Saturday, June 9, 2018

Japan, South Korea, and China make a deal for 5G

Japan, South Korea, and China agreed to reduce international roaming fee.

Pulse: Korea, Japan, China agree to cooperate on 5G standard, cut roaming fees

The three leaders of each nation's ministry of industry made progressive discussion recently, to perform highly effective adoption of the 5G standard which is expected to be spread in the next generation of telecommunication.

This deal seems to have been done targetting the success of Tokyo Olympic in 2020 and Beijing Olympic in 2022. Many travelers will come to watch the performance of world-famous athletes. And for most travelers, whether their smartphone works functionally with low cost will crucially affect the level of satisfaction in their stay in abroad.

Japan, South Korea, and China shares complicated mutual relationship. Japan is conflicting with each nation in land issues. Also, there are historical issues in these nations. South Korea is facing a difficult decision between China and the US which is the better ally.

Anyway, this kind of business deal will soften the tension between nations. I hope more travelers will go across these nations with ease and happiness.

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