Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Does ethical egg exist?

In my stay in London, I often bought free-range eggs. It was shameful that I did not know what does "free-range" means, to be honest.

Free-range eggs are defined as eggs produced by hens which were bred in an open farm. Most hens in Japan are locked in a cage to be administered for maximized productivity. In contrast, free-range egg brings us an organic and healthy image.

However, it seems an illusion, at least in the UK, according to the media report. Actually, eggs by hens grown in a barn can be named as free-range. Also, they are exhausted with continuous light and excessive food for more production. As a result, their mortality is one-tenth of a real free-range hen.

The Guardian: Free range is a con. There’s no such thing as an ethical egg

It looks a horrible story. But it is not limited to hens. Foie Gras is the liver of an artificially obese duck. Thus, we like to eat fatty liver. As well, most Wagyu, luxury Japanese beef, are meat from a cow which was not allowed to do any exercise for a whole lifespan. Since this beef contains the large density of fat, many Japanese people love Wagyu than American or Australian beef.

After all, there is no ethical food in the world. We cannot survive without killing other lives. Vegans are also guilty, as they take many plants' life. It is our destiny as an animal.

Also, I think that we cannot understand other species' sense of value. Thus, it is meaningless to consider the way of killing other animals. I hate to kill animals for our fun. And I do not like to see animals' agony. But they are merely my emotion. In the state of animals, there is no matter how they are killed. Or, we have no ability to identify their dignity. It is impossible to adopt our own sense to other species.

Of course, abusing animals should be avoided. It is not cool. But, I do not think that avoiding eating animals slaughtered cruelly is admirable. I eat meats and fish, to survive my own life. I want delicious and fruitful meal. That's it.

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