Monday, July 31, 2017

Sequels in July 2017

July 21, 2017
Renho under fire in the issue of dual citizenship

Soon after this event, Renho resigned the top of the Democratic Party of Japan. She could not extinguish the criticism against her. Also, she had to dismiss Yoshihiko Noda, an ex-Prime Minister, as the chief secretary responsible for the defeat in the latest election of Tokyo's metropolitan assembly.

As I mentioned, I am indifferent to Renho's origin. She was blamed too much for this issue, for my impression. On the other hand, I hardly support her policy. It is unsure who will succeed her.

July 19, 2017
Passengers, unreal event in real SciFi

I watched Passengers again via Amazon Video. I noticed several doubts in the storyline. I like this movie for its theme and the visual, but its integrity is poor, I think.

July 11, 2017
Bitcoin dream to the next stage

In this month, the issue of Hard Fork for Bitcoin was raised again and again. Now, the possibility of Hard Fork occurring on August 1st is low. The price of Bitcoin became relatively stable. But the argument will remain for a while.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

North Korea launched an ICBM

On July 28th, 2017, a missile launched from North Korea dropped in the waters of Japan(s exclusive economic zone.

North Korean official committed that it was an ICBM, meaning it could reach North America over the Pacific Ocean.

The US and South Korea immediately responded to the news. They said considering a military response. South Korea requested the US to equip additional anti-missile defense units.

Independent: US and South Korea discuss 'military options' in wake of latest North Korea ICBM test

It is unclear whether North Korea has completed the development of a nuclear weapon to be attached to the head of the missile. If so, it is evident that the US is endangered by the threat of North Korea.

Donald Trump says China should take an initiative to make North Korea disarmed so far. But the movement of China is sluggish because China has a close relationship with North Korea.

Anyway, this provocative act will make North Korea more solitary in the international relationship. North Korea may intend to become an equal position to the US. On the other hand, South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, who is relatively affirmative to North Korea, will have difficulty in developing a friendly relationship with North Korea.

Therefore, I hardly believe North Korea has a rational plan for the future. I am afraid Kim Jong-un is unaware of the current situation. The possibility of emerging a nuclear war has been increased.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Good bye, Flash

Adobe Systems announced that it would terminate Flash in 2020.

Flash was a standard technology for playing a movie on the internet. But its share is declining because of the rise of alternatives such as HTML5.

CNN Tech: So long, Flash: Adobe will kill plug-in by 2020

Flash has been infamous while dominant on the internet. It is well known that Steve Jobs criticized Flash for its security risk and inferior usability. He never permitted Flash available on Safari, the standard web browser on Mac.

Adobe itself noticed the problems around flash. It frequently released a security patch. But its old architecture was still a burden for developers to make Flash functional.

It is welcomed for most programmers to be free from Flash. On the other hand, it is unsure what will be seated as the post Flash. Many legacy software will no more work without Flash. Alternation of generations is always challenging.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Preventing dementia

The aging society is one of the biggest problems in the modern world. We will have to maintain our body and mind by ourselves because caregivers of ours will also be old. Healthy life in elderly should be prioritized in most developed countries.

Among several issues in this area, keep your brain active is crucial. It is said that one-fourth of the people over 80 have dementia. Preventing dementia is a key of prolonged life expectancy and high quality of life.

However, how to keep your cognitive function intact is yet to be clarified in spite of several hypotheses. Recently, so-called "brain training" was proven not to be effective in the prevention of dementia.

The result of a recent study suggests that solving crossword puzzles is associated with better brain function. The researchers believe that such habits can keep your brain young.

Hindustan Times: Playing crossword puzzles keeps dementia away. Here’s how

In this article above, how this study was conducted is not described in detail. It is unclear even whether the study was published in an academic journal.

Therefore, I am skeptical about this outcome. It is possible that simply crossword lovers have a good cognitive function.

Rather, physical exercise may be a better habit than brain sports in keeping your mind young. There is richer evidence suggesting the association between exercise and cognitive function, while the causal relationship is hardly proven.

Perhaps, there are some confounders or mediators between them. Active people may have many friends, including pets. An emotional interaction with your mates can be a positive stimulus to the brain.

Independent: Owning a dog could be key to keeping older people healthy and active, study finds

On the other hand, oxidative stress is potentially harmful to your body. Excessive physical movement with deep breathing can damage you, theoretically. Complicated!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Ravens as wise as a child of four years old

Human is the top of all creature. And what makes us supreme is intelligence. Most of other animals are driven by their instinct. Finding a new way to a solution is our unique ability.

However, some animals have also splendid intelligence, according to recent studies. Among them, ravens are considered to match infants in their thought, surprisingly.

