Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sequels in February 2015

February 15, 2015
Apartheid suggestion by Ayako Sono cannot be accepted

There is no occurrence after this incident. I have heard. Sono has not retracted the article. She said having no intention to discriminate black people, so I want to believe her. Nonetheless, I think her statement is irrational for the reasons I wrote.

February 13, 2015
Multidimensional battle against ISIS

Battle against ISIS is getting fiercer. Several movement relating Muslim are emerging. In Austria, a new legislation to regulate foreign funding for the Islamic organization.

Reuters: Austria passes 'Law on Islam' banning foreign money for Muslim groups

ISIS released a plan to invade Rome. After seeing the warning by ISIS, some Italians ridiculed it with Twitter, such as "Take care of the traffic jam in Rome!" Is the Italian sense of humor like Japanese?

The New York Times: ISIS heads to Rome

February 11, 2015
Greek financial crisis

An extension of bailout for Greece was determined. It relieved Greece from the crisis of financial catastrophe, but the situation remains urgent.

The Guardian: Eurozone approves Greek deal, but creditors voice doubts - as it happened

February 1, 2015
AKB48 mimicking child porn?

Yasushi Akimoto, the producer of AKB48 sharply denied the rumor that AKB48 would make  a performance at the opening ceremony of the 2010 Tokyo Olympic. His real intention is uncertain, considering his talent and ambition.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Gun debate continue in college

There is a movement to permit equipping college campuses in the US with guns. A committee hearing on the bill for firearms is planned for March 2015.

Now, "Campus Carry Law" is being considered in 10 states. Lawmakers who are promoting it are expecting that this legislation will protect female students from the risk of being raped.

The Times of India: Guns for girls: US plan to fight campus rapes

To be honest, I am quite doubtful that they seriously believe guns can protect the women from sexual assaults. Even, generally speaking, it is quite questionable if possessing a gun will make you safe. Limited to a campus, I am convinced that this relaxation is an absurd idea.

Firstly, as written in this article, most of the perpetrators of rape in schools are a colleague of the victim. Many accidents occur in dormitories, not on a road. In such cases, it is unlikely that the woman has an opportunity to take a shot at the attacker.

Secondly, shooting a man can be an extremely serious burden for the shooter. Even if the girl could save her virginity with shooting, she will have to live with the fact that she took someone's life. Different from a case of an attempted murder, it is possible that the shooter would be also blamed. A gun is much too powerful to deal with this situation. A paralyzing stick would be enough, at least excepting for extraordinarily dangerous criminals. And, of course, such predators may snatch the gun.

Thirdly, firearms can increase the risk of fatal incidents. We are all so weak that we can lose temper easily. Especially, youths are sometimes reckless. It is possible that a silly quarrel suddenly becomes a murder case because of there is a gun in front of them.

Finally, exhibiting a firearm is prohibited even in a permitted area. But it is useless to hide the gun in your clothes. A gun is effective to prevent victimization only when it threatens the attacker. A man who can imagine the possibility that the victim conceals a gun under her clothes would never attempt to rape her. If possessing a gun is permitted to prevent crimes, the owner should be also allowed to show it to the public.

For these reasons, I never understand the idea to introduce firearms into the campus. There are few reasons to deem the campus a sanctuary. However, since it is now regulated, remaining the regulation forever is the best way not to increase the risk of shooting, as I wrote before. Fortunately, the majority of the professors and students seem rational, according to the media.

My past entry: Gun control and Nash equilibrium

State Representative Dennis K. Baxley said, "If you've got a person that's raped because you wouldn't let them carry a firearm to defend themselves, I think you're responsible." I dislike this type of sophism. If his thought would apply to himself, he were responsible to all of the crimes occurred even before since he became a lawmaker. Furthermore, it is possible a policy to save one person will cause more tragedies, ironically. There are some politicians who say things similar to him in Japan. I think that biased views are common to them.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Anger shortens your life: A research

Your parents may have told you that such a rage does damage on you. It is true, according to a study team in University of Sydney.

In this study, patients hospitalized for the treatment of myocardial infarction were asked if they had experienced some outrageous emotion before the occurrence of the cardiac event. As a result, persons who experienced a strong anger with body tense were proven to be likely to encounter a heart attack within 48 hours by 8.5 times than at a calm state.

Sydney Morning Herald: Extreme anger could trigger a heart attack, researchers find

We often see a scene in a novel or a movie that a man falls due to an acute heart failure immediately after getting angered. This result suggests that such a description is scientifically correct.

However, this result is not the first report showing the adverse effect of anger on the heart. Similar studies were published before, as the authors mentioned in this article. In addition, it is said historically that individuals with "type-A" personality (energetic and aggressive) have been at risk of vascular disease.

Wikipedia: Type A and Type B personality theory

It is unique in this study to have performed a cardiac angiography in all the patients in which some coronary occlusion occurred after the rage. It is not surprising because an intravascular examination and intervention are necessary for such patients to save their lives.

European Heart Journal, Acute Cardiovascular Care: Triggering of acute coronary occlusion by episodes of anger

Furthermore, this study referred the relationship between anxiety and cardiac event. Actually, anxiety was more strongly associated with following cardiac events. The authors remained deliberative to say something about the causal relationship, because it is known that some patients feel anxious before the coronary failure. If the anxiety causes cardiac failure, it might make us more anxious.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

You can eat high cholesterol food

The US government is going to amend its guidelines for a healthy diet.

Los Angeles Times: Cholesterol is back on the menu in new federal dietary guidelines

The US is suffering from obesity. As one-third of American people are obese, perhaps leading to the mortality of the citizens and a huge increase of the medical cost, the government is demanded to develop an urgent solution.

My past entry: World obesity map

The new guideline is reversing some standards which have been well spread. First of all, you need not be concerned to reduce the intake of cholesterol. According to the newest reports, oral intake of cholesterol has minimal influence on your blood cholesterol level which has a critical impact on your physical health. Strict diet is no more useful to control blood cholesterol level. Instead, in addition to adequate exercise as you know, the guideline recommend you to rely on medication.

Caffeine is a preferable ingredient for you. Surprisingly. You can take 3-5 cups of coffee in a day in order to reduce the risk of diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and even cardiovascular diseases. We have told the patients to avoid taking excessive caffeine not to burden their heart, haven't we?

It occasionally happens that conventional standards are completely overturned by newly results of research, especially in nutritional science. For example, pork had been deemed as relatively poor meat until late 20th century. Nowadays, pork is proven to include rich nutrients such as vitamin B1.

