Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sitting is not unhealthy itself, but still unhealthy

Sitting for a long time is considered as a risk of developing chronic disease. In a recent trend, it is criticized as well as smoking. Some people express happiness to introduce a standing desk in their office.

From an accurate evaluation, however, it is doubtful that sitting is as risky as smoking for human, according to latest studies.

The Conversation: Why sitting is not the ‘new smoking’

One recent cohort study suggested that the time spent for sitting watching TV is relevant to the onset of diabetes. In contrast, sitting time without watching TV was not associated with undesired outcome. The author guesses that people tending to watch TV are likely to be poor, unemployed, and have unhealthy habits. Thus, poverty is a confounding factor between sitting and health risk.

I think it is a rational hypothesis. There are two types of people who spend sitting for a long time: white collar executives and people who cannot stand. The latter has a greater risk of obesity and getting physically ill.

On the other hand, we should not forget that people aware of health risks are struggling to reduce their sitting time regardless of their job. Even if sitting is not associated with obesity or diabetes, it has a risk of back pain, hemorrhoid、and some other chronic diseases.

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