Monday, August 31, 2015

Sequels in August 2015

Finally I left the flat, to return to Japan.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Age of Ultron, a potential future

I saw this movie in the cinema with English language and Japanese subtitles. The 3D vision was splendid.

Monday, August 24, 2015
Seven things I want to do after returning to Japan

At first, I ate tonkotsu ramen, and bought a textbook of internal medicine. For other things I am planning what to accomplish.

Saturday, August 15, 2015
X-Men: Days of Future Past - Rogue Cut, charming but redundant

I bought a blue-ray disc of this title in the Japanese version. In the Rogue Cut version, another voice actress played the role of Mystique in Japanese, modified from Ayame Goriki, the original actress in the film. Goriki was criticized for her poor performance. I have not tried the new one, but I felt Goriki was not so terrible.

Friday, August 14, 2015
Blast in Tianjin injured over 700 people

As far as I know, a dominant cause of the enhanced burst seems that spraying water to some chemicals stored in the factory led to an undesirable reaction. If so, it should be attributed to the lack of knowledge in the firefighters. It is also possible that chemicals were kept in the factory inappropriately. More than 100 people have been killed in this accident.

Monday, August 17, 2015
Abe presented a statement of 70th anniversary of the WWII

Abe's presentation seems having successful. In the domestic side, it was considerably well accepted. Furthermore, I feel China and South Korea are not condemning this speech so harshly.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015
Forced feeding against hunger strike in Israel

There is a case being adapted to the legislation of forced feeding. It is uncertain other protesters will also be to subjected one after another.

Palestinian hunger strike tests Israel force-feeding law

Sunday, August 2, 2015
Windows 10 has come, but not to mine

I updated my note PC to Windows 10. And I am facing many troubles. The performance of Windows 10 is terrible. I do not recommend you to use it, at least with the upgrading OS.

Saturday, August 1, 2015
Debris likely to be of the missing Malaysia aircraft was found

It is still uncertain that the debris are the part of missing aircraft exactly. It seems more time will be needed to make a conclusion of this mysterious tragedy.

Inquisitr: Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: Found wing part only deepens mystery of missing plane

Sunday, August 30, 2015

London as the most expensive public transport city?

Transportation fare is a troublesome issue in our daily life. It is essential, but all we are willing to cut the cost of moving. Recently, when I saw a movie in the cinema, the transportation fare was more expensive than the cost of movie ticket itself, though the transit time was no more fun.

So, where is the most costly place to move? According to research, it is London.

The Independent: London has the most expensive public transport in the world, claims research

According to the research presented by Tessa Jowell, a politician aiming at the Mayor of London, it costs 5.10 GBP to ride a tube for the longest distance in London. It is at least twice as expensive as those of other major cities such as Paris and New York.

Jowell is concerned about this issue. She intends to introduce a flat Tube fare of 2.3 GBP on weekends.

Since I could not find the report, it is unsure whether the international comparison in transportation cost is precisely conducted. I think there are a couple of elements to be added to consideration of this issue.

First, some Londoners do not use Tube as a dominant transportation. Many buses are available to move in London city, and it costs only 1.5 GBP for a single ride regardless of the distance. I believe it is cheaper than that in Tokyo.

Second, the prices are very high in London. The pound is still strong in recent years. The Foreign exchange should be taken into consideration in the international comparison.

Third, the undesirable situation of public transportation in London is originated from excessive concentration of population and aged infrastructure. Reducing the fare will result in the worsening of the traffic congestion.

In conclusion, the claim of Jowell seems a little arbitrary. It is not easy to assess exactly the status of transportation of a city.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics, a standard for clinical medicine

Do you know the Washington Manual? If you are a physician and the answer is no, you need a little more learning about medicine.

The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics is an encyclopedia of clinical medicine. It has over 60 years history, and the newest version is 34th edition composed of 1,168 pages. It was translated into Japanese 13 times. The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics Kindle Edition

The Washington Manual contains many medical condition such as fever, pain, hypertension, and so forth. In each section, definition, etiology, epidemiology, and therapeutic strategy are described in detail with a large amount of clinical evidence. Whenever you wonder how to treat a patient with some symptoms, the answer that is deemed as the standard based on newest evidence will be found in this book.

This manual is not only authorized but also entirely practical. The therapeutic dose of medical drugs is also written. In an emergency room, it will be a reliable ally of you as if a senior physician is beside you.

I bought this book when I was a resident doctor, and read it partially. But more than a decade, I have failed to update my knowledge of internal medicine. In this opportunity, I decided to look through this book again. I will read one section of this book every day.

The newest 34th edition is available also in Japanese, but the Kindle version is offered only in English one, so I chose it. It is too heavy for me to carry this book every time. It is disappointing that only few academic books are available in the Kindle edition in Japan. I think this kind of books is suitable to Kindle.

Furthermore, I hope I could get a revised version for free, as same as some computer software. The Washington Manual is not cheap even with considering its rich contents.

Friday, August 28, 2015

The mystery of British-style curry

I had had a question about British cuisine before going to London.

Nowadays, curry is one of typical Japanese cuisine. As I wrote repeatedly, I like curry very much. There are many curry restaurants in Japan. While some of them offer Indian-style curry, others provide so-called Japanese-style curry. It tastes mild and rather sweet. Japanese-style curry contain rich flour so that it can match with Japonica rice well.

My past entry: Curry!

I heard that Japanese-style curry is originated from the UK. British people met curry for the first time when they reached India in the 1700s. However, they felt difficult to mix several Indian spices to make a delicious curry. Then Crosse & Blackwell (C&B) succeeded to develop a curry powder, a pack of mixed spices, so that everyone could cook curry with ease.

I utilized some curry sauce to cook curry in the UK, as I wrote. Also in Japan, many kinds of curry powder are available. And some restaurants offer curry with rice as named "British-style curry."

My past entry: Three cheaper foods in the UK than in Japan

Therefore, I wondered Japanese-style curry was served in the UK as British-style curry.

I checked several restaurants to answer my question. But the result was negative.

Indeed, many restaurants in the UK offered curry with rice. But most of them were Indian-style, more watery and spicy than Japanese one. They seemed not contain flour. In the menu, they wrote "Indian curry." Rather, curry offered in Chinese restaurants is similar to Japanese one.

My past entry: Chinese Buffet in London

I was noticed that so-called British-style curry does not exist, as a conclusion. It may be a term named by a Japanese chef respecting British people to have introduced curry to Western countries.

However,  I think "Indian curry" is considerably different from original Indian cuisine. It was a little milder. British people do not like spicy taste so much. Thai restaurants in the central London offer milder dishes as well.

