Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Low birth rate and populism

Whereas the world population is still increasing, many developed nations have encountered the era of decline. The birth rate is decreasing in each country, as well aging is proceeding.

Continuous low birth rate affects the structure of the society. The most problematic issue is the decrease of working population. Young people have to support elders who cannot work. The more seniors per youths, the more burden working people need to share.

It is an undeniable fact about population issues. However, there are other issues of consideration regarding adverse effect of aging society.

For example, some researchers claim that low birth rate will encourage populism.

The Atlantic: A Surprising Reason to Worry About Low Birth Rates

According to the writer of this article above, we will rely on immigrants as labors when the population decreases. And the increase of immigrants will rise populism. But, it seems not the only reason why populism rises in nations with a low birth rate. Reduced opportunity to contact with young people can be associated with the rise of populism.

I am not sure the author's claim is correct. Populism rises in any nations occasionally regardless of the eras and situations. To begin with, the definition of populism is still unclear.

On the other hand, it is true that solitude and exclusive attitude can be the base of populism. Most populists only keep an eye to the very close region around them. Many conversations with various people whose ideology and background differ from each other will keep you distant from populism.

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