To be honest, I encounter some studies which seems not trustworthy in this region. The effect of diet is difficult to be examined precisely in human, because several factors can be confounding. In addition, there are innumerable persons who insist that they have developed an effective method of a healthy diet, especially aiming at slimming. Some of their theories are far from rational. Nutritional science is still challenging despite its long history.

My past entry: Pizza is blamed as expected

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Canadian lawmaker bothered by tight shorts

There was a strange incident in the Canadian parliament.

Pat Martin, a member of House of Commons was demanded to explain why he had left his seat during a vote. The reason he answered was that his underwear was too small.

He explained that he bought a series of briefs for half-price at a Hudson's Bay, a popular apparel commodity franchise in Canada. In the day he wore the brief, but it fitted too much for him, making a pain. So he had to go to the lavatory for a while, saying "leave my seat briefly."

Uncertain whether his joke made the chairman laugh, his leaving seems not blamed anymore. What a pastoral episode. If in Japan, the politician were perhaps criticized harshly by the media for leaving with such a silly condition.

A tight underwear is considered as a cause of internal diseases. The gum of the underwear fastens your waist so hard interfering the movement of the intestine. Some physicians recommend for women not wearing shorts.

In Japan, a very few people equip Fundoshi, a Japanese traditional underwear for men. It is also preferable not to harm your body, according to lovers. I have not tried it yet, but it had been popular in Japanese until the WWII.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Ninja academy in Japan

Japanese Ninja has been well known with an exotic and mysterious atmosphere. In manga and animation, Ninja is described as slim men in the black suit and a hood, with great dexterity and reflex. They use short blades and shurikens (throwing edges) to assassinate the target.

Even Japanese are not familiar with the nature of Ninja. Hanzo Hattori, Kotaro Fuma, and Sasuke Sarutobi are famous as great Ninja. But little is known about their behaviors. We are considerably influenced by famous fictions such as Ninja Hattori-kun  and Naruto, which must be far from the real figure of Ninja.

Ninja is not a professional warrior. The main mission of them is to acquire precise information of opponent clans. They disguised themselves as local people, and were engaged in spying. Circulating some rumors to agitate the citizens was also included in their activity.

Ninja is a fantastic being also for Japanese. Some people are curious to learn about Ninja. Their skills of sneaking and survival attract us, similar to alchemy.

In Mie University, a research project of Ninjutsu (way of Ninja) was begun in 2012. Iga, one of the hometown of Ninja, is placed in Mie prefecture. Ninjutsu has not been treated as an academic theme ever before. This project aims to clarify the true history of Ninja, as well as to promote the local culture. Unfortunately, this course of lectures are not introduced in the English website.

Mie University: Iga associated field Ninja culture conference (in Japanese)

Hundreds of people applied to the series of lecture. I think most of them are not serious to study Ninjutsu. They might be just curious. Nevertheless, this project is interesting.

The Sydney Morning Herald: Japanese university offers classes in ninja studies

By the way, Jinichi Kawakami is maybe the last living Ninja in Japan. He succeeded Koga-ryu Ninjutsu from his ancestor. He is one of the lecturers of the Ninjutsu course. I would like to listen to him once.

IT media: The core of Ninja is intelligence: the mission of the last Ninja in Japan (in Japanese) 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cooking in London (1) Meats

London is infamous for bad meals. Even Londoners admit this. One of my colleagues told me with laughing that he was sympathetic to me for my eating London meals.

Actually, there are many good restaurants in London as I wrote previously. I visited "The Five Field" recently. It was one of the supreme restaurants in the world I believe. The chef has visited Japan for learning Japanese cuisine.

My past entry: Cuisine in London

My past entry: Afterthat cuisine in London

By the way, I usually cook on my own. I am suffering from the high price of the UK. Going to the restaurant is a little luxury for me.

My past entry: Daily diet in London

On the other hand, foodstuffs available in the UK are considerably different to those in Japan. Understanding the difference is essential to make them into delicious meals. In this entry, I will introduce the meals in London.

You can get any kinds of meat in London. Beef, pork, chicken, and lamb are dominant. There are many Halal markets in London in which you can buy good meats except pork with low cost.

Of course, British beef is cheaper than Japanese Beef (Wagyu). It takes 5 BGP per kg at minimum. Unfortunately, it is hard and not fatty. I think its taste is inferior to American beef, needless to say about Wagyu. You have to boil it for a long time to eat. Otherwise, you would face a beef steak very hard to bite off.

In contrast, British pork is good. Shoulder loin is suitable to stew. Rib is fatty and tastes rich. I like pork the best in meats available in London.

Chicken is also good. Some Japanese claim Chicken is the best in London meats. I cooked Char siu from Chicken today, referring a website.

Cheap delicious recipes: The recipe of the most delicious Char siu bowl in the world (in Japanese)

The recipe was easy. All you have to do is to boil Chicken with soy sauce, green onion, and sliced ginger.

I enjoyed the Chicken bowl. Extremely delicious!

FYI, Char siu is usually made from pork. But the author of this blog recommended chicken.

Lam is also sweet. Perhaps, it is less expensive than in Japan. However, it has a strong smell, so you should be cautious in cooking.

In London, you can get turkey easily. Londoners seldom eat turkey except at the Christmas, according to my colleagues. But it is sold every day at a supermarket.

I cooked roasted turkey in last December. Taste not bad, but bothering in cutting.

The most disappointing thing is that thinly sliced meats are not available in London. I cannot eat Yakiniku, Shabu-shabu, or Sukiyaki.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Preparation to be 50 years old

Aging is an inevitable phenomenon for all human being. Though there are enormous tools emphasizing anti-aging effect, none of them can protect us from aging itself.

Since aging is a natural course of the life, it does not deserve to be fearful. A fifty years old man has his own lifestyle, as so 60 years old lady does.

Recently, I read an article about this topic. Some of the contents were interesting. In Japan, there are many books regarding "how to get old." Such books are published one after another, because the majority of the readers are middle aged in Japan. Compared to them, this article has some unique characteristics.

Huff Post: 9 Things You Should Have Done By The Time You're 50

1. Owned a matching set of big fluffy towels.
The top of this list is astonishing. Towels? Aha! That is true. A good towel improves your daily life. I have some my favorite towels in my home. However, towels is rapidly exhausted. Regular replacement is needed. To be afraid, it is possible that your favorite brand will no more exist when you are 50.

2. Burned your candles.
This is hardly understandable. Few Japanese equip candles, while many do not like candles because of the risk of fire. We burn candles only at a birthday party. I have an aroma candle given by my friend. I will burn it in the near future to enjoy the smell. This section may be symbolic that you have to drop old items before you get old.