The researchers examined the problem-solving skills of ravens with some tasks. Many examinees passed the challenge in using tools and abandoning the immediate reward for better one in the future.

Independent: Ravens can be better at planning ahead than four-year-old children, study finds

Ravens had been known for excellent skills for hoarding foods. But they were considered as genetically programmed skills. This study suggested that they were good at constructing a broad strategy regardless of the stimuli in front of them.

I was surprised to know that ravens are superior to other animals. In general, birds have limited intelligence because they have sacrificed the volume of the brain for better flying ability. Even if not always available, the volume of the brain is consistent with the level of intelligence. The more the brain is heavy, the more it has synapses. It is hypothesized that human rose because their brain became too heavy to be supported with crawling posture. It is interesting that ravens have the same level of intelligence as chimpanzees.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Driving deprives your intelligence?

A surprising result of a study regarding driving and intelligence was announced recently in the UK.

Kishan Bakrania, a medical epidemiologist at the University of Leicester, explained the date he obtained suggesting that people with driving habit more than two hours in a day are likely to drop their cognitive function. According to the media, this survey investigated 93,000 people aged from 37 to 73 for five years. Participants who regularly drive a car for two or three hours in a day had lower IQ than those without or with little hours of driving. Also, they declined the IQ score more rapidly.

Independent: Driving for more than two hours a day makes you less intelligent, study finds

The researchers claimed that driving is an inactive behavior for your brain for an explanation of this result. Furthermore, they said to have found that use of a computer and gaming have a protective effect on your intelligence.

Unfortunately, I could not find the protocol of this cohort study on the online registry of clinical trials in the UK. Therefore, I cannot judge the validity of this study itself.

In my impression, this result is quite doubtful. At least, I will never trust this outcome unless this study is published in an academic journal with a good peer-review system. The causal relationship is not so easy to be proven in a mega-cohort.

An alternative explanation for this result is reverse causality. People with lower intelligence, perhaps with a tendency to decline, are likely to get a job for low income, typically driving jobs. Thus, their decline is not because they drive a car frequently. The researcher should comment this possibility.

In addition, examination of cognitive function is not so simple. This study is a cohort with large sample size. It is likely that a few simple tasks were adopted to measure their intelligence. Some cognitive tasks require examinee's dexterity. Others demand knowledge. It is difficult to evaluate a person's intelligence exactly with limited time.

I am worrying that several media reported this result sensationally. If the quality of this study does not match today's standard, vehicle drivers will get angry.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

T Rex may be slower than you

Do you like dinosaurs? They attract many people, especially boys, for their huge figure.

However, since dinosaurs had perished before humankind appeared, the real ecology of dinosaurs is still under argument. Why they were eradicated is yet to be completely clarified. Today's figure of dinosaurs in the media and films, including Jurassic Park, is considerably fictitious constructed by the imagination of the creators.

Surprisingly, latest studies suggest Tyrannosaurus could even not run. Their maximum speed is suspected as only 20km/h.

Independent: Tyrannosaurus rex would not have been able to outrun a speedy human, research suggests

We easily imagine that a gigantic dinosaur runs with high speed using their long legs up and down. But this way of running does serious damage to its legs. The magnitude of pressure on the leg depends on the height of them. Dinosaurs' big body itself is a burden to their life. Therefore, most gigantic animals, such as whales and elephant seals, live in the sea.

Having a big body is a unique characteristic. But the environment of the earth is not always friendly to giants.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Google's homepage will be no more simple

Google is going to amend the homepage design completely.

Google's homepage is famous for its simplified design. All contents are the logo of Google which is occasionally altered and the search box. Google's decision is for the first time since it was developed in 1996.

The Guardian: Google to radically change homepage for first time since 1996

Nowadays, many people can make an internet search without Google page. Google Chrome and other internet browsers equip a search window shared with the address bar. Indeed, I dare not to go to

Google is planning to show a compilation of personalized information on its homepage. Thus, it will be different from Yahoo and other popular portal website. Personalization according to search history is one of the greatest advantages for Google. It is rational for Google not to make its homepage common among persons.

On the other hand, increasing number of people is going to quit the use of a PC. In each Android Phone, Google has already provided personalized portal page as Google Now. Considering it, the amendment of Google's homepage will have little impact on your lifestyle, perhaps.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Is the second referendum for Brexit real?

The decision of Brexit was one of the topics in the last year. The majority of the UK citizens supported the idea to withdraw from EU. The referendum made David Cameron, the concurrent Prime Minister, resign. And his successor, Theresa May, is preparing for the Brexit.

However, according to the figure after Brexit gradually clarified, not a few people began to regret the vote. There are a considerable amount of the UK citizens, including the voter for Brexit, who want to reset the decision of Brexit.

