Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sequels in March 2016

March 23, 2016
Brussels terror attack by ISIS

Brussels International Airport is still out of order. The influence of the terror on citizens' life and the function of the city is uncountable.

March 14, 2016
Alpha Go defeat human champion

The final match was victorious for the AI. Lee Sedol took only one game of the five. He and other players are willing to take revenge, I guess.

March 11, 2016
Age of hay fever

Japan is still so cold that pollen is not dominant now. It is fortunate for me. It seems to take more time to enjoy cherry blossoms.

March 7, 2016
Apple reject the order of FBI to unlock an iPhone

The FBI withdrew the appeal to the court for demanding Apple to access the private data on iPhone because secret data could be salvaged on its own. It means that FBI has broken Apple's data protection. It is fortunate for Apple not to need providing a back door. And I think Apple will soon strengthen the encryption so that FBI and other parties will not be able to access hidden data.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Teens are willing to sell personal information?

If you defined the beginning of the digital age as 1995 when Microsoft developed Windows 95, people born in the digital age is reaching adult. Indeed, teens have been living their entire life with computers and the internet.

Recently, a national survey was conducted to investigate the concern and interest to the digital age in the UK. One thousand adolescents with the age between 13-17 participated in this survey.

In this survey, approximately a half of participants were considering to sell their personal information for only 15 GBP. They replied they would like to expose their identity for money rather than to work.

It looks to represent modern teenagers' recklessness at a glance. On the other hand, it is also said that they are aware of the value of personal information.

However, I do not think a teenager's personal information deserves to 15 GBP. Nowadays, a list composing thousands of email address is dealt for only a few dollars. The reason a man's personal information is valuable is that someone can use it to earn money, such as through selling goods to him, or threatening him illegally. In each case, the man should be rich. Thus, to increase your personal information, you have to increase your own value in advance. It is not an easy way. I never believe anyone is willing to buy my personal information for 15 GBP at present.

By the way, the situation should be interpreted differently in girls. In Japan, some, even not many, schoolgirls are willing to expose their personality on the internet to gain a mate. There is some opportunity for girls to gain money with compensation of their personal information and the risk of being involved in a sexual relationship. Some girls seem to understand that they have such a value in limited duration. I think this idea is rather risky. Early exposure to money gained with means which are available only temporally can twist your sense of economy.

The report also told that at least one of your classmates would become a hacker. It is not surprising, considering that IT industry is still growing. Being interested in programming will be more important in the future.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Steve Wozniak thinks of current Apple

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple and one of the greatest innovator, was dead. But the other Steve is still alive.

Steve Wozniak is a co-founder of Apple. He is also a talented engineer. If he had not been cooperative to Jobs, Apple would have not existed. He left Apple in 1985 because the target of the company was shifted from Apple II to Macintosh.

Nonetheless, Wozniak seems to have been gazing at the Apple. And the media is also willing to take his comments occasionally. Recently, Wozniak criticized iWatch as it lacks innovative ideas.

The Guardian: Apple co-founder criticises company over Apple Watch

On the other hand, Wozniak approves recent effort of Tim Cook. He is also supportive of the Apple's attitude against FBI's demand to disclose the privacy of iPhone users.

My past entry: Apple reject the order of FBI to unlock an iPhone

After quitting Apple, Wozniak has been engaged in education so that elementary school children would acquire the knowledge of computer science.

You may wonder why such a genius man is involved in the region of basic education. Especially in Japan, the activity of education is not adequately admired. But, it can be deemed a crucial contribution in the US, as Obama emphasized the importance of computer programming even for adolescents.

On the other hand, I think there is limited opportunity for a person to make a change in the world. The ability of imagination is declining as aging. It is hard to create new values continuously even for Steve Jobs. Perhaps, Wozniak is aware of this fact.

Of course, it may be my pity image. Wozniak is a trick lover. I expect he will surprise us some day.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Batman v Superman, for fans only

Yesterday, I saw "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," in cinema. I chose Japanese dubbed version because it was the only option to enjoy 3D graphics. But, the 3D direction was far from satisfactory.

Wikipedia: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Jumping to the conclusion, I do not recommend it except for DC comics enthusiasts.

In the story, Batman is acting as an unofficial police to catch criminals in Gotham City, while the president of a large company. But, he got a building as well as his employees there seriously damaged due to the destructive battle between Superman and General Zod in Metropolis. After this, Batman becomes to deem Superman as dangerous.

First of all, General Zod was a villain in "Man of Steel," the previous film. His nature was not explained in this film. So, the audience who has not seen Man of Steel hardly understand the relationship between Zod and Superman.

Superman also becomes to dislike Batman. The reason is not described in detail. I think the motivation the both are hating each other is weak.

It is certain that there is a deep discrepancy between Batman and Superman in the definition of justice. Superman is pursuing straightforward to his goal. He destroys General Zod as evil, and he rescues Lois Lane, his sweetheart. His behaviors occasionally cause serious results. Nonetheless, he recognizes himself as a hero. On the other hand, Batman never identifies himself as a hero. He calls him as a criminal. For the purpose of getting information of a criminal organization, he does not hesitate to take a torture on a captive.

By the way, Batman is usually known as a man who does not use a gun, or kills a person. But in this film, he breaks the rules. It is for describing his ideology mentioned above. But I do not like such style of this film.

In the middle of the film, Superman is summoned to a Congressional hearing. An explosion occurs there, lead to a massacre. It was Luthor's act. Luthor, an archenemy of Superman and the villain in this film tries to make the match of Batman and Superman.

The bombing is considered to be attributable to a terrorist. Superman is blamed on not to protect citizens from this disaster as a bystander.

However, I think it was strange that few suspected that the explosion was caused by Superman himself. There was little description that Superman was responsible for the bombing. It is feasible to imagine that Superman blew off the Congressional hall since he had been criticized for his previous acts. And it might be a purpose of Luthor to disgrace his reputation.

Superman has to fight with Batman because his adopting mother was captured by Luthor. Batman is not willing to listen to Superman's excuse. I felt this scene was artificial. There is no reason for Batman to lose his temper. And, they stopped the battle as noticing that the mothers of the both shared the first name as "Martha" by chance. It is nothing than expediency.

