Sunday, February 19, 2017

Genetic factors in the obesity: a perspective

Obesity is one of core issues not only in women but also almost all people in developed countries. Also, some Asian countries are suffering from rocketing proportion of people with obesity.

Some people complain that they cannot be slim regardless of their continuous efforts, while others keep their body shape with ease. Many imagine there is something different among persons to control their body weight.

Indeed, recent studies have identified some genetic factors associated with the obesity. Among them, the FTO gene is considered to be responsible for the obesity with high degree.

However, the FTO gene is not relevant to the weight loss. Thus, any attempts to control the body weight in the person with the FTO gene is as effective as other individuals, according to newly studies.

The conversation: People with ‘obesity gene’ can still lose weight

Ironically, it means that you cannot use your genes as an excuse for failing to lose the body weight.

On the other hand, there is another gene which regulates appetite to stop overeating, as researchers found recently.

It was firstly detected in roundworms. Most animals have to roam for seeking food. And when they are satisfied, they have to rest and sleep not to waste the energy.

Independent: Scientists discover gene which triggers fullness and could help stop people overeating

So far, reducing appetite with an external substance has been deemed risky. Since craving for food is the human instinct, suppressing it can be poisonous. In Japan, not a few girls use methamphetamine for losing weight, apparently, causing a disastrous outcome. But regulating the genetic level is rather safer because it is not against the instinct but alters itself. In the future, modifying the gene which is responsible for the appetite with a drug will be a solution against the overweight.

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