Tuesday, February 14, 2017

North Korea's challenging missile launch

The last weekend, Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan, visited Florida to meet Donald Trump. The two leaders made a close conversation and published a shared declaration about the relationship between two nations in the future.

In the statement, Trump admired Japan as letting American military stay in Okinawa prefecture. His attitude was different from that in the past claiming Japan should protect itself with its own force.

In the shared statement, North Korea was also mentioned. Trump said he would never permit North Korea developing nuclear weapons.

Then, immediately after the meeting, North Korea committed an experiment of missile launch successfully.

It is obviously a defiance against the US. Abe made a press conference in the US to condemn North Korea. Trump joined the conference, to make a comment that he supported Abe with 100% confidence.

Independent: North Korea missile test: Donald Trump and Japanese PM respond to "intolerable launch"

Other developed countries also blamed North Korea. United Nation Security Council will also be held to consider a strengthened sanction.

Why North Korea made such a reckless conduct? It is sure that it succeeded to attract attention from many countries with utilizing the meeting of Trump and Abe. I wonder how it does matter for North Korea.

And also, I am doubtful Trump seriously concerned about North Korea. His policy is America First, and being involved in North Korean issue would not profit the US.


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