Now, I am in Japan. I will eat curry identified as "Japanese-style."


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Survivor's fear to be succeeded to offspring

We are living with being influenced by the environment surrounding us. Harsh experiences may make us irritable, and after continuous threatening we can be timid. Then, are these changes succeeded to our offspring?

Recently, researchers in New York published an interesting result about Holocaust survivors. They compared some genes in survivors themselves, their offspring, and controls who did not experience Holocaust directly. They found some common modification of genes were emerged in exposed parents as well in their offspring, which were suspected to cause vulnerability to stress. They concluded that trauma inflicted in their childhood could be inherited to their offspring genetically.

Biological Psychiatry:Holocaust exposure induced intergenerational effects on FKBP5 methylation

This study is surprising. Gene-environmental interaction is still developing an area of research, and it has been doubtful that parents' experiences affect their children through a genetic mechanism. If the present result is correct, the "nature vs. nurture" debate will approach the next stage. Since some preceding studies using an animal model support this result, this hypothesis seems feasible.

The Guardian: Study of Holocaust survivors finds trauma passed on to children's genes

Indeed, we are inherently cautious, or indifferent, to some types of dangers. Human babies do not fear to the fire, different from other species. If it is a result of evolution, the contrary is also possible.

Unfortunately, the present study has an only small sample size. Considering the difficulty of recruiting the proper participants, gathering 32 Jewish survivors is amazing. Nonetheless, the broader investigation is needed to prove the exact effect of specific events experienced by the parents on the genes of their offspring.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Age of Ultron, a potential future

I watched "Avengers: The Age of Ultron" on a plane to Japan.

This movie is a sequel to The Avengers published in 2012. In this film, heroes in Marvel Comics such as Captain America, Ironman, Hulk, and Thor fought for the threat from another world.

At the beginning of The Age of Ultron, the Avengers got a mysterious staff of Loki from Hydra, a dark alliance composed of ex-Nazis members. In an institution of Hydra, they encountered a couple of humans with a special ability. They are Pietro and Wanda, originated from the Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in the X-Men series. But they are not mutants but humans genetically modified after birth.

My past entry: Avengers, the weaknesses of heroes

The previous battle traumatized some members of the Avengers. Especially, Ironman thought there was something lack of protecting the earth from external threats. He begged Hulk to be cooperative for the utilization of Ultron, or the development of a super Artificial Intelligence (AI), using Loki's staff.

However, Ultron, as soon as acquiring his own will, had the intention to extinguish human being as a threat to the earth. It destroyed the main computer of the labo, and produced numerous copies on the internet. The Avengers had to fight with Ultron for the future of the earth.

The theme of this film is quite suggestive. As some people such as Elon Musk are warning about the AI, it can be a direct threat to human, not only in getting rid of jobs but also being opposing to human. The necessity of ethical consideration is suggested.

My past entry: Will Artificial Intelligence overwhelm human being?

Genius people such as Ironman deem such discussion as a waste of time. Actually, Ironman decided not to talk about his project to other members than Hulk because he wanted to avoid killing time. Indeed, the democratic discussion often causes too conservative conclusion. I understand that he disliked explaining his intention in advance.

In this sense, the story of this movie is considerably real. On the other hand, Ultron as the villain seems too weak to match the Avengers. It is merely a product of Ironman. Thanos, who was expected as the grand enemy, was not seen except in the preview of the next work.

It was difficult to understand the meaning of some scene in this film because they were deeply connected to other works in Marvel series. I do not recommend you to watch it if you are not familiar with Marvel.

Personal Rating: 3 (fair)


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

North Korea declared quasi-state of war

While ISIS attracts more public attention recently, the threat of North Korea is still serious.

Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, declared "quasi-state of war," soon after its troop shot gunfire to South Korea on Aug 20th, 2015. It demanded the abandonment of anti-Pyongyang propaganda. South Korea responded with a dozen of artillery round across the border.

The Star: North Korea declares ‘quasi-state of war’ after exchange of fire with South Korea

South Korea was not willing to accept the request of North Korea. Park Geun-Hye, President of South Korea, said that propaganda broadcasts at North Korea would continue unless Pyongyang apologises for injuring two soldiers with a land mine attack, which Pyongyang denies.

BT: Propaganda broadcasts to continue unless North Korea apologises for attack

Meanwhile, the negotiators of the both sides resumed the talk on 23rd. North Korea seems provocative with moving more artillery forces to the front line, according to the South Korea. They have not reached an agreement for loosing the tension.

The New York Times: North Korea Moves Forces Amid Talks With South

I think North Korea is not so foolish to begin actual military action against South Korea. If North do so, it is no doubt that the US, a strong ally of South Korea, will respond, causing critical damage to North.

On the other hand, South Korea is also in a challenging position. It is eager to keep a friendly relationship both to China and the US. However, China and the US is competing each other. If South Korea lose the support of the US, it will be in peril in terms of the confrontation against North Korea.

My past entry: US ambassador injured in South Korea

The tension between the two nations will continue for a while. I guess the both sides will not take the risk to resolve the situation.

*Sequel on Aug 25, 2015
The negotiators reached an agreement that North Korea would express a regret for the damage of Korean soldiers and cancel the declaration of quasi-state of war, and South Korea would stop the anti-Pyongyang propaganda.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Seven things I want to do after returning to Japan

Many experiences in the UK made me change myself. I realized several important things through the British life. Now I am on the trip to return to Japan. I have decided seven things to do after returning home.

1. Eat tonkotsu ramen
As I was surprised, what I missed the most in the UK was tonkotsu ramen (Chinese noodles with oily soup made from pork bones and several vegetables). I often had a dream of eating tonkotsu ramen. Also in London, there are a few restaurants offering tonkotsu ramen, but they are crowded and costs expensive. I will eat tonkotsu ramen as the first meal after landing Japan.

2. Relearn medical science
I recognized that my knowledge is very limited not only in psychiatry but also general medicine. I have to improve my skills as a physician. Medical science is progressing day after day. I will catch up on my knowledge and skills in medicine.

3. Start regular exercise
In the UK, I caught a cold some times. I had a terrible headache. I feel my stamina is poor. Regular exercise is essential to maintain the physical health, especially when having gotten older. It is so challenging that I have failed to make exercise a habit several times. But I have to try again for my future.

4. Learn Chinese language
Nowadays, many Chinese are seen in all over the world. And Chinese language is commonly used as well as English. I decided to learn Chinese in addition to English. Also, I am fascinated in Taiwan. It is my dream to stay in Taiwan some day.

