Thursday, February 1, 2018

Amazon's challenges than e-commerce

In recent days, Amazon attracts public attention by announcing new challenges.

It is planning to open a new supermarket where exist on land, not in the cyberspace. It equips no checkouts at all, surprisingly.

International Business Times: Amazon opens first supermarket with no checkouts at all

Consumers can bring any items sold in the store to go out. The webcam in the store and Amazon Go app installed on the smartphone of each customer detect which things you have chosen, to charge the payment automatically.

I heard this story several months ago. Nonetheless, I am excited to know such innovation will be realized soon.

Amazon launched e-commerce service at first. Jeff Bezos chose books as merchandise because books cannot be rotten. And it broadened the range of dealing to massively various things from electronics to fresh foods.

And in recent years, Amazon is aiming at other fields of business than e-commerce. It is also said that Amazon will enter the industry of health insurance.

In Japan, Amazon was elected as a sponsor of "Sazae-san," a nationally famous TV animation series, just recently. Sazae-san has been describing the daily life of an ordinary family living in Tokyo for several decades. Toshiba, an electronics company had sponsored Sazae-san since the launch. But Toshiba quitted the support due to the fiscal crisis last year.

Jeff Bezos, the world richest man, seems to be perfect in business now. I wonder what his next move is.

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