Friday, February 10, 2017

Russian law underrepresents domestic violence

In Russia, a potentially terrible bill was approved by President Putin.

Following the amendment of the current law, a single act of domestic violence will be punished only with 15 days imprisonment or a fine, instead of maximum two years incarceration previously adopted.

The Guardian: Putin approves legal change that decriminalises some domestic violence

This amendment is based on an idea that it is not proper for legal authority to intervene familial relationship. Compared to Western culture, Eastern nations, and some Asian countries including Japan have a shared ideology that discipline with minimal hurt is acceptable. Beneath of this amendment, there seems resistant attitude in Russian against the Western de-fact standard.

In my opinion, too harsh punishment is no use to prevent further crime. Thus, I do not criticize attenuated penalty at all. Also, I do not admire Western culture entirely. For example, in England, letting a child alone in daytime is deemed as abuse. I think it is an unnecessary treatment.

However, gender equality is no more Western culture but a global standard. And, family bond is shrinking as civilization is developing. The present amendment is out of date, I believe.

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