Friday, February 17, 2017

Excrement in the space, an issue

Space exploring is still extremely challenging in the modern era. In space, a human cannot survive even a minute without the help of life protecting suit. And if it is feasible for people to swim in the sky, there may be another problem emerged.

NASA is willing to develop a space suit which can deal with human waste. It recruited the idea of suit designs for managing excrement without stress or hygiene risk.

The Guardian: Pooping in space: suit could help Nasa astronauts boldly go when duty calls

Excretion is one of the essential acts in human life. We will get ill so easily with refraining from going to the bathroom. It is the most intolerable needs in human activities, even comparing to eating, sleeping, or having sex.

In the space, it is not simple to keep a toilet secure and clean. There are no bacteria to decompose waste. I heard that since an initial model of space shuttle could not equip the functional toilet, only seven astronauts were allowed to ride in it.

In addition, we cannot wear off the suit in space as if in the sea. Astronauts may have to work in the space for several hours, or even a couple of days.

Therefore, there is a need to manage their excrement in the suit. Thatcher Cardon, a surgeon, got the prize for submitting an idea to make a hole in the suit to be attached to a diaper. This concept can be suitable for other situations such as hospital patients.

In real, portable toilets and diapers for travelers and elders are popularly sold in the market. Excrement is so close to us as a major issue.

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