in other countries seem not to support his opinion entirely.

The Guardian: Shinzo Abe postpones Japan tax rise after warning of economic slump

Taro Aso, Financial Minister, opposed Abe's idea. He told that dissolution of lower House is needed if Abe changed his decision when he promised the tax hike in the previous delaying. Some policy makers agreed with him.

But finally, Abe's idea was approved by most members of the cabinet. Basically, lawmakers dislike to decide the tax hike. Also, opposite parties suggested the delayed tax hike in advance. Dissolution of lower House is accompanied with the general election. It is risky for ruling Liberal Democratic Party to insist the tax increase.

I think Abe's decision of postponing tax hike will be accepted for a while. It is unsure tax hike will improve the fiscal situation in Japan. On the other hand, it is also quite doubtful that Abenomics is successful. The reason is clear: fiscal simulus and monetary easing have only temporal effects, and structual reform has not been performed. The way to lead continuous economic progress is in the mist.