3. Used your good china regularly.
As a Japanese, I have got some good china already. It is easy to accomplish it.

4. Preserved the photo albums and scrapbooks of your youth.
I do not agree with this. Indeed, they are helpful to remember the past, and to report the past to your descendants. But albums and scrapbooks are space-consuming. In Japan, it is a serious controversy whether such items should be dropped or not in an occasion of restructure.

5. Made peace with the past.
6. Found a best friend who you can call 24/7.
7. Learned how to enjoy things by yourself.
8. Been dazzled by a masterpiece.
9. Made a difference.
They are all rational. Each of them are often described in the books published in Japan. Rather, Japanese tend to be stacked with such spiritual thought.

Ten years have been left for me to be 50. How should I live in the term?

Friday, February 20, 2015

Modern style of meditation

Nowadays, meditation has been a boom in Western countries.

According to the media, meditation has been spread to executives. Since business executives tend to have a pragmatic thought, and most of them are extremely busy, it sounds strange that they are fond of staying for a while without any action, at a glance.


In fact, several studies suggest the effect of meditation to enhance your productivity and reduce your stress. There is a total of 3,413 articles extracted with the search word "meditation" in Pubmed, a popular database of medical articles, of which 1,513 articles were published in these five years. It suggests that meditation has been considered as a solution to medical problems.

Recently, the effect of meditation is examined using neuroscience technology. Individual difference in the patterns of brain activity during meditating is also explored.

My past entry: Paradoxical effects of Buddhist meditation

In Japan, meditation is still attached to a religious image. I know few persons who frequently meditate. In contrast, there are lots of opportunity for meditating activities in the UK. Activities are held at some conference centers, Yoga centers, and Buddhist temples. Participants include people with various background.

To be honest, I began meditating very recently. I meditate for only five minutes a day, occasionally. The first thing I noticed after starting was that it was intolerable to wait for five minutes without any activity. I felt these five minutes as if an hour passed. I was irritated to myself with nothing to do. But after a while, I wondered if I was so energetic that I missed five minutes in a day. Indeed, I waste the time for silly things everyday. I thought it was quite poor not to spare the five minutes to meditate.

I wish that continuous meditation will strengthen my concentration. The ability to concentrate something is gradually weakened as I get old. Being keen to the time is consistent with the concept of mindfulness, perhaps. But, as I am an amateur, it may be far from the truth of meditation.

The fact that activities focusing spirituality like meditation have become common in the developed countries is quite symbolic. Modern people have lots of items to possess and things to do. Many people feel tired in the prosperity. The society is rapidly changing. It is quite natural that we want to seek the truth which will not change against the time flow.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Internet account matter after you die

Have you imagined what will happen on the internet after you died?

This question has not been recognized as a serious matter, because only a quarter century has passed since the internet was born. However, nowadays many elder people utilize the internet. And there are some people unfortunately died at the age less than the internet. We are approaching the point of discussion about this issue.

Social network services had a relatively strict attitude regarding private policy against the relatives of the account holder so far. If you died and your spouse wants to access your account for some reasons, the administrator usually rejects the request. The claimant is difficult to be identified as a successor of the account holder on the internet. In addition, it is estimated that the account holder did not want some information of the cloud to be seen by anyone.

This kind of problem is conflicting unless a clear agreement has been done in advance, quite similar to inheritance matter. But there are almost no legislations to treat the heritages on the internet in most countries because of the youth of the internet.

Recently, Facebook amended its policy, enabling users to direct their successor, called “Facebook heir.” Before this, all account whose holder was proven to be dead had been got frozen eternally.

The Telegraph: Ever wondered what happens to your Facebook account when you died?

Google has already introduced a similar policy of “Inactive Account Manager” since 2013. Yahoo can delete all data of deceases persons based on the contract with the account holder.

Google: Submit a request regarding a deceased user's account

Several years ago, an internet company began a service to deal with this issue. If registered in advance, the company would take a responsibility for the management of the accounts instead of the deceased customers. However, this company soon bankrupted. The registered person wasted the money because of their foresight, ironically. I think this company had a keen eye on this issue. But, of course, it is not guaranteed that an internet insurance company would survive longer than Google, Facebook, and you. As mentioning it, I wrote that life insurance companies were good to take the responsibility for this issue. My opinion has not been changed.

My past entry: Yahoo start a service for dead users

This kind of problem will emerge one after another in the next decade. Everyone will die, but only once. We need more time to learn how to deal with it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Forensic nurse had a sex with a patient in NZ

A forensic mental health nurse was alleged to a violating act as he had a sexual intercourse with a patient.

According to the media, this incident occurred in 2013. The nurse visited the house of a female patient of whom he was taking care. At the meeting, he demanded her to be intimate with him. They had sexual intercourse twice, but after that the patient reported it to the case manager. Furthermore, she thought to attempt suicide.

The New Zealand Herald: Nurse may lose licence over sex with mentally ill woman

The nurse was dropped from medical work, and underwent a professional counselling. He remains at a risk of being got rid of nurse licence.

In New Zealand, Nursing Council clearly regulate that nurses are banned from sexual or intimate behavior or relationships with patients and those close to them.

This is an absurd case at a glance. The behavior of this nurse seems out of the question. However, it is not so simply

In fact, it was reported that 7.1% of male and 3.1% of female psychiatrists had experienced some sexual attachment with their patients in the US. This proportions decreased in 1980s, for not the growth of ethics but the pressure of medical insurance companies (see Gartrell, 1986, Borys and Pope, 1989).

This report is astonishing, but I have heard some rumor about this kind of matter. Indeed, some psychiatrists married his/her ex-patient.

Why is it unethical to a medical practitioner to be intimate with a patient? I think there are two reasons.

First, patients are inferior to medical practitioners in terms of negotiation. They rely on professionals for their own life more or less. This asymmetric relationship makes them unequal. Thus, courting from professionals to patients can be deemed as a harassment, or even coercion. In this context, courting from patients to professionals is not problematic, on the contrary. Actually, it occasionally occurs in clinical setting. However, professionals should not accept the court, as a principle.

This is the second reason. Patients are suffering from their disease. Such adverse condition interferes more or less the ability of making proper decision. In addition, medical practitioners look like an omnipotent for the patients. So, they easily misidentify the trust on the professionals as the love or worship. I have no intention to despise the ability of patients. But it is also a phenomenon frequently occurred in clinical practice.

For these reasons, medical practitioners are taught not to have an intimate relationship with patients. Some years ago, British Medical Association advised to doctors and medical students not to accept Facebook requests from current or former patients. It is also for a protection of personal information of the patients.

