Friday, June 1, 2018

Italy's political situation remains chaotic

Italy's political situation is in movement.

In the latest general election conducted in March 2018, the center-right association composed of some conservative parties were advantageous. But, MoVimento 5 Stelle, or the Five Stars, won the most seats as a party.

Sergio Mattarella, the President of Italy, had difficulty in designating the new Prime Minister because any ideas of coalition administrations were not realized. As a result, Italy experienced a political vacancy for three months. Even reelection was considered.

Recently, Lega, or the League, which belonged to the center-right association and MoViment 5 Stelle agreed to be joined to form a coalition government. Accepting it, the President nominated Giuseppe Conte as the Prime Minister. However, the President did not approve Conte's plan to adopt Paolo Savona as the Economy Minister. Paolo Savona is skeptical to the EU, while the President seems not to support this idea. It is not surprising that the President's decline ignited the anger of the members of Lega and MoViment 5 Stelle.

Aljazeera: Italy's crisis is about to get much worse

After all, Conte abandoned to form a new administration. The President designated Carlo Cottarelli as the Prime Minister, as the next move. Cottareli is an ex-IMF director and has a policy of austerity. However, his rising was not supported by Lega and MoViment 5 Stelle. They nominated Conte again.

Reuters: The main ministers in Italy's proposed new government

Regardless of the resolution, it is highly likely that a general election will be held soon. And it will be a judgment whether Italy shall remain the Eurozone.

In recent years, I often hear similar situations in which two different ideologies are strictly competitive. The UK decided to withdraw from the EU by only a few percentages of votes. Germany is walking on a very narrow path. It is possible that some grand nations will split themselves into clusters. The existence of nations is now under discussion.

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