Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Osaka earthquake

On June 18th, Japan was struck by an earthquake again.

It occurred in the morning. Osaka, a metropolis located in the western area of Japan encountered an earthquake whose magnitude recorded 5.3.

Although massive destruction did not emerge, several buildings were damaged. Three people were killed by this disaster, and over 200 were injured. The victims included a schoolchild who was crashed by a corrupted wall.

NEWS24: Three dead, 200 hurt as strong quake jolts Japan's Osaka

It was fortunate that tsunami was not brought by the earthquake. If a tidal wave had attacked Osaka bay, a large number of people would have been victimized.

Japan is an earthquake-rich country. And it is ironic that this disaster may be smaller than that many researchers prospect in the future. Tokai region is estimated to be struck by a gigantic earthquake within next some decades. We have to be aware of the risk.

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