5. Grow some herbs
I am interested in private gardening. I did not like British vegetables, unfortunately. Someday I want to grow herbs on my own. I have no space to grow big plants in my home. I am considering to grow some small vegetables such as radish or sprout at first.

6. Play Archipelago with peers
I fancied Archipelago, a board game, so much that I purchased it in the UK. I would like to play it also in Japan.

My past entry: Archipelago, an excellent semi-collaborative board game

7. Teach what I have learned to my colleagues
My experience is not mine. They should be shared. I have a duty to tell them to everyone who are want to know them. The more I teach, the more my understanding will be improved.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Tsipras resign to election

Alexis Tsipras, Prime Minister of Greece, resigned on Aug 20th, 2015.

He asked for the earliest possible election date to the President Prokopis Pavlopoulos. He referred to his responsibility to be judged by the citizens against his policy.

Reuters: Tsipras resigns, paving way for snap Greek election

Syriza ruled by Tsipras won the latest general election, promising anti-austerity. However, Tsipras had to accept the bailout offer by the EU with strict austerity including pension cut and raised VAT. As a result of his decision, Greece could avoid the crisis of the default, at least temporally.

BBC: Greece crisis: PM Alexis Tsipras quits and calls early polls

His intention of resignation seems not to call for the evaluation of his policy. Not a few politicians in Syriza opposed him in the debate whether accepting the bailout program. There is no doubt that Tsipras is willing to wipe them out from the parliament.

My past entry: Syriza's agony to the recovery of Greece

The media predicted his move. And I think Syriza will win, even if some seat would be lost. Since opposite New Democracy Party has also proceeded the austerity., voters will have no choice. Tsipras seems much clever and tricky than was looked at a glance.

My past entry: Greece to default by the silly referendum

The next general election will stabilize the political power of Syriza. However, we should not forget the fact the election costs a considerable amount of money. Tsipras will still be in a difficult position.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Three things annoying me in UK

Staying in the UK was a wonderful experience for me. However, it was of course not perfect. There were a few troubles in my daily life during this year.

Actually, I had to leave the UK temporally for a personal reason. It was a horrible incident. Beside it, I had three issues each of which demanded my patience.

1. Gloomy weather
As you know, most of the days in the UK were cloudy. Occasionally I saw the blue sky, but it is rare it was shiny all the day. The day sky made me depressive.

My past entry: London sky and landscape

2. Dusty house
Many British houses were made long years ago. One of my ex-colleague living in the UK is in a house made a century ago. My flat was not an exception. When decided to live here, I had to clean the rooms entirely. It took a whole day. In addition, the landlords in London are arrogant in general because the land cost is getting increasing. In my case, the estate agent was terrible. It misunderstood me as if I had failed to pay the tenancy and sent me a threatening mail of the legal action. I strongly recommend you not to trust the agent but seek a trustworthy landlord on your foot and eyes.

My past entry: Seeking house in London (1)

3. Troublesome bills
Matter of money is almost annoying. In London, I experienced some troubles about the payment. Officials in the British Council was quite disgusting. Although I was to be exempted from the council tax, they sent me the bill again and again. In spite I repeatedly explained my situation to the council, they were not willing to accept my explanation. An Electricity company also tried to get additional money from me, adding the gas fee to the bill that I had already paid.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Choosing a laptop for business

My Let's Note AX2 is getting old to be replaced in the near future. So, I am considering to buy a new laptop.

My past entry: New PC with WIN8 by Panasonic (1)

Nowadays, there are many laptop PCs available produced by several companies. You may wonder which is the best choice.

I have purchased some laptop PCs since growing up. The first laptop I bought was Let's Note by Panasonic. To be honest, I have scarce experience of using other laptops than Panasonic's products.

Let's Note series have some advantages: they are tough, equipping long-lasting battery, and very light. However, they are expensive. The newest model costs around 200 USD. In addition, the quality of the display is not good so much.

Let's Note is popular in Japan, especially in business person. When I attend an academic conference in Japan, I frequently see people using Let's Note. Panasonic seems not to provide laptops to foreign market. I cannot see Let's Note on the US and UK site.

Apple MacBook is also very popular, both in Japan and other countries. The advantage of Apple's products is their sophisticated design. The newest Macbook equips only one Type-C USB connector as an external interface. Instead, it is quite slim and light.

For Windows users, Mac OS is a little difficult to manage for a while. Compatibility between Mac and Windows machine is also problematic. You can utilize Bootcamp or Parallels Desktop for Mac, a software to enable Windows working on the Mac.

As cheaper ones, products by Acer, ASUS, and other companies are also often chosen. They cost only as half or a third as a flagship machine such as Let's Note or Macbook. You should be cautious that the mortality of this machines is short, because most developers tend to release new software that requires higher spec of a machine one after another. In my opinion, a flagship machine survives two or three years, while a low-cost machine keeps its performance only for one year. Thus, the annual cost is not so different each other.

There are some elements you should consider in choosing a laptop PC. Size and weight are decisive. I choose one with less than 13.3 inches and 1.4 kg as a mobile machine. The display is also important. I think my new machine should have at least full HD definition. The more the battery is strong, the more you can use it outdoor with comfort. Solid State Drive (SSD) is essential.

I am indifferent to the CPU power and the graphic board in choosing a business PC. I use a desktop PC when running a burdening task.

Touch panel is not important if you are mainly engaged in document writing. However, touch panel is perhaps less vulnerable compared to normal display. The monitor is the most fragile part of a laptop.

You have to remember that there is no PC which meet all elements with satisfactory level, unless you compromise the cost. Determining which element can be sacrificed is the core in choosing a laptop.

Now, I am wondering in some candidates. Let's Note, Macbook, or VAIO, otherwise a cheaper laptop will be selected, perhaps.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Digital use, child development, and false science

Whether the internet use and computer gaming are harmful to the growth of children has been repeatedly debated. Susan Greenfield is one of the persons who claim the potential harm of such new technologies.

In her book, "Mind Change: How Digital Technologies Are Leaving Their Mark on Our Brains," she seems to have presented several hypotheses that the internet use and computer gaming would change children's brain adversely. I have not read this book yet, but according to an editor of British Medical Journal, it does not deserve to be tried.

The BMJ: The debate over digital technology and young people

The author criticized Greenfield's book directly, which is not so frequent in an editorial. Susan took typical mistakes such as confusion between correlation and causation and giving undue weight to anecdote and poor-quality studies, according to the author. And she is considered not have published a paper in peer-reviewed journals about this topic. It is common in doubtful science writers.