The final battle is against Doomsday, created by Luthor from Zod's body. I am not sure why he made Doomsday. Superman tries to exile Doomsday to the outer space with repetitive kicks. However, a nuclear explosion made by the US government makes Doomsday stronger. These scenes are rather comical. The producer might express respect to old cartoons of Superman.

All at sudden, Wonderwoman appears to aid Batman and Superman. The scene is extraordinarily exciting.

Doomsday can be killed only with a kryptonite spear. But the spear was dropped into a pond by Lane, who had thought the spear can be a threat for Superman. Lane tries to retrieve the spear but fails. Superman rescues her and gets the spear again, with being damaged by the spear. Superman finally kills the Doomsday, sacrificing his own life.

This plot is also poorly described. Lane made a critical mistake due to the love for Superman. Because Lane dropped the spear, Superman had to retrieve it, leading to being injured. If she had not dropped the spear, Superman would not have been killed because another hero could take it instead of him. Thus, the act caring for Superman took his life. This irony and Lane's agony for it should have been expressed more in detail.

To begin with, Superman must be far stronger than Batman. This fact was adequately described in the film. As a result, Batman took no crucial role in the final battle. It is sorry for Batman lovers. In Marvel Avengers, each hero made a fantastic contribution to the last battle.

My past entry: Avengers, the weaknesses of heroes

Totally, I enjoyed this film. But this work is not so splendid, unfortunately.

Personal Rating: 2 (poor)


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Standing desk is no more beneficial for your health?

Do you often see a standing desk in the office? I heard it has become common in some Western countries, but I have never seen it in Japan or the UK. The only thing I do while standing is to eat sushi at a standing sushi bar in Tokyo.

Standing desk was introduced in the 18th century. It is said Leonardo Da Vinci used one. More recently, since some studies suggested the mortality of long-sitting lifestyle, the standing desk was paid attention again.

The New York Times Magazine: Is Sitting a Lethal Activity?

An observational study conducted in Australia showed that the mortality rate was raised by up to 40% of people who sit over 11 hours in a day, even if they take exercise regularly. However, the duration of follow-up was only 2.8 years in this study. Longitudinal effect of sitting had been hardly proven.

JAMA Internal Medicine: Sitting Time and All-Cause Mortality Risk in 222 497 Australian Adults

And now, there is a review of past studies on the influence of standing work style. Surprisingly, the benefit of standing desk at work is very limited, according to the author.

Standing Desks Are 'Fashionable' Without Any Real Benefits, Says Research

The author indicated that intervention studies they examined were poorly designed. As a result, the introduction of standing desks was questionable to reduce the sitting time at work, needless to say about the health outcome.

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews: Workplace interventions for reducing sitting time at work

It is common that many studied are conducted after a new solution was focused. And unfortunately, it is also common many of those studied are not adequately qualified. Especially, issues relating lifestyle and health are difficult to investigate. Large sample size, randomization, and long-time intervention are needed for precise assessment. And they require much money.

After all, is a standing desk cool? I do not think so. It has been proven that immobility for a long time is deteriorating your health. Standing desks cannot be a resolution on this matter. A moving desk, or scheduling with frequent move may be more beneficial.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Microsoft made a Hitler-lover AI, mistakenly?

Microsoft stopped a project to develop an AI because it was going to admire Hitler.

The Telegraph: Microsoft deletes 'teen girl' AI after it became a Hitler-loving sex robot within 24 hours

Tay, this AI program, was intended to speak like a teen girl with voice recognition software. You could chat with the robot via Twitter. This AI had learned many things from the real conversations on the internet.

However, as a result of deep learning, she began to say some sexually provocative words. In addition, she insisted that, Hitler did no bad things, and Bush made 9/11 terror attacks.

Now, Tay is offline because she was tired, according to Microsoft. It is unsure Tay will come back to the Twitter battlefield.

It is not for the first time the AI made a “political” mistake. I remembered Google Map tagged Whitehouse as “nigga house” accidentally. It was also recently that Google face recognition algorithm misidentified as a gorilla.

Google apologises for racist 'n*gga house' search that takes users to White House

Google Mistakenly Tags Black People as ‘Gorillas,’ Showing Limits of Algorithms

These mistakes share a point of discussion. It is a discrepancy between logic and ethics, or political correctness. It is true a few people respect Hitler, but many know it is hardly accepted to express it. Even if a face of a black person somehow resembles a gorilla, rational people never mention it. I would be angry if I were kidded as a yellow monkey. And, some people can name Whitehouse as “nigga house” for abusing purpose. However, it should not be adopted, regardless of the number of the voice of saying that.

All these judgments cannot be explained logically. The things the majority says are not always correct. It is uncertain that logical thinking makes you entirely happy.

I think these incidents suggest that the challenge of AI is approaching beyond the truth to the goodness. It is far more challenging for programmers, but an important concept to overcome human.

My past entry: Three elements of spirituality


Friday, March 25, 2016

Refugee are likely to be schizophrenic?

A study suggesting the risk of schizophrenia for refugees was recently published. According to the result, refugees have three times as likely to experience psychotic episodes than native-born citizens. It has been already known that refugees are exposing high risks of depression and PTSD. But it is for the first time to reveal the relationship between refugees and psychoses.

The Washington Post: For refugees, another risk: Schizophrenia

This survey was conducted in Sweden. The Swedish government has a sophisticated database of the citizens' health. Approximately 1.3 million people were examined in this study. I have never heard such a large amount of samples in other studies with a similar structure.

Large sample size is advantageous to make the results trustworthy. The British Medical Journal, on which this paper was published, is a world-famous academic journal. Nonetheless, this kind of results has to be carefully evaluated.

The BMJ: Refugee migration and risk of schizophrenia and other non-affective psychoses: cohort study of 1.3 million people in Sweden

With looking through this article, I found few flaws in this survey. The author adjusted potential confounders such as socioeconomic status. For excluding the influence of cultural shock, refugees were also compared with non-refugee immigrants. The likelihood to become psychotic was still higher in refugees.

Pre-migratory experiences were not considered in this study, as the author mentioned. It can be influential to the onset of schizophrenia. The cause of schizophrenia has not been identified, but suspected to the internal vulnerability and the external stress. What kind of stress the patients were exposed was crucial is still unclear.

