Wednesday, February 22, 2017

NASA's challenge to find lives outer earth

NASA made a bold prediction, saying it will clarify whether there are creatures living on planets other than the earth within 20 years.

Independent: Nasa could discover whether life exists outside of planet Earth within 20 years, scientist says

NASA is preparing for a scouting mission to probe Europe, a moon of Jupiter. The project will be launched in 2024 or 2025. If drones find micro bacteria there, they will catch them to be returned to the earth. It is feasible to fetch them alive against the environment in the space, according to NASA researchers.

If there are any living objects detected, it will be a great discovery for the human being. In my opinion, however, there is scarce chance to find them. I believe the earth is an extraordinary planet so that human have evolved to the only intellectual being in the universe.

This NASA's announcement may be a feint for Trump administration, I guess. Donald Trump is not willing to recognize the importance of space exploration and wants to reduce the budget for NASA. Recently, researchers of astronomy are struggling for explaining their value for the nation. In the era of cold war, NASA had to make a milestone to show the superiority of its technology level to Russian one. Therefore, it even sent a space shuttle to the moon. Nowadays, however, space development is riskier and less fruitful. If this project attracts public attention, NASA's budget will be maintained despite Trump's indifference to science.

I dream the outer planets though not believing any intelligent being than human. I expect NASA to continue challenging projects to discover the secrets of the universe.

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