Medical Daily: Digital Technology Is Not As Harmful For Kids As It Is Made To Seem, According To Scientists

After all, the conclusion of the author is that her claims are not based on the evidence. The author is not the only person criticizing her for the lack of the evidence, although she insists that there are all of evidence included in her book.

The Independent: Susan Greenfield: After the science, the fiction

As I have not read her book, I cannot judge her claims properly. Nonetheless, one of her claims that excessive use of digital technology can change your children into autism is ridiculous. It is widely recognized that autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder, not a result of maltreatment of the parents. Many false scientists believe such idea, also in Japan, and are eager to mislead parents of autistic children.

It is unfortunate that the editorial itself is also doubtful to have been peer-reviewed in a strict way. As far as my understanding, it seems rational and flawless.

In this editorial, some issues are also mentioned such as cyberbullying and computer gaming with violent scenes. These topics should be further investigated. In addition, it is noteworthy that excessive use of the internet is likely to be harmful in the sense of a shortage of physical exercise. It is substantially apart from the adverse effect of digital technology.

By the way, I have read another book about this issue. In Harvard University, research with a large sample size was conducted to identify the influence of computer gaming to children. As a result, children could recognize that the game was a fiction, different from military persons who played the gun simulator as a virtual reality. I think this study is rather trustworthy. Grand Theft Childhood: The Surprising Truth About Violent Video Games and What Parents Can Do

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A questionable verdict for a mentally disordered offender

Recently, a man who committed attempted homicide was sentenced to imprisonment in Pennsylvania. It was strange that he was severely mentally ill when the offense occurred.

Many developed countries have established a special legislation to deal with mentally disordered offenders. People who committed a serious harm due to their psychiatric status are to be hospitalized involuntarily to treat their clinical symptoms so that they would have no more incorrect belief or aggression that can cause offense. This treatment procedure is believed to reduce the future risk of recidivism.

Also in Pennsylvania, a person found guilty but mentally ill shall be provided treatment, according to state law. However, this legislation is adaptable only being consistent with available resources.

In the issued case, there was no psychiatric hospital being able to accept the offender. Therefore, the Common Pleas Judge Donna Jo McDaniel, admitting the lack of proper facilities, had to make an imprisonment sentence. The defendant will serve a mandatory minimum term of ten years, based on the state law.

Post-Gazette: Treatment unavailable for man found guilty but mentally ill

This verdict has two major problems. First, providing appropriate treatment for mentally disordered offenders is a duty of the state, or at least public responsibility, because no other individuals can commit this matter. The fact that medical care was not provided in spite of the state law suggests the laziness of state government.

Second, prison is not an alternative to hospital. There are differences between two facilities even if some people with similar characteristics are detained. The correctional power of prison against mentally disordered offenders is limited. This man is likely to re-offend after the release if he is not properly treated. And it will cause a great loss for the community.

In Japan, a similar discussion occurred in the initial term of enforcement of the Medical Treatment and Supervision Act. There were scarce inpatient facilities and specialists worried about the shortage of the forensic beds. Several months after the enforcement, this worry gradually vanished along the opening of new forensic wards. The Japanese government, fortunately, avoided the risk not to adhere the law.

The US is one of the developed countries that have high crime rate. Therefore, it equips strict and sophisticated legislation for offenders. But it seems there is considerable variety in the quality of care for mentally disordered offenders. I hope the situation will be improved soon.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cooking in London (3) Vegetable

Cooking in London (1) Meats

Cooking in London (2) Fish

It is surprising that there are many differences between the UK and Japan in the quality of vegetable. As a whole impression, vegetables in the UK taste flat.

Better in the UK: mushroom
I like a British brown mushroom. It tastes rich, apparently greater than the Japanese one. There is a variation in the shape. The Bigger one is fit for meat filling, but I like smaller one better. White mushroom is easily available also in Japan. I occasionally saw some other types of mushroom, such as Shitake and Shimeji. But Mushroom was so good that I seldom tried other ones.

Similar: carrot, potato
They taste similar to Japanese ones. In general, strict "use by" is printed in British vegetables. But, I did not obey the suggested deadline at all. Potatoes kept fresh in one or two weeks after the date.

Worse in the UK: cabbage, turnip, cucumber, onion
British cabbage was terrible. It was solid and hard. I could not eat it without stewing for an hour. Therefore, I always used lettuce as an alternative in a stir fry. Turnip was terribly bitter. The cucumber was not bad, but inferior to a Japanese one. It was too big. Round onion is good, but salad onion has only a small part of white area to eat.

I understood why British people are fond of stewing. The vegetables are too solid to be fried properly. I miss Japanese vegetables.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Abe presented a statement of 70th anniversary of the WWII

August 15th is the day WWII ended. In 1945, Japan accepted Potsdam declaration to surrender itself to the allied powers.

On this day, several events are held in Japan, officially and unofficially. Especially, this year is the 70th anniversary of ending of the WWII. So, Prime Minister was expected to publish a statement. And the contents and ways of describing the war by Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan was focused.

It is well known that Abe is eager to reinterpret the history of Japan. Thus, he is attempting to change the trend that Japan is continuously express the apology of having committed the war crime. According to the domestic media, Abe wanted to express his own opinion forthright at the stage of making the script of the speech.

However, Komeito Party, the coalitional partner of ruling Liberal Democratic Party, suggested remaining the previous stance of expressing an apology, not to stimulate China and South Korea adversely.

Accepting this advice, Abe decided to adopt the four key words that were repeatedly used in previous speeches; aggression, colonial rule, deep remorse, and heartfelt apology. In addition, he referred to the fact that the human rights of local women were violated. This description reminded us of comfort women.

On the other hand, Abe stated that "We must not let our children, grandchildren, and even further generations to come, who have nothing to do with the war, be predestined to apologize." This statement represents Abe's strong will to let Japanese overcome the trauma of the war. But it does not mean Japanese may forget the history. He continued, "Even so, we Japanese, across generations, must squarely face history. We have a responsibility to inherit the past, in all humbleness, and pass it on to the future."

In my opinion, Abe's speech is rather good. He suppressed his own desire to avoid the risk of worsening the international relationship with neighbor countries. I think he is right in the sense that our descendants need not make an apology about the WWII, as well as that I do not want young Americans to make an apology about having used atomic bombs against Japan.

China and South Korea expressed doubt against Japan's attitude. It is not surprising because they have a reason to challenge Japan. If Abe had not used the word "apology," they would have been much more aggressive.

It is difficult to interpret the history accurately. Abe also said that the definition of aggression was to be left to historians. Anyway, it is no doubt that we should not make another war as a resolution of conflicts.