The discrepancy of diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia is under discussion. It is known that cultural background is influential in diagnosing schizophrenia. Some migrants have the complicated background, and therefore, they can be likely to be misidentified as schizophrenic.

It is no doubt that refugees have several risks for deteriorating their physical and mental status. I hope this result will not lead to discrimination against them.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Japanese cuisine is beneficial for your health

Though it is not surprising to me as a Japanese, Japanese diet was proven to be effective to improve life expectancy, according to a survey with a large sample size.

Approximately 80,000 participants were followed for 15 years in this study. People who adhered to Japanese guidelines of the daily meal had a lowered mortality rate, mainly thanks to infrequent cerebrovascular disease.

International Business Times: Japanese diet plan associated with longer life expectancy: What are the guidelines?

I have not looked through the reports, but this result is trustworthy. The onset of cerebrovascular diseases is deeply connected to the daily meal. People who have much salt are likely to encounter a stroke.

In addition, high level of blood cholesterol is relevant to vascular diseases. Taking excessive fat can increase the risk of hyperlipidemia, even though there are arguments about it recently. On the other hand, low-carbonate diet, whom many people believe as the most effective way to reduce the body weight, deteriorate the long-term risk of vascular diseases, according to recent studies.

My past entry: You can eat high cholesterol food

Traditional Japanese cuisine is relatively saccharide-dominant. They include low fat and protein. People take protein from fish rather than meat. Not a lot of white sugar are frequently used. Also, they taste less rich than Western cuisine. All of these factors may contribute to the health.

However, the fact Japanese have the best life expectancy in the world is not completely attributable to Japanese diet. Rather, the influence of diet is limited, in my opinion. Good hygiene environment, national health insurance covering all Japanese, and low crime rate are also contributing.

Nonetheless, I recommend you to take Japanese cuisine if you are obese. In my experience, American and British diet have excessive calorie, fat, and sugar.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Brussels terror attack by ISIS

Brussels was subjected to terror attacks by ISIS, unfortunately.

ISIS claimed responsibility for suicidal bombing occurred at Brussels’ Zaventem airport and the underground on March 22nd. At least 34 people were killed, and more than 200 were injured by the attacks.

The police identified some of the criminals which were likely to be relevant to the Paris attack last year. The authority noticed that the network behind the Paris attack was larger than initially thought.

Salah Abdeslam, a suspect who was deemed to have taken a key role in Paris attack was arrested in Brussels last Friday. This terror may represent a revenge of ISIS. However, it was still expected the next target would be Brussels following Paris, even if without this arrest, because it was clarified that terrorists had entered Paris through Brussels. Also, Brussel is the capital of the EU. The police must have been aware of these factors. Nonetheless, the attack was not prevented. It means an asymmetric war against terrorists is hard to be controllable.

Some building including Eiffel Tower in Paris, Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, and Trevi Fountain in Rome were illuminated to express a deep regret for the victims.

On the other hand, this tragedy can influence the future of the UK. A referendum to determine the Brexit is planned for this summer. It should be admitted that EU’s immigration policy has eased the entrance of terrorists, according to the separatists.

I visited Brussels twice. It was a beautiful city. I pray for the victims. And we never permit such an evil act, regardless of the background of the offenders.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Apple reveals iPhone SE

Apple presented iPhone SE, a new type of iPhone, at the conference on March 21st.

Apple: Special Event March 21, 2016

iPhone SE has a 4-inch screen with 326dpi resolution. It is as large as iPhone 5/5s but smaller than the newest iPhone 6s.

The optimal size of the smartphone is often a theme of discussion. In a recent trend, the screen size of a smartphone is going larger. “Phablet,” a term suggesting the combination of a phone and a tablet, is sometimes used.

On the other hand, 5-inch is a little too large especially for women to handle with one hand. I have no trouble in manipulating my Nexus5 because my hands are relatively large. But some feel annoyed in tapping the other corner of the screen with holding the phone in their palm.

Thus, the optimal size of smartphone varies each other; it is obvious. It is unlikely that Apple recommended us to use a smaller phone than iPhone 6s.

In this conference, some other products were as well introduced. iPad Pro with a 9.7-inch display, new wristband for iWatch, and the new version of iOS were revealed.

To be honest, none of them looked innovative. They had been expected as so, and there was no surprise to know in this event. The response of the stock market seems neutral. The stock price of Apple is stable.

Actually, it is tough to make an innovation. Even Apple ruled by Steve Jobs failed many times to create new value. I think Apple is stepping forward inch by inch as an ordinary company.

In a personal view, it is sorry that new version of MacBookAir was not presented. I would strongly like to buy a laptop equipping a high-resolution display.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Trap in empathy (3)

You may feel close to a physician who also had an experience of waist pain. But you will not feel appropriate for a psychiatrist to tell you that he had a suicidal thought in the past. If you agree with this ideas, what is the difference between them?

Trap in empathy (1)
Trap in empathy (2)

There are three potential answers:
(1) It is merely due to your discrimination for psychiatric symptoms. As physicians can talk about their own experience with their physical health, psychiatrists should be permitted to talk about their psychiatric symptoms which they suffered previously.
(2) It is wrong that physicians are allowed to disclose their personal thoughts. Professional workers should avoid all of the private talks without exceptions.
(3) There is some differences between physical experience and psychiatric symptoms. Discussing these matters in the same way is improper.

Which answers do you choose? I guess many select (3) intuitively.

I am not willing to deal with psychiatry as distinguished from any other science. But, it is true that generalizability of psychiatric symptoms is lower than physical ones. For example, every person has an experience of a toothache. Most people understand the pain of bone fracture. On the contrary, hallucination and suicidal thought are somehow difficult to imagine for healthy people. Therefore, you tend to identify the person explaining the psychiatric symptoms he experienced as an alien rather than a friend.

Substantially, each person’s symptoms cannot be generalized. Even if the physician was relieved from the waist pain by a remedy, it is quite unsure this solution can be adapted to the patient in front of the physician. Nonetheless, we are likely to trust the words of whom have similar experiences. On the other hand, psychiatric symptoms are more difficult than psychical sense to share with each other. It is the reason the importance empathy is often discussed in the context of psychiatry.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Trap in empathy (2)

Why are psychotherapists prohibited from disclosing their personal stories?

