Thursday, February 16, 2017

Absurd challenge of Malaysia to cure LGBT

Malaysian government endorsed gay conversation therapy according to the media report.

It is said that an official video movie was produced by the Family, Social and Development Department to introduce a way for Muslims to change their sexual orientation. According to the article below, it seems to be a primitive behavioral therapy using negative feedback.

It is not surprising that this presentation ignited a widespread criticism among LGBT communities. Most of them hate their sexual orientation being deemed as a curable disease.

Independent: Malaysian government openly endorses gay conversion therapy

It is a mirroring of "X-Men: The Last Stand" in which a permanent cure for mutation genes is developed. This film is very suggestive. But the real situation is ridiculous, because the argument whether gay is a disease or not was terminated several years ago.

My past entry: X-Men and psychiatry (3)

For the publication of DSM-IV, an American authoritative guideline of mental disorders, the editors made an extensive discussion. But they had never reach a consensus. Finally, they made a vote to decide if homosexuality should be listed as a mental disorder. And this idea was declined.

After that, no evidence to prove that homosexuality is a disease has been found. Therefore, it is apparently wrong to treat homosexuality in medical context. I believe Malaysian government officials did not this fact.

On the other hand, all human behaviors can be modified with behavioral therapeutic approach, at least believed by behavioral therapists. Indeed, I read 15 years ago a textbook of behavioral therapy in which modification of sexual orientation was referred.

Thus, this Malaysian ambitious challenge is completely outdated. It will never provide proper solutions for LGBT people, not because of its unethical concept, but simply for its scientific nonsense.

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