I am not sure what the nurse thought about this taboo. As the Commissioner Anthony Hill said, this nurse requires to get trained again on professional boundaries, if he will return to this job.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mass bank cracking cases

Recently, Kaspersky Lab, a famous online security company in Russia, published that there were many cases of hacking against online banks.

According to Kaspersky, at least 300 million US$ was to be stolen from the banks in 30 countries. The total amount of damage is estimated to reach 900 million US$.

The New York Times: Bank Hackers Steal Millions via Malware

The Hackers News: Hackers Stole $300 Million from 100 Banks Using Malware

This is a shocking report. Even if there are risks of being cracked in any internet services, banks have been considered as the most invulnerable place. Although many organizations as big as Sony and Mt Gox were reported to be targeted for cracking, there had been no report that real banks were infiltrated. If Kaspersky's analysis is true, we have to recognize there is no place on the internet free from being victimized.

The media reports explained how the crackers could get accessed to the bank systems. I was surprised by the simplicity of the procedure they adopted. Crackers sent e-mails infected with malware to the employees of a bank. This malware enables the cracker to see the whole manipulation the operator of the infected computer performed. After the confirmation of the procedure, the hacker requested the computer to send money to their account, or to operate an ATM directly. This kind of methods includes no innovative technology. Censoring and remote-controlling of a computer are not a tough task for modern machines. I guess any skilled persons could easily carry out this cyber crime.

Nowadays, digital currencies such as Bitcoin is broadening its market. One of the disadvantages of them is the security. Mt Gox was bankrupted due to being cracked last year. Bit Stamp was also inflicted a damage up to 5 million US$ recently.

My past entry: Bitcoin in chaos

Coin Desk: Bitstamp Claims $5 Million Lost in Hot Wallet Hack

Compared to such emerging currencies, megabanks were deemed to be reliable at least as a storage of money. However, the situation is perhaps changing. Crackers and cyber guard are competing each other. If the balance is inclined to the former, thus, if someone develops a sophisticated cracking method with low cost, it will be difficult to protect the data from persons with malice. This means a serious threat to modern infrastructure.

To be relieved, there are many options to store your money. Besides the cash, stocks, gold, real estates, and digital currency are available. In the near future, everyone will distribute their assets into various forms. And then, the dominance of the banks will be dispelled.

Monday, February 16, 2015

One-third of Londoners is teetotaller

There is a shocking report for alcohol beverage dealers. Nowadays, one-fifth of the citizens in the UK never drink alcohol. In London, the proportion has reached one-third.

This report was released by Office for National Statistics. The researchers conducted the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey annually, then compared the results to that in the past. They found that binge drinker had considerably decreased for the decade.

The report says that young adults are mainly responsible for the reduced alcohol consumption. Only 2% of the youth frequently drunk  in 2013.

Office for National Statistics: Adult Drinking Habits in Great Britain, 2013

However, this report is criticized by other experts, according to the media. The main point of discussion is that this survey did not take ethnic and religious background of the respondents into account. Much more Muslims live in London compared to the past. Drinking alcohol is prohibited in Muslims for their religious norm. In addition, the growth of the older population was also omitted in this study, experts say. They warned that this result can underestimate the consumption of alcohol.

The Guardian: Teetotaller numbers rise in UK with one in five adults not drinking

Furthermore, as the researchers admitted, it is possible that under-reporting by the respondents occurred. In general, binge drinker is less likely to report the exact amount of their alcohol consumption. It is a substantial limitation of  this kind of survey with self-report.

Nevertheless, the reduction of alcohol consumption in the UK is highly reliable, in my opinion.

Similar tendency is obvious also in Japan. One of the reasons may be the increase of alternatives in entertainment. We can enjoy watching internet, playing games, or going travel with low cost. Taking alcohol is a cheap method to get pleased, but modern adults have more choices. I remember someone said that mobile phone would be a competitor of McDonald's. Indeed, youths began to consume time and money for mobile phone apps instead of chattering with friends at McDonald's.

In addition, tightened regulation for alcohol taking is also responsible for reduction. In Japan, problematic drinking in youth such as fatal rapid intake was issued in 1990s. Drunken driving has become being harshly punished.

Social economic status of the respondents should also be considered to interpret this result. People with low income tend to consume alcohol. It leads some of them to become alcohol dependent. In terms of prevention and management of alcohol-related health problem, enrichment of social welfare is essential.

By the way, I seldom drink alcohol, because I am quite vulnerable to alcohol. I was afraid that I would be often involved in annoying drinking party in the UK, but it has not been realized, fortunately.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Apartheid suggestion by Ayako Sono cannot be accepted

Ayako Sono, a Japanese writer, ignited broad criticism for her suggesting apartheid in her column.

The issued column was published in Sankei Shimbun, a Japanese famous newspaper, on Feb 11th, 2015. In this column, she referred to the necessity to accept immigrants.

However, in the column, she insisted that the residential areas should be separated according to each race. She described an episode that water supply was exhausted in an apartment because some black tenancies began to live with many relatives. According to her, black people have a custom to live in a large family, against the common sense of white people. For this reason, she has been convinced that the accommodations should be distinguished in each culture.


In my opinion, she made three errors.

First, the episode she mentioned is no more persuasive. The tenancies could be cooperated with each other. Many people enjoy daily life with persons from different cultures. I cannot understand that she made her opinion based on merely one episode. If she had much more experiences to be involved in cultural shock, why did she dare mention this silly episode?

Second, it is estimated that this episode occurred in South Africa in 1990s. It is no doubt that many people made great efforts in order to the abolition of apartheid. In the process of the alteration, there might be not a few conflicts. Referring to only one episode occurred in a chaotic era, she trampled the efforts of the people endeavored to make a change in South Africa.

Third, there is lots of troubles to live with foreigners, indeed. It is obvious that living with those who are familiar to you is much more relaxing. However, living in such environment for a long time make you narrow-minded. I am afraid it is a serious disease of Japanese.

Not surprisingly, many foreign media criticized her opinion. As she was a member of Education Reform Panel in Japan government, Abe administration will also be blamed.

Wall Street Journal: Author Causes Row With Remarks on Immigration, Segregation

The Times: Japan PM aide calls for foreign workers to be segregated

Ayako Sono has a conservative ideology. I do not criticize this. But, her opinion was too naive to be accepted in the modern society. As far as reading the media report, Sono seems not be aware of her fatal error.

To be honest, I think not a few Japanese have prejudice against foreigners. Unconscious thought of discrimination, like Sono, is more troublesome than explicit hatred. Even I do not have enough knowledge and experience to understand the cultural gaps in some situations.