There are some explanations. First, own talk inflicts some prejudice on the client. Clients who have a similar background to the therapist can have a familiarity to the therapist. In contrast, clients who support an opposing party may feel hostile to the therapist. Such biased ideas are often inhibiting the therapeutic relationship and do damage to the therapy itself.

Second, some clients have a difficulty to make a boundary between the therapist and themselves. If personal information is disclosed, they can misunderstand the therapeutic alliance as if everything is accepted in therapy. Indeed, some cases have been reported in which therapists were stoked by a client.

Then, is disclosing permitted in the case these risks can be avoided?

One day, I heard a physician told the client suffering from waist pain that he also had a slipped disk. The client listened to the solution the physician had adopted. It seemed the client was relieved to some extent by knowing physician got recovered from terrible symptoms.

I think that many people justify the physician’s act. Is it different from the iron rule of psychotherapy?

For your understanding, I will replace the story in a psychotherapeutic context. A client visits the clinic because he has severe depression. He is wondering whether he should commit suicide. In the interview with the client, the therapist says to him, “Actually, I had depression, and I wanted to die in the past. But, now I am absolutely OK. So, you are hopeful, too.”

How do you feel about the therapist’s talk? Do you want to consult him? I reckon many people deny it.

Then, what is the difference?

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Trap in empathy (1)

As a psychiatrist, I was told to learn about empathy. Empathy is an important concept in clinical psychiatry. Behaving empathetic makes your client relieved. He will talk about himself more in detail to the therapist.

However, the concept of empathy is difficult to understand, as I wrote. I have no absolute answer to it.

My past entry: What is empathy? (1)

My past entry: What is empathy? (2)

Here, there is just one thing you should do to gain the trust of the client. You will look empathetic to the client after doing it. What is it?

It is self-disclosure. People believe the words of whom they know well. You prefer to listen to neighbors than strangers. Talking about your personal secret is a too brave act if you distrust the listener. In contrast, you must trust the person who told you honestly about his personal information.

Therefore, own talk is one of the excellent ways to get closer. Many suggest it, especially in the context of love game.

However, it is forbidden for therapists to disclose their personal information. It is an iron rule. Every psychiatrist is told not to talk about themselves to clients.

Why do they drop such an easy way to be empathetic to clients?

(To be continued.)

Friday, March 18, 2016

Can chocolate improve your cognitive function?

Since recently, some foods has been reevaluated for the effect to your health. Eggs are no more harmful even you take more than one per day. Coffee is deemed to reduce risks for several disease. And, chocolate may make you cleverer.

My past entry: You can eat high cholesterol food

A Recent study revealed the relevance of high cognitive function and chocolate consumption. The research team found that people who ate chocolate at least once a week showed higher scores in memory and abstract thinking tests than those seldom or never ate chocolate.

NHS Choices: Can chocolate make you smarter?

The researchers guess that regular intake of cocoa flavanols may be beneficial for cognitive function. Chocolate includes some polyphenols and balanced minerals which are potentially good your health. Another study suggested the preventive effect of chocolate against cancer.

Of course, this result does not indicate the causal relationship between chocolate and cognition directly. Potential confounders cannot be expelled in this kind of survey. For example, chocolate lovers may be rich, and richness can result from their high functioning in work.

On the other hand, I was a little surprised to this outcome. Chocolate usually includes much sugar. And it has now been proven that white sugar has adverse effects on your health. People who take chocolate frequently often eat other sweets. Thus, chocolate lovers tend to be damaged by sugar. However, the result is opposite.

I am not sure whether you should take a chocolate regularly base on this finding. The only thing I confirm is extreme diet is risky on your health.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Weekly Shower recommended

How many times do you bathe or shower in a week? A shocking article for cleanliness lovers. The writer recommends you to shower only once a week.

The Guardian: I shower once a week. Here’s why you should too

The author describes both of the adverse effects of the daily shower: for cost and health. According to the author, the annual electricity cost is calculated to 400 GBP for daily 10 minutes shower. It will be added to the water cost unless you live in a flat which equips a water meter. It is not a negligible amount of money, indeed.

Another issue around daily shower focuses on your health. Excessive use of soap can damage your skin through flushing out good bacteria on your skin. Some dermatologists recommend not for bathing babies and toddlers daily. It seems rational. In older people, frequent bathing can deteriorate the dry skin through getting rid of the body oil.

Therefore, the author showers so infrequently.

I think whether you approve the writer’s opinion depends on your cultural background. Generally speaking, Japanese love cleanness very much. If you bathe less than twice a week, you may be discriminated. I seldom bathe but shower twice a day. And, a landlord in London felt my habit strange.

Actually, Japan has good hygiene environment. Ironically, it means that Japanese need not to wash their body so frequently. Otherwise, this situation may result from the obsessive tendency of Japanese.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Board games with fantasy theme

As I wrote repeatedly, I like to play games. Besides Table-talk Role Playing Game and computer games, analog games are also my favorite. It includes Catan, Monopoly, and Go.

My past entry: Settlers of Catan, an excellent board game
My past entry: Archipelago, an excellent semi-collaborative board game
My past entry: Time Bomb, a simple and excellent card game of suspicion
My past entry: Puerto Rico, an excellent classic board game

Among them, some board games have a particular motif, such as the expedition to foreign countries, development of a building, and so on. Some themes are very popular. Many German board games are featuring the middle age.

To be honest, I love the games in which epic fantasy is featured the best. I am fascinated to see the illustration of swords, dungeons, and dragons. The climate in a fantasy world is so exciting that I dream to be reborn in such an era.

Fortunately, fantasy is one of popular themes in board game industry. There are several games available to play. I will introduce some excellent examples.

Rune Bound Rune Bound Third Edition

This is one of the most famous board games whose theme is an adventure in a fantasy world. You will be a hero to defeat a gigantic evil dragon. You have to explore the wide field to find some exceptional magic items and to improve your hero's skills.

Two to four players can participate. It takes maybe three hours to play the whole adventure. Language dependence is extremely high.

I bought this game recently, but unfortunately, I have not gained an opportunity to play it.

Actually, some core rules have been amended from the second edition to the third edition. I would prefer the second edition.

