Monday, June 18, 2018

Mental health issues in youth and elderly

Mental health care is one issue of great importance regardless of each region. Since good mental health is essential for humans to take good performance, promoting mental health is highly associated with productivity of the society.

However, where we should take the priority is various in each society. In Japan, aging is a serious issue. According to the raised mean age of the community, more citizens are suffering from dementia. On the other hand, there are few people with dementia in developing countries. It is similar in some European countries because they are not eager to prolong the lifespan compared to Japanese people.

Instead, mental health issues in youth are focused in recent years. Professionals in the UK suggest young people should be centered.

The Guardian: Young people can be champions of change in mental health care

One of the reasons is the high risk of criminalization of youths with mental health troubles, I believe. Many people can access mental health practitioners only when the police intervene in their acts. In general, young people feel difficult to suppress their aggressive thought. And they hardly admit their mental health is troubled. As a result, youths with mental disorders are highly likely to be involved in crimes.

The situation is similar in Japan. But in Japan, I frequently see older people with mental disorders arrested. The structure of the population in Japan is far different from other nations. I believe mental health in elder people should be prioritized in Japan.

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