Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Is pride an element of virtue?

Do you know "Ultima IV: The Quest of the Avatar?" It is a legendary computer game published in 1985. In this game, the player is to exploring the world, to slay monsters, to hear to citizens' voice, and to find several ancient treasures. But they are not the goal of this game. The ultimate end of this game is to become the Avatar, an incarnation of the virtues.

In the Ultima world, there are eight virtues defined. And each of them is connected to three principles, as shown below.

Spirituality is combined with all of three principles, and humility is not relevant to any principles. The player has to raise the virtues in his or her mind, to reach the ultimate axiom; infinity. So, Ultima IV is amazingly a game of philosophy.

In Ultima IV, Pride is not a virtue. Rather, a town in which citizens had believed pride was a form of virtue was ruined. Humility is an acronym of pride.

But, is it true that pride is not a way of human?

Actually, persons with a high degree of pride are often arrogant and forget the sense of thankfulness. Pride often interferes us from begging a solution to other people. Many people are suffering from their excessive pride.

However, a prideless man is also troublesome as same as a man of pride.

People who have lost his or her pride tend to behave rudely. Self-injury frequently occurs in persons with low self-esteem. To maintain your self-esteem at an adequate level, you should be proud of your own entity.

Therefore, I believe pride is also an important element for better life. The matrix of Ultima IV has to evolve a little more.

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