Sunday, August 16, 2015

The seven unforgettable experiences in London

My London life is going to end soon. Today, I remember the whole experience in London. There are lots of amazing events. These are the best seven narratives.

7th: Seeing a tennis tournament

I was so fortunate that I could see a legendary match of Nishikori and Federer directly. It was quite impressive. I hope both of them to be the champion.

My past entry: Nishikori challenge Federer in ATP finals

6th: Afternoon tea party

I experienced several afternoon teas in some nice cafes and hotels. It was a precious time. My best cafe is "Cafe Royal." Both tea and meals were good, and not so expensive.

My past entry: Afternoon Tea in London

5th: Seeing musicals and plays

London is a city of theater. I saw some musicals an plays. It was a splendid experience to sit on the box seat. The most impressive title I saw is "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time."

My past entry: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, novel and play (2)

4th: London meal

I noticed London meal was not bad. I visited several restaurant, and the best of best was "Five Field." Cooking on my own is also good.

My past entry: Cooking in London (1) Meats

3rd: Board Game activity

Playing games is one of my hobbies. But I have rare opportunity to play an offline board game in Japan. There are lots of events of board gaming party in London. I bought Archipelago because it fascinated me a lot.

My past entry: Board game club activity in London

2nd: Study of forensic mental health

Of course, the purpose of staying London was to study about forensic mental health. I am not sure I have learned adequately. But, it is certain that I would have failed to learn many things if I had not visited here. I am thankful to the support of the staff of IoPPN.

My past entry: Going to Institute of Psychiatry

1st: The referendum regarding the independence of Scotland

I was surprised to know that  a referendum could change the structure of a nation. And I was lucky to encounter this historic vote, with no direct risk of my daily life. This event made me consider the meaning of being a citizen.

My past entry: Scotland chose not to be independent for a while

Saturday, August 15, 2015

X-Men: Days of Future Past - Rogue Cut, charming but redundant

(Caution: This entry includes the core of the story.)

I watched "X-Men: Days of Future Past - Rogue Cut" on the DVD, recently. It is a so-called director's cut of the original film. X-Men: Days of Future Past - Rogue Cut [Blu-ray] [2014]

In the X-Men: Days of Future Past, Kitty, a mutant girl whose ability is sending the soul of Wolverine to the past, got wounded in the middle of the story. She endured the pain not to lose the control of her power.

My past entry: X-MEN days of future past: too much explanation and cancelation

In contrast, in the Rogue Cut, her damage was described as too serious to maintain the use of her power. Therefore, X-Men decided to rescue Rogue, who has a power to absorb other mutant's power, to substitute her.

Rogue was captured and frozen so that she could not escape or use her power. Iceman and Magneto entered the prison secretly to get her back. This scene is mirroring of the situation in the past young Magneto entered the Pentagon to get back his special helmet. Young and old Magnetos are both heroic.

Iceman was sacrificed due to the attack of Sentinels on the way to escape. But they had no time to be discouraged. Rogue touched Kitty to absorb her power in order to succeed her role. This scene is quite symbolic, because Rogue was an ex-lover of Iceman, and Kitty was the new lover. Rogue had to save her rival when the lover had passed away.

Honestly, if Rogue rejects to cooperate with Kitty, everyone will be killed by Sentinels. Instead, if this operation is successfully completed, everyone including Iceman will revive. Anyway, she has no choice, simply.

I think this edition is superior to the original one. I do not know the reason Rogue was deleted from the original film. Perhaps, the total length should have been shortened. I admit the inserted scenes are a little redundant. It is lucky to compare the both version on the DVD.

Personal Rating: 4 (good)


Friday, August 14, 2015

Blast in Tianjin injured over 700 people

There is a terrible accident in China. On Aug 13th, 2015, a zone of factories in Tianjin, China, was filled with a dreadful fire blast. It seemed an extensive explosion occurred all at sudden.

The Guardian: Huge blasts in Tianjin kill at least 17 and injure hundreds

(This image is not directly relevant to this entry.)

A tall pillar of fire was observed immediately after the blast. The magnitude of this accident was so great that the fire could be caught by a satellite photograph.

Mirror: China explosion: Dramatic satellite images show how enormous blast could be seen from SPACE

According to the official report, at least 50 persons were killed, and more than 700 people were injured due to this accident. However, the China government authority did not give the explanation of the cause of this accident.

Reuters: Huge blasts at Chinese port kill 50, injure more than 700

In China, industrial accidents are not so rare, unfortunately. It is a fate of rapidly developing countries. Also in Japan, several environmental pollution broke out in the late 20th century. However, this explosion seems too big to be understood as a simple event occurred in a chemical factory. There are several possibilities of the cause of this tragedy, far beyond my imagination.

With praying for the victims, I hope this accident will be fully investigated to clarify the exact figure soon.


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Google to Alphabet

Google, an internet giant decided to reform its structure as a company.

The Guardian: Google to restructure into new holding company called Alphabet

A new holding company, named "Alphabet," will keep the majority of the stock of Google and relevant subsidiary companies. Larry Page will become Alphabet’s CEO, Sergey Brin will be its president, and Eric Schmidt will be the executive chairman of Alphabet.

The new Google will be specialized to the internet service. Other projects, such as developing Google car and medical devices will be divided into each subsidiary company. "Alphabet" means a gathering of projects, reflecting the fact that Google has many contributions to several regions.

This scheme looks like Berkshire Hathaway, one of the biggest hold companies in the US. This restructure is expected to hasten the development of each project previously administered by Google.

The week: Google's Alphabet gamble: three reasons for the new structure

The market seems to accept the decision of Google positively. The stock price of Google was raised after the announcement.

However, the present reform is not entirely innovative. Considering the fact that gigantic companies are suffering from the dilemma of innovation, dividing whole organization into several independent divisions is a method that is often adopted.

Marketing Magazine: Google to Alphabet: smart move but not radical at all

I think Alphabet will become a typical conglomerate. And, Google will contribute to maintenance and improvement of current services rather than make a change in the whole industry. It is likely that innovations will be raised by other ventures in the future.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Donald Trump aiming at President

Recently, one name is frequently seen in a newspaper. He is Donald Trump, an American billionaire.

Trump was born in 1946 in a wealthy family. After grown up, he worked at his father's company. In the 1980s, he succeeded in managing estates to expand a fortune. He built a gigantic building composed of apartments and shopping malls in Manhattan, naming it "Trump Tower." In the 1990s, he suffered from economic depression, but revived and continued to buy many estates at several places in the US.