Therefore, Japan must be open to the world. Exclusive attitude to foreign countries is no more useful to protect Japan culture, on the contrary, will debilitate the power of Japan.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Alteration of Generations in Smartphone industry

Smartphone is now most frequently used gadget in developed countries. Its annual amount of shipment is superior to PC by three times. In the near future, it will be common in developing countries.

Smartphone providers are crucially struggling with each other. Recently, Xiaomi, a rising company in China is focused on this market. It has gained the domestic share, and is planning to advance to the US.

The Telegraph: Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi steps into US market

The strategy of Xaomi seems to mimic Samsung. It absorbed the technology developed by leading companies, and developed new products with low cost. In general, it is called as "Follower Strategy," a quite ordinary method in business.

Ironically, the products of Xaomi is criticized as resembling iPhone, likely to Samsung. It is highly probable that Xaomi will be involved in the legal battle with Apple.

In contrast, Samsung seems suffering. It is reported that it will retreat from Japan market.

Business Korea: Samsung Considers Withdrawing Smartphone Business from Japan

Just last year, Samsung launched Galaxy Note Edge, a flagship fablet with curved panel in Japan exclusively. Perhaps, the sales have not been successful.

Different from China, Korean companies do not have a domestic market enough to make profits. So, they are seriously concerned to step into a global market. Korean government also desires so. I am afraid that the failure of Samsung will have a negative impact on the economic status of Korea itself.

I have used Galaxy SIII by Samsung for 2 years. It is a good gadget, but recently has some troubles, unclear whether due to the hardware or Android OS. I am wondering to replace it.

My past entry: Galaxy S5 Launch

To make a global company is not an easy task. But it is more difficult to let the global company grow continuously. Apple is successful in this challenge, making innovations repeatedly. Yet, the future is hardly predictable.

By the way, there is a rumor that Apple Watch will be launched soon. I guess we ring a call with a wristwatch, not a smartphone, in the future. Then, we will be able to omit an item to be always equipped. However, smartwatch has a disadvantage regarding the shortage of the battery. It will take several years for smartwatch to take over the smartphone.

My past entry: Smartwatch
My past entry: Apple unveil iPhone6, iWatch, and Apple Pay

Friday, February 13, 2015

Multidimensional battle against ISIS

To be regrettable, the threat of ISIS has become stronger.

Recently, a Jordanian pilot and two Japanese hostages were killed. Jordan's King Abdullah declared to revenge for the murdered pilot. He sent the troop to the border with Iraq.

BBC: Islamic State: Jordan's King Abdullah vows 'severe response' to IS

Mail Online: Jordan moves thousands of troops to its border with Iraq to prevent ISIS terror group from entering the country

In the US, President Obama is also considering to authorize the use of ground force. If the bill is passed, President will have a power to control the troop for the first time since the Iraq War.

Obama to seek War Power Bill from Congress, to fight ISIS

The US and Jordan are willing to have a leadership of the war against terrorists. But their military force may not be functional so much, due to the asymmetry of each opponent.

The battle has also begun in another layer. Some countries are eager to stopping young citizens from accompanying to ISIS. While European nations were continuing national propaganda against ISIS, some geeks in Japan uploaded images disgracing ISIS. I guess their motivation was not so serious, but some foreign media approved their activity as a resistance against terrorism.

NBC NEWS: Japanese Twitter Users Mock ISIS With Internet Meme

Meanwhile, Anonymous, a group of computer hackers, stated to begin the battle against ISIS. They are planning to attack the accounts of ISIS members to shut them down.

The Independent: Operation Isis: Anonymous takes down Twitter and Facebook accounts associated with extremist group

Anonymous has no particular organization. Whoever affirmative to them can belong the group. Their ideology is usually liberal. They oppose to censorship and regulation against the freedom of publication. ISIS, which shot the writers of Charlie Hebdo, seems to be deemed as an enemy of Anonymous.

My past entry: Charlie Hebdo shooting case

At a glance, Anonymous looks like a rabble of chaotic geeks. But, I expect that their attack upon ISIS will be effective to some extent. ISIS has grown with continuous utilization of the internet. Social network services helped it to broaden their inclined ideology. The internet enabled them to communicate with foreign members for low cost. In addition, the movies describing the scene of execution of the hostage made a great impact on the world. Terror is one of their resource of power, not only in terms of mentality, but also as a means to gather money.

I cannot predict the future of this conflict. It is true that I never accept such a group to commit homicides with cruel means.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wicked, amazing but too sugestive

Yesterday, I saw Wicked at Apollo Victoria Theater.

Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz is a musical launched in 2003. It was based on the novel "Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West" by Gregory Maguire in 1995.

This story describes a back story of Wonderful Wizard of Oz, a classic fairy tale, focusing on the relationship between Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, and Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West. Elphaba was not given the name in the original story of Oz.

Since I guess most of you know the story of Oz, I dare not to describe it in detail. In "Wicked", Elphaba was born with green skin, which led her being teased. Her younger sister, Nessarose, had crippled legs from birth. (In the original novel, she had no arms, according the Wiki. To be honest, I had not read the novel.) Why they had a challenge is explained in the play.

Glinda and Elphaba were classmates in a college. At first, they disliked each other. But Glinda was impressed by the sincerity of Elphaba, and they gradually got closed.

Elphaba had an extraordinary talent of sorcery. Finding it, Madame Morrible, a teacher of the college (and perhaps the Good Witch of the North?) commended her to visit the Wizard of Oz. Elphaba was delightful to meet the Wizard. However, what she knew at the castle of Oz was far from her imagination. She was completely disappointed, to decide to fight against the Wizard.

In this plot, several tricks behind the world of Oz were revealed. The audience is repeatedly notified  that what they have believed is not the truth. In the play, Elphaba is no more evil, and you will see something vicious in Glinda. The origin of Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Coward Lion are also described.

The author aimed to pose a question against the concept of justice. Iraq war might influence him. In Wicked, the story of Oz in which the good defeat the Evil is completely reversed.

With the point of view of social context, there are many essences in this story. Elphaba was discriminated for her skin color. The congenital abnormality of the sisters is a metaphor of environmental pollution. In the story, animals were got rid of their verbal ability by a certain force. It resembles the slavery and colonization.

Tasting such various elements of enlightenment may, however, interfere the joyfulness of this work. I recommend you rather simply to enjoy the excellent story bridging the original Oz and hidden episodes.

The music was good, and the two heroines were quite charming. By the way, I was surprised the young Glinda was so just like a girl that is stereotypical in comics for girls in Japan. Such a rich and haughty girl may be seen in everywhere.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Greek financial crisis

As expected, the negotiation between Greece and Germany regarding its national debt up to 315 billion Euro faced a hard rock.

