Saturday, February 11, 2017

Google and Facebook attempt to exile fake news

The internet giants will be collaborative to perish hoax.

Facebook and Google joined forces with several news organizations in France. Its aim is to identify false news, to be banned from users' timeline.

Reuters: Facebook, Google join drive against fake news in France

French media seems nervous to the influence of the internet and social media on the next Presidential election. Some people are worrying that politicians with nationalistic ideology such as Marine Le Pen will attract citizens' concern using agitating comments.

Indeed, some people suspected that Donald Trump had gained the Presidential seat because of fake news spread on the internet. Furthermore, Obama administration identified that the Russian government had made a cyber attack to manipulate the result of the vote. However, there is no evidence that fake internet news had a decisive effect on the election in the US.

My past entry: The influence of fake news on the Presidential vote is limited: A study suggests

In my opinion, eliminating fake news is impossible at all. And it is no use to try to regulate human emotion through controlling information. Nonetheless, the attempt of Google and Facebook to examine the quality of sites to let better ones survive. Today is the age of information. And ranking each information is not only human's act, but also by the AI.

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