Surprisingly, Trump declared to be a candidate for the US president. He has been interested in politics. Actually, he floated the idea of running for president again and again, and gained the second support rate of the Republican Party, following Mitt Romney, in 2011.

Trump is well known for his arrogant attitude and provocative opinions against competitors. Previously, he made a doubt about the birth of Obama and requested a document certifying that he was an American. He seems to fascinate some people while igniting the rage of others.

The Independent: Republican debate: 5 graphs that show just how strongly people feel about Donald Trump

And now, he is approaching to the seat of President. In the latest TV debate show of Republican candidates, he was given the center position. It means he attracts public attention to a considerable extent. In this debate, however, he was relatively less aggressive, being attacked by other candidates, according to the media.

The Atlantic: Who Won the Republican Presidential Debate?

Indeed, Trump's ideology looks inconsistent. Financial Times (FT) wrote his volatile behavior makes it difficult for opponents to make a fruitful debate. FT suggests the scenario that Trump will be a third-party candidate if he is banned from the Republican Party. In this case, split votes of Republican supporters could ease the opposite Democratic Party, ironically.

Financial Times: Donald Trump, presidential hopeful 

As far as reading some media article, I cannot trust Trump as a politician. He looks superficial and thoughtless. At a glance, he resembles Toru Hashimoto, the mayor of Osaka city, in the aggressive taste of speech. The both were successful in the media exposure. Hashimoto lost his reputation due to mentioning taboo matters. Finally, his fundamental policy being declined by a referendum, he decided to quit the role as a politician.

My past entry: Mr. Hashimoto recommend soldiers to use sex industries: true meanings and meaningless

But Hashimoto had a consistent policy to challenge the traditional structure that had been interfering the economic growth. Regardless of his aggressive attitude, I respect him by means of his ideology. By contrast, I do not understand what Trump wants to do with his political power.

Mitt Romney, the previous opponent of Obama, was a little excessively inclined to neo-liberalism. And now, Obama is struggling to persuade Democratic Party for the conclusion of TPP. The current US seems to demand a more balanced leader.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Where is the original Manneken Pis?

Manneken Pis is a symbol of Belgian humor. It looks funny and a little embarrassing.

You can see similar statues anywhere in Brussels. Even a little girl pees there.

This famous statue is a replica, and the original Manneken Pis has been considered to be placed in the nearby Brussels Museum. But recently, researchers suggest a doubt about its legitimacy.

The Guardian: Fake pisstake? Scientists re-examine Belgium's celebrated Manneken Pis

The Telegraph: Would the real Manneken Pis please stand up?

In 1619, the Brussels authorities asked sculptor Jerome Du Quesnoy to make the statue of the small boy urinating. There are some hypotheses of its origin. One legend tells that Duke Godfrey III, only two-year-old then, urinated on enemy soldiers from a cradle hung on a tree. Another tale is that a boy extinguished a bomb set by a traitor using his urine. To be honest, I think the both are no more than a fairy tale.

Anyway, Manneken Pis was frequently stolen after its installation. For that reason, it is quite unsure whether the original is still surviving.

A recent X-ray survey showed that this statue included nickel, indicating it is a copy created in the 19th century. The more detailed investigation is planned.

It is interesting that newly established methods can identify when was the work performed. The ancient sculptures are hard to examine because of their vulnerability. Radiological assay is advantageous for its noninvasive means. I wonder if the Manneken Pis is original or not. Regardless of the conclusion, however, it will be attracting tourists' attention.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Airbus' supersonic aircraft and Concorde fallacy

Airbus, a famous aircraft manufacturer, is planning to develop a supersonic aircraft that can fly from London to New York in one hour.

The US Patent and Trademark Office approved a patent application from Airbus for a hypersonic jet. Many test flights conducted by the US Air Force and other military organizations have failed to achieve feasible performance in handling a supersonic aircraft so far. If Airbus realizes the new plane, it will be able to carry 20 passengers with Mach 5.

International Business Times: Airbus patents hypersonic jet that can travel from London to New York in just one hour

The US Air Force is expecting that manned supersonic aircraft can be ready by 2023. It will improve the military activity significantly through hasted transportation. However, there have been still several problems in the feasible utilization of supersonic aircraft such as safety matter and highly consumptive fuel.

International Business Times: US Air Force and Pentagon want hypersonic planes that can cross the globe in 4 hours by 2023

Supersonic aircraft itself is no more innovative technology. Concorde, the only supersonic airliner launched to the market so far, was originally developed in 1969. Commercial flights of Concorde were performed from 1976 to 2003. It could fly from London to New York by 3 hours. However, it could not achieve adequate sales due to the high cost and some external factors such as 9.11 terrorism. Finally, British Airways and Elle France decided to abandon Concorde.

The failure in the sense of marketing of Concorde had been promised since its initial process. However, the airline companies hesitated to withdraw its utilization, considering the investment already done. It led to expanding the loss as a result. Persisting with the sunk cost to delay the retreat is named as "Concorde fallacy."

Wikipedia: Sunk costs

If the supersonic aircraft is realized, it will take more than a decade before I can ride the plane that enable me to go to New York in one hour. I cannot wait for it.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Archipelago, an excellent semi-collaborative board game

Recently, I played Archipelago.

It is a multiplayer board game. The theme of this game is colonization of Archipelago, a series of islands. The players are to explore new areas, hire labors, harvest some kind of resources, and build towns and ports.

The rule book is available at the official site. And the list of evolution cards are available on BoardGameGeek.

BoardGameGeek: Archipelago Evolution cards

This explanation cam make you imagine Settlers of Catan. Indeed, it resembles Catan a little since each area is expressed with a hexagon tile. But the element of expedition gives Archipelago a wonderful experience which is not included in Catan.

The rule of Archipelago is quite complex. For example, the price of resources are variable according to the fertility of the market. There are two market: domestic and international. Each market has different price list of the resources. The population of Archipelago is gradually growing. You can get your labors only from surplus workers. Some events such as education and emigration can reduce surplus workers.

The most unique system of this game is the possibility of independence of Archipelago. If you cannot treat the native people properly, revel level will be increased. In addition, in almost every round, some kind of crisis about a certain resource will occur. If revolution is established, Archipelago will win the independence. In this case, all players will lose the game!

Furthermore, this game has variable condition of the game ending. Each player is given a hidden card in which the condition of the game end and a scoring factor. Thus, no one knows when the game will end exactly, unless the situation meets the criterion written in your card. There are some potential scoring factors: Building Churches, Expedition tokens, Money, and so on. You have to guess which factors are decisive, through looking through other players' behaviors.

