Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sequels in January 2017

January 27, 2017
Trumps is eager to taxing from Mexico

Trump signed the execution order to build the Great Trump Wall to block illegal immigrants from Mexico. It will cost approximately 10 billion USD, according to the official comment. However, the MIT claims that this assumption is inaccurate.

MIT technology review: Bad Math Props Up Trump’s Border Wall

According to the MIT, building the wall will take 38 billion USD, about quadruple of the official calculation.

It often occurs that the official assumption of the expenditure for a certain project is incorrect. I wonder Trump administration will complete this stupid construction.

January 22, 2017
Avalanche disaster in Italy

The victim of this disaster counted 29 at last. Eleven people was rescued from the beneath of the snow.

CNN: Italy avalanche: Hotel search ends with 29 dead, 11 rescued

January 21, 2017
Donald Trump, the 45th US President

As soon as sitting the Presidential seat, Donald Trump signed an executive order to ban immigrants from the Middle East.

The Telegraph: Donald Trump's chaotic Muslim-majority immigration ban: the full story

His policy ignited global criticism, not surprisingly. How do other countries respond to him is crucial for determining the direction of the world in the future.

January 6, 2017
Fluctuating Bitcoin

I expected the price of Bitcoin would fall. But it has remained a high level so far. Some investors forecasted the collapse of Bitcoin's value. But it is the matter when it occurs.

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