Monday, February 20, 2017

A man with 15 academic degrees

Do you like to learn something? If so, is it a college for you to be most suitable?

Most students get an academic degree; bachelor, master, or Ph.D. at a college. And only a few people gain twice. But, there is a man who has a total of 15 degrees in Italy.

His name is Mr. Luciano Baietti. His specialty is various from sociology to military strategy. In the interview, he seems to be happy to learn many things he does not know. Now, being 70-year-old, he is going to learn food science. 70-year-old Italian man is world record holder with 15 degrees

Learning is fun. Although not the only choice, academia is a good place to learn something structurally. At this point, I am jealous of him.

On the other hand, I wonder how he is utilizing the knowledge and skills he got at the college. In my opinion, an opportunity to learn something valuable is not a privilege, but a gift. If I had been born in a developing country, I would not have been an associate professor. He was so lucky that he had enough time to learn for fun.

Of course, I believe he has given many valuable things to people around him through jobs and voluntary activities.

Another point of discussion is the value of an academic degree. Maybe it is strange for me to say this but, I think the authority of a college will be rapidly shrinking. A learning opportunity is provided to many people thanks to the spread of the internet. You need not enter a college when you find something you have to learn. In Japan, many students are aware of this fact. But young people are willing to go to college only because having a bachelor degree is advantageous for getting high salary. In the near future, there will be nobody willing to collect academic degrees for any reasons.

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