And latest poll shows that 41% of respondents wanted another vote on Brexit, according to the media.

International Business Times: Support grows for a second Brexit referendum in the UK as EU talks begin

In real, there is little possibility for the government to take another referendum for Brexit. It would damage the historic decision on Brexit. Even the majority of the citizens do not want Brexit, amending the policy determined by a democratic way should be avoided.

After all, opposing opinions to Brexit are a setback for May's administration. If citizens' opinion is split, she cannot take the initiative in the negotiation with the EU. May's conservative party was defeated in the latest general election. The administration is in peril now.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

CEO of security company hacked to bankrupcy

Online hacking is a rapidly growing type of crimes. And if happened it will do severe damage to you.

Nowadays, no one is secure from cyber crimes regardless of your position, lifestyle, or abilities. There is a person who had been a CEO of a security company forced to bankrupt because of a hacking.

Alf Göransson, chief of Swedish company Securitas, declared bankrupt. Subsequently, he was dismissed as the chairman. But, these events were results entirely from the online hacking of his identity. The culprit deliberately submitted the document to apply for the bankruptcy to the Stockholm District Court.

International Business Times: Security exec 'declared bankrupt' after his own identity stolen by hackers

The figure or purpose of the offender remains uncertain. It is was sorry for Göransson not to have notified for weeks since the hacking started.

Sweden is one of the leading nations which proceed digitization of the official application. While there are several benefits on IT utilization, the magnitude of the risk of cyber crimes is increased following digitization. In Japan, some people are opposed to the introduction of digitized management for this reason.

I think the global trend of digitization is unstoppable. Preventing unsafe use of digital tools is a serious issue. Education for users, fail-safe system, and eclecticism of analog and digital management are expected for a solution.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Renho under fire in the issue of dual citizenship

Renho, the leader of opposing Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), disclosed her descent.

She has been suspected of having dual-citizenship. Renho was born in Taiwan, but she claimed that she had been nationalized. However, her explanation seemed not true. Recently, she disclosed some documents to prove her citizenship as a Taiwanese had expired.

However, her act ignited broader criticism. Some people do not trust her explanation. And others criticize her behavior will deteriorate the discrimination against foreign people living in Japan through exampling that they must disclose their census registration. On the other hand, some people believe VIPs such as lawmakers should disclose their origin as a duty.

Japan NEWS by the Yomiuri Shimbun): Renho dragged her feet in responding to the ‘dual nationality’ scandal

To be honest, I am completely indifferent to her nationality. If she had violated some Japanese laws, she should be punished according to each legislation. That is all.

At least in my sense, it is not problematic that a foreigner becomes a politician. In the general election, the winner is right. It is the rule of democracy.

Also, even if her nationality belongs to Taiwan, I accept her as far as she is working for Japan. In many private companies, foreign persons seat an important position including the president. The top should be elected according to her or his talent, not nationality. Besides, foolish Japanese should never be the top of Japan.

Of course, absolute loyalty to Japan is required to lawmakers. If the leader of Japan is a spy of a foreign nation, the situation will be critical. But, the degree of the loyalty to Japan does not depend on her or his nationality. Indeed, some Japanese politicians do not respect the Emperor. The definition of loyalty is another issue, however.

The core members of DPJ seems to consider that the issue of dual citizenship of Renho was attributable to the defeat in the latest election of Tokyo Metropolitan embassy. It is a ridiculous idea, I think. Actually, since I do not agree with Renho's policy, I do not support Renho. That is all.


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Vaginal plastic surgery in adolescents

In the UK, it is said that increasing girls want to take a plastic surgery on their external sex organ.

International Business Times: Porn and social media blamed as pre-teen girls seek 'vagina surgery' in UK

This article above suggests that this tendency is attributable to spreading information through porn and social media on the internet.

I am not sure if it is real or exaggerated. The internet is often blamed for amending traditional ideologies. I do not agree with this kind of opinion. There is no bad information, but bad people to utilize it.

However, there are specific points of discussion regarding sexual issues. We seldom have an opportunity to know others' private zone before the internet era. It had prevented us from feeling inferior to others ones. But recently, there are lots of people exposing their body. Patients with eating disorder increase where there are many slim models. In some countries, too slim models are banned following new legislation.

The adolescent is an unstable period of the life. We compare with each other. As well as desiring to be unique, we fear to be different from others.

Some physicians offering a plastic surgery maltreat clients with imprinting their figure is inferior to others. I believe such kind of tempting advertisement to adolescents should be legally prohibited to some extent.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Passengers, unreal event in real SciFi

I watched Passengers, a SciFi movie, in the airplane recently. It was fortunate for me to find it because I missed it on cinema.

