Friday, February 24, 2017

Doctor Strange: Wonderful scenes but mimicking plot

I saw "Doctor Strange," a film made from Marvel Comics on cinema. I enjoyed the 3D version, dubbed into the Japanese language.

Wikipedia: Doctor Strange (film)

Doctor Strange is a neurosurgeon with excellent skills and arrogant character. One day, he gets a traffic accident, making his both hands crippled. He despairs to know he would not recover forever. As he heard one person with a serious neuro injury had been completely treated by a mystic magician, he visits Kamar-Taj, a sanctum of magicians, for seeking help. He meets Ancient One there. He decides to learn about the magical power to conpensate his impaired hands. It brings him to the battle against rebel magicians and Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark Dimension.

This plot is a little similar to "Iron Man." In the both stories, the heroes are brilliant but a little narcissistic. And they get injured seriously, to abandon an ordinary life. And a miraculous power saves them, turn them into a superhero.

However, the taste of Doctor Strange is different from ordinary Marvel comics. The enemy of the superhero is not a criminal, but a god from another dimension. It is similar to "Thor," rather than "Ironman."

In this film, Doctor Strange is involved in several magical battles. In the combat scene, some weird effects are used to express the horror of magic. For example, a magician creates a Mirror Dimension to capture the opponent. In the Mirror Dimension, buildings are bent, and gravity is twisted. This scene reminded me a show using the project mapping.

In the middle of the film, Ancient One, the leader of magicians is described as a suspicious person. Doctor Strange distrusts her and wonders what should do. Kaecilius, the traitor, invites Strange to join him. He believes that Dormammu will give them an eternal life using the power of darkness. This figure of conflict is similar to Star Wars and some other stories.

It was disappointing for me that Strange defeats Dormammu with a certain trick. In my sense, Dormammu is an entity beyond the time and space. Then, I believe he would not surrender to such a silly trick by Strange.

Also, some descriptions regarding medical treatment are far from real. I was glad if the staffs had learned about medical science a little exactly.

Personal Rating: 3 (fair)

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