Saturday, February 4, 2017

Grexit again and collapsion of the EU

Behind the Brexit vote and President Trump in the last year, the risk of Grexit is gradually emerging again. The Greek government bond is still fluctuating.

The bailout program is ongoing, and Greece is demanded to proceed austerity. But the opinion of the government led by Alexis Tsipras, a left winged politician, has not been integrated.

Greece itself is not wanting to leave the EU or Euro. However, Germany and other nations in the EU will encounter general election in which there is fear of rising far-right nationalists parties. It means nobody can be occupied with the rescue of Greece.

The Guardian: Grexit? Greece again on the brink as debt crisis threatens break with EU

So far, the EU was maintained mainly by the strong leadership of Germany. As well, the governance of Brussels was functioning to some extent. But it is quite doubtful such a fragile system will be sustainable. I can see a possible figure in the future without the EU.

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