Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Women's claim and right in Japan

In general, Japanese women are likely to be discriminated in the society. Recently, some media report cases of sexual abuse by famous people.

Recently in the US, "me too" movement emerged after a case of sexual discrimination. But, similar idea seems not be spread in Japan.

‘The dinosaurs are dying out’: why the #MeToo meteorite needs to crash down on Japan like in South Korea

In my opinion, Japanese women are divided into three groups. The first has a very traditional ideology. They believe in obeying the order of their husband. And they tend to discriminate working women.  Some of them notice that their lifestyle is nonfunctional because of husband's inappropriate behaviors. They tend to suffer in changing their sense of partnership. Also, the situation in Japan for working mother is very tough. Therefore, many women cannot leave from their violent or arrogant husband. Of course, there are many couples in which mutual relationship continue with love and respect for whole life.

The second group is activists. They claim such traditional thoughts compromise women's right. Some of them become a politician or a leader of women's empowerment. Unfortunately, I think they lack a good role model of activists in Japan. They often act as same as men who abuse women. Some of them are too hostile to others and claim their damage excessively. As a result, they seldom win the reputation of mass majority.

And the third group is others. In recent, only a few people belong to the second group. And the first type is declining. After all, the majority of women are indifferent to their position in Japan unless it influences on their life such as gender discrimination in a job interview.

In my sense, this dividing structure makes it difficult for women to act for women's right. There is no incentive for the first group to make changes. And now, many rich women belong to the first group. On the other hand, poor women who are discriminated has limited power to claim their right.

I myself, believe men and women should legally be equal though there are several differences such as physical strength. At the same time, if I were going to dinner with a woman, I would be willing to pay. It is not discriminating women but a gentlemen's manners. Some men are opposed to this idea.

The world is changing. Traditional idea binding women in Japan will perish soon. While respect to some extent such tradition, the desire of women who want to be free from traditional ideology should also be approved.

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