This game is time consuming. There are three modes available for the time span, but I recommend you to adopt the long game. It will take 3-4 hours.

In the latest game, I got the third of five players. If I had built a few more structures, I would have won. It was a precious time, regardless of the result.

To be honest, Archipelago is too complex to enjoy entirely in a few games. I would like to play it again some day.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Tube strike again to delay night tube in London

Yesterday, Londoners encountered deadly strike again. All lines of the tube had been stopped for a day.

The Telegraph: Tube strike today: Travel updates on Thursday afternoon as union calls for pay to rise with house prices - LIVE

It is only a month ago we experienced a big strike the last time.

My past entry: Dreadful strike of London tube

One of the reasons for frequent tube strike is the plan of 24 hours tube as I introduced before. The workers insist that they cannot work for night time shift without raised wage and additional employees.

The Guardian: London night tube plan could be delayed as strike causes disruption

My past entry: 24 hours Tube coming in London

National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) demanded a meeting with Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, to negotiate this issue. But Johnson declined to take a seat, blaming RMT as threatening Londoners' daily life.

Confusion in the transportation is not limited to the tube. Uber, a newly launched application for smooth taxi reservation is criticized by black cab drivers. On the other hand, Uber expressed jealousy to the black cab for its privilege.

The Guardian: Tube strike: RMT demands urgent meeting with Boris Johnson – Thursday's updates

London is a crowded city. Also, its infrastructure is somehow old-fashioned. For these reasons, trouble in transportation can easily influence citizens' life indirectly. I was involved in a dreadful traffic jam when taking a bus.

My past entry: London City Mapper and transportation

It is relieving that Londoners are tolerant to the delay of public transportation. Several options are suggested to avoid an irritable congestion.

ITProPortal: What tube strike?! Why your office should be wherever you choose this week

I saw few people looked angry yesterday. They are accustomed to the crippled tube. It is understandable that they are surprised to the precise management of trains in Japan. If I were in Japan, several passengers would make a complaint with a loud voice. I am not sure we should say it is also an advantage of London.

Friday, August 7, 2015

The Phantom of the Opera again in London

I believe that persons who have not seen the musical of "The Phantom of the Opera" have loss of a few percent of their life. It is so splendid.

There is unlimited attractiveness in this musical. All songs are beautiful. The story is sweet and tragic. Many scenes are gorgeously decorated.

It is noteworthy that representative themes are repeatedly used in some key scenes. In the last of Act.1, Raoul and Christine sing "All I Ask of You" to confirm their tight bond of love. In contrast, Phantom calls for love to Christine with singing this song in the Act 2. But being rejected, he gets raged and kidnapped her, with the background music of "The Phantom of the Opera."

The last scene is incredible. Phantom to force Christine an ultimate decision, Raoul to abandon his life, and Christine to attempt to persuade Phantom, are singing a different song in harmony. "Angel of Music" by Christine and "Point of No Return" by Phantom is perfectly united. Heavenly beautiful!

My past entry: The thing without "Love Never Dies," with "The Phantom of the Opera"

I have seen this musical many times, and today is the second experience in London.

I visited Her Majesty Theatre some years ago for the first time when I attended an academic conference in London. The show at this time was also splendid. But an incident occurred in the last scene. The rope the Phantom used to hung Raoul was cut all at sudden. Raoul leaned on the grill instead of resisting hanging, looking funny.

Today's casts were all amazing. Phantom was attractive, Christine was extremely cute, and Raoul was bold and reliable.

There were some differences in the direction from that I saw the last time. Phantom frequently mourned, expressing his ingenious madness. He hesitated about cutting Raoul's rope with a candle, and pretend to burn Raoul repeatedly. To be honest, I felt this action was unnecessary.

The music was slightly faster than that I remembered. A chorus of very calm voice was added in the 3rd verse of "The Phantom of the Opera." It made this song mysterious much more.

I was utterly fascinated by this play. Someday, I would like to enjoy this great work again.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Puerto Rico is approaching default

Greece is not only one which is fighting with the risk of default.

In June, Alejandro García Padilla, the governor of Puerto Rico, announced that its financial status was in peril, referring the possibility to damage the creditors. And his worry seems not a delusion. Public Finance Corporation (PFC) of Puerto Rico could pay only 628,000 USD, instead of 58,000,000 USD as the amount of duty to the bondholders. It is considered as the security in default.

The Economist: Puerto Rico doesn’t have the money

The amount of debt Puerto Rico is burdened 72 billion USD, fourfold as that of Detroit bankrupted in 2013.

There are some reasons why the debt has expanded. Public spending is deemed excessive compared to its economic magnitude. Education cost in Puerto Rico was increased by 39% over the past decade, in spite school enrollment was not going well. Some suggest the influence of globalization. Recently, the government was suffering from relatively high wage and low productivity. These structural issues resemble Greek crisis.

Business Insider: Puerto Rico has triggered the biggest municipal default in US history

Puerto Rico is not subjected to the Chapter Nine bankruptcy code in the US. In addition, International Monetary Fund can not help Puerto Rico, because it is not a sovereign country. These facts mean that it is quite difficult for external powers to alleviate the confusion with the default.

Some US politicians are willing to support Puerto Rico. Not a few Americans bought the bond of Puerto Rico, being fascinated by its low tax rate. The collapse of Puerto Rico economy will cause a bitter effect on the finance in the US.

Even if the default is avoided, restoration of Puerto Rico will be challenging. Strict austerity will be warranted for normalization of its economic status. However, such a harsh policy will interfere its economic growth. This dilemma is also the same as the current situation in Greece.

Nowadays, the default is no more a rare incident for not only a company but also a nation. Once happened, it can make global influence. We should prepare for the risk with international collaboration. Regular monitoring of financial status and the establishment of proper intervention procedure are desired, although no one knows how to recover the economic status with safe.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Solanezumab, challenge to Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is one of representative illness that cause dementia. AD is now the 6th cause of death in the US. Many researchers have fought against AD for several decades.

However, the development of the drug against AD is still ongoing. Although there are some medicines to cover the symptoms of AD, substantial treatment is yet to be established.

Recent hypotheses focus on the amyloid beta that is peptides seen in the brain of AD patients. Amyloid beta is considered to be produced so excessively that normal neurons are destroyed. Erasing amyloid beta in the brain is possible to contribute to the cure of AD.

In recent years, some candidate of compounds to be the solution of this issue were examined. Among them, Solanezumab, developed by Eli Lilly, is expected to be effective in reducing amyloid beta in the brain.

