Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Saudi permit women to drive a car

Saudi Arabia has finally permitted women to drive a car.

Women's right is strictly restricted in Saudi Arabia, as well as many nations in the Middle East. Prohibiting driving had been a symbol of suppression of women's rights.

Quartz: The end of Saudi Arabia’s ban on women driving is about economics, not equality

 In recent, Saudi's crown prince led by the king is eager to change the form of the nation. Its primary goal is to soften the dependence on the oil money. Saudi Arabia has been benefitted by enormous oil buried in the ground for a long time. But, the oil is not limitless. Also, air pollution and global warming are argued as a cause of utilization of oil. Therefore, Saudi Arabia has to commit new industrial revolution.

Women's right is not directly associated with this issue. But, women's inclusion in the industry will raise the economic potential for Saudi Arabia. This is the main reason for Saudi's recent rapid policy changing, I guess.

Anyway, guaranteed women's right in Saudi is welcomed. I expect the current administration to proceed with the reform.

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