IMDb: Passengers (2016)

In this story, the hero accidentally woke up in the starship where 5,000 passengers were in the hibernation. This starship was planned to reach a colony planet 90 years after. The hero could not fall into cold sleep again. It meant that he would be dead in the starship completely alone.

This kind of theme is relatively popular in the SciFi story. Space is substantially accompanied with solitude.

But, he made an unethical decision after a year of stay. He deliberately broke a hibernation capsule in which a woman whom he was fascinated was sleeping, to wake her up. He mimicked as if her awakening was accidental. She was astonished to know the desperate situation, but later she loved him.

One year after, the hero made a proposal to her. At the same time, she noticed that he woke her up. She refused his apology. However, soon after that, the starship encountered a critical failure. The two persons had to fix the trouble, not for themselves, but for all 5,000 passengers.

The graphic of this movie is extremely beautiful. I watched it only on the screen equipped on the airplane. I would like to see it in cinema.

In contrast, there are several errors in the plot. First of all, this starship has almost no fail-safe technologies. The accident occurred due to a crash with asteroids. Is it a common type of accident, isn't it? I hardly understand why this starship was easily crippled by this natural trouble.

As well, it is strange that the hero could not fall into hibernation again. If his machine is troubled, there must be several backups. In this movie, only one hibernation machine was spared in the starship. It is unrealistic.

Furthermore, no clues were awake in the starship for a couple of years. And AI supporters did not equip the program to fix the trouble at all. The designer of this starship seemed to completely trust the safety system of this ship. It is ridiculous.

These points lowered the quality of this movie.

On the other hand, the hero's behavior to wake her up is often discussed. I do not admire his act. And it is also strange that he hid the goods which he used to break the hibernation bot. It was a risky act. I could not understand how he would explain it if she saw the goods.

In addition to the beautiful description, the main actors' play was splendid. The music was also good.

Personal Rating: 3 (fair)


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mental health day is effective for keeping work?

Mental health in work place is one of the topics today. Also at the conference I attended recently at Prague, several speakers referred to this issue.

In this article below, it is recommended to take a "mental-health day." The author considers it problematic that employees hesitate to talk about their mental health issues at most workplaces.

I agree with this point of view. Despite its magnitude, mental health is hardly concerned by both employees and employers.

International Business Times: Can you take a mental health day at work?

However, the issue is not so simple. First, the benefit of one day for maintaining your mental health is limited. If you feel depressed or too anxious because of excessive work stress, resting for at least a couple of weeks is required to recover. Instead, one day is enough to prevent a breakdown when you keep your body and mind functional. However, in this case, you need not tell your boss about it in advance. Apply for a paid holiday, simply.

Second, mental health problem will be a reason for dismissing. It is not only an issue of discrimination for disabled people. Every employer wants to hire employees with high performance for low cost. Mental health problems hinder the performance, even if it is not deemed as a medical disease. Pleasant, tender, and energetic persons are likely to get a job. In contrast, persons who dislike people and cannot deal with others have difficult to be hired. Talking about your mental health at a workplace always has a risk for notifying your employer about your disadvantageous elements. This imbalance cannot be solved by legislation for banning discrimination.

In my experience, patients who have some people knowing his or her mental disorders are likely to maintain their job than those who have to conceal their medical status. But it seems not because the boss takes care of the employee. Rather, employees who feel safe to open their medical status tend to talk about it.

Treatment of mental health issues at workplace level should be much more focused. But there is even a need for developing a standard care.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Extremity created with 3D printing

The NHS has started a clinical trial of the usage of bionic hands produced with a 3D printer.

Independent: NHS launches world's first trial of 3D printed bionic hands for children

The bionic hand will be available for children who took an amputation. Currently, creating an artificial hand costs 60,000 GBP. But the new technique will make a lighter hand for only 5,000.

Interestingly, some companies such as Disney are collaborative with this project. Child patients will choose an artificial hand featuring Iron Man.

So far, it is said that a 3D printing technology will be adaptable to medical use. Human parts are various among persons. 3D printing can copy your body parts with ease. But there are several challenges before its realization.

If this clinical trial is successful, we will check the longitudinal safety. Since limbs can be removable, they are easier to control compared to inner organs such as bone.

I hope the patients will benefit from this innovation.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Journey to Prague (2)

Czech Republic, or Czechia, is an EU member, but its official currency is not Euro. Although it is said many shops accept Euro, I seldom saw Euro price.

Price of goods at Prague is generally low. Big Mac is sold for 79 Koruna česká, almost the same as that in Japan.

This is the cake I ate at Cafe No.3. It cost only 130 Koruna česká including tip.

