Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Striptease in Chinese funeral

China government began to perish an odd trend in funerals.

In some rural area in China, strippers, as well as other performers, are invited to the funeral for comforting the attendees. This habit rocketed in the 1990s, according to the article below.

Actually, I am not sure how this type of events is common in rural China. At least, however, the government, regulating sexual activity in public, seems to be annoyed by this trend.

International Business Times: China wants to ban the 'bizarre' practice of hiring strippers to perform at funerals

The government's intention is reasonable because strip-showdown in a funeral looks strange for many people in developed countries. Traditionally, cheering up the visitors on a ceremonial occasion has been a duty of the host. And a funeral reminds us of extinction of a family tree. For dismissing such fear, a striptease may be beneficial.

Furthermore, the host family can prove the fertile estate through performing a luxury event. It would be advantageous in keeping their relationship with relatives. Considering this, the increase of strip events in funeral may be relevant to the rise of enriched families in rural areas in recent years.

I do not support the policy of China government to ban the funeral event. The government set a window for whistleblowing. But it would not be effective because funeral events are usually held very privately. A similar attempt by the government failed previously. Also, intervening a private event seems to be excessive despite Chinese communist's ideology.

On the other hand, striptease is not good as a way of cheering attendees. Many people dislike this kind of activity. Of course, there are no acts attract everybody's affiliate. But, the nude show is too suggestive.

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