Saturday, June 16, 2018

Google's second app approved in China

Google launched an app in China, secondary following Google Translator.

Reuters: Google launches second app in China, woos top smartphone market

This app is a China-specific version of Files Go, a storage management tool for smartphones.

Google's apps had been almost entirely banned in China since it refused to accept censorship of China government. As a result, you cannot see Google search, nor G-mail in China.

Google's ideology is "the world should become more searchable." It is completely against Chinese policy. Thus, it is quite natural that China behaves hostile against Google. On the other hand, China's market is too big to be ignored by Google as a company. Therefore, Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, made several negotiations with Chinese authority in recent.

Google Translator and File management software are quite common apps. Residents in China had been not able to utilize such services due to China's exclusive policy. It is a serious disadvantage for them, in my sense. Openness is crucial in the modern world even if it will sacrifice the stability of your society, I believe.

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