Interestingly, the price of coke in a PET bottle is quite various according to the place. I found it sold only for 20 Koruna česká at a vending machine. In contrast, it is sold for 55 Koruna česká at a Costa Coffee shop. A can of Pringles costs surprisingly 150 Koruna česká, tripled by its price in Japan.

The usage of credit card is well spread at Prague, in general. However, I had some troubles about it. Soon after arrival to the airport, I tried to buy the ticket of public transportation. But the ticket vending machine accepted only small coins. Credit cards were available, according to the guidance. But it did not work, perhaps my credit card did not equip a specific chip. Therefore, I had to exchange a bill into small coins.

In addition, a vending machine in the airport was not working. I saw a traveler claiming that the coins were not returned.

In Prague, Japanese cuisine is also common. In the hotel I stayed, I can eat roll sushi at the breakfast. Of course, it tasted not so good. You should not expect to eat delicious sushi except in a foreign country except at a few luxury restaurant.

Unfortunately, I seldom saw anything in Prague because I spent the most time at the conference hall. Maybe the next time I will enjoy sightseeing at Prague.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Journey to Prague (1)

As I wrote yesterday, I had an international trip. The destination was Prague.

I attended an international conference on forensic mental health. My presentation was planned on the first day. Therefore, I attended almost all the schedule.

I had to visit Paris to reach Prague. I used AirFrance, a leading airline company in France. Croissant served in the airplane was very delicious. Also, a lavatory at the Charles-de-Gaulle airport was very cool.

Prague is located in Eastern Europe. The appearance of this town was similar to other European cities. It is said that Prague has several traditional buildings because they were not destroyed in the WWII. But, I did not look around the town other than visiting the conference place. So, I am not sure how they are beautiful.

There are lots of people smoking at Prague. Unfortunately, waste of cigar is frequently seen on the road.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Mac battery charge troubled

Yesterday, my Mac encountered a serious trouble. It could not be charged.

The Macbook uses a cable with USB Type-C connector. And I use a cable with the newest standard. It was unlikely that this cable was in failure.

But, it was far more unlikely that the Mac itself was troubled. Therefore, I bought a new cable for testing. To be honest, I was in abroad. Thus, I had no surplus cables.

However, this attempt failed. My Macbook's battery ran out.

I felt desperate. If this Mac cannot be charged, I will not be able to do most of my works until repaired. Since I was in abroad, it was difficult to consult a genius at a Mac Store.

On the other hand, there are some causes of troubled charge. I decided to try any potential solutions.

1. A reboot can be a solution.

I had already tried it. The next day, the situation was not changed.

2. Mac battery can be crippled in cold environment.

I stayed at a hotel. It was slightly cold. But it seemed not be a cause of the trouble.

3. SMC reset

Mac with Intel CPU adopts a system controller. It can interfere the charge. You can reset the setting by pushing Control+Shift+Option keys with pushing the power button for several seconds.

As a result, this operation worked completely. After this, my Mac began to charge the battery.

I felt really relieved. Now I can write this entry with my Macbook.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Benefits of cycling as old technology

Do you like cycling? I do not.

Nowadays, cycling has several meanings; a way of exercise, commuting method, and a hobby. Its history is perhaps originated from the early 19th century. After the invention of the car, the bicycle has been considered as a cheap and powerless alternative of the car. But recently, its merits are reassessed.

In my opinion, there are two advantages of cycling. First, it is costless both for the rider and the earth. You need no parole to ride the bike. And it creates no emission, which is deemed quite harmful globally. And second, cycling can promote your health. It is not limited to maintaining your physical activity. Some studies suggest the effect of regular cycling on your mental health.

The Conversation: Ten reasons why we should all love cyclists

It is common that old technology is admired again in the latest era. Some people love home-made cookies even if they can get machine-made ones with low cost. In Japanese, there are a few traditional hunters who keep a hawk as a partner, so-called "Taka-sho [hawk master]." Some Japanese luxury restaurants use wild birds caught by a hawk for serving to guests. It is because a lead bullet damages the taste of the meat.

Unfortunately, the environment around me is not good for cycling. Therefore, I seldom use a bicycle.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The risk of cardiac disease: recent research

Cardiac dysfunction is one of the principal causes of death as well as malignant neoplasms. Reducing the risk of heart attack is crucial for preventing premature death.

So far, regular habits of exercise and a balanced diet are recommended to maintain your health. Avoiding smoking is also essential. In addition, busy and aggressive lifestyle is said to be associated with heart attack.

Furthermore, recent studies suggest other several factors influencing your heart function. Some of them are still under discussion. They include noise, oversleeping, and even your blood type.