Descent Descent: Journeys in The Dark Second Edition

This is also a famous board game. In the play, a participant plays a role of overlord, so-called game master. Other players control their own hero. The overlord tries to defeat all of the heroes. Thus, it is an asymmetric game. It seems quite unusual. When the owner plays the overlord, other players can enter the game easily without any experience of playing it.

In addition, this game includes several scenarios. It will take twenty hours to complete the whole campaign. It will be satisfactory, isn't it?

I will buy it in the near future. The language dependence is quite high, but the Japanese version is available.

Lost Legends Lost Legends

This one does not require a game map. After choosing your hero, players can get some assets by drafting the cards. Immediately after equipping these items, you will face huge monsters one by one. Creating strong combination of the effects of magic items is crucial to conquering the foes.

Maximum five players can join in. The play time is less than two hours. Language dependence is high.

I played it twice with great fun. The Japanese version is available.

Dungeon Fighter Dungeon Fighter Game

This is also a dungeon-exploring game. Each player has their own hero. You can get treasures in the dungeon for the risk of encountering dreadful enemies.

However, there is a special rule in this game which makes it unique and somehow funny. In several situations, you are demanded to throw a die with a particular posture. For example, when equipping a crossbow, you have to snap a die instead of throwing it. In a dark room, you have to close your eyes when rolling a die. Dice must be on the board to inflict damage on the enemy. It is extremely difficult for you to aim at the center of the board when you throw your die through the space between your legs!

In Japan it is sold out. I ordered it via

There may be more fantasy games I do not know. I would like to enjoy all of them.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Paper age will soon perish

Previously, our business deeply depended on paper documents. Instead, monitors and tablets are replacing them, recently.

I seldom equip a ball-point-pen. Whenever I have to write something down, I start my smartphone. For creating a complex document, MS Word and a Windows PC is essential. The paper is still seen frequently. But the opportunity for me to read through the paper document is surely decreasing.

ITProPortal: Businesses are slowly (but surely) phasing out paper

According to a survey, cost and security are the two dominant factor in replacing paper to digital record. Indeed, officers had printed thousands of paper every month at each meeting before iPads were introduced in my office. I calculated that the initial cost for iPads would be compensated within five years. In addition, officers did no more need to arrange the stack of documents in front of each desk.

Interestingly, both the matter of cost and security can be misunderstood for people not familiar with a digital solution. Improper use of cloud services can raise the running cost. And many are concerned about the security risk of the internet, whereas most of them underestimate the risk of social engineering. Actually, paper document cannot be encrypted. And many officers drop the documents on the road.

Shortly, the most paper will be exiled from the office, albeit not completely. However, the paper will be still needed in a contract situation. Digital signature will be dominant in business settings. Nonetheless, hand-writing has some advantages.

ITProPortal: Many businesses keep paper only for the signatures

Since I was engaged in publishing some journals in my school age, I have particular sympathy with paper books. It does not consist the reason, however, to keep the paper in the office.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Alpha Go defeat human champion

Recently, human Go champion was defeated by the computer.

Daily Sabah Tech: Google's Alpha Go software beats human Go champion in the first match

“Alpha Go,” a computer software developed by Google was chosen as an opponent to Lee Sedol, Korean champion of Go in the 5-game match. Alpha Go equips a program named “Deep Brain,” which is a self-developing algorithm, won the first three games straightforward.

However, the fourth game performed yesterday was got by Lee. He was so grateful to this winning that he said this victory was priceless. On the other hand, Google programmers also welcomed this result because this defeat can be a source for enhancing the quality of the program.

I know the rule of Go, but am not a good player. So, I cannot evaluate the process of the battles. According to the media, Alpha Go invented some unique strategies human hardly can imagine.

It has been said that Go is far more complicated than Shogi and Chess. Nowadays, Grandmasters of Chess can hardly defeat the computer program. And recently, “Dennoh-Sen [The battle of the electric king],” the annual match of Shogi in which a human team fights with a computer, is paid great attention to Shogi players in Japan. The computer is advantageous in recent years. In contrast, Go had been deemed as a sanctuary of human players.

The core rule of Go is very simple. But the players have to assess the whole situation in each process. Even if a stone which the player put previously seems meaningless now, it can be decisive in the future. It is difficult to estimate the value of each stone respectively because they are mutually connected for protecting the field. Therefore, it was considered impossible to estimate the best move. Professional Go players have their own sense to decide the hands.

However, Alpha Go overcame the challenge. It means that vague feeling or instinct of human can potentially be described with a computer language. It is not only amazing but also fearful.

I do not think that Go will lose its fascination because of the victory of computer soon. But professional Go players have to change their mind, from aiming at defeat opponents to create new moves which are far from the imagination of computer.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Magic Tokyo O

Recently, I saw a magic show at Magic Tokyo O in Roppongi.

Magic Tokyo O Official Website (in Japanese)

I have been liked magic very much since I was a child. I made magic performance in a private event some times. But my magic is not good at all. I am dull, and seldom do exercise. I have no talent as an entertainer.

On the other hand, I had never seen a magic show. So, I expected to see an exciting close-up magic in addition to a stage magic. Someone said that close-up magic, or table magic, is far more amazing than stage magic for magic lovers.

And I knew it is true. The performance was brilliant.

I saw several kinds of magic. The coin I grabbed in my right hand vanished to appear on the back of my left hand immediately. Any other cards than I chose changed to white cards. Also, the magician bent a fork without touching it. An empty and crushed coke can was restored and it was automatically filled up with coke.

During a stage magic show, there were also lots of wonders. The magician swallowed several cigarettes with fire. A handcuffed magician escaped from a locked box. A table was levitated in space. The magician wrote the number of the card an audience had randomly chosen secretly.

Actually, I thought of the tricks in some phenomena. The magician hid another coin behind his palm. The magician might replace all of the cards than I picked up to the white deck. The coke can be filled up with some gas. The magician could remember all the sequence of the deck to hit the card the audience chose.

However, if my conjecture is correct, I have no idea how the magician achieved it. It is tough to exchange a large object such a coke can or a whole deck. Otherwise, my estimations can be irrelevant at all. It would be better. It is fun for me to make ridiculous guessing. It makes the performance more mysterious.

Magicians have three rules in performance. They must not explain the exact phenomenon in advance. They cannot reveal the trick. And they should not repeat the same magic. Therefore, it would be better not to visit the show time repeatedly.. Nonetheless, I hope to see the magic show again.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Is taking breakfast beneficial for reducing weight?

