Thursday, February 23, 2017

Obesity is not due to food but gut

Discussion about diet will never be over. In my sense, however, how losing weight is successful depends on considerably biological characteristics in each. Some people never gains weight regardless of their meal, whereas others easily get obese, to become diabetic.

The content of this article below is consistent with my experience.

Independent: No such thing as a good or bad diet, researchers say

According to the author, what do you eat in a daily meal has limited impact on your body weight. Rather, the environment in your gut influences more on your health status. Some bacteria can stop your appetite, while others contribute to gaining your weight. In the latter case, you have a greater risk of experience a "rebound."

This hypothesis is followed by a development of changing microbiome in your gut as a treatment option for obesity. Actually, transplantation of bacteria living in the intestine is recently seriously considered as an expectable solution for several diseases.

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This study introduced above has not been published in an academic journal. Therefore, it is too early to jump to the conclusion. Anyway, a tailored support for each client considering various factors from the genes to bacteria is required in the next era.

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