Hindustan Times: Keep your heart healthy: These 10 new study results will surprise you

In the items referred in this article above, mental stress, olive oil, and genetic factors are widely admitted to modifying the risk of heart failure. As well, it is highly certain that the heart muscle tissue cannot regenerate itself. Some researchers are challenging the barrier, attempting to utilize iPS cells.

On the other hand, it is doubtful that a particular blood type can influence the risk of heart attack. There are only four categories in ABO blood type. If a study suggests a type is superior to others, it is difficult to distinguish the result from a random effect. According to the article below, the result showed that people with O blood group have 1.4 percent risk while people with non-O blood group have 1.5 of coronary diseases. This difference seems to be statistically significant because the sample size was as large as 7,71,113. However, I do not believe that this difference has a particular clinical meaning.

Hindustan Times: Can your blood group affect the risk of a heart attack? A study says it can

In Japan, some people are very fond of talking about blood type. There are many jinxes regarding blood type in Japan, such as people with A are serious. These ideas are no other than prejudice, I think. It is problematic if a person seriously trusts them.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bitcoin dream to the next stage

The price of Bitcoin is still fluctuating. But, there are fewer people believing Bitcoin will perish soon. Recently, the Japanese government admitted that Bitcoin transaction is not subject to be taxed. It is gradually infiltrating our daily life.

Some people who had been dealt with Bitcoin are now reaping the fruit. This article below introduced a teenager who became a millionaire because of Bitcoin investment.

International Business Times: Teenager who invested in bitcoin aged 12 is now a millionaire

In Japan, there is an ideology broadly accepted that earning money with easy is a lazy act. Most parents do not approve the act of this boy. In contrast, many Americans believe administrating your own estate is a basic skill of living. This difference makes the variance between Japan and the US about the number of successful investors, I think.

On the other hand, how to use your money is another issue. There are many people ruined himself due to excessive money.

Anyway, an initial Bitcoin dream is over. Whereas Bitcoin will become an option for investment, you will never grab millions of dollar with ease by Bitcoin dealing.


Monday, July 10, 2017

ATM and real money

In this blog, I wrote about the cash some time. Most people believe cash is out of date. At the same time, however, most say cash is indispensable in their daily life.

Japanese are fond of using cash compared to people in other developed countries. Ten thousand yen cash is very commonly used in Japan, while 100 GBP cash is quite rare in the UK.

And interestingly, some Japanese do not trust credit cards. They believe that possessing a credit card is a way to be ruined. It is a biased idea. But actually, some people bankrupt due to debt with credit cards. Credit card providers in Japan offer various options about the lending. Therefore, some people are trapped without understanding the risk.

About 50 years have passed since ATM was invented. Nowadays, also Bitcoin is available in some ATMs. But it is unsure till when they will survive.

International Business Times: Fifty years of the ATM: How long can cash survive in a digital world?

Bitcoin and Blockchain scheme can record all of your estate with very low cost. It has a potential to replace conventional currency completely. It will take some decades, but it will solute several problems around money, such as tax haven and money laundering.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Extramarital sex in elders

In elder Americans, a fifth has extramarital sex, according to a survey.

International Business Times: Americans in their fifties and sixties are far more likely to cheat on their partners

According to a survey conducted by the General Social Survey in the US, three-fourths of the respondents stated that extramarital sex is ethically wrong. This idea is broadly accepted, I believe. But, in real, 20% of the late fifties and sixties are cheating on their partners, while only 14% of Americans under the age of 55. Sociodemographic status did not affect this percentage, according to the survey.

It seems that older Americans were grown up in the environment where sexual exploration was dominant. On the other hand, younger people are less likely to expose to the idea of sexual freedom. Thus, it is possible that younger Americans are more conservative than elders in the US.

In Japan, the situation is not the same. Japanese in the fifties and sixties generally have very strict idea about sex, perhaps because the education they took in the post-WWII era.

But it does not mean younger Japanese are open to having a sex with strangers. I reckon some young Japanese are indifferent to sexual affinity. It is partially due to the variety of leisure.

Midlife crisis is also a factor to bring them to extramarital sex. The divorce rate in elders is increasing both in Japan and the US. Nowadays, a half of Americans and a third of Japanese couple experience divorce. It is an important issue for many people how to enjoy their second life.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Seven ways to happiness: study suggest

What is the happiness? It is an ultimate question many people have struggled to answer so far.

Those days it was an issue that only philosophers could address. But in recent years several ways of science are near to define the happiness.

Combining the results of many studies, it is highly likely that there are some crucial factors forming happiness. They are introduced in this article below.

Sydney Morning Herald: It All Adds Up episode 3: The seven secrets to happiness from the 'dismal science'

In this article, seven ways to make you feel happy are referred.