The ruling Syriza party administered by Tsipras as the Prime Minister withdraw the previous austerity policy immediately after winning the general election. Tsipras began to negotiate with EU nations, requesting them to postpone or compromise the return of the debt. He also mentioned the war crime committed by Nazis to gain the reparation from Germany.

Sydney Morning Herald: Greece wants $236 billion in German World War II reparations

My past entry: Anti-austerity won the election in Greece

Tsipras keeps an optimistic and overbearing attitude. Despite his attempt, however, the market has a cold eye on Greece. Moody's, a famous ratings agency, downgraded some banks in Greece

The Guardian: Greek banks hit by downgrades as PM vows to strike deal to stay inside euro

It seems clear that the statement by Tsipras is unrealistic. On the other hand, Greece has a reason to have to stop further austerity. Suicide rate in Greece has been raised for several recent years. Researchers estimated that 500 people were killed by fiscal austerity. The Prime Minister cannot ignore the fact as the administrator of a nation.

The Guardian: Austerity in Greece caused more than 500 male suicides, say researchers

My past entry: Suicide in Greece

At a glance, it seems ridiculous to listen to the claim of Greece, as this crisis was caused by Greece itself. However, if the EU keeps the strict attitude upon Greece, several risks will emerge, such as terrorism, rising of mafia, and mass refuges. These troubles must involve other countries in EU. Considering this, it is possible that the bullish attitude of Tsipras is not a bluff, despite the media reports. The EU has to be deliberate to deal with the problem.

The Guardian: Greece is playing to lose the debt crisis poker game


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How to continue exercise

Everyone knows that regular exercise is beneficial to your health. But few people can carry it on.

It seems to be difficult to make exercise a habit not only in Japan but also in the UK. Recently, The Guardian introduced some suggestions of Helen O’Connor, a psychologist for continuous exercise.

The Guardian: How to make exercise a habit

She pointed out five elementary idea that encourage you to continue exercising as below;

Be armed and ready
Start as you mean to go on
Don’t just focus on weight loss
Know yourself
Don’t lose heart

Each of them, I completely agree with. Her opinion is quite rational, looks based on the cognitive psychiatry. Among them, the last one is the most important. When you fail to make an exercise, you are in a peril of withdrawal. On this occasion, you should make a compensation using a tiny alternative to prevent you from dropping out, as she mentioned.

Just after starting this blog, I wrote an entry about habituation. In this entry, I mentioned the necessity of rewards as a reinforcer to do a thing regularly.

My past entry: Good habit is Mikka-Bouzu

Regarding exercise, I can suggest some extra tips.

1. Integrate exercise into your daily life.
Exercise is a torture for whom hate it. But you can put yourself in a situation you cannot avoid the agony. If you dismiss the season bus ticket, you have no choice but to walk to the office. Selling your car and considering to move your home to a little distant from the station are aggressive, but effective option.

2. Prepare a visible measure for performing.
You may see the proof of your continuous effort. However, exercise offers no rapid benefit to you. Physicians are willing to show you the data of serum cholesterol in order not only to make you aware of the risk of heart failure, but also to raise your motivation. Agree with Helen, I think the body weight is not a proper standard. It is sometimes fluctuating. Rather, you can count the day you have walked and the amount of money you have saved for patrol.

3. Utilize your friend as a partner.
Making an effort alone is challenging. You would like to be lazy when tired. Couple and group exercise are more joyful for most people. Promising the next match of tennis with your friend prevent you from sabotage.

I emphasize that you should not trust yourself. Binding yourself in the future with many chains is essential to succeed.

Monday, February 9, 2015

World romantic hotels

What kind of hotel are you fond of staying? Stylish, or luxury one? I usually choose a simple room in the business trip. But I would like to stay in a lovely room in a vacation.

Telegraph published the lists of romantic hotels in several cities. London, Paris, Venice, Edinburgh, New York, and some popular cities were introduced in this article.

Telegraph: The world's most romantic hotels

In London, Telegraph listed up the Rookery at Smithfield, Ritz at Piccadilly, and so forth. Considering that Savoy was not nominated, the author had some distinctive point of view to choose the candidates, not limited to the standard of gorgeous looking. All the chosen hotels except the Bingham at Richmond were located on the northern side of Thames river. Indeed, there is a considerable difference between each side of the river in appearance of the town. Unfortunately, I have never stayed at the hotel listed up.

Telegraph: Top 10: romantic London hotels

In Edinburgh, the Howard was ranked in where I stayed last year. Actually, this hotel was so deluxe and had an antique atmosphere. I lent the smallest room, I was so relaxed nonetheless. In addition, the breakfast served at the hotel was splendid. Edinburgh itself was also a solemn and beautiful city. I was completely satisfied to enjoy the vacation.

Telegraph: Top 10: romantic Edinburgh hotels

Hotel has been a symbol of richness. In most countries, you can experience as if you are a royal with paying a considerable amount of money. Recently, social network services is rising to compete to hotels, like Airbnb. Nevertheless, luxury hotels will survive the era, as far as accommodation is a matter of life.

My past entry: Airbnb, an accomodation matching service

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Poundland will get 99 Store

Poundland, a famous goods store chain is going to buy its rival, 99p Store.

According to the media, Poundland will pay 47.5 million GBP in cash and 7.5 million GBP in new shares for 99p Store. There are approximately 250 shops of 99 Store in the UK. On the other hand, Poundland has a total of 600 shops in the UK as well as Ireland and Spain.

This Is Money: Are 99p Stores set for a price rise? Cheap household goods chain is snapped up by rival Poundland in £55m deal

Sunday Express: Poundland to buy out budget rival 99p Stores - and prices WILL rise

The price of each item in 99p Store will be raised by one penny if this deal is successful. It seems to have no impact on the daily life of citizens. In my opinion, one penny of change is rather cumbersome.

This kind of stores is common also in Japan. Some companies, such as Daiso and Can Do, manage hundreds of shops in which almost all items are sold for 100 JPY. Daiso has advanced to the US and some other foreign countries. Compared to these domestic stores, Poundland and 99p Store sound a little inferior, mainly for the currency rate. One pound is equal to 180 JPY in today's rate, so I feel as if the items are expensive in Poundland. Nevertheless, these stores help my customer experience a lot.

The stakeholders are affirmative to this deal. The stock price of Poundland rose by 10%. If Poundland monopolizes the market, it will hardly to raise the price of each item. Otherwise, it would become Two-Poundland. This acquisition will be beneficial for both the company and consumers.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Swatch enter smartwatch competition

Swatch, a developer of modern quartz wristwatch in Swiss, is introducing smartwatch in a few month.