Maybe, you have been told to take breakfast for your health. The contents of breakfast are consumed for the energy of daily activity. If you do not have breakfast, your brain will not work properly. And, omitting breakfast will make you obese.

Such ideas are, however, quite doubtfully supported by the evidence. It is said taking breakfast campaign is a produce of companies selling cereal, or oven toasters. I am not sure about it, but indeed, the effect of taking breakfast is still under investigation.

The New York Times: Ask Well: Does Skipping Breakfast Cause Weight Gain?

Research about nutrition is difficult because clinical trials are rarely conducted in this region. We have much data about the relationship between fasting on the morning and obesity. But it cannot be a causal relationship. Fasters may have some bad habits to weight gain. Their lifestyle is often unhealthy: getting up lately, smoking, taking alcohol, less physically active, and having some illnesses.

A newly developed study suggests that taking breakfast has no effect on body weight. In this study, participants were randomly assigned to breakfast group or fasting group. They were examined in detail at the beginning and after six weeks of trial.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: The causal role of breakfast in energy balance and health: a randomized controlled trial in obese adults

These results look persuasive at a glance. Unfortunately, however, I think there are some flaws in this trial. Firstly, the sample size is too small. In the trial to prove the significant difference, sample size should be minimized with statistical analysis. But in this study, no significant difference in body weight change between groups was observed. It does not mean that exactly there is no difference. Examining the equality of two groups demands larger sample size, and it has been examined yet in this study. Secondly, I am doubtful that participants completely changed their lifestyle during the trial. Taking breakfast is a habit not easy to change. Thirdly, it is unsure that observational term is adequate. Six weeks seem too short to affect body weight and some other indicator in the body. And finally, 700 to 1100 kcal is obviously too much for intake as breakfast. It may be usual in the UK. But I think very few Japanese take 700 kcal in the morning.

On the other hand, in this study, it is reported that insulin responsiveness has changed in both groups. Fasting caused increased insulin releasing. It potentially leads to metabolic syndrome. In this paper, this finding is emphasized, but newspaper article omitted this fact. It seems biased.

After all, I believe taking breakfast is rather beneficial though its magnitude is small. I recommend you to eat something not delayed in the morning.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Age of hay fever

As I wrote previously, I have hay fever. During early spring, I cannot stop sneezing.

My past entry: Pollinosis

In general, Western people dislike someone sniffing. But many Japanese including me do so. It is due to high prevalence of hay fever I guess. Blowing your nose hardly releases you from mucus in allergic reaction because it is less viscid than that in infectious disease. Mucus never stops!

Levocetirizine Hydrochloride is good medicine. Nonetheless, it cannot save me perfectly.

I bought a glasses for protecting my eyes from pollen. It blocks 98% of the pollen, according to JINS, the developer of this amazing eyewear. Nonetheless, I feel my eyes itching. In addition, this glasses is easy to get fogged especially when I wear a mask.

Last year, I stayed in London. There were fewer allergens in London than Japan. So, I did not suffer from hay fever there. This year is challenging again.

Now, I am planning to take sublingual immunotherapy. It will modify my immune system. According to newly studies, 80% of the patients feel better after taking this therapy.

Unfortunately, it is too late to introduce this therapy this season. I have to wait until the next autumn.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Age of narcissistic personality

Do you know narcissistic personality disorder? It represents traits of grandiosity, the need for admiration, and lack of empathy. People with narcissistic personality are likely to behave as if they are somehow special. They cannot admit they are ordinary. And they tend to utilize other people for their own interest. It brings them serious troubles regarding the interpersonal relationship.

The thought, “I am special, so people should treat me as so,” is a core symptom of a narcissistic personality. Their self-image is so bloated that they never think back to themselves. But, when they do so, they often become severely depressed because of noticing the gap between their image and the reality.

The prevalence of narcissistic personality disorder is rapidly increasing, especially in women. These data is matching my impression. Someone in Japan said that 21st century is the age of narcissistic personality.

The Guardian: Me! Me! Me! Are we living through a narcissism epidemic?

There is some possible explanation for boosting of the prevalence. In many developed countries, after basic needs are satisfied, they began to gather approval from others. Also, the social status of women was remarkably improved in these decades. It improved the self-esteem of women, leading to narcissism. Furthermore, the rise of the internet and social network service made us conscious of self. We want to gather more like on Facebook and favorite on Twitter. These measurements often reflect our self-satisfaction directly. Selfie is very representative for the rise of narcissistic personality.

Improved self-esteem is not bad for us. However, too much emphasizing the importance of being acknowledged is rather troublesome. We tend to compare with each other. Inferiority complex makes you gloomy. It is miserable if you can never approve yourself without other people’s attention.

Successful people are more or less narcissistic. Donald Trump is a good example. It is true that narcissistic people attract others and sometimes gain their faith. In the films, there are many examples, like Loki in the Thor.

My past entry: Thor the Dark World, dark heart of Loki

Chizuo Matsumoto, or Shoko Asahara, deemed as the culprit who ordered a massacre using toxic gas in an underground, is also considered to have a narcissistic personality. Many people trusted his words and behaviors as being justified based on the religious ideology. Combination of narcissistic personality and antisocial one is very dangerous. He is an extreme case, but there are many moderate examples, such as in selfish artists.

In the modern era, we have a difficulty in defining ourselves in the complex society. We should be aware of our self-image. Neither grandiose nor servile attitude are improper. Keeping your image under your own control is crucial for better life.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Climate change and rising of sea level

Recently, I feel frustrated by the fluctuating temperature. Some days ago, it was rather hot as if in early summer. But after days, it became freezing. In addition, it rained heavily today.

Even considering the recent chaotic trend, it is no doubt that the temperature is gradually rising. Thus, the world is getting hot.

Global warming can cause several problems. Land subsidence, salt water intrusion into fresh water resource, and flooding are reported in several areas around beaches.

The Atlantic: Preparing for the Inevitable Sea-Level Rise

Regarding the cause of global warming, there remains controversial. Most researchers admit the influence of modern human activity, such as carbon dioxide extrusion, of the climate change. But other few scientists is opposing it. The ground of their statement is that the Earth experienced hotter era in the past. Thousands of years ago, the temperature was higher by two or three degrees Celsius than today. It means that the climate change is included in the grand tide of universal flow.