Previously, Solanezumab did not show desirable outcome in clinical trials. In phase 3 trials of Solanezumab for mild to moderate AD, subjects failed to improve their cognitive function. Nonetheless, Eli Lilly thought the result still suggested a possibility of inhibiting progression of the disease with this drug.

A result of the subsequent cohort study was more positive. In this trial, all participants were prescribed Solanezumab regardless of the drug they took previously, Solanezumab or placebo. As a result, the group having taken Solanezumab continuously showed improved function compared to the group allocated to placebo in the previous study. It indicates that Solanezumab can not only alleviate the symptoms temporally but also suppress the progression of the disease.

The next trial is expected to be completed in next autumn. Relevant researchers and stakeholders of Eli Lilly seem optimistic about the outcome. In contrast, Financial Times is deliberate to expect a positive result, according to Nikkei's report.

In my opinion, it is unlikely that Solanezumab will perform splendid record, unfortunately. The interpretation of Eli Lilly for the results of previous studies is too affirmative. It seems approaching the core of AD, nonetheless. I hope a more innovative solution for this dreadful disease will be found soon.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Forced feeding against hunger strike in Israel

The Israeli government is introducing tube feeding to the prisoners who are conducting hunger strike.

In Israel, thousands of Palestinian prisoners have refused to take food for the purpose of protest against detention. The government submitted the bill to enable doctors to take forcible means in the case in which the prisoner's life is threatened. The bill has already approved by the parliament.

International Business Times: Israel approves force-feeding for Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike

Israeli Medical Association (IMA) is opposing the new law because forced feeding can be a torture against prisoners. It insists this legislation is violating the Patients' Rights Law and international medical ethics, and encourages practitioners not to be involved in this treatment.

On the other hand, Israeli justice minister Ayelet Shaked emphasizes that the duty of authorities to protect the prisoners' life. According to her, forced feeding is only a means to prevent the prisoners from suicide using hunger strike.

The statement of the Minister seems rational. Indeed, tube feeding, sometimes against the patient's will, is often used for patients with anorexia nervosa in a psychiatric hospital. Saving the life should be always prioritized in any situation.

I think there are three points of discussion. First, feeding can be painful if brutally adopted. It is possible that the doctor will torture prisoners in the shape of tube feeding. In this sense, I understand the worrying of IMA. The assessment of the prisoners' status and the procedure of forced feeding should be investigated in detail.

Second, the difference between a psychiatric hospital and administrative detention is crucial. In general, psychiatric patients are to be examined to assess their capacity. A second opinion is needed to treat incapable patients forcibly. There are strict regulations to protect their rights and dignity in many countries. In contrast, I am doubtful whether the administrative detention scheme equips fair and adequate procedure to examine each detainee.

Third, and the most important matter is the situation that many prisoners decide to conduct such a self-destructive means to protest their opinion. It is deeply linked to the political instability of Israel and surround regions.

The fact that Israeli government selected the form of a new law, instead of arbitrary management, to treat hunger strikers is admirable. I hope the conflict will be resolved so that no one would have to conduct hunger strike.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Mexicans won the World Cosplay Summit 2015

At the end of July, World Cosplay Summit was held in Nagoya. This event is the 13th from the beginning. The competitors came from a total of 24 countries and 2 regions.

The Mexican members got the champion with cosplay of the Legend of Zelda, a popular video game series produced by nintendo.

Forbes: Guess Who Won The World Cosplay Summit (Surprise, It's Not Japan)

Actually, costume play is now worldwide activity. In London, I watched an event of Japanese anime and comic festival. In this event many British and other people who enjoyed cosplay.

It is amazing that many works made in Japan are accepted in foreign countries. It is often argued about the tricky description of persons, especially young women, in Japanese animation and comics. Creators have to be concerned about the cultural discrepancy to let their works spread to all over the world. This trend suggests that anime and comics are no more subculture but one of real cultures as well as music and films.

My past entry: AKB48 mimicking child porn?

I heard Nagoya was struck by heatwave. I hope nobody had got sick on this event. Some kinds of costume are extremely sultry.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Windows 10 has come, but not to mine

Microsoft launched Windows 10, the newest operating system, on July 29th.

The system requirement of Windows 10 is the same as Windows 8 and 7. So, you can upgrade your PC whose operating system is Window 7 or 8, as a principle. However, 4 GB or more memory RAM is strongly recommended.

If you have already reserved the free upgrade of Windows 10, your machine will automatically download the necessary files. But it is uncertain when this process will begin, perhaps you are queuing on the list of downloading. You also can manually create an installation media with a USB memory stick or CD-ROM.

Microsoft is warning that manual installation is not for beginners, for it is possible some compatibility issues would occur.

Unfortunately, my note PC (Let's Note AX2) has no adequate free space of storage. So, I have to try it again after uninstalling some important software.

As far as reading media reports, the performance of Windows 10 is not so different from that we expected. The Start Button is revived, and Modern UI is alternated. The boot speed is as fast as Windows 8. Virtual Desktop seems attractive, which has been adopted in Mac OX and Linux.

ITProPortal: Windows 10: Our first impressions

As I wrote previously, Windows 10 symbolizes the cancellation of Windows 8. Its release can cause damage to Microsoft in terms of financial loss, but still essential to prevent more damage in the future. To be honest, I expect Window 10 only to perform as comparable to Windows 7.

My past entry: Windows 10 coming, not 9


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Debris likely to be of the missing Malaysia aircraft was found

You may remember the mysterious case of a missing airplane of MH370 occurred in March 2014,

My past entry: Missing case of Malaysian Flight MH370

The whole figure of this case is still under investigation. Recently, a large object considered to be a part of the airplane was found on Reunion Island.

American investigators have concluded that the debris came from Boeing 777. But, Malaysia Airlines is deliberate to identify that these objects as being composed of the missing aircraft.

The Australian government said that this wreckage, if identified as being from the issued aircraft, could enhance the authenticity of the hypothesis that it fell to the southern Indian Ocean.

Sydney Morning Herald: Debris on Reunion Island likely from MH370, US officials say

There are several hypotheses about this mysterious case. Some of them are out of the question, but others cannot be denied. This finding does not tell us the reason of crashing.

Sydney Morning Herald: MH370: Which conspiracy theories can be ruled in and out?

I think it is unlikely that the aircraft was shut down by the military of a certain nation, as far as reading these articles. The possibility of terrorism is also fanciful. The aircraft might encounter a trouble during mid-flight that crippled electric communication.

Anyway, survival of the passengers is desperate. All I can do is to pray for the victims and to hope the elucidation of what really happened.