These items seem reasonable. And I believe the order of the items in this list is important. First of all, you have to have enough money before you become happy. Money is a necessary condition, but not a sufficient condition for a happy life. If you feel unsafe, starving, or lack many commodities, you can be hardly satisfied in spite of a sense of purpose.

This concept of happiness is similar to Maslow's hierarchy of need. It is a popular theory in considering the development of human mind. Maslow, a psychologist suggested that a person has to meet the needs composed of five processes in order: physiological needs, safety needs, belongings and love needs, esteem needs, and finally self-actualization.

Simply Psychology: Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Thus, we are the being to pursue something which lets us feel we are important. However, it is the final stage of the life, arriving after all other needs are met.

Friday, July 7, 2017

National survey about gender minority in UK

Bisexual people are more anxious than gay men and women, according to a survey.

International Business Times: Bisexual people are more likely to have higher levels of anxiety than gay men or women

This survey was conducted by Office of National Statistics. As a result, it revealed that sexual minorities are more likely to feel unhappy than straight people, as expected.

London is one of the cities where most numbers of gender minority live. Nonetheless, they may feel uncomfortable or troubled in daily life.

I was rather surprised to know the fact that national authority carried out this kind of survey. It suggests there is a need to investigate this issue. And at least the government is willing to be open-minded.

In Japan, some comedians have committed their particular sexual habits. But they attract only the curiosity of citizens. In this meaning, Japanese are still intolerant of strangers.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sex dolls are not so popular in Japan!

As mentioned in this blog, there are detailed sex dolls produced in Japan. Just recently, an exhibition was performed in Tokyo.

Love dolls in present and the past [in Japanese]

This kind of products is often discriminated by several people. In some regions, sex dolls are prohibited deemed as representing abuse for women. On the other hand, some people seriously consider sex dolls are useful for reducing sex offenses. It is not surprising that such an extraordinary product ignites a broad argument.

My past entry: Australia bans child sex dolls
My past entry: Sex dolls can save pedophilia?

However, you need to be aware that sex dolls are still very rarely seen in Japan. I have never seen one in real. I am afraid some foreigners misunderstand Japanese customs.

For example, the article below suggests as if some Japanese are so fond of staying with a love doll that they do not care their mate. But, in my opinion, such men are extremely rare.

International Business Times: Revealed: The intense relationships Japanese men have with their silicone sex doll girlfriends

Actually, this article introduced only a few examples as sex doll lover. I admit there are a few Japanese with this kind of habit. But in real, they are deemed as kinky by most Japanese.

Some Japanese say "[a woman in fiction] is my wife," but it is a silly joke. Most Japanese men seriously consider how to get along with other people. Quite a few people abandon the relationship in their real life. And most of them are diagnosed with some psychiatric disorders.

The other day, I introduced a nursery service for an adult in the UK. But its users must be very limited. If someone who had read this entry believed many British gentlemen are fond of being treated like a baby, British people would get angry.

My past entry: Nursery for adults in the UK

Sex issues are often misinterpreted because of its variation among culture. We should always be aware of the possibility of biased information in front of us.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Smoking banning law in England and Japan

It was a decade ago that England banned smoking from public spaces. Nowadays, In very limited situations you can smoke outside of your home.

When I lived in London, this new legislation was still proceeding. I often saw emails from the office of King's College to notify it abandoned a smoking space in the campus.

It is no doubt that smoking can harm your health, there are still several points to be discussed. Is smoking in any areas a human right? Can preventing passive smoking justify prohibiting an owner of a pub from letting the guests smoke? Is the government responsible for reduced income of restaurants due to the enforcement of smoke-free regulation?

Finally, England took a rather radical way. And the result seems fruitful. Banning smoking areas led to decreased hospitalization as well as enhanced awareness of health concern in citizens.

The Conversation: Eight things that have changed since the smoking ban ten years ago

On the other hand, Japan government is preparing for new legislation for reducing passive smoking. Japan was requested to address this issue before Tokyo Olympic planned in 2020.

But its content is far weaker than England's. Small pubs will be excluded from the regulation. The government explained that children and pregnant women would not enter a pub, thus prohibited smoking would not be necessary there.

In real, several politicians in ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) are cigarette lovers. They have formed an alliance for smoking. Also, JT, a huge tobacco company, is a staunch supporter of LDP. Therefore, the parliament is hesitating to establish a strong regulation for smoking.

I am a non-smoker. I hate smoke. I have no concern to thoughts of people who love smoking. Nonetheless, complete banning of smoking in any restaurants is a little excessive. If all of the guests, servants, and the owner agree to smoke, their decision should be respected. Of course, I will never enter such place.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn is popular than the PM, poll suggests

Theresa May is now behind the leader of an opposing party.

