Monday, February 5, 2018

Health risk of smartphone is still uncertain

Everyone knows that mobile phones make the electromagnetic wave. But is it harmful to you? It is not easy to answer this question.

The adverse effect of the electromagnetic wave itself is still unclear. It is likely that some people are sensitive to the electromagnetic wave. But the threshold of the intensity to be harmful is under discussion.

Furthermore, the intensity of the electromagnetic wave caused by a smartphone is minimal. It is impossible to generate cancer by single use of a smartphone cause your cancer.

However, we use a smartphone every day. A minimal risk might be critical if exposed thousands of times.

After all, a longitudinal observational experiment is required to calculate the exact risk of cancer by smartphone. Fortunately, there is still an absence of the evidence your smartphone will do damage to your brain.

SPH Websites: Mobile phones are still safe for humans, researchers say

We should be aware of the risk that your smartphone or other electric devices are proven as harmful to your health. But, I guess there is little possibility of such future. In the modern society, there are various risks in daily life. Avoiding a particular thing is not important rather than making your life balanced.

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