Sunday, February 5, 2017

Misophonia, an odd but annoying disease

There are some people who are suffering from a kind of sounds. They feel irritated, anxious, or even angry when hearing some specific sounds such as breathing or eating.

This strange syndrome is called "misophonia." I guess many doctors do not know this disease. Indeed, it had been doubted if misophonia exists.

But recent brain studies suggested a hypothesis that a certain region in the frontal lobe is responsible for misophonia. Sufferers reacted to the specific sound with raised heart rate and brain activity.

International Business Times: What is misophonia? Why certain sounds trigger hate feelings deep inside

I myself have not encountered patients with misophonia. But some patients with developmental disorders dislike some particular sounds which are neutral to others. I guess misophonia has some relevance to developmental disorders.

Treatment for misophonia has not been established, as far as my understanding. Psychological therapy with desensitization method is expectable. Also, brain research will find some key ideas in the future. In PTSD treatment, some researchers are planning functional MRI and electrical shock to be utilized. These modern therapeutic technologies will be spread to other mental disorders, I believe.

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