Swatch will be the second competitor of Smartwatch provider as a renowned wristwatch makers. Montblanc launched a smartwatch just on January. Apple Watch will also appear soon. Samsung, Sony, and other companies have already released a smartwatch.

The Guardian: Swatch will launch a new smartwatch within three months

Wristwatch had been paid attention as a gadget suitable to be a wearable computer. It has been widely spread to us, and some men are fond of wearing a mechanically designed wristwatch.

On the other hand, wristwatch is no more functional for some celebrities. They never use a wristwatch to check the time; a personal secretary will do. Wristwatch is deemed as an accessory like a jewelry rather than a tool for them. Considering it, traditional wristwatch companies have dared not to enhance the function of a wristwatch.

However, Apple is aiming at not only geeks but also upper-class people, developing Apple Watch Edition series that are considered to be looked luxury. This decision of Apple seemed to influence in some companies such as Montblanc and Swatch.

I am interested in the next step. Will we see the smartwatch by Rolex? Hardly imaginable.

By the way, Swatch is not an abbreviation of "Swiss Watch", but a contraction of "Second Watch", according to Nichole Lopez.

If this attempt is successful, someone will misunderstand as if Swatch is an abbreviation of smartwatch in the future.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Nursery for adults in the UK

There is a strange service opened in Liverpool. In this place, you can be dealt as if you were a baby. The mistress of the institution read a book for you and even changes your nappy. Several items such as baby chairs are also available.

What a strange, and weird business! Actually, they launched this service 14 years ago in Portsmouth, but had to move because of serious protests by neighbors.

Daily Star: Meet the adult babies at a nursery that stocks MAN-SIZED NAPPIES and giant cribs

This kind of services is also seen in Japan. But, most of them are deemed as a sexual services, being regulated by Entertainment Business Act. The owner couples confirm that this service includes no sexual activity. They compare their service to the spa.

Interestingly, most of the customers are under 25 males. They spend 75 GBP for an hour to become a baby. I thought rather middle-aged persons, tiring to care for youths, are fond of this kind of activity than youths.

I do not criticize this service, though I myself would never try it. Diversity of habits is a symbol of maturity of the culture. On the other hand, I am afraid if the owners would be attacked by a customer who misunderstands the concept of the service. Some years ago, a girl working at a store in which she offered ear-picking service was stalked to be killed by a customer. Such risk is higher in this service, because the carer has to see the sensitive area of the customers when changing the nappy.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Argument continues about the influence of computer gaming on child development

Several decades has passed since computer games were invented. Nowadays, we are easily indulged in computer games and applications everywhere. And many parents have been blaming such behaviors of the children.

On the other hand, parents who are willing to make use of gaming applications to calm their children are increasing. There are many applications developed with iPad and tablets. In some of these games, an educational effect for the users is emphasized.

Whether computer gaming is beneficial or harmful to toddlers is still controversial. Newly studies are frequently introduced into this matter. Recently, The Guardian made an excuse about an article released just before.

The Guardian: No, research does not say that ‘iPads and smartphones may damage toddlers’ brains’

Indeed, a paper suggesting the potential danger of electric devices for children was introduced in a past article.

The Guardian: Tablets and smartphones may affect social and emotional development, scientists speculate

As the writer directed, this paper is not so decisive. It is merely describing an opinion of the authors. No specific investigation was conducted.

Pediatrics: Mobile and Interactive Media Use by Young Children: The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown

In contrast, there is evidence suggesting benefits of computer games on children. Several studies have shown that children's body becomes active while playing a video game. This result is rather persuasive because this conclusion is derived from the compilation of many studies. However, it does not suggest that you should let your child play a game for a long time. All adverse effects were not measured in those studies.

JAMA Pediatrics: Active Video Games to Promote Physical Activity in Children and Youth

In my opinion, it is nonsense to question games is good or bad. Any excessive activity is harmful to all. But, to determine the border is quite difficult. Researchers hesitate to write a guideline in which a certain length of gaming is permitted.

In Japan, Toshiyuki Takahashi, so-called Takahashi-meijin [Takahashi the Champion], an advertisement man belonged to Hudson Soft, a computer game developer, made an impressive comment in 1980s. He said, "One hour gaming in a day," meaning that you should limit gaming within one hour in a day. He thought you could concentrate more efficiently for a limited time. In addition, children had many things worthy to do other than gaming, in his opinion.

Interestingly, a study conducted at Oxford University revealed that low engagement (less than one hour in a day) of gaming was associated with life satisfaction in children. The idea of Takahashi was proven to be correct by academic research.

Pediatrics: Electronic Gaming and Psychosocial Adjustment

Anyway, gaming is both a fun and a trap. I will continue gaming within my control.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The gap between scientists and the public

As I mentioned before, it has become a great issue for scientists to explain what they research about to citizens. Nowadays, little money is available to invest in research whose value is uncertain in many countries.

My past entry: Crowd Funding in research

My past entry: What is expert?

Recently, an interesting result was published regarding the difference between citizens and scientists in the recognition of modern scientific research.

Five Thirty Eight: THE SURVEY SAYS There’s A Gap Between What The Public Thinks And What Scientists Know

In this study, several regions of the scientific issues were subjected to the questionnaire. As a result, considerable differences were detected in some aspects. For example, 88% of the scientists considered that genetically modified foods were safe, but only 37% of the public believed it. As well, 68% of the scientists regarded pesticides as safe, whereas 28% of the citizens thought so. The full report is readable on the website.

Interestingly, regarding the idea of the cause of climate change, 87% of the scientists and 50% of the public answered that human activity was responsible for it. Actually, I do not completely agree the idea modern climate change has occurred due to human activity. I have little knowledge about this issue, so maybe I am closer to public than ecologists. But, to my best knowledge, some of the recent hypotheses are not acceptable. There are many unproven secrets, I feel.

The necessity of astronauts for future of US space program was one of the items in which the difference in the opinion between public and scientists was small. I was rather surprised that only 59% of the scientists agreed with this idea. For middle aged persons, the achievement of landing the moon by the Apollo can be a symbolic event representing strong America. On the other hand, not a few people believe the urban legend that the government fabricated it. As even a scientists can be deceived easily, it may be a reason for the equality between citizens and scientists. Or rather, scientists tend to emphasize the importance of the research they are engaged, leading to underestimation of the importance of the space program.

The researchers well recognize the weaknesses of this study. As I referred above, any scientists are not a specialist in all region of the issues. Some questions have been almost proven by rich evidence, but others are hardly judged by scientific point of view. Ethics and human emotion are also concerned about the assessment.

On the other hand, I think that we can fill the gap of some of the issues relatively easily. Lack of knowledge sometimes makes serious bias and prejudice. It is also an oblige for scientists to enlighten the public to make them understand precisely about controversial matters.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

CATS, the meaning of life and memory

Today, I visited Oxford Circus to see CATS the musical.

At some theaters in London, they sell a few day tickets on the morning. Fortunately, I got a box seat with low price.

CATS is, needless to say, a world famous musical title. In the story, every cat are competing to gain an opportunity to be reborn as the Jellicle. Old Deuteronomy, a legendary cat who has experienced reincarnation many times has the role to decide who deserves Jellicle. Several cats introduce their lives to appeal to him one after another. Grizabella, an old cat who were a beautiful prostitute in the past, disgraced by other cats, sang her real emotion at last. She is chosen to be the new Jellicle, being blessed by all.

It is for the first time for me to see CATS in English at the theater. But, I saw this musical in Japanese some times. In addition, I have listened to the CD in which the numbers of CATS were recorded hundreds of times. So, I remember almost all of the music.

Some contents of this musical were different from my memory. Rum Tum Tugger wore cheap T-shirt, instead of a fur coat, and performed a rap song. The music of "Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer" was completely amended, "Growltiger's Last Stand" as well. It was surprising that the song having sung by Mr. Mistoffelees was eliminated. "The Awful Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles" was also not performed in Japan.

The box seat was splendid. I enjoyed the detail of the face and gestures of each actor. In addition, I was so thankful that Mungojerrie took a high-touch with me at the finale.

It is an enigma why Grizabella was chosen as the Jellicle. The song "Memory" she sang is the key to disentangling her thought. The last few phrases are;

"Touch me. It's so easy to leave me."
"All alone with the memory of my days in the sun."
"If you touch me you'll understand what happiness is."
"Look a new day has begun."

It is difficult to understand the meaning deeply. At a glance, it looks she is tempting someone. Indeed, in Japanese version, the first two sentences were translated into; "Onegai, watashi ni sawatte, watashi wo daite, hikari to tomoni." [Please, touch me, hug me, along with the light.]

However, the next sentence is important. Grizabella believes that whoever touch her will understand the meaning of happiness. It also implies something in a sexual context. Maybe, she has accepted her whole life. In the past, she was beautiful and made men delightful. And now she knows something about the true happiness and can notify it to anyone who are willing to approach her.

The memory is a treasure. And it will shine much more when you use it for the future.

By the way, I saw a nice full-moon tonight, as if it is the Jellicle moon.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Three golden rules regarding spending money

Money is quite important. You may say nobody can buy happiness with money. It is true, but not vice versa. Lack of money makes you difficult to feel happy. For this reason, learning how to use finite money is essential.

I believe there are three golden rules about this issue. All of them are not my original idea, but someone told me or wrote one in a book.

1. Do not spend money on goods, but spend money to experiences.

I read this principle recently, and I agree with it. If you bought a luxury goods, when knowing that someone bought a gorgeous one, your satisfaction would be spoiled, according to the article.

My understanding is a little different. The value of any goods begins to diminish after you got it. An extreme example is a house. You can sell the house for only 70% of its cost immediately after you bought it. Of course, many gadgets will be replaced by a new product soon. It is only the moment you get it that your item deserves what you pay.

In contrast, experience and memory become more beautiful when the time has passed. This tendency is stronger if the activity is shared with others. An experience that can be done only in the time is more worthy than its actual price.

2. Be aware to the trade-off between money and time.

Money is limited. But the time is also limited. Not the time, but your time. We are all mortal.

You may have experience buying a cheaper item after long seeking. It costed lower, but you spent time. Was it a good deal for you?

The value of time is increasing as you get older. The reason elder people take a taxi is not limited to their physical health problem. Saving time by using a taxi is more concerned about them. It is the same that billionaires buy a private jet. Time is money, sometimes much more. You should not miss the chance to purchase the time for low cost.

3. Do not spend money on your job, but spend money on your fun.

The last thing is related to the first. A fun experience is worthy to buy. It is fun because you buy it with money. If you experienced it as a work, you would not enjoy it completely.

Some people spend money to brush up their skills. It is not bad, but not so recommended, to be honest. The most efficacious way to learn something is to teach it to another person. When you notice it, you can change yourself from a student to a teacher. The benefit of gaining skills is equal, and you earn money instead of spending it. Fantastic.

Indeed, I spend money to study abroad. But I do not think this cost is for learning. Every experience in the UK is a fruit for me and extreme fun.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

AKB48 mimicking child porn?

Who is on the stage of the opening ceremony of Tokyo Olympic in 2020 is discussed.

The media report that AKB48, a popular idol group composed of young girls, is a candidate to sing on the stage. However, some critics are opposing to this idea because it is embarrassing to make such little girls sing and dance wearing a mini skirt.

South China Morning Post: Outrage at Olympic all-girl pop group plan

AKB48 is now a national famous group. It was developed in 2005 produced by Yasushi Akimoto. Nowadays, several relevant group such as SKE48, NMB48, and HTK48 are active in each local area. Members of AKB48 attend Kohaku Utagassen, a national famous TV music program by NHK every year. It is so popular that most of the Japanese know the name. Therefore, it is no doubt that AKB48 represents Japan pop culture.

The problem is its sexual image. Some of the image videos of AKB48 is deemed as too sexual. Members sing putting on lingerie in a movie clip. Some of them are teenagers. Some people condemn that the promotion style of AKB48 is quite similar to child pornography.

It is certain that some Japanese idol stars have attracted attention with their sexual image traditionally. Most of them are teenagers. In some cases, their parents are involved in the management of their activity. From the view of people in foreign countries, Japanese are too tolerant about dealing with young female personalities as a subject of sex.

Of course, child porn is strictly also prohibited  in Japan. Recently, not only merchandising but also the possession of such materials became to be deemed as a criminal behavior. Around the enactment of the law, there was an argument whether the nude portraits of a famous actress published several years ago when she was under 18 would be included in the new regulation.

The situation is the same among manga, animation, and computer games. There are many comic books describing sex scenes with girls. Any adults can buy them. In some computer games, which are available to anyone over 17-year-old, girls are peeped, or even stripped by the hero. Although the genitals and nipples are not described in these games, it looks vulgar. In addition, we can see the lingeries of the girls in many animation movies. They are not regulated as a sexual goods.

Japanese subculture has been developed quite uniquely. It led a great amount of works of publication. It is honorable itself. However, some of them are never accepted in other countries. In an international event such as Olympic, we should be aware of the manners in other countries. It is not easy matter.