The latest poll resulted that Jeremy Corbyn, the top of Labour Party took over Prime Minister Theresa May by a point as the most popular leader.

Independent: Jeremy Corbyn overtakes Theresa May for first time as voters' choice for best Prime Minister, poll finds

Indeed, 30 percent of the voters did not express their opinion. It means that many British citizens hesitated to rely on a particular person or ideology for the better future.

In the previous election conducted while I was in London, Conservative Party led by David Cameron grabbed the victory. Some people including many labors were criticizing his policy. And now, their claim is near to be realized.

I was surprised that an opposing leader is frequently focused in the UK. The words of Ed Miliband, as well as Jeremy Corbyn's, was often referred in the newspaper. In Japan, Ren Ho, the leader of Democratic Party of Japan, seldom attracts public attention. It is true that some Japanese media including Yomiuri Shimbun are inclined to the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. Nonetheless, Japanese politicians other than the ruling party lack the presence.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Koike's Tokyo First won the election

Yesterday, an election for Tokyo's metropolitan assembly was conducted. It was focused whether Governor Yuriko Koike's party would defeat the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

Asahi Shimbun: Tokyo election, populist Yuriko Koike could shift Japan politics

And the result was dramatic. Koike's party grabbed far more than the majority, while LDP lost several seats.

Reuters: Japan PM's party on track for huge defeat in Tokyo election

Yuriko Koike was formerly a TV newscaster. When she became a politician, she belonged to LDP. But she did not get along with some politicians in LDP recently. Finally, she left LDP, to construct her own party; Tomin (Tokyoites) First.

Its name reminds us Donald Trump's policy: the US first. Therefore, Koike is often identified as a populist. However, in my opinion, she is simply an opposer of traditional authority. In Tokyo, LDP has been dominant, and some politicians' power was influential so much not only to the governance of Tokyo but also that of Japan. Koike rejected their policy. Reducing the cost for Tokyo Olympic in 2020 and opposing to the movement of Tsukiji fish market are representative.

Thus, I am not sure Koike has a particular vision for the future of Tokyo. Indeed, breaking outdated customs is important. But it will be no more creative. What Koike will plan should be paid attention.

On the other hand, this victory of Koike's party is partially due to scandals in LDP. The leadership of Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan, has been damaged to some extent. His grand ambition to amend the constitution which has been unchanged since its enforcement became harder.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Falling of Toshiba

Toshiba has sued Western Digital, a past partner company of it, for charging that WD is interfering Toshiba from selling its ship unit.

Live Mint: Toshiba sues Western Digital for $1.1 billion in damages

Toshiba is one of the leading companies in Japan in the industry of electronics. Its products are from personal devices such as PC and washing machine to atomic power plants. However, the investment to the US atomic power plants has been troubled mainly due to the 3.11 earthquake and tsunami disaster occurred in 2011. After this tragedy, authorities in the US, as well as Japan, became to demand much more strict safety standard to the companies dealing with power plants. For that reason, the development of atomic power plants is hardly proceeding in several countries.

Because of money shortage, Toshiba decided to sell the division of chip memory. This announcement ignited broad criticism, as the chipset is a dominant position in the company. Western Digital is one of the main partners of Toshiba in this division. Mutual negotiation became complicated, leading to the series of legal battle.

Toshiba's stock price is quite fragile. Recently, a general meeting of shareholders of Toshiba was conducted. But attendants were fewer than in the past. It may suggest many shareholders lost interest to the words of Toshiba's president.

In the 21st century, some Japanese companies caused problems one after another. Most of them, including Toshiba, had been a company every Japanese respected. It suggests that conventional management strategy is no more useful to maintain a company in the coming era.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Driverless ambulance?

In some developed countries, driverless cars are under investigation on the road now. Google, Tesla, and some other companies are eager to develop safer and cheaper vehicles competitively.

Despite some accidents, the technique of managing driverless cars seems to be rapidly progressing.

My past entry: Google car meet the first crash

And one of the targets to be automated is ambulance car.

The Conversation: In the future your ambulance could be driverless

In my opinion, ambulance car has some advantages for being automated. First, traditional ambulance cars are driven by medical practitioners. But giving the first-aid to patients is a different skill from driving a car. Especially in an emergency, the risk of a traffic accident is increased. Automated cars can reduce the risk due to human error.

Second, once ambulance started to sound a siren, other vehicles are obliged to make way for it. Thus, automated driving is easier in this situation than in the usual traffic.

As well, portering vehicles for elder or disabled people will be good to be automated. Their mission is to bring passengers to the goal without troubles. And the route is usually fixed.