Saturday, February 24, 2018

Depression in the modern era

Depression is now a common disease in the modern society. There are millions of patients, and the effect of depression on your life is quite serious.

However, the meaning of "depression" itself is changing, as far as I feel.

The other day, depressive patients suffered from psychomotor retardation so that they could not even complain their depressive mood. But, most patients in recent feel they are depressed and claim their suffering.

Whether they should be diagnosed with mild depression or other is under discussion despite the modern development of psychiatric diagnosis.

Reflecting this complicated situation, several companies failed to prove the effectiveness of newly developed antidepressants in a clinical trial. In short words, antidepressants cannot cure your suffering and complaints. It sounds rational that drugs never heal your spiritual pain.

In reality, however, I have some experiences that medication for depression was successful for some patients who did not look like depression. And, some studies support my experience.

After all, it is hardly predictable whether your depression will be mitigated by antidepressants. DSM-5, the latest diagnostic criteria abandoned excluding mourning reaction from the major depressive disorder.

By the way, the people suffering from depression is growing, according to some empirical studies. Although many people have become rich, there are increasing people who are not satisfied. Some people claim that this is an adverse result of pursuing prosperity excessively.

International Business Times: The modern epidemic of sadness destroying heart and soul cannot be solved with anti-depressants

I do not agree with this idea. The human mind is to think, consider, and compare with others. It is unavoidable for us to desire to be rich. Some people want to stop pursuing more goods with being entirely satisfied. It is good, but not applicable to all people. Every people has a right to be happy.

It is obvious that, however, the way to gain happiness is not limited to taking antidepressants. Psychiatrists are struggling for depressed people to be cured. But their role will change gradually.

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