My past entry: The gap between scientists and the public

The both sides will agree on the necessity of treatment for increased temperature, nonetheless. It is estimated that the global mean sea level will rise by more than two feet in this century while the results of calculation are various. It will make us change the planning of civilization in beach areas.

In contrast, the effect of raised temperature is hard to imagine. There are tropical regions on the Earth now. In the 22nd century, Japan will belong to the subtropical region, perhaps. In that case, agriculture in Japan will be completely altered. Rice and sugar fields will be more fertile whereas we will not be able to expect juicy apple.

Ecology is a complex field of academism. There are several challenges to overcome for sustainable human activity in the future.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bitcoin will be legalized in Japan

The Japanese government is considering to legalize Bitcoin.

On 4th March, 2016, the Cabinet approved the bill for regulating crypt currencies. In this legislation, Bitcoin and other digital currencies will be treated as if they are fiat currencies. Now, they are defined as the property value.

The Guardian: Japan considers making bitcoin a legal currency

The new legislation has gained expectation from each party. For the authorities, the risk that Bitcoin is used for the illegal purpose will be reduced. For users, they will be unlikely to be tricked by unauthorized dealers. And for providers, they will be free from the worry that Bitcoin will be subjected to taxation.

Coin Desk: Japan Proposes Definition for Bitcoin in Bid to Regulate Exchanges

The bankrupt of Mt. Gox has negatively influenced the reputation of Bitcoin in Japan. In addition, Japanese are so conservative that some Japanese are still hesitating to use a credit card for online shopping. Considering these factors, I think the attempt for legalizing Bitcoin is innovative. I have heard some politicians are willing to introduce new technologies to Japan society for improving productivity. I admire their thoughts.

In Japan, some companies accept online payment using Bitcoin., a popular digital publisher, started the service recently. However, the volatility of Bitcoin price prevents me from its daily usage. It will take more time for Bitcoin to be recognized as a casually functional digital currency.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Apple reject the order of FBI to unlock an iPhone

Apple is conflicting with the US government on its private policy.

Recently, FBI arrested a suspect in a mass shooting case in San Bernardino. Investigating the suspect’s equipment, FBI found his iPhone locked. It seemed sure that much significant information was recorded in the iPhone. Therefore, FBI requested Apple, the developer of iPhone, to disarm the security of the iPhone.

An iPhone equips a serious security option which can delete all of the data in the iPhone when the user entry wrong passwords ten times. FBI asked Apple to provide the software to disable this option externally.

However, Apple rejected the request of FBI.

The New York Times: Breaking Down Apple’s iPhone Fight With the U.S. Government

According to Apple, obeying the request will cause serious trouble in the future. It can endanger the privacy of vast users of Apple’s product.

Thus, Apple technically can salvage the data without the consent of the user, perhaps. But, if it is once approved, Apple will have to obey other requests by any other authorities.

In the present case, FBI can be facing a serious terror for the society. This issue looks like the matter “whether we approve the human right of a terrorist.” However, expanding the adaptation of this demand can be awful. For example, a dictator will make an arbitrary command for disclosing the data in the iPhone possessed by an activist. Apple cannot have a reason of refusal after legalizing the previous disarm.

Thus, this issue is similar to the deal of the personal information of a bank account. The Swiss bank has gained great trust because it keeps confidentiality of the consumers’ information strictly.

There is a relevant case of a lawsuit recently. In this case, FBI requested to disclose the information of a drug dealer. Apple refused to unlock the iPhone of the suspect. And the court judged that FBI’s order was not valid.

The Guardian: Apple case: judge rejects FBI request for access to drug dealer's iPhone

If you are a stationer and are ordered by the police to salvage a notebook of a terrorist who bought your notebook, you must say you are not responsible. If a consumer who bought a safety box from you is suffering because he lost the key, you will feel not responsible. What is the difference? As a principle, I support the policy of Apple, even if it can help some terrorists.

Digital record is far different from other materials. Its completeness and reproductiveness are sometimes troublesome.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Hakone Open-air Museum

During the visit to Hakone, I went to Hakone Open-air Museum.

The Hakone Open-air Museum is located nearby the Chokoku-no-Mori station of the Hakone Tozan Railway. The Japanese name of Open-air museum is “Chokoku-no-Mori Bijutsukan [Forest of sculpture museum].”

The Hakone Open-air Museum is the first museum in Japan which was structured in the open field. There are many statues and monuments there. Visitors can walk around the vast area of the museum with breathing the air of highland.

This is Balzac created by Rodin. This sculpture is said to express the suffering of Balzac, a famous writer. He wears a casual robe. His shape is not so detailed constructed. For these reasons, this work had not been approved until Rodin died.

 This statue is Hercules. Hercules is an ancient hero in Greek myth. He had extraordinary strength and courage, as a son of Zeus. But he was hated by Hera, the official wife of Zeus, and had to proceed a painful life.

This monument is titled Grande Racconto [great story], created by Giuliano Vangi. I like it. There are some men and women appeared around the cave. The man in front of you looks gloomy. But the man on the right side sees something new over the sky. Life is tough, but still wonderful.

Picasso’s works were presented in a building. I was heard that a daughter of Picasso gave many works of his to the museum. Taking a photo is prohibited in the building. I bought a magnet on which Guernica was printed.

I stayed there for several hours. Nice place to enjoy.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Journey to Hakone

This weekend, I visited Hakone.

Hakone is a highland located in Kanagawa prefecture. Mt Fuji is near to Hakone. In Edo era, several travelers were said to have stuck at the ridge of Hakone. Nowadays, Hakone is popular as a resort with hot spring.

The weather was great. I could see the top of Mt Fuji.

I rode on a cruiser on Ashinoko lake. There were a couple of shrines seen on the beach.

I visited Hakone shrine. Its solemn atmosphere made me calm.

Unfortunately, Mt Hakone is now considered to be active as a volcano. Therefore, entering inner area of Hakone has been prohibited for a year. Instead, I took a cable car to the top of Komagadake.

The landscape was splendid. I saw Ashinoko lake at a glance.

It was a good journey. It would have been far better if there had been no pollen.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Market for old and ugly foods in Denmark

Food waste is a big problem in many developed countries. A total of more than one billion ton of food, approximately a third of all foods, is thrown away in a year. In Denmark, a supermarket was opened to deal challenge this issue.

WeFood in Copenhagen deals with food exclusively whose best before date expired or which are too ugly to be packaged. You can choose such unworthy foods for the cost of 30 to 50 percent less than fair price.

The Star: In Denmark, a new supermarket sells ugly food incredibly cheap

Indeed, Wefood’s challenge is not an innovation. There are lots of foods tagged as “still fresh” available in Morrison’s in London. Also in Japan, discounted meal are arranged at late night which are popular for some consumers. The fact structural and exclusive implementation of the usage of aged food is noteworthy, nonetheless.

This type of discounting can reduce the amount of wasted food. Also, it will be a good alternative for people, especially with little income, to purchase their own meal.

So, will such stores be available in Japan in the future? I think it is possible.

Generally speaking, Japanese are keen to the shape and freshness of food. Consumers are critical to delayed delivery. The other day, some food companies were seriously blamed by consumers on disguising the date of production, albeit nobody was damaged actually due to decomposition. I guess many Japanese hesitate to eat such foods.

On the other hand, inequality among people is gradually expanding. For some people, it is crucial to spare the cost of food. They are willing to buy discounted foods. I am also indifferent to the shape or freshness of food excepting in some unusual opportunity. There will be a certain need for low-cost foods.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Automated car accident and risk of control

Google’s self-driving car caused a collision for the first time on 14th Feb 2016.

ITProPortal: One of Google’s self-driving cars has its first accident

The car scratched the body of a bus in the accident. Fortunately, it resulted in minor cosmetic damages of both vehicles, and no one was injured. Google is withholding the determination of the cause of this accident but seems consider that the self-driving car is liable.

This kind of accidents is actually predictable, as far as there are many cars driven by a human on the road. It is not for the first time for Google to face malfunction of Google cars. I think this accident would not interfere the planning of Google to send automated cars to the market.

My past entry: Google car meet the first crash

On the other hand, there is another, and bigger worry about the self-driving car.

My past entry: Driverless car experiment in Japan

My past entry: Google auto-driving car to launch

Recently, one of popular series of electric cars was reported to have a vulnerability. Through the security hole, some functions equipped with the car will be controlled by a hacker remotely.

International Business Times: Hacker takes control of Nissan electric vehicle from other side of the world through Leaf app

This type of vehicle is not an automated car. Even if it is completely compromised, the driver would never be thrown out from the cliff. But in the case of a self-driving car, the issue will be far more serious. Of course, Google, as well as other companies developing the OS loaded in the car, is eager to defend the computer from external attacks. Nonetheless, there is no perfect protection as far as the system is connected to the internet. An ultimate solution to save the vehicle is to shut down the CPU manually. It requires that the driver is awake and aware of the situation. It means that we cannot expect the self-driving car which bring you to the destination during asleep.

My past entry: Hacking a car experiment

In the future, however, the grand figure of the highway will change. Most of the vehicles will be automated. And a few operators will watch the total traffic based on the information analyzed by the computer. At this time, cars will be no more cars, but resemble moving roads. If the entire stream is in order, crackers are difficult to disturb the traffic. I dream such a fantastic city.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Jobs in future: peer trainer

Recently, a topic of jobs in future is often discussed. Many opinions regarding this issue are pessimistic: most job opportunities will be robbed by robots.

On the other hand, there are some ideas imagining happy future. Even if many tasks are automated, there will still be some particular jobs. In addition, IT revolution will create more jobs than those to vanish. Remote-controlled vehicle operators and online chaperones are hopeful, according to the article below.

The Guardian: Is this the future of work? Scientists predict which jobs will still be open to humans in 2035

Previously, I guessed that food and sex industry, as well as education, will be requiring human resource regardless of the development of technology. This idea has not changed in me.

My past entry: Every jobs vanish

Also, peer trainer will be expected for a job in future. Nowadays, limited people can employ an administrative assistant. Some people have a gorgeous credit card with an ambassador service. And other people, including me, utilize Siri instead of a human secretary.

However, in the future, fewer people will be able to get an ordinary job. Most have no opportunity to be employed by a company. Instead, they will seek for a particular patron, in my opinion. They will never be a professional butler, but have some special knowledge about some specific region, such as rock music, baseball, or computer games. And there are some people who are willing to learn something about it. They will employ a personal mentor for a low cost. Peer trainers have an advantage on their method to widen their knowledge different from professionals. Knowledge exchange will occur, perhaps via the internet.

In the future, it is no doubt that most people will need not work. It is substantially impressive. We expect the future.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Family is not responsible for the accident caused by demented person:Japan Supreme Court

Previously, I wrote a lawsuit case of dementia.

A senior citizen entered a railway to be hit by the train. Surprisingly, the railway company sued the family of the individual for interfering the traffic.

The Court decided that family members were responsible for preventing the demented person from causing damage to the railway company. The amount of compensation fee reached 30,000 USD, halved by the High Court from the initial decision of the District Court.

The family appealed to the Supreme Court because the High Court also admit the responsibility of the family. And recently, the Supreme Court judged that they were not liable to this accident. Thus, this conflict terminated as the defeat of the railway company.

I guess many clinicians approve this decision of the Supreme Court. I also admit it. The decision of the Supreme Court is powerful as if it is an established legislation. If the Supreme Court had admitted the responsibility of the family, most families of demented person would have been fearful of being sued by railway companies or other public transportation. It is not rare in Japan for patients with dementia to be victimized in a traffic accident. To prevent such incidents completely, families have to restrict the person with dementia for 24 hours. In this case, families would be sued for violation of the human right of the person with dementia.

In Japan, millions of people are suffering from dementia. Some of them have uncontrollable behavioral symptoms in addition to cognitive impairment. Similar cases will occasionally occur, because population aging is inevitable in Japan.

Even in the case in which the family is considered to be liable to the accident, it is doubtful that the family member can really compensate the damage. Nowadays, some families do not have enough money to take care of their parents. It is feasible to blame such families on the accident which is hardly preventable.

Therefore, I think this court decision is not only valid but also practical. In Japan, we have to be tolerant to cases caused by demented people, on some occasion.