Friday, February 3, 2017

Reversing diet method

Diet is a constant theme for not only women but everyone living in a developed country. Every year, many new methods are born, to be forgotten.

I explained before why you fail to achieve an adequate diet. It is because you pursue perpetual success with a temporary effort. You have to change your diet habit itself forever to keep the satisfactory style.

My past entry: The only way to maintain your body weight properly

Therefore, I deny any makeshift challenges. There is no royal road of diet. However, I admit some tricky ways in a continuous diet. For example, it is easier to rely on your regulatory habits than your will power. Drinking water just before the dinner is protective from binge eating. The article below suggests several tips for keeping your habits healthy with minimized effort.

The Conversation: 9 ways ‘won’t-power’ is better than ‘willpower’ for resisting temptation and helping you eat better

This reversing method is rational to some extent. However, considering your character is essential before adopting each method. Some people are relieved from appetite with eating something with low calories before dinner. But it inflicts